How to Trick Someone into Saying Something Funny - 3 Funny Verbal Pranks to Trick People

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Percentage of Single Men and Women who Think Humor is Important in a Partner

It is now a proven fact that laughter is indeed the best medicine. Okay, maybe not the best because it can’t cure cancer but it is right up there. You see laughter lifts your mood and relieves stress and in so doing makes your immune system stronger and reduces pain.

It also helps you relate better with people and believe it or not, burns calories.

Point is, humor is good.

There are several ways to be funny: you could crack a joke, act out a funny scene, or simply do something funny like farting with your armpits. The thing is though, those things all involve you. What if instead, you made other people the comedians for a change by making them say or do something funny.

Many of us have gone through it in teenagehood so this concept should not be new. Chances are, you’ve used some verbal mind tricks to play on your friends before and made them say something funny. If that is the case then the question is, why did you ever stop? And if you never did this at all, why didn’t you?

Playing funny verbal pranks on friends and others in general can be a great way to get some laughs and to connect with the person.

Some of these pranks can be a little personal however so we recommend that you use them based on the level of the relationship you have with the intended victim.

In this article, we shall show you some words and phrases to say to get other people to say something funny.

3 Ways to Make Other People Say Something funny.

1. Talk like the Flash – Funny Phrases to Say Fast

One of the best known ways to make people say funny things is to get them to repeat a phrase that sounds funny when it is said pretty fast.

One  of the best known ways to make people say funny things is to get them to repeat a phrase that sounds funny when it is said pretty fast.

The phrase itself would look totally harmless thereby drawing in the victim like a spider web but once they fall for it and say the words fast enough, the person goes from being an intended victim to an actual victim mwahahaha.

Funny pranks with no bad words

This is for those people who do not like to use profanity or for situations where profanity can get you into a bit of trouble. For instance, maybe you want to play a trick on your boss, it’s probably best you use these then not those ones that you would use on friends.

So remember how we inferred that you might be able to use these on your boss, it’s probably best if you don’t. But if you do want to know funny things you can do at work, here you go.

Funny pranks with Profanity

Humor always seems to be funnier when there is profanity involved for some reason so there are many more funny phrases to say fast with some form of profanity. Some of these are:

In order to better convince someone to say these words, you could try presenting it as a challenge by telling them that they couldn’t possibly say the words above. Their competitive nature will get the job done.

Again, these are best used on friends and only certain kinds of friends for that manner so be careful when using them or you could get into trouble with the person you use them on.

2. That Doesn’t Sound Right.

Apart from making someone say something really fast that would end up sounding funny, you could also get people to say phrases that sound like something else when they are said out aloud.

Clean edition.

Some of the cleaner words and phrases to say include

Explicit version.

As was the case above, profane phrases seem to be more numerous in number some of which include:

3. Misdirection

We saved the best for last for you see, misdirecting people such that they say what they wouldn’t normally say or give a wrong answer to a question includes by far, the most popular and funny verbal pranks there are.

Some of which include:

  • This is this cat.
  • This is is cat.
  • This is how cat.
  • This is to cat.
  • This is keep cat.
  • This is an cat.
  • This is idiot cat.
  • This is busy cat.
  • This is for cat.
  • This is forty cat.
  • This is seconds cat.

Then tell them to read out the third letter of each sentence. This probably fooled you too.

You: I can make you say blue if I wanted.

Person: We’ll see.

You: What color is my (something that is yellow)?

Person: Yellow.

You: What color is my (something green)?

Person: Green.

You: What color is my (something black)?

Person: Black

You: Yes! I made you say black.

Person: But I was supposed to say blue.

Game over. You win.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What are some of the most fun words to say?

  • Badassery
  • Bougie
  • Flatulent
  • Zozzled
  • Gobbledygook
  • Bumfuzzle
  • Gardyloo
  • Discombobulate
  • Malarky
  • Comeuppance
  • Cantankerous

2. How do you trick someone to say something?

The most effective way is to misdirect them by making them think they are saying one thing when in fact they are saying something else. For instance, telling someone to say the word “eye” and then to spell “ICUP”. This sounds like them telling you that they can see you peeing.

3. How do you trick people’s minds?

You can trick people by misdirecting them For instance:


Making people laugh is a good thing as it makes you seem more relatable to people as shown by this graph from Socialpronow.

Percentage of People Who Found Different Forms of Humor Relatable

One way to do so is by making those people laugh by playing a verbal prank on them. As the graph above shows however, it is important that you do not play offensive pranks as people do not generally like them as much and if you do, it must be with someone close who enjoys that kind of humor or at least someone who you know would not mind it.

You should be careful not to overdo this however, because people can only find being the butt of a joke amusing so many times.





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