Creative Ways to Give a Gift to Your Boyfriend That Are Easy And Fast

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Finding creative ways to give a surprise gift to your boyfriend is easy when you’ve just started dating. When you’re several months into the relationship, it’s not so easy anymore. We’ve all heard stories of couples who are in love 50 years after tying the knot. After spending so much time together, you’d think they know each other pretty well not to get presents wrong. These beacons of companionship should practically read each other’s minds, right?

Why It’s So Hard to Find Creative Ways to Give a Gift to Your Boyfriend

Well, it turns out that couples who have been together for longer periods fair much worse in choosing a gift. They incorrectly assumed that their better half would like the same presents they loved. That can only mean one thing – the older a couple is, the less they know about each other.

So, it’s not entirely your fault that you’re always getting your boyfriend the wrong gift, or he’s not super-excited when unwrapping a present like he was a couple of months ago. It’s just the nature of relationships.

If you’ve been in a relationship for more than two years, you can probably relate to this. There has to be that one time when you thought your boyfriend would like a particular food or a movie because you liked it. Yet, he didn’t like it.

The University of Basel researchers who undertook this study concluded that long-term couples might view their relationships as cemented. They have little left to learn about each other, and therefore, pay less attention to each other preferences over time.

That might explain why you find it hard to come up with cute ways to surprise your boyfriend with a gift. It also explains why it is hard for your boyfriend to surprise you with the perfect present on your anniversary. It’s not that you don’t care about each other anymore. It’s more of being so comfortable with each other that you miss out on small stuff that would make it easy to come up with creative, romantic ways to give a guy a gift.

New Couples Aren’t an Exempt Either

If you thought since you only just had the exclusive talk, finding creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend will be any easier, guess again.

New couples face a unique set of problems. The wrong gift, even if you find a creative way to present it, sends the wrong message.

You don’t want to be the girl who gifted a wedding tuxedo to her boyfriend on their first anniversary. Or the girl who took her two weeks boyfriend for a weekend in an upstate B&B.

Such gifts, although romantic, send the wrong signals and are more likely to drive you apart than cement your blossoming love.

Now that we know where the problem lies, what is the solution to coming up with creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend guaranteed to bring back the sparkle in that part of the relationship?

It’s quite obvious. You need to pay more attention to your boyfriend’s preferences. That’s the only way you’ll find creative ways to give the right present to your significant other.

Paying Attention – An Expense No One Wants to Incur

Paying attention sounds easy, doesn’t it? But ask any 4-year-old, and they’ll tell you it is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.

Another study found that middle-aged couples tune each other voices out so they can pay more attention to other people. They can block their partner’s voice because it is so familiar that their brains can selectively filter it out.

Welp! No one would have ever thought that one of the superpowers of dating someone or getting married is being able to block your partner’s voice. But that superpower is precisely why you don’t have a clue of creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend.

You tune him out so much that whenever he drops obvious hints that would help you, all you hear is static.

The good thing is, the ability to tune out your partner lessens with age. So, when you’re about 50 years into the relationship, you will be a better listener. But your brain still finds a way to mess with you even then. Remember, older couples make the incorrect assumption that their partners like what they like? You won’t be getting anything right when plotting the best ways to surprise your boyfriend for his birthday, anniversary etc even then.

But you can train your brain to pay attention to your partner and not imitate a CB radio with the following tricks. We promise you won’t come out looking clingy.

How To Pay Attention to Your Boyfriend

Be a Better Listener

Be a Better ListenerThe importance of being a better listener is not lost on anyone. Whether it’s in your professional or personal life, being attentive to what others say goes a long way in cementing relationships.

But you have to work hard to be a better listener when in a relationship because your brain is out to make sure you’re not one.

When you find yourself replacing your partner’s voice with static, take back the reigns and force yourself to pay attention to what they have to say.

Being a better listener isn’t all about hearing, though. You’ll have to demonstrate with your entire body that you’re attentive. That means:

  • Nodding your head
  • Asking questions
  • Dropping other stuff when conversing with your partner like your phone
  • Showing interest in the conversation

That’s the only way you’ll know their preferences and be able to come up with cute ways to give a guy a ring or any super romantic gifts if you’re at that stage of your relationship.

Don’t Give in to the Temptation to Check Your Social Media

Don’t Give in to the Temptation to Check Your Social MediaBefore the internet, phones were just that – a way of keeping in touch with loved ones. Today, these little gremlins are clamoring for our attention by constantly ringing or vibrating. They are the equivalent of digital newborns with a wet diaper. They demand our attention all day long, so much so that they’ve killed our ability to have a normal conversation with each other.

When you’re on your phone while your boyfriend is trying to get a conversation going, you’re telling them, “I’m only half listening because what you have to say isn’t that important.” That’s not the kind of message you want to put through, is it?

Next time when the two of you are hanging out, even if it’s just watching a movie, put your phone away. That tells him you’re into the moment. He’ll be more willing to open up and share his feelings and desires compared to when you’re busy tapping away at your phone. Who knows? You might even come away few clues on a few creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend.

Become That Good Friend on Social Media

Become That Good Friend on Social MediaAfter equating phones to attention-sucking vampires, you might be wondering, “What gives? You told me to keep that thing away. Now you’re telling me to pick it up and do the one thing that occupies every minute I’m awake?”

In a sense, yes. You’ll need to get on your phone and be that friend your boyfriend wants to hang out on social media because, like taking a bathroom break, you can’t avoid social media.

But don’t do that when he’s right there with you! Talk to him on social media on those days you won’t see much of each other. Retweet his funny tweets, like his selfies (but don’t go overboard!), and post a comment on his wall. Just don’t overdo it. Otherwise, you’ll come out looking super cringy, which is a pretty fast way of losing a boyfriend.

While you’re rummaging through his social media account, you’ll find out his hobbies, likes, dislikes, and interests. All these should will you the right gift ideas. Even if it seems like you’re searching for what to get a man who wants nothing.

Take Part in Their Interests

Take Part in Their InterestsBefore you roll your eyes and wonder how you’re going to survive through an entire football match, we’re not saying you should suddenly turn into a Dodgers fan. What we’re saying is, you can occasionally go for a game together and grab a few drinks after the game. You could even watch a show he likes so that you can talk about it later. Look for stuff he’s in to and put in a little effort into them. If something’s unclear, ask him questions. You can even buy him things to complement his interests. That’s a fantastic way of coming up with creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend.

Now that you’re giving your boyfriend more of your time, and you have a good idea of the kind of present he might like, time to come up with creative ways to give him a gift.

5 Creative Ways to Give a Gift to Your Boyfriend

Creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend

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1. The Unexpected Location

The Unexpected LocationIf you’ve followed our advice, you’re probably hanging out with the love of your life during those football games or when he goes for a drink with his buddies.

That’s the perfect place to give him that special gift because he won’t be expecting it. Before you reveal your big surprise and make him go “Oooh” and “Aaaah”, you need to get your timing right.

Presenting the surprise just when his favorite team is about to score might not elicit the desired response. So, bide your time and wait for that perfect moment. You’ll know when it’s right to whip out that brand new game console since you’ve been more attentive of late.

2. The Unexpected Delivery

The Unexpected DeliveryAnother really creative way to surprise your love is duping him with the unexpected delivery person. Find a friend of yours – preferably someone he doesn’t know – and get him to act as a mailman, delivery person, or just anyone your boyfriend would be really surprised to get a present from.

Next, have your friend approach your boyfriend with the gift, wrapped up in an inconspicuous package. The package should be addressed to him, obviously. Watch his eyes light up as it dawns on him you’re behind the whole machination.

3. The Red Herring Packaging

The Red Herring PackagingNothing works like a fake-out packaging. Wrapping up a present in an unassuming packaging and leaving it in plain sight is one of the best ways to surprise your boyfriend. He has no idea it’s coming, which is why this always works all the time.

4. Present the Gift in a Place with Special Meaning

Present the Gift in a Place with Special MeaningTake him back to the park where he mustered the guts to ask you on a date or the restaurant you went on your first date. Then, while you’re staring into each other’s eyes, bring out the gift. This tells him you really care about the relationship, and you’re willing to go the extra mile to make it work.

5. The Treasure Hunt

This method might take a little bit more work than the other methods, but the payoff is well worth it. As you already know, men live for the chase. He probably went out with you because you played hard to get. So why not give it a little challenging for him to get the gift he so desperately wants for his birthday?

Send him a card with the first clue to the gift’s location. You only need a few clues to drive him crazy with anticipation. To make it even more special, each clue can be tied to an item of sentimental value to him.

Now that you know what to do to come up with interesting ways of giving a gift to your boyfriend, time to take a look at the don’ts of giving your partner a gift. Some of you ladies are guilty of these. Let’s make sure you don’t repeat the mistake.

Don’ts of Giving Your Boyfriend a Gift

1. Gift Him in a Way That Lowers His Ego

When coming up with ideas for what to give you boyfriend as a gift remember that to not give him a present in a way that lowers his ego. If he’s short on cash, for instance, it’s bad taste to get him a cash gift for his birthday. A large part of a man’s ego is tied to his finances. If you do something suggesting that he’s not in charge of this aspect of his life, you might as well as given him a break-up card.

Similarly, don’t give him a really personal gift in front of his buddies. Whipping out a couple of designer boxers when he’s watching a game with his friends won’t work.

2. Don’t Plan a Surprise in a Way That Makes Him Uncomfortable with His Body

If your significant other is beginning to show a few layers of fat around the waist, don’t build your surprise around it. Don’t wait until the Thanksgiving turkey is on the table to give him a Fitbit fitness tracker. That’s just poor judgment.

3. Don’t Go Overboard

Gift him something that matches with the stage of your relationship. If you’ve only just started dating, popping a ring will probably drive him away. Similarly, if you’ve dated for a couple of years, an impersonal gift like a coat shows how much you value the relationship.

That’s all you need to do, or not do, to come up with creative ways to give a gift to your boyfriend. Just be your usual creative self and pay attention to what he’s saying.





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