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Fossil Watch Gift Set for Couples

You have a couple in your life that love Fossil watches. So this has given you an idea for the perfect gift for them. This gift is a Fossil watch gift set for couples

You start to wonder to yourself:

  • Why Fossil? 
  • What is it about Fossil that they like so much? 
  • Are Fossil watches a good brand?

There are so many other brands of watch sets for couples on the market that you can choose from.

Then you wonder about the meaning behind giving watches as gifts. Is it a good idea? And if it is which Fossil watches are the best gift ideas for outdoorsy couple, a couple who always seems to be on the go? 

You will also need to decide if your gift will be a couple’s Fossil smartwatch or an analog display watch. And the other thing that you would need to decide on is the color of the watches. Will they be silver, black, brown, blue or the latest trend of rose gold?

Let us help you answer all these questions so that you can find the perfect Fossil watch gift set for a couple

A little about Fossil watches and why many people love them

Fossil watch lovers find that Fossil is a good brand because they offer a wide range of different types of good quality watches. These watches are also available in different price ranges that are affordable to many people. 

The majority of Fossil watches are made from stainless steel. Making them extremely durable, long-lasting and easy to repair.

So who doesn’t want a watch that looks great, that will last for a long time and is at an affordable price?

What is the meaning behind giving watches as gifts?

Many people give and receive watches as gifts all the time. But they have never really stopped to think about the meaning behind giving someone a watch as a gift.

Wearing wristwatches can say so many things about a person and to a person. These are some of the positive things:

  • It is a practical and functional accessory to help tell the time. 
  • It is a fashion statement  
  • It can complement the outfit that they choose to wear with it. 
  • Wristwatches can also display a symbol of wealth 
  • It is an item that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

For Relationships

Giving someone a watch is also an extremely personal and intimate gesture between two people who are in a romantic relationship. It helps express their love and affection for each other.

When away from a loved one it acts as a reminder to them of the person or people who they care the most about. This enables them to think about the person who gave them the watch every time they look at it.

For Work

A wristwatch can also be a reminder of all the meetings and appointments that the person needs to attend to throughout any given day.

And if a watch is given to a person who is always late. It can be a constant reminder of how unpunctual they are and cause them to have negative feelings towards themselves as well as the giver of the watch.

For Friendships

If a watch is given to a friend it can suggest that they are wishing for a long friendship. They see the person as someone that they admire, trust and would like to spend time together as friends.

For Retirement

Certain watches are also often given as a gift of gratitude to someone that may be retiring from their current job. Watches are also used as a gift for employees when they move onto another employment opportunity. 

The meaning of this is to thank the employee for the time that they have given the company.

The superstitions of giving someone a watch as a gift

There are people, especially in Chinese culture, who believe that giving a watch to someone as a gift should be avoided. They believe that clocks are a symbol of death.  That it implies that their days in life or their relationship are counting down towards it.

Do watches make great gifts?

Many people do believe that watches make great gifts. They are seen as a gift that is something thoughtful, practical and fashionable. They are also seen as a gesture of generosity and love towards the person receiving the gift.

Watches make great gifts because people find them to be practical. They are a way to make it easier to stay organized throughout their busy days. They want to keep track of not only the time but also their schedules, be able to access their emails. They also want to keep in constant contact with others around them in the most convenient way possible. 

This is the reason why smartwatches were born as all these things can be done from the device that is wrapped around their wrists.

Watches can be given a personal touch by engraving initials or special messages on them for the ones that they love. Making it a unique, thoughtful and special gift that will be treasured every time that they wear the watch.

Many people love showing off their style and making a statement and one of the best ways is to wear the latest watch. Some have favorite brands like Fossil and others want to wear the brand that is sitting on top of the charts at that moment.

What type of Fossil watches are the best gifts to give?

To help you choose the best Fossil watch gift set for a couple, there are a couple of things for you to consider. 

Things like:

  • Think about the tastes of the couple when deciding on a large or small faced watch
  • Make sure that the watches are easy to read
  • Ask yourself if they would like a classic design that won’t go out of fashion or something more trending?
  • Are they the type of people that would prefer a smartwatch because of their busy lifestyle?
  • Think about the different colors of the watches and decide which color will suit them best.

Your next step is to decide between two types of Fossil watch gifts. Decide whether you would like to purchase his and her matching fossil watches or choose separate watches to create your own gift set. Below are 5 stylish ideas.

Watch Set 1 and 2 are both gift sets that have his and her matching watches. Set 1 is a casual looking with a plain and simple face. And set 2 has a couple of extra features that stand out to give it a little more class.

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Watch Set 1

His and Her Fossil Wylie Three-Hand Black Stainless Steel Watch Box Set

This his and her Fossil Wylie stainless steel black watch gift set make a great gift for a couple who enjoys something simple looking. Although simple it looks stylish with its large analog display, visible and clear numbers making it easy to read while on the go.



Customers that purchased this Fossil his and her Wylie will love it. They find that the watches will look and feel comfortable to wear. It is of high quality and is easy to read.

Watch Set 2

Fossil Fenmore Midsize Multifunction Stainless Steel His and Her Watch Gift Set

Here we have an elegant looking and well-crafted watch gift set by Fossil. This Fenmore midsize multifunction silver stainless steel gift set includes eye-catching white satin dials that are easy-to-read. Each of their silver-tone stainless steel bracelets sits securely on your wrist with a fold-over clasp.



For customers who purchase this Fossil Fenmore Midsize Multifunction Stainless Steel His and Her Watch Gift Set will be satisfied. They will find that these elegant-looking watches will be a perfect accessory to any outfit that they wear.

Watch Set 3

If you don’t like the fossil couple watches amazon, create your own gift set for the couple you have in mind. We have matched some watches for you with watch set 3 and 4 that are for both men and women that will make a great set.

Fossil’s Grant Stainless Steel and Leather Chronograph Quartz Watch (Men)

This well-designed watch by Fossil features a round stainless steel case with a black dial and large roman numerals. It is a multifunction watch that has dials for the hours, minutes and seconds with a stopwatch. There is a choice of 13 different amazing colors and the bands are interchangeable.



The majority of customers that have purchased this Men’s Fossil’s Grant Stainless Steel and Leather Chronograph Quartz Watch love the beautiful look. They find that it keeps perfect time and the Roman numerals give this watch something extra.

Fossil Women’s Serena

This attractive looking silver-tone Fossil Serena watch for women makes an amazing gift. She will love the perfect fit of the stainless steel link bracelet with fold-over-clasp closure around her wrist. It is also large enough to read but small enough that it still looks incredibly elegant on her arm. The mother of pear-tone dial and crystal accents make it a stand out watch.



Those customers that have already purchased the Women’s Fossil Serena couldn’t be happier. They find the watch to be comfortable, stylish and are lightweight making it a great watch for everyday use

Watch Set 4

Fossil Men’s Nate Quartz Stainless Steel and Metal Watch

If you are looking for something more casual then this Nate quartz stainless steel watch from Fossil is perfect for you. This easy to read large size face with gunmetal degrade dial looks amazing. It features a quartz movement with a 3-hand analog display, Arabic numbers, a date window and it is a multifunction watch with a stopwatch. It is everything you need in a timekeeper.

But if you don’t like the gunmetal color, there are three other colors available to choose from.



Customers that have purchased this Fossil Men's Nate Quartz Stainless Steel Watch love everything the watch has to offer. They find that it has the perfect look to it and is the perfect size for their wrist.

Fossil Women’s Riley Stainless Steel Multifunction Glitz Quartz Watch

This extremely classy looking Riley stainless steel multifunction glitz quartz watch offers a choice of 6 amazing colors that shine. It features a multifunction movement on a stainless steel bracelet, 3 sub-dials for the day of the week, the month and 24hr time.



Those customers who have already purchased this Fossil Women's Riley Stainless Steel Watch found it to be a stunning watch. They love that it sparkles and it has a good weight to it but still looks very feminine

Watch Set 5

Smartwatches have some great features that will make a couple’s life a lot easier. These features will help them stay connected to the people and things that are important to them. According to Androidcentral.com, the best overall Fossil Smart watch in 2019 is the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle.

If you have the funds and want to spoil a special couple you can create your own gift set by purchasing them each one.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touch screen Smartwatch

This Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle smartwatch makes a great gift if you are looking to spoil your favorite couple. It has so many amazing features like 8 GB of storage and 1G ram memory for third party downloads, smartphone notifications, heart-rate tracking, GPD, NFC.  It has a speaker that enables them to receive phone calls, Google responses, notifications, and alerts all from their wrists.



Many customers that have purchased this Gen 5 Carlyle stainless steel touch screen smartwatch by Fossil found that it works perfectly. The watch has an elegant look to it with an easily readable screen. They like the features it offers and also found that the sound is good too.

Another great thing about watch gift sets is that they also make great gifts for someone who has everything, for that couple that is difficult to buy for. Everybody loves watches especially if they are a brand and a style that they love.

Finding the perfect Fossil watch gift set for a couple, you would need to think about the couple themselves. Think about the kind of style and lifestyle they have. Then you can either choose to purchase a beautiful gift set for him and for her or you can create your own gift set by choosing from great individual Fossil watches.







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