12 Fun Games to Play With 4 People

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Games are always a great idea when you want to add some fun in any setting. With 1000s of games available in the market, it might be overwhelming to choose the right game for the people that you plan on playing it with or the place and event.

Playing games is one of the ways people keep themselves and loved ones entertained. Some people prefer playing board games and more traditional card games, while others enjoy online games and video games more. Games can be played anywhere, whether it is a party or just a fun hobby or way to pass time with friends. There are a lot of games suitable for families of different age groups to play over the holiday or the weekends when they want to spend time together.

In this article, we focus on 4 player games or games that are best played with four players. We have explored different categories ranging from Wii and ps4 games to more traditional card games, board games, and more!

Why four players?

Four is usually an ideal number of players in many games because it is an even number allowing the people to form groups of 2 people each for any games that need to be played in a team or battle games too. In other cases, four people just make the game more interesting and exciting than it would be if played with fewer people, and not large enough to drag the game and make it more complicated.

Below, we have listed the best 4 player games that can be enjoyed by people from different platforms and for people of different age groups.

Video games

Video games are the most popular kind of games chosen by people in this generation because it makes it easier to access a lot of games and gives gamers the ability to play online with people who are not around them physically. A lot of famous board games arcades etc have made a digital adaptation of their games to remain more relevant in the market.

Genre breakdown of video game sales in the United States in 2018. Source: www.theesa.com

Genre breakdown of video game sales in the United States in 2018

Best 4 player pS4 games

1. Call of duty Black ops iii (PS4)

Call of duty is one of the most loved games in PS4, and their black ops iii game can be played with 4 players on one screen. The 4 player shooting game comes in 2 different modes; the zombie mode and the traditional deathmatch mode. Some reviewers have warned that the quality of the games is not very appealing yet, and needs some improvements however, it is still a super fun game to play with 4 people.

2. Castle Crasher ps4

This is one of the most loved games on the Xbox 360 that got introduced to the PS 4 as well. The graphics quality of the game is topnotch, and it is very exciting to play without being complicated, so even children and families can play this game. The game can be played by up to 4 people in a single screen.

3. Horizon Chase Turbo

This game is a remake of a much-loved old fashion arcade game. Up to four people can play it on one screen without the visuals or sound of the game getting ruined. This fast track game is super addictive and will get the competitive side of anyone who plays it. It is the perfect game to introduce when you have some friends over to play, and thanks to the simplicity of the game it would not be tough to teach a beginner how to play.

4 player WII games

4. Mario Kart ii

This is an all-time favorite racing game designed by Nintendo for Wii platform. It was the 9th best selling game of all time. The Mario Kart is a kart racing game featuring both single and multiplayer modes.

The game can be played by up to 4 players on a single screen. The amazing visuals and a wide variety of tracks available to choose from are one of the few things that made the game very popular. Players of all age groups could play it. The players get to pick a character from the Mario Kart series and choose a track as well. They then will have to race in a kart, or bikes depending on the track theme they chose. The players get to perform different tricks and also can collect power-ups to attack their opponents. The graphics and competition in the game can quickly get anyone hooked.

5. Wii Sports resort

Wii resort sport is a sequel to Wii most popular game, Wii sport. It was released in 2009 and is to date Nintendo’s third most selling game. The game is set in a tropical resort, and the player gets to choose from  12 different locations in that resort. Some of the sports are similar to the Wii sports game while most of them are new and exclusive to Wii sports resort giving this version of Wii sport more variety than the original one.

The game can be played by up to 4 players split into 12 teams, and each team share one controller. The game is also an excellent idea for families or friends who want to stay active and fit as it requires a lot of body movement.

6. Rock Band 3

This is the ultimate Wii game for music lovers, especially rock band fanatics. In this game, you can form your own rock band, and this new edition allows you to have a keyboard player too for the first time. The game can be played in 4 different difficulty levels.

Once the players choose their difficulty level, they get to pick the instruments they want to play, which they can control using the instruments controller. Once the band starts playing, they are rated depending on their performance.

They lose a point for every note that is missed so that everyone will be striving for perfection. The moment you introduce your rock and roll friends to this game, everyone is going to become hooked on it.

4 Player Card game

7. Switch

Switch is also known as blackjack in other countries. Its origin was from Europe, and it is a shedding card game meaning that the mission of the whole game is for a person to discard all the cards they have in their hands.

The winner is the first one to have no cards left in their hands from the 7 cards given to every player initially. A single deck of cards could play it but you can also mix 2 decks of cards together if there are more than 4 players. After the players are dealt with their card, the game starts by placing a card from the pile on the table. The next player should throw the same number or house of the card on the table or will have to draw from the pile until they do. The games keep going until a player finishes the cards in their hands.

There are a few trick cards in the game that change the rules to make it more exciting and competitive, but the trick cards cannot be used to start the game.

8. Thirteen

Thirteen is an extremely strategic card game for four people. It is played with 2 decks of cards. Everyone is dealt 13 cards, and they have to pull a card from the pile and throw a card they don’t want on the table. The winner should have 3 sets of cards that are either the same number of different houses or consequent numbers of the same house and a set of four cards with the same sequence. The joker can basically act as any card the person wants it to be.

The game can even be modified by exchanging the joker by another card. The beauty of the game is how it requires you to use your brain to arrange and shuffle your cards until you get the needed pattern. This is a game for a group of friends or family who want a game that needs more thinking than luck or speed.

4 Player Board Games

9. Blood Rage

In this four player fighting game, each player has their own viking’s leaders, ships, warriors, and fighters. The mission is to find their way to glory and secure their place in Valhalla at Odin’s side.

Each player gets to draft a card at the beginning that highly determines their strategies throughout each round of the game ( from a total of three rounds). The cards they draw are also called the “God’s gifts” give them different powers such as upgrading their clan, ability to invade provinces, increased Vikings strength and more.

Players should aim to choose their drafts carefully at the beginning of the game and are also expected to be flexible and be capable of changing their strategies mid-game depending on how the battles are going.

10. Dead of Winter: A crossroad game

Crossroads is a game from the plaid hat games series. 2-5 players can play the game, but four is an ideal number because it is more exciting and interesting that way. The players are put in an apocalyptic world where most humanity has been eradicated, and the mission of the whole game is to work together and stay alive.

The players need to be great team players to survive and achieve the primary mission. Still, at the same time, they have their own secret individual tasks and objectives to complete as well making them have to balance their personal interests without harming the team as a whole making it really fun and thrilling psychological rollercoaster for anyone playing it. The game can end with either all the players winning, only some winning or none winning at all.

11. Pandemic

Pandemic is an exciting game to be played with 4 players. In this game, all the players will have to work together to find the cure of the diseases before the disease turns into a pandemic.

Each player is assigned a role randomly ( the 7 positions available are quarantine specialist, dispatcher, operations expert, contingency planner, medic, scientist, or researcher). Next, the players have to stop the spread of the deadly diseases that are represented by 4 different colors in 24 cubes. The players have the duty of protecting 48 cities on the board.

The players can either win by finding the cure to 4 of the diseases, or lose if they have more than 8 outbreaks, run out of drawing cards or cubes.

Family-friendly game:

12. Pictomania

Pictomania is a great family game for members of different ages. It brings the family together and lets them get creative. Pictomania is a drawing game that has a total of five rounds. Each player is required to draw and guess other peoples drawings throughout the game. You are allowed only one guess of other players drawing. By the end of the game, the player with the highest number of correct guesses at the earliest stage of the drawing wins and the black sheep is the one with the wrongest guesses.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do you find the right games for 4 people?

Usually you will see how many people can play a game it in the instruction sections of the game’s site or box, however in oder to find out which games are the best when played with 4 people you will have to do a brief research on the game before you purchase it.

  • How to pick the a suitable game for the event or place you want to play at?

First look at the age group of the people you are trying to play with. Next you can ask them their preferences and also consider the place you are at ( you can’t play a mind game in the middle of a party).


So here is our extensive list of games to play with four people no matter their preferences. Games always bring people together, and a lot of the games actually do get the brain to work and think more creatively and strategically. Before choosing any game from our list, make sure you are aware of the rules, and the instructions are clear to everyone, and always check whether the games have any age restrictions before purchasing them.





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