Anniversary Celebration Ideas with Family

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Are you about to celebrate an anniversary with your family? Congratulations! It’s one of the most special days for all parents out there. Before kids came along, you have probably tried some of the Romantic Anniversary Night Ideas. You and your spouse had time to enjoy some time alone and organize romantic anniversaries. With kids on the scene, you need to think about the things that will make the entire family happy.

Celebrating an anniversary with family can be rather challenging. Don’t get us wrong, kids bring even more fun and excitement to the occasion. It can just be a little bit difficult to entertain them. You have to find a way to include them in the activities and make them more fun for them. To help you include your kids in the anniversary celebration, we composed the following article. It contains some of the easy ways and amazing ideas on how to include the entire family in the festivities and make everyone happy!

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An Outdoor/Indoor Picnic

boy scouts patrol box

A picnic is one of the best ideas we have for you! If you haven’t had one with your family for a long time, this is an excellent opportunity to remember the good old days. You don’t even have to spend a large amount of money on it. Pack some food, snacks, drinks, and games, and you’re all set! You can even ask your kids to help you with the food. This way, you’ll involve them in the activities, and also save some time on preparing the meals.

Your kids will be thrilled with the idea to run around the park, play hide and seek and other games, and you and your spouse get to drink some wine on the blanket under the tree. Sounds perfect, right? You can also bring a football, Frisbee or other sports items to organize a real family game.

If your family is not so excited about the idea to go far for a picnic, you should organize one indoors! It’s pretty simple, you only need some blankets and sheets to build a fortress in the living room, order pizza, and play some fun board games. Your kids will enjoy this day so much!

Day Out

Short Romantic Trip Climb on a hill with boyfriend to enjoy sunset and sunrise

We already mentioned organizing a picnic for an entire family, but what do you think about an entire day out? You can start in the morning and end the tour at night. The day theme can be almost anything, from an amusement park to just wandering around the city. Your kids will also enjoy spending some time in nature. If you can spend some time by the river, lake, or sea, you’ll make your anniversary unforgettable for the entire family!

Vacation or Road Trip

Road Trip

If you and your spouse have some extra money to spend on this year’s anniversary, pack your bags and hit the road! There’s nothing more adventurous than spending time on a road trip with your family or enjoying full vacation days. Just picture the scene, your kids are playing on the riverside or on the beach, and you and your soulmate are enjoying some good wine while watching them. It’s a movie scene, and it’s not even hard to set it! With a little help from your family, you can enjoy a unique anniversary day this year!

Cooking Ideas

Cooking Ideas

Those who are on a tight budget can finally relax! We have a simple yet unique idea for spending some quality time with your family on the anniversary. For example, you can fulfill your kids’ wishes and let them cook with you and your spouse. Most kids enjoy cooking! Well, at least they enjoy playing with food and groceries, making both edible and inedible meals. With some supervision, you can allow them to do that in the kitchen and help you with the dinner preparations.

Eat Out

Eat Out on restaurant

Of course, preparing and ordering food has its charms. But for families that are used to do it often, we have another idea. How about going to a favorite restaurant with your family? Or pick a new place for the anniversary? Maybe it’s maybe time to explore the world a little bit and be adventurous. In the end, you can also bring your family on a food tasting tour. The entire day of tasting different meals, snacks, and sweets? The kids will enjoy it! 

Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon

Fear not, we have more anniversary celebration ideas for parents! Now, how about a movie marathon? Yes, you watch TV with your family every day, but do you make a real party of it? The movie marathon is a special-occasion thing. It has to be unique, so you have to make a special atmosphere and other stuff. For example, a full range of snacks is a must, not to mention three different meals for the entire night of movies! There should be sweets, of course, as well as some wine and other alcohol for adults.

We recommend classics such as the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Indiana Jones, and more. If your family counts toddlers, you can also go with Disney movies. Even adults enjoy Disney, so it’s a win-win situation. Believe us, your kids will love to have the opportunity to stay up late!

Friends and Family Party

Friends and Family Party

What’s next on the list? A good old party, of course! Sure, you, your spouse, and your kids can be the only ones invited, but you can also call over some of your closest friends. Take out the barbeque, grill some meat, and make a salad. Put the speakers on the lawn, play some music, and bring out drinks for the guests. Not only that you two and your kids will enjoy it, but you’ll also get a chance to share your happiness with others! An anniversary is a special day, and you should enjoy it to the fullest. Your friends will be so happy for you!

Pro Tip: We also recommend a party for those who are looking for a wedding anniversary celebration ideas with friends. You just can’t go wrong with this option!

Other Things to Consider

We get it, you are now a big family and you do everything together. It’s a beautiful thing, and can’t match any other feeling in the world. However, don’t forget that you and your partner still deserve some time alone. You shouldn’t give up on romance as it keeps every relationship alive! This year is maybe time for something different, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy your loved one a gift.

No matter how long you and your spouse are together, you should still think of something that will make your significant other happy. You’re maybe recently married or you walk side by side for over 20 years. Either way, you should always show your love and appreciation to your partner. Although this should be done daily for the rest of your lives, anniversaries are special days, and they demand a different approach.

We know what you’re going to say, we have kids, we don’t have time for those little gifts and surprises that young couples organize. It’s a bad excuse, and of course, you have the time! As long as you have the will to do it, you can easily surprise your partner and make him or her extremely happy for the anniversary. You can follow our article Fun things to do after you get married for more information about the topic.

Now, if you are wondering what should you do, organize, or buy, we got your back. To help you with anniversary gift ideas, we made a list for you, so consider doing some of the following things:

Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Him

  • Clothes

Don’t underestimate the joy that a piece of clothing can bring to a man. It doesn’t matter if you already bought a lot of clothes for your husband. He’ll always be thrilled with some new, stylish pieces. Save some money, spend it wisely on a branded T-shirt, sweater, or leather accessory, and your man will remember the anniversary forever!

Buying shoes and accessories is an excellent idea too. Your husband will definitely enjoy having a new pair of classy shoes, or a stylish belt, or any other similar pricey thing!

  • Essentials

If your spouse is growing a beard, a beard shampoo, oil, or any other conditioner is a must! These products make a perfect gift for men. This stuff nourishes hair and skin and makes every man proud of his beard.  Scroll down the Amazon, and you’ll find some amazing products for your husband.

  • Food Gifts

Let’s be honest here, men love food. Some of them only enjoy tasting foods, while most husbands think they are grill masters! If you think about it, that’s very convenient for people who need to buy them gifts. You can always get a new grill set or some other food-related accessories.

However, if you want to opt for a more romantic thing, we recommend you to cook for your husband. You can’t go wrong with organizing dinner at home. Light some candles, bring out the food, and let the magic begin! For more ideas, you can look up into our article about Romantic Evening Ideas for Married Couples.

  • Special Stuff

Think about those things your husband enjoys every day, from listening to music to repairing cars. You’ll then be able to pick a special thing to give him as an anniversary gift. It doesn’t matter how big or small the gift is, as long as it’s something related to the things that he’s interested in, you can’t go wrong!

Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her

  • Flowers

Whatever gift you have in mind for the anniversary, don’t forget about the flowers! They are a perfect addition to every gift, and in most cases, flowers are a necessity. You don’t want to show up on your anniversary day without them. You can buy a single red rose or 101 of them, as you prefer. It’s important for your wife to get them and to know that you remembered.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to those who certainly know that their wives don’t love flowers, but those are extremely rare cases.

  • Chocolate

Another thing you should definitely do is getting a chocolate box for your wife. If you have some extra time, you can also write notes and wrap them around the chocolate candies. This way, she’ll read one of them every time she opens a candy for the box. It’s an incredibly romantic gift, and she’ll love it!

Pro Tip: For those extra romantic souls, we recommend writing love letters for the anniversary. Put them into the box, cover them with candies, and you’ll make your wife shed a tear of joy!

  • Jewelry

Most women love jewelry, that’s true. However, you don’t have to spend large amounts of money to surprise your wife for the anniversary. You can get her cute little earrings, a set of adjustable rings, necklaces, and other stuff. Your wife will appreciate the effort and enjoy wearing them every day! Just make sure to get something that will match her style.

  • Unique Gifts

If you want to give your wife something unique for the anniversary, think about the things she wants. Make an effort, she probably told you already what she needs and what makes her happy. She probably even showed it to you while you were walking by the stores in the city. She’ll be thrilled that you remembered to buy her something only mentioned in daily conversation!





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