Why do some women hate older men? 9 Important Reasons

Why do some women hate older men?

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FUN Fact: Did you know a study found that the age gap between spouses could predict their chances of getting a divorce? Source: purposedrivenlawyers.com.

Relative likelihood of getting divorced vs Age difference between spouses

Most women prefer to be in relationships with men older than them. They think it’s safer and more satisfying to be with older men than men their age. While most women will stick to men 1-10years older than them, it is not uncommon to see women date men that are 2-4 decades older than they are. However, a fraction of women would never nurse thought of dating men way older than them.. 


Here are nine reasons why a man’s age matters to some women;

It’s been said that most older men don’t last long in bed and are too careful during sex. Several studies have also confirmed that men’s sexual function diminishes with age. This is problematic for young women at the peak of their sexuality. Some women would never compromise a man’s sexual prowess for anything. If older men get disliked by some women, they are most likely unable to satisfy these women sexually. Or at lest, that what they think. Being in a relationship with someone that cannot sexually satisfy you might encourage negative outcomes like infidelity and a general feeling of frustration in the relationship. Ladies that wish to avoid these outcomes will not opt for older men.

  • Ridicule.

Being ridiculed because of your partner’s age and looks can be embarrassing, and that’s why some women reject older men. A wide age gap between spouses often raises suspicions and attracts unwelcomed attention. People often leave heartbreaking reviews about spouses with a wide age gap. Not many ladies want to go through being labeled as having daddy issues, a gold-digger, or spellbound. It’s frustrating to have people judge and treat you unfairly for marrying an older guy. Not many relationships can survive ridicule. 

  • Unequal respect in the relationship. 

The fear of unequal respect is the third major reason young women reject older men. They believe older men demand more respect than they are willing to give in the relationship. Normally, unequal respect is not a problem for many women dating older men, especially women who depend on their partner for most of their needs or those with affiliations that encourage such submissiveness. However, mutual respect is a big deal for some women. No wife wants her role to be seen as irrelevant in issues that affect her and her family. 

  • Dishonest intentions.

Being tricked in a relationship can be devastating. Many women know that one of the reasons why older men go for younger women is their naivety. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of deception. Therefore, another major reason why some young women reject older men is the fear of being deceived or taken advantage of. They don’t want to be easily preyed on by older men. They feel more uncertain and unsafe being with older men than men their age.

  • Responsibility for caring for an elderly husband in the near future.    

Nursing an elderly husband is not a task many young women are prepared for. It demands time, patience, and kindness, not to add that some elderly partners are more difficult to manage than others. When women reject older men, sometimes, they are afraid of losing their freedom and youthfulness at a young age, and we don’t blame them. Everyone deserves a shot at the kind of happiness they want. Just because they are not ready for the responsibility of caring for an elderly husband doesn’t mean that they are bad people. 

  • The fear of death and widowhood at a young age.

Although life is not certain for anyone, the fact remains that the older we get, the higher our chances of meeting the grave. Not many women are willing to lose their partners/ husbands at a young age. The fear of losing the love of their life and being a widow at a young age is why many young women reject older men. Most people marry to spend a lifetime with their spouse. Nobody wants to live in fear of their husband dying in a couple of years. Secondly, the uncertainty of finding another partner after the death of a spouse might be another reason for rejecting older men. 

  • Fear of family disapproval and abandonment. 

Family abandonment scares many young women away from older men. Not every family can willingly accept older men as sons-in-law. Some families go as far as disowning their daughter or depriving her of her inheritance. Unless you can give her more than what her family has in their Will for her, she might not be willing to risk her family’s goodwill to be in a relationship with you. Secondly, not many women are willing to disappoint the people they care about. Parental approval means a lot to them, especially those from religious backgrounds that believe that parental blessings are needed in relationships. 

  • Past experiences with older men. 

If a young woman speaks poorly of older men or acts extremely rude towards them when they propose a relationship, she or someone close to her has had a rough past with older men. Young women who hate older men sometimes act out of past trauma. Although it is wrong to fault every old man for the sins of a few ‘bad eggs’, it happens in relationships, and many of us are guilty of generalizing at some point in our life. 

  • Intergenerational conflict

It is hard to have a healthy relationship with someone who barely understands you enough to relate without imposing their ideologies, concepts, and way of life on you. Intergenerational differences can significantly affect any relationship. It can potentially cause more harm than good in marriage if spouses are unwilling to understand each other. What a 60 and 20-year-old person considers fun, nice, or disrespectful ain’t the same. Some women reject older men because they think older men do not understand them and often judge their decisions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do women like older men?

Absolutely. More women like older men in this world than those that dislike older men. We only need numbers to prove it. It is common to see women marry older men. Many social settings do not frown at relationships between a young woman and a man older than her. Secondly, most women want well-established or financially stable men, and they often find this in men older than them. Thirdly, some women only date older men because it helps them be respectful and submissive in the relationship.


Although most women will date men older than they are, they are still attentive to a man’s age. Usually, women prefer men 1-10 years older than them. It’s rare to see women date men 10-30 years older than themselves. When women get into a relationship with men much older than they are, it is not entirely for love. Most times, it is because of what the man can offer them. It could be an inheritance, connection, or wealth. 

  • Can a relationship between an older man and a younger woman work? 

Yes, relationships between older men and younger women can thrive as much as partners want. Wide age-gap relationships have been in existence long before now, and many of them have succeeded. Certain religions and societies encourage this kind of relationship. Although available statistics do not encourage relationships between older and younger partners, it is unreasonable to forfeit a love interest for fear of failure. The success or failure of a relationship isn’t dependent on age per se. Rather, on other factors such as maturity, values, empathy, kindness, and generosity. Intergenerational conflict is one of the main reasons why relationships between partners with a wide age gap don’t work. Usually, partners in this kind of relationship tend to judge each other more than they empathize. If you decide to get into a relationship with a woman much younger than you, you need a lot of patience and understanding. Also, ensure that the woman is willing to spear you as much understanding and patience you are willing to give in the relationship.

  • How do younger women feel about older men?

Many young women feel;

  • Older men are a safer and more reliable option when looking for a partner.
  • Older men are more generous and less demanding sexually.
  • Older men are more resourceful.
  • Older men are judgmental of other people’s lifestyles and decisions.
  • Older men are more demanding of respect even when they fail to reciprocate it.
  • Older men can be very manipulating and inconsiderate when making crucial decisions that could affect their partner. 

  • How much of an age gap is ok?

A 1-10 age gap between partners is generally considered acceptable in most societies, and most ladies are comfortable with this age gap. There are many other formulas out there you can use; what’s important is that the age gap you go for does not include being in a relationship with underage females. Although some societies condone relationships between underage girls and older men, it doesn’t make it acceptable in saner climes. The best age gap in a relationship is the one determined by a mature woman. When a woman has passed the age of 25, it is difficult for people to blame her choices on anything or anyone else. She alone can decide what age gap is acceptable to her and stand by it. If she decides to be in a relationship with men 2 or 3 times her age, it is her choice. 


While most women will date men older than them, some women are unwilling to exceed a certain age gap for the nine main reasons listed above. Understanding these reasons will help you respect their choice without having ill sentiments towards them. 

Why do some women hate older men





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