Why do I keep dreaming of my girlfriend being pregnant?

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    “Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”

                                            –Sigmund Freud.

Should you be worried about a succession of images you saw about your girlfriend being pregnant while sleeping? Probably. 

Although some people would want you to believe that dreams are a gateway to superstitious beliefs, dreams are important. They give valuable insight into physical phenomena. Some dreams are more important than others and stick longer in people’s minds. When they stick longer, they can be burdensome. Whether you are worried or excited about dreaming of your girlfriend being pregnant, we hope our interpretations help you find peace. 

The biggest challenge most people face with dreaming is finding the interpretation. Modern science has not done much in this regard. However, it is said that the supernatural can uncover mysterious dreams. While this may be true, we also believe some dreams need personal wisdom to get interpreted. We only need to pay more attention to patterns in our physical life to gain some understanding.  

Reasons why you keep dreaming of your girlfriend being pregnant. 

Last night, I had a dream, and my girlfriend was pregnant in it.”

When you dream of your girlfriend being pregnant multiple times, it is a manifestation of your fears or desires. As Sigmund Freud would say, dreams are the residues of yesterday. Your mind knows exactly what you want and don’t want and only retells the story while you’re asleep. Dreams could also mean that the universe is communicating something bigger to you. We are not just earthly beings; we are also products of the supernatural. 

1. Manifestation of your fears. 

If you’re negatively disturbed by dreams of your girlfriend being pregnant, you don’t want it to come true. This dream could represent your fears, and here are the four main interpretations of the dream. 

a. You are not ready to be a dad. 

You dream about your girlfriend being pregnant because you know you’re not ready for fatherhood. Being a dad is such a huge responsibility and a terrible idea for you at the moment. You do not have the finances, financial freedom, accomplishment, age, and religious freedom to father a child, and you are worried about the possibility of your girlfriend being pregnant. Your dream is a reminder to be careful in this situation. 

FUN Fact: Did you know that people aged 35-44 have a higher percentage of unwanted pregnancy? Source: Statista.

Number of live births that were a result of unwanted pregnancy in the U.S.A by age

b. You are not in love with your girlfriend. 

Dreaming of your girlfriend being pregnant scares you because you know that having kids with her will keep her in your life longer than you want her to be. Perhaps you already know that you don’t truly love your girlfriend or she’s not a good fit for you, but you don’t want to tell her the truth. You keep stringing her because you don’t want to stop benefiting from her. This dream could be your conscience getting to you. Your morality is inciting guilt in you for being dishonest to your girlfriend. It is also the fear of karma. 

c. You are worried about your girlfriend’s attitude towards you and the relationship or desire to be a mom. 

If you’ve noticed a heightened feeling of insecurity and clinginess in your girlfriend, and you’ve been worried about it, your pregnancy dream represents your worry. Clingy girlfriends can do anything to secure their spot in a man’s life, and you feel like she might do something stupid the both of you will regret. 

Secondly, your girlfriend has probably communicated her desire to be a mom, and you are worried that she might stop using measures that prevent unwanted pregnancies. You’re probably not ready to be a dad, but she doesn’t agree with you. You can see she’s getting tired of your ‘excuses’.

d. You have issues of infidelity/trust in the relationship. 

Dreaming about pregnancy could mean that you’ve been worried about infidelity in the relationship. It is either that you’ve been worried about your girlfriend cheating on you, or you’ve been worried about being caught by your girlfriend.

If you’ve been worried about your girlfriend cheating, you’ve probably given the situation enough thought and have wondered how to confirm your suspicion. Your girlfriend being pregnant in the dream is your desire for evidence. See signs your girlfriend cheated in the past.

If you’re cheating on her and you notice that she’s been suspicious of you, the pregnancy dream is your fear of what your girlfriend might do to find out and what she will do when she finds out. Her pregnancy represents her methods of discovery which you have no clue of.  

2. Manifestation of your desires. 

Pregnancy dreams could also be a manifestation of your desires. If you are excited about a pregnancy dream, you most likely want it to come true. Here are the three meanings of your dream;

a. You love your girlfriend and want a higher level of commitment with her. 

The fifth explanation for a pregnancy dream is your love and desire for something more lasting with your girlfriend. If you’ve been certain for a while that your girlfriend is the one for you, seeing your girlfriend in your dream is possible. Your thought processes are only being replayed while you sleep. The dream could also mean that you’re tired of having failed relationships and strongly hope that your current girlfriend is the one for you. 

b. You’ve been having a heightened desire for fatherhood. 

If you are at a point in your life where you desire fatherhood, a pregnancy dream is just your mind showing you your true desires. You don’t necessarily have to have a girlfriend at the moment to have this type of dream. Your mind will use women in your past to show you what you want.

c. You’re nursing the thoughts of your girlfriend being pregnant. 

Maybe you’ve noticed a couple of physical changes in your girlfriend, and you suspect she is pregnant. You’ve been nursing the thought for a while but don’t know how to confirm it, and you don’t want to say anything to your girlfriend yet. The pregnancy dream is only a reflection of your suspicion. 

3. A revelation from the universe/ supernatural. 

Many of us believe that dreams could be a supernatural sign of what is to come or the answer you’ve been seeking. Below are other interpretations of your pregnancy dreams. 

a. The birth of something new.

Pregnancy dreams represent the birth of something new, usually something positive. Dreaming of your girlfriend being pregnant could mean a blessing is coming her way. It could be a promotion, new job, scholarship, or whatever breakthrough she’s been hoping for. Secondly, it could also mean that she is evolving into someone different. But usually in a positive way. She is going through something that would result in something great. 

b. Your girlfriend is pregnant. 

Believe it or not, men do get revelations of their partners being pregnant even when she doesn’t know that she is pregnant. Dreaming of your girlfriend being pregnant could mean that she is pregnant. Time to go to the chemist, sir. 

c. Someone close to you is pregnant or is about to give birth to something new. 

Dreaming of your girlfriend being pregnant could mean that someone close to you is either pregnant or about to birth something new. Sometimes, things and people are shown in your dream as symbols of other things. The dream’s interpretation may have nothing to do with your girlfriend but someone dear to you. It could be your mom, sister, friend, or cousin. They are either about to experience something big or beautiful.

d. Confirmation that your desires will come true. 

If you’ve wished to be a father, but things have not worked out the way you and your partner planned, the universe or God is sending confirmation that your wishes will come true soon. Perhaps it is a message of hope and encouragement. Don’t give up.

What to do when you dream of your girlfriend being pregnant? 

If the dream is not about you, why did you dream it? What exactly are you supposed to do? You have a role to play. You are a relevant part of a pregnancy dream. Here are a couple of things to do when you dream of your girlfriend being pregnant

1. Be more careful.

When you get a pregnancy dream, the first thing to do is exercise caution. Be more careful. It could be your conscience hinting that you are suddenly careless in your sexual life. You’ve also been overstepping your boundaries in your relationship, and your girlfriend is gradually changing. Its left to you to be more careful in your relationship, whether sexually or conduct-wise. 

2. Be more attentive/ observant. 

A pregnancy dream could mean anything, and you need to be more observant to find the true meaning. Pay attention to patterns, behaviors, and the general well-being of people close to you. It could be that someone you care about is changing, and you had no clue. If this is true, the universe is trying to save you from having any regrets.

3. Talk to your girlfriend about it and seek confirmation. 

There are instances where men have dreamt of their partners being pregnant, which turned out to be true. You might be one of those guys that get actual pregnancy revelations, but the only way to find out is to speak to your girlfriend. Do a pregnancy test to clear all doubts.

4. Show support. 

When pregnancy dreams signify growth, the birth of something beautiful, actually pregnancy, or a change in a person, it is a hint to show more support to the person intended. Perhaps you have what they need to get to the next phase of their lives. Just in case you are looking for care packages for your girlfriend, click that link.

5. Give yourself a break. 

When you dream of your girlfriend being pregnant, it is a hint that you’ve been overthinking, and you need to chill out a bit. Perhaps you’ve been worried about your girlfriends’ behavior; you’ve noticed some unflattering behavior you don’t like, and you wonder why she has changed. 

It could also be a hint that you’ve been thinking too much about starting a life because all your friends are married with kids, and you’re the odd one in the pack. It is time to give yourself a break. Breath a little and stop putting so much pressure on yourself. 

Frequently Asked questions.


1.What makes me dream of my girlfriend being pregnant?


2. What does it mean if someone dreams that you are pregnant with twins?


3. What dreams are signs of pregnancy?

There are no particular dreams that tell people they are pregnant; however, several women have reported having dreams like;

These dreams are so vivid and stick longer in the mind. 

Final words.

Dreaming of your girlfriend being pregnant is nothing to be afraid of. Rather, be more careful, attentive, and supportive of people around you. Also, learn to give yourself a break. If you are a religious person, pray, do your bit, and leave the rest to your God. But learn to chill and be at peace. 

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