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Relationship with mature women can be very tricky to maneuvre especially when the man is significantly younger. Society still hasn’t quite accepted the idea of younger men seeking relationships with older women especially if those relationships are not strictly sexual, meaning there is a romantic component to the relationship. Studies show that only 23% of heterosexual relationships have an older woman with a younger man. 

What's the average age difference in a couple

So, to try and break that stigma, here are 7 things you should know about dating older women: 


When looking at the different ways to romance mature women, you should always account for how assertive they are going to be. Mature women know what they want and will not hesitate to tell you exactly what they want and how they want it.  This is because older women have gone through dating for quite a bit and through their experiences, they have learned to ask for what they like and not be taken for a ride and potentially wasting their time. 

This works to your advantage because you will always know where you stand with an older woman. If she is impressed with something you have done, she will let you know and if not she will make it clear, too. This will help you become a better partner overalland also evaluate if this is the kind of relationship you want to be in. with an older woman, you never have to worry about playing mind games and wasting each others time because she will make sure you know where you stand with her, and vice versa. 


Falling in love with an older woman is relatively easy because of their nurturing nature. This is to say that older women will instinctively want to take care of you when you are lacking. Do not confuse their generosity and warmth with them trying to parent you or become your second mother, because this is a mistake a lot of younger men who date older women make. She is not your mother, or a mother figure in your life, so do not treat her as one or expect her to fill that role in your life. 

An older woman will take care of you because she wants to give you a little push so you can become the best version of yourself. She will not watch you suffer where she can be of assistance. It is best that you appreciate what they do for you as a partner and show it to them in their preffered love language. You know what they say, behind every successful man is a successful woman. An older woman who sees your potential and believes in your ideas is a force to be reckoned with and she will take care of you to make your dreams come true because she understands that a relationship is a partnership and as such, your wins are her wins too. 


The thing about age difference between man and woman usually means that you will be in different aspects of your life, financially, emotionally, and otherwise – although this may not always be the case, it often times is. When this happens to be your case, it is normal to expect that your lady will want to know about any future plans that you have – and so you should expect to answer a lot of questions which may include some self introspection and goal checking from time to time. 

An older woman will want to know things such as; do you plan to marry, do you want a family, do you have any savings, what are your career plans, what financial steps are you taking towards investing in your future, etc. This is not to keep tabs on you nor does it mean that she is a gold digger only after your money. This simply means that she wants to know if you have a plan for the future and whether or not that plan includes her, and whether or not you both have the same idea for what your future is supposed to look like. 

Some women want to be child free while others want to start families right away, some women do not care that you earn significantly less than they do while others want their men to be the primary breadwinner, these questions will not only help her decide if you are the right man for her, but it will also help you decide if she is the right woman for you and if your ideals and goals align and you are compatible with each other. The questions are important, appreciate them when they come. They will serve you well. 


Perhaps the most stereotype notion of older women dating younger man is that older women are quite experienced, sexually. While we are not trying to run with a stereotype, we can’t help but include this in our piece. Besides, aren’t all stereotypes based on some sort of truth? Being an experienced lover has nothing to do with how many sexual partners you have had, but rather how often you practice whether with yourself or with a long time lover and more often than not, an older woman will have gone through a long time lover at some point in her life. 

Moreover, she will want to rock your world and will be willing to try out things she has always fantasized about, and that is the birth of every sexually hightened experience, curiosity. 

Whatever the case, an older woman will show you one or two things that will completely change your views on sex and sexuality overall. 


Before entering into a relationship with mature women you have to understand that they have options. The biggest mistake that younger men who date older women make is that they assume the woman is desperate and will sett;e for anything and therefore it doesn’t matter how badly they treat her because she is lucky they even considered her! And that is where they go owrong. You see, contrary to popular belief, a woman’s worth does not decrease with age. As a woman becomes more stable, more settled, she attracts equally stable men. Her choosing you is not because she is desperate, but rather she has options and she has chosen you. 

Treat your older woman the same way you would treat sny other woman that you enter a relationship with, with respect and kindness. They are with you because they want to be with you and not because they have to be. 


To answer the question “what does a mature woman look for in a man?” simply, is that older women value time. They value your time and they definitely value their time. Older women have so many things to do and they are not about to waste their time or yours, and so they will be direct with their intentions, and they will expect the same from you 

They will set up dates and make time for you because you are equally as important to them but you just can’t show up at an older womans house at midnight with a bong and want to hang. This situation is also tricky if she has kids on top of her other priorities.

When you are making plans with your older girlfriend, make sure that time is well utilized and plan activities that will be enjoyable for the both of you while maximizing the amount of time that you do spend together. 

Older women value their time and it will make their day when you surprise them with perfectly planned dates and activities that allow you to spend time together as a couple. 


Falling in love with an older woman means that you have to be willing to communicate your feelings like a grown man. You cannot throw tantrums or be passive aggressive about things, if something is bothering you – you should speak up about it. An older woman will appreciate that. Because turn the tables and she will tell you how your behavior is affecting her and why she is in a sour mood that day. Older women value open communication because they know that solid relationships are built on open communication, when you express to your partner how you feel and you are met with compassion and assurance instead of defensiveness and aggression, then you know that you have a beautiful thing going for you. 

It is important to advocate for open communicattion not only as a speaker but also as a listener, because if one party is being open about their feelings and the other is being dismissive, then that can barely count as open communication. Open communication goes both ways. It is a give and take and both parties need to be involved for it to work. 


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  • What does a mature woman look for in a man?  

A mature woman looks for a man who is genuine with his intentions, a man wwith intergrity who will stand by her in good times and bad, who will love, respect, honor, and cherish her. A an who will accept her for who she is, flaws and all. She looks for a man who she can stand to be in the same room with for hours on end, a man she can go back home to and talk about their days, a man she can be comfortable with, a man with greart sexual chemistry, a man with stable finances, a man who is emotionally intelligent. She looks for a kind man, a man who will save the world for her. A mature woman looks for in a man what everyone else who is attracted to men looks for in men. 


In conclusion, this article has compiled 7 things you on how to romance mature women. We have seen that falling in love with an older woman is relatively easy and also complex at the same time. There are advanages to dating an older woman, such as they are sexally experienced, they are more nurturing, and they value open communication. However, we have also seen the disadvantages of dating older women such as they may not be as spontaneous as you would like them to be, they may ask too many questions about your future, and they may be too quick to drop you if they feel you are not aligning wth their future. 

Both the advantages and disadvantages, however, work in your favor because you will never waste your time with an older woma, whether she leaves you or decides to pursue the relationship further, you will always know where you stand with her and what kind if relationship you have. 





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