9 Thrilling Reasons Why A Pocket Watch Is A Good Gift

9 Thrilling Reasons Why A Pocket Watch Is A Good Gift

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9 Thrilling Reasons Why A Pocket Watch Is A Good Gift

Is a pocket watch a good gift? That depends. Do you want to give a gift that will be truly memorable? If so, then the pocket watch is a darn good gift. It stands out from other gifts and will be treasured and protected by the person you give it to because it looks so elegant and screams, “I can make you look classy.”

Before we talk about why the pocket watch is a good gift, let’s go a little into the history of this exquisite timepiece.

The beautiful story of the pocket watch began in 1510 when Peter Henlein made a more petite timepiece compared to the other “clocks” around. This was thanks to advancements in making mainsprings, which allowed the watch to be so small that it could be worn.

Sadly no one had the brilliance to figure out where the watch could be worn until King Charles II of England. He decided to wear waistcoats and put the watch into his pocket. As he was royalty, aristocrats and nobles throughout Europe thought this to be a new style and quickly copied it.

By the 18th century, you couldn’t be seen as a gentleman if you didn’t own a pocket watch. People even began to improve the watch’s design by adding engravings and jewels such as diamonds. This cemented the pocket watch as a timepiece of high value that was the calling card of high society.

After a slight dip in popularity in the mid-20th century, the pocket watch rebounded in the 1970s along with the resurgence of the three-piece suit. Today, we have watches and smartphones to tell us the time. But the pocket watch, like a lover who refuses to quit, clings to its designation as a conveyer of status.

The point of this trip down the annals of history is to show you how far the pocket watch has come and why its history makes the pocket watch a valuable gift to give. 

If you’re considering giving a pocket watch as a gift, here are some reasons why you’d be making the right choice. 

  • It looks cool 

Pocket watches are some of the most extraordinary timepieces ever made because they bring a certain level of pizzazz to anything they are worn with.

They have such a great look about them, and they have several designs and stylings that make them even more remarkable. Anyone who wears a pocket watch or hangs it somewhere is sure to strain people’s necks and turn their eyes to gaze at this attention-grabbing chronometer.

If you want to get someone a gift that will make them a fashion icon with minimal effort, a pocket watch is a way to go. Whoever you give it to will thank you when they take amazing pictures for Instagram.

  • They never go out of style 

If you need another answer to “is it okay to buy someone a pocket watch as a gift?” look no further than its style longevity.

Pocket watches have been around since the early 1700s and still haven’t gone out of style. That’s about 300 years of remaining on the Hot 100 chart of timepieces.

A gentleman with a pocket watch entering a time machine from 1750 to the 21st century would not look out of place and would even get plaudits for his style. That’s how much the pocket watch has stayed trendy. 

So when you get someone a pocket watch, you’re getting them a timeless gift that tells time, the perfect irony.

  • Perfect for a graduation present 

Pocket watches are often associated with gentlemen, which means they can symbolize a person’s passage from a mere youngin to a full adult with responsibilities. 

This makes them perfect gifts for graduation as students move from a lower level in life to a higher one.

They have overcome several challenges and can now take on more challenges. And the watch you give them will remind them of their triumph for a long time.

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  • Can be used in several ways 

When you want to think of how good a gift a pocket watch is, think about the versatility it has. Yeah, sure, they look good in three-piece suits and waistcoats, but they can also be used for other things.

They can be worn with other types of outfits for one. For instance, when wearing a t-shirt or a vest, you can simply wear them around your neck, a trick that also works for dresses.

And if the person doesn’t want to wear it, they can use it as a desk watch to bring some excitement to their workspace. Pocket watches can also be hung around the house as an accessory.

The pocket watch’s versatility makes it an excellent gift for adults of all ages and genders.

  • It is unique 


worldwide value of luxury watch market

Hands up if you’ve ever received a wristwatch as a gift? In a room of 100 people, 70 hands would probably shoot up. Statista reports that the luxury watch market value is worth billions of dollars which shows just how common watches are. 

Pocket watches, on the other hand, aren’t common. When you give them out as gifts, you can be sure that you will be remembered as the person that gave a pocket watch.

Moreover, you can customize pocket watches to make them even more personalized and unique. Is a pocket watch a good gift? Best believe it is.

  • Perfect as a wedding gift 

Following the theme of pocket watches being timeless, it makes sense to give them at an occasion that is meant to symbolize a timeless bond.

A gift of a pocket watch to a newly married couple is the symbolic bottle that hits a ship about to embark on its maiden voyage. 

The piece can be given to the groom to add to his “newly married flair” or to the bride as a piece of jewelry. The newlyweds can even exchange pocket watches with symbolic engravings to each other to represent their undying love. 

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  • Great as a business gift 

Some cultures, like the Japanese, place a premium on gift-giving to formalize a business deal. And even if your business partners aren’t Japanese, you can still appreciate them with a small yet exquisite gift known as the pocket watch.

Now while you can buy someone a pocket watch as a gift, we recommend you check your company policies on gift-giving to avoid any ethical violations.

Apart from those you are to get into business with, pocket watches are also great for colleagues with whom you have an excellent working relationship. We also can’t forget to include partners on the anniversary of the business partnership.

  • Can be customized

Another advantage of pocket watches as gifts is that they can be made to be more personal through customization. 

You can add a photo of the recipient, a picture of both of you, or a shot of something else they love, such as their dog. Jewels can also be added to make the timepiece even more aesthetically pleasing than it already is.

There’s something about engravings on pocket watches that is just right. Engravings are like peanut butter and jelly to bread, like gin to tonic, or even salt to pepper. Point is, they go together.

So, if you’re considering a pocket watch, we recommend engraving it with special messages such as:

  • Every second that goes by is me loving you more.
  • Our time together is worth every second. 
  • Congratulations on a job well done. 
  • We are all proud of you. 
  • To one birthday, and to all birthdays. Happy birthday. 
  • Happy 25th birthday you classy human.
  • You came. You saw. You conquered. 

  • Great for anniversaries 

Anniversaries are a celebration of the time that people have either spent together or spent doing something. They also celebrate the times to come. A timepiece such as a pocket watch would drive this point home.

You can get one as a wedding anniversary present to friends and family celebrating their union. Your spouse can also receive one as a symbol of your eternal love for them. Birthdays are an anniversary too, so go on and send some happy birthday wishes with a side order of pocket watch. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What does it mean to give someone a pocket watch?

There are several meanings when you give someone a pocket watch, and they generally depend on the kind of person the giftee is. 

For instance, giving a pocket watch to a romantic partner symbolizes your undying love for them. It also means that you want them to remember you every minute, especially when they check the time.

Giving a friend a pocket watch shows that you care for them and want them to know you do. You want them to know that your friendship will go the distance and that you’ll always support them. 

Regardless of the nature of the giftee, one thing is certain; a pocket watch is a sign that you care for the recipient and wish them well. 


Is it good to gift someone a pocket watch?

There are several reasons why a pocket watch is an excellent gift to give someone, and some of them are:

  • It is stylish and never goes out of style – The recipient will be able to use it for a long time to be fashionable.
  • It is versatile in its use – A pocket watch can not only be worn with several attires but is useful as a decorative element in the house. 
  • It is unique – Not many people can boast of owning a pocket watch, but when you give one as a gift, the recipient gains entry into an exclusive club.
  • It can be customized – Pocket watches can be engraved with crests and messages to personalize them. Photos of those nearest and dearest to the recipient can also be included. 

Are pocket watches worth it?

Pocket watches are worth it for several reasons, including:

  • Their versatility in being able to accessorize several types of attires. 
  • They haven’t gone out of style for over 300 years.
  • They are unique and help you stand out in a crowd. 
  • It’s cool to show up with a pocket watch and say you own it.
  • Oh, and they can tell time.


Why watch should not be given as a gift?

Watches can be great gifts to give to people, but some believe that they are a symbol of bad luck.

There is also a common belief that gifting a watch to a loved one will end your relationship when the clock stops ticking (because apparently, changing the battery is out of the option).

However, the main reason not to give a watch as a gift is that it is too common. Too many people do it, so your gift might not stand out.


All in all…

Once again, is a pocket watch a good gift? I believe we’ve proved it is. But, it is important to note that while pocket watches are cool, they aren’t for everybody. Some may not appreciate the significance attached to them. 

To avoid wasting your gift, therefore, ensure that the intended giftee is someone who would cherish the classiness and rugged elegance that is the pocket watch. They won’t regret it, and neither will you. 






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