Games to Play with Your Girlfriend at Home

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Looking for fun games to play with your girlfriend at home? We’ve got you covered! This article will give you a lot of ideas. You only need to decide when you’ll try them out. It doesn’t matter if your relationship is old or new, you should always keep things fun and interesting. What’s the best way to do that? Experts suggest lots of stuff: going on dates, experiencing new things, exploring new activities, and (you’ve guessed it) playing cute games.

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Next time you want to trade watching a movie for other entertainment at home, check out this list we’ve prepared for you. You’ll find great ideas on how to spend quality time with your significant other while also having lots of fun. Be sure to suggest all of these games to your girl, because you’ll never know which one she’ll like the most.

Before you get to the list of fun games to play with your girlfriend, we’d like to note a few things.

  • Games are good in general. They distract us from the stress and monotony of everyday lives. You can relax, forget about worries, and just have simple fun as you did in your childhood.
  • By playing games together with your loved one, you learn a lot about each other. Reactions to competitions, cooperation in a team, a sense of creativity, and many other things are discovered through games.
  • The whole point is having fun and reducing stress. Games leave no space for negativity, so don’t participate in toxic gaming behavior. Nobody likes a sour loser!

Simple and fun games

To find easy and cute games to play with your girlfriend, we thought about the classics. People love them for a reason, right? Don’t be afraid to explore classic games, but don’t hesitate to discover new ones. Everything depends on your current mood. What do you feel like playing at this moment?

Games with Girlfriend

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Two truths and a lie

This is one of those games to play with your girlfriend over text if you don’t have the opportunity to see each other in person. It’s especially fun if you just started the relationship. You can get to know each other in a fun and silly way.

You never played before? It’s easy. Take turns in telling two true sentences about yourself and one false. The other person has to guess which statement is the lie. It doesn’t sound complicated, right? Through this game, you can find out weird or silly things about your girlfriend. Everything depends on how relaxed both of you are when playing.

This is kind of a mind game. You can say an extraordinary truth that your girlfriend could think it’s a lie and you can say simple lies. Or compare two astonishing things. Make it as hard as you can for the other player! However, there are no “winners” and “losers” in this game. You’ll learn interesting things about each other while having fun, which is a victory for both of you.

This or that

Another great Instagram or Snapchat game to play with a girl is “This or that”. The classic conversation starter can also be played in person. All you need to do is come up with a series of opposites and players need to “pick a side”. Choose between dichotomies like chocolate or vanilla, mornings or evenings, pizza or burgers, etc. Don’t forget to explain (we mean defend) your choice.

Couples in long term relationships can choose complex questions or even controversial subjects. However, try to keep conversation low-key. After all, it’s a game, not a serious discussion. When things to get a bit heated break it off with a silly question like shirts vs pants. She’ll laugh and you’ll forget all about your disagreement on the Simpsons vs South park question.

Scavenger hunt

A cool game to play with your girlfriend is definitely a home version of the scavenger hunt. If you never played this before, it’s a game in which you have to find the described item(s). The person setting the game should give clues or riddles that lead the other player to the items.

This is usually a themed game played around birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can have a themed hunt, let’s say your girlfriend’s favorite movie franchise. Hide all the merch she has from it and add something new too, so she’ll be more surprised.

When you play this game at home you need to be extra creative with locations of the objects and clues you give out. Think outside the box and plan an unexpected route of the hunt. Hide something in the closet you rarely use, behind the couch, in the kitchen oven, etc.

I spy

This is not just a kids’ game because everything depends on the objects you’re guessing. Cuddle on the couch and try to find interesting things to spy. Give more difficult clues than the first letter. You can even guess hidden objects. Trust us, it’s a great game between commercial breaks.


Instead of making dinner in the same old boring way, challenge your girl to a cook-off! Make a theme (Mexican, Italian, or Lebanese food) and establish rules. You can both use the same ingredients or set a budget, then proceed to the competition.

For a maximum effect, put on some aprons and a chef’s hat (made out of paper, why not). Find a good music playlist and even open a bottle of wine. Bon appetit!

Card games

What’s a better way to spend an evening with your girl than playing cards? There are so many two-player games you can choose, so you can surely find something you’ll both like. Here are the three classic card games we suggest.


This game, like many other card games, has thousands of versions. Most people know how to play at least one, right? For the rest of you who don’t know, no need to worry. The rules are quite simple. The object is to fill your hand with combinations of three or more cards in either the same value (for example three kings) or runs of the same suit (3, 4, 5, and 6 of clubs).

Some play with 7 cards, some with 10 but the objective stays the same. You need to combine all your cards to win. For a quick overview check out this video:

Crazy eights

A simple and fun game should be known to everyone. Start the game by dealing 5 cards face down to the both of you, then place the remainder aside. The goal of the game is, of course, getting rid of all your cards. This tutorial, like the previous one, shows the game for 4 players, but the rules are the same for 2 players.


Another easy and enjoyable card game is whist. For a win, you need to win as many hands as possible. You need to play little mind games with your girlfriend, so you can end up with better cards. As you can see in the video below, the rules are not that hard, so you just need to practice. If you both played whist before, even better! Show no mercy to each other.

Board games

We know what you’re thinking. What are the best board games to play with your girlfriend? Mostly, people play board games in groups but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any great two person board games. You can also adapt classic group games and still have lots of fun.


Some people love it, others hate it. Which one are you? Monopoly is the classic board game everyone has played at least once. The game is all about trading, so it seems impossible to play with two people. However, if you make small changes to the rules, it can work like charm. Start the game with less money, limit the options for purchasing houses, etc. Whatever works wor your gaming dynamics you do it! Nobody says you have to strictly follow the rules.


This is a strategy guessing game. All you need is the paper where you’ll draw your grid and set your fleet. The other player needs to “destroy” your fleet by guessing its position. Doesn’t sound difficult? Well, it actually is when you start playing. It needs maneuvering both on the position of your fleet and your guesses. You need to outwit your girl for a chance of victory, so plan carefully.

Romantic scrabble

Scrabble is the typical game for two players. You’ve certainly played it a bunch of times. We suggest you play it a bit differently this time. Introducing romance! You heard right. Make a rule the words concerning romance are worth extra points or add milestones to the scoring sheet (50 points – hug; 75 points – kiss, and so on).

Video games

If you like to play video games alone, share the fun. We’re sure your girl would love them too. For non-gamers out there, you have lots of options too. You don’t have to engage in complex role-playing games and battle royals online. Just pick some casual genres like racing or fighting games and you’re good to go. Some great games for couples are Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, etc.

Flirty and romantic

You’re home alone, so it’s the perfect opportunity to add more romance to your life. Get a bit flirty with your games. Playful activities will bring you closer and strengthen your bond, that’s for sure. We suggest these games for the perfect evenings.

A surprise box

This is a simple game that only requires a box and several pieces of paper. Write romantic messages and activities on the paper and put it in the box. Hide the box, forget about it for a week or two. When you get bored, pull the box out of the closet. Randomly choose 3-4 pieces of paper and read together. Be sure to add new pieces once in a while to keep things fresh. For example, write: cuddle for 3 minutes, compliment each other about something, etc. It’s truly one of the best romantic games to play with your girlfriend because you are creating a game together.

Would you rather

This flirty game to play with your girlfriend totally depends on the questions you ask. Start the question with “Would you rather” and finish with interesting choices. It can be something completely random like “would you rather drink wine or beer”. However, customization allows you to get really flirty.

Never have I ever

A similar chatting game with your girlfriend can be this provocative one. You can play this game with or without alcohol – your choice. Although this game is usually reserved for parties, you can easily play it with your significant other. The game is especially good if you just started dating, You can get to know each other in a playful atmosphere.

No words

This is a first-date type of game, but you can play it in long-term relationships if you want to be a little flirty. All you need are two glasses of drinks and a playful spirit. Sit across each other and ask simple “yes-or-no” questions. The person answering takes one sip of drink for “yes” and two for “no”. Start with something simple and then build the teasing atmosphere.


Twister is an overall fun can that can become flirty very easily. You can get silly with bodily positions that end up with laughing on the floor, or you can confuse each other with a kiss or two. The main goal is to win the game, so try to distract your girlfriend the best you can.


You surely loved some of these games to play with your girlfriend at home, so hurry up and try them. We’re positive you’ll have lots of fun with your girl. There is so much stuff you can do together. If you need more home activities for couples, we’ve got you covered.





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