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If you have a sick child, you know it can be difficult for both you and your child because nothing breaks your heart more than to see your child feeling utterly miserable and all you want to do is to try and make them feel better. Apart from your love and attention, a gift basket for your sick child can help put a smile back on their faces.

A gift basket is a way for you to let your child know that you love them and are there to comfort them. It does not matter to your child the price you paid for the gift basket or how fancy it is, all that really matters to them is that the gift basket has items in it that they are interested in and love.

When deciding on a gift basket for your child, you will need to decide whether you are going to get them a store bought a gift basket or make one yourself. There are many awesome gift baskets that you can buy in many different shapes and sizes, for any occasion and in any theme you can think of, from treats, activities, superheroes to little princess gift baskets. But some people find that with bought gift baskets you rarely get exactly what you want in them.

With DIY gift baskets, you can totally customize them for your child, filling it up with goodies that your child will love and enjoy. Another great thing about DIY gift baskets is that no one else will have exactly the same gift, so they will be something really special to your child, DIY gift baskets are really easy and are so much fun to put together once you know exactly what type of items you want to put in them.

But before you decide on what type of gift basket and what goodies to put in it you need to consider whether the gift basket will be for your sick child at home or your sick child that is in a hospital as there are slight differences because some hospitals have a few restrictions of what you can and cannot give certain patients, which you would need to find out beforehand, especially if there will be some candy and other treats in the gift basket.

If you decide on creating your own awesome gift basket for your sick child, no matter if they are sick at home or are in the hospital, a young child or teenager, then here are a few ideas of how to decide on what you can fill your gift basket with and some ideas of the type of items you can put in the basket.

How to decide what to put in a gift basket for your sick child

What to put in the gift basket comes down to the child that the gift basket is for. Here are a few things to think about before creating something special and memorable for your child:

  • Think about your child’s hobbies and interests.
  • Think about things that will make them laugh.
  • Think about their favorite snacks, treats, and food.
  • What are their favorite movies and TV shows?
  • What types of books do they like to read?
  • Think about their favorite color.

If you take some time and think about all of their favorite things and add them into a gift basket some way or another, you will definitely help brighten up their day.

A Sick Child at Home

When you have a sick child at home there are a few important things you need to take care of first like, making sure you have the usual fever reducers, products to help ease a stuffy nose safely, chicken soup, healthy tea, honey, ginger ale, extra pillows and blankets and a few ways to help make them feel more comfortable.

Here are a few ways to make your child more comfortable when they are feeling sick.

  • Help your child get some rest.

Rest will help your child feel better faster and if they can’t sleep then try letting your child lie down while you play some soft, peaceful music, read their favorite story to them, or let them relax on the couch and watch some television.

  • Help keep them hydrated.

It is important to keep kids hydrated and even more so when they are sick. It can be difficult because when kids are sick they often refuse to eat or drink anything, but you should still keep offering fluids for them to sip throughout the day. If you are struggling to get them to drink water, try things like chicken soup, electrolyte solutions, and popsicles.

  • Comfort and Cuddle them.

When kids are sick it can be very scary for them as they do not understand what is happening to them, especially if they are vomiting or have a runny stomach. If you sit, comfort and cuddle with them, it will often help them feel more relaxed.

  • Try to distract them.

By trying to distract your child from their symptoms and illness, you will help them feel better even if it is just for a little while. This is where a gift basket will come in handy because when a child is sick, they love the idea of getting something new and especially something that will occupy them while they are stuck in bed or on the couch.

A gift basket idea for young kids

When you are thinking of items to put in your gift basket, it will help you to create your gift basket for your sick child if you think about a couple of quiet activities they can do either on their own or with you like:

  • Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane by looking at some baby photos.
  • Play Hospital with stuffed animals and dolls and treat their illnesses.
  • Create your own Spa by running a hot bath for them to enjoy.
  • Lay calmly on the couch together and listen to audio books or lullabies.
  • Make some Ice Pops together to soothe a sore throat.
  • Use play-doh and let them create something for you.
  • Play some card games, board games or puzzles.
  • Draw pictures, color in some coloring books or complete an activity in an activity book.
  • Try out some temporary Tattoos of their favorite superheroes or other Disney characters that they may like.
  • Take a Tour on the Globe by planning fantasy trips to interesting places.
  • Read their favorite book to them.
  • Take a short walk outside in the garden for them to get some fresh air.
  • Let them watch their favorite movie.

From the list above you can create an awesome gift basket for your sick child at home. Here are some ideas of items to put in it:

  • Activity books.
  • Sticker books.
  • Coloring books, paper, crayons or markers.
  • Playing cards, flash cards, puzzles or a board game.
  • A new kiddies movie that they may want to watch.
  • A doctor set so that the two of you can play doctor with sick dolls or stuffed animals.
  • Play-Doh for your creative child.
  • Audiobooks or a new children’s book for you to read to them.



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A gift basket ideas for sick teens at home

Coming up with ideas for a gift basket for sick teens at home can be difficult because they pretty much keep themselves occupied with social media. Some teens do sometimes want to take a break from their cell phones when they are not feeling well. Here are some ideas for your gift basket:

  • Books that they would enjoy reading, for example, books about vampires or whichever is the latest trend.
  • Comics.
  • DVD movies that they have not got around to watching yet.
  • Music or music vouchers.
  • Crafting kits, if they enjoy being creative.
  • Extreme Word Search puzzle book.
  • Sudoku Puzzle books.

A Sick Child in Hospital

For any sick or injured child being away from home and in a hospital where they are surrounded by many unfamiliar people can be a very stressful and scary experience for them. But there are several ways that you can help make their hospital stay more comfortable.

The most important way is to just be there for them as much as possible, be there to talk to them, reassure them that everything is going to be ok, play with them and hold their hand makes all the difference in the world to them.

Another way that will make their stay a little more comfortable is if you bring some familiar items from home for them, like their favorite toy, blanket or teddy bear. You can let them talk to a close family member on the phone or watch a funny video clip of their favorite animal at home which will give them the sense of connection to their life at home which will help them to relax a little more.

Then of course something new and exciting like a gift basket filled with different things they love which will help keep them busy and pass the time.

A gift basket idea for young kids in the hospital

You can create your own gift basket with a lot of different items that you know they will love, you can even choose a specifically themed gift basket, for instance, if you know they love a specific Disney character like sponge bob or the characters from frozen, you can make a gift basket featuring that character.

  • Large soft stuffed bear for comfort
  • Activity books
  • Sticker books
  • Coloring books, paper, crayons or markers
  • Playing cards or flash cards,
  • Puzzles for them to build
  • Travel-sized board games
  • Audiobooks or a new children’s book for you to read to them
  • Their favorite juices, snacks, and treats, if they are allowed

A gift basket idea for sick teens in the hospital

It is just as scary, uncomfortable and lonely for a teen in a hospital and a gift basket filled with items that will make them feel more comfortable and help make their stay a little more bearable is the perfect gift to give them.

  • Pampering and Self-Care products gift basket

Giving a teen in a hospital a gift basket filled with natural pampering and self-care products, like body creams, facial creams and lip balm that are gentle on the skin but soothing will definitely help lift their spirits and put a smile on their face.

  • Soft and Comfy Gift Basket

A teen will love a gift basket filled with warm and comfy items like blankets, soft pajamas, cozy slippers, a gown, fuzzy slipper socks and add a body pillow for even more comfort.

  • Entertainment Gift Basket

Think of all the things that your teen loves, like books, comics, movies, music that you can load on a digital device of their choice and put it all in a gift basket for them.

  • Books and magazines gift basket

Fill your gift basket with trending teen’s magazines and books and maybe include pen and pencils for them to complete the quizzes inside the magazines.

  • Water Bottles and Bendy Straws gift basket

Giving a teen their own brightly colored water bottle and bendy straws to help with taking pills a lot easier while in a hospital will be much appreciated by them. You can even add a couple of different flavored energy booster powders to mix with water as something else to drink during their time in the hospital.

  • A Sports related gift basket

If your child is a sports fanatic and is hospitalized during their favorite sports season, then a great gift basket idea is to make up a basket of sports-related items like a sports jersey, some books, and magazines with interesting facts about that particular sport.

  • A laughter gift basket

In this basket, you can include items that will make your teen laugh like joke books, comedy movies and prank items like a Whoopee cushion, chattering teeth, and snappy gum.

Whether you decide to buy or make a gift basket for your sick child, think about who your child is as a person, what they are interested in, what will help them feel more comfortable and look at where they are when they are sick, at home or in the hospital and remember the best gift baskets are the ones that come from the heart.







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