Good Pranks to Do on Your Boyfriend

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  • There are a lot of different views when it comes to pranking.
  • You should only prank people who have consented to the pranks and always keep your pranks safe and harm-free
  • Pranking your boyfriend is fun when you are both pranksters and it is a back and forth activity in your relationship
  • Always remember to keep boundaries and have safe words for when the pranks get too uncomfortable.
  • Continue to read this article to see what other ways you can prank your boyfriend in fun and safe ways

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Pranking is categorized by the inciting of practical jokes for fun at the expense of another – usually unsuspecting – person. There are many types of pranks that one person can pull on another depending on their relationship and appropriateness of the prank. For the most part, pranks are harmless fun and only meant for laughs. However, a study conducted by Buris and Leitch and published by  SpringerLink titled ‘Harmful Fun: Pranks and Sadistic Motivation’ suggested that people who like to prank others might be doing so to fulfill their sadistic pleasures and displaced aggression. So where do we draw the line between harmless fun and harmful sadism disguised as harmless fun? Are we all just a little bit sadistic at our core and that’s why we enjoy being on the giving end of the prank?

With social media rising these past few years, there has been a rise in pranks for more views – in a term that is now called clout lighting –  with people involving their significant others to get more likes and views on their posts.

The observed and predicted frequencies for clout lighting prank by Logistic Regression with cutoff of 0.50 Source: www.researchgate.net

The observed and predicted frequencies for clout lighting prank by Logistic Regression with cutoff of 0.50

But how does this affect the relationship, if at all? And if it does so negatively, why would anyone want to prank their significant other for a few minutes of fame?

This article will show you pranks that you can pull on your boyfriend that are safe and fun and consensual. You have to make sure that the relationship dynamic is balanced and consensual when you set out to pull pranks on each other – do not do pranks as a way to gain some sort of power over the other person or to control them.


Pranks to Do On Your BF

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There are many funny prank ideas that girlfriend and boyfriend can play on each other. Pranks are meant to be fun and silly – borderline annoying for the person getting pranked. Whenever you are planning on pulling pranks on boyfriends, you should think of the following:

1. Am I taking this too far? If for whatever reason your boyfriend chooses to stop participating in the pranks, then you should honor that. Don’t take it too far to a place where it would cause emotional or physical trauma. Know your limits and learn the limits of your partner.

2. Am I listening to what my partner wants? When you are pulling a prank on someone, you might be having fun but the other person might seriously be dreading it. Understand and stop when your partner tells you, even when you are still having fun.

This article will show you some fun and safe ways to prank your boyfriend and pull some seriously funny pranks on him, too!


1. Food coloring in shampoo or shower gel is an awesome prank to pull on your boyfriend! Turn him into a Smurf or Martian by adding either blue or red food coloring (respectively) to either his shampoo or shower gel – whichever one is more inconspicuous and that he uses frequently.

2. Fill his shoes with foam. This is another good prank to pull on your boyfriend – just be ready to replace his shoes if you destroy them – I mean fair is fair, right? For this prank, you fill the hidden part of his shoe, where the toes go, with foam. The foam could be from shaving cream or shower gel – something that cannot permanently damage the shoe or hurt your boyfriend in any way. When he puts the shoes on, he will be met by foam and frustration. You can do this with 2 or 3 pairs that he loves and usually wears so he can get the same results more than once.

3. Replacing his shirts with shirts two sizes smaller is a funny prank to play on your boyfriend. First, you will have to “convince” him that his belly is getting big and gradually switch out his shirts one size smaller at a time. It will take weeks to pull off this prank, maybe months even, but the results are worth it. Just imagine the look on his face when you show him all the shirts you successfully hid from him!

4. Buy a universal remote and change the channel whenever he’s watching something. This is an iconic prank to do on your boyfriend because it will drive him crazy to have to change back the channel every time. Just remember to not tell him about the universal remote and to change the channel when he is not looking. Have fun!

5. Coating an unboiled egg in chocolate and serving it to him as Kinder Joy chocolates is a good prank idea for your boyfriend with a sweet tooth. He will gladly bite into it expecting chocolate goodness but instead be met with runny egg gooeyness.

6. For this next prank, you are going to need clear glue. Mold it into a water-like shape and let it dry, it should have a cloudy white look when you are finished. Now, place it on his laptop and put a glass of milk next to it to make it look like there was an accidental milk splash on his computer. Take a picture of the “accident” and send it to him apologizing for the spill. Watch his freak out especially if he is a tech-savvy man.

7. Cover all his things in foil – this one might take some time to pull off but if you are dedicated and can pull it off, it would be the best prank you will ever pull on your boyfriend. Cover everything – from his soap, toothbrush, and lotion, to the ceiling fan and kitchen counter. Leave no item unfoiled. (haha, get it, un-foiled?)

8. Every time you go to his house, take out the batteries from his remote control and hide them somewhere he would never think of looking. It will drive him crazy and he will keep buying batteries. And then one day, just dump all of the batteries on his bed or anywhere he can easily see and find them. He will think there’s a glitch in the matrix, for sure.

9. Change his ringtone to an embarrassing song and discretely call him when you are out together in public. Make it a song that is wildly popular for all the wrong reasons so that when it rings, he will feel exposed and embarrassed by it.

10. Wake up early and in your place, put a blowup doll. Go on about your morning and let him wake up next to a doll he thinks is you, it will freak him out when he realizes it isn’t you. As an added bonus, wake him up and watch his face as he realizes you are on the bed and standing over him at the same time???

11. Call him and tell him there is someone else in your apartment – put a mannequin in the window and take pictures of it from outside forming a shadow. This is more so a prank of inconvenience because he will have to leave everything he is doing and come to your rescue! (and that’s how you know he’s a keeper?) He might get mad, however, when he realizes what you have done.

12. Put saran wrap on the toilet bowl as a funny prank on your boyfriend – he will be a little surprised when he goes to use the toilet and his business is met with saran paper. It is gross and just the thing to drive someone mad.

13. Pretend you cut your finger and “bleed” all over him. This is a classic one, you buy a fake finger and fake blood – get into the kitchen and “accidentally cut” yourself. Screaming with pain, your boyfriend hears you and comes running only for you to hysterically scream at him that you have lost a finger and proceeding to bleed on him as you show him said severed finger. He panics, offers to take you to the hospital. You frantically search for the severed finger, until you can’t take it anymore and you start laughing. At which point he realizes what is happening and walks away from you.

14. Hide in the closet – or any room or place they would least expect you – and jump out when they open it. This is the classic scare tactic where you give them a start because they were not expecting anyone to be at/in that place. Some of the places you can hide are the refrigerator, the dryer, and under the bed. Just remember to unplug or turn off any electronic devices you cram yourself in to avoid hurting yourself.

15. Switch out the salt and sugar in his apartment. Also a classic prank. When they go for the sugar to put in their morning coffee they will end up with salty coffee.

16. Switch out the M&Ms for sour skittles – similar to the salt and sugar except for this time it’s candy. If your boyfriend prefers sweet to sour candy, then this prank is perfect for you. Switch out his jar of sweet candy with sour candy that looks similar to it. His taste buds will be in for a surprise when he eats those sour candies by a handful.


17. An excellent April fool’s prank idea for your boyfriend is to put shaving cream on his hand as he sleeps and wake him up by slowly caressing his face with a feather – he will inevitably try to “swat away” whatever he thinks is on his face and end up foaming himself. Quite an annoying and irritating thing to happen to you especially when you are just waking up.

18. Air horn to wake them up – it’s not as creative as the others, but it is annoying and that’s all that matters!

19. Put laxatives in his morning coffee. Now with this one, you have to be a little more careful with how many laxatives you give him. You do not want to overdo it and end up sending your boyfriend to the ER.

20. Put a lot of hot sauce on his food and don’t tell him just how hot the food is. Watch him try to brave it out and finally give in and tries to take some milk which you will (in)conveniently not have!

21. Draw on his face as he sleeps and tell him you want to go and grab a bite when he wakes up. You can have fun with this April fools prank! Write – or draw – whatever you want on his forehead, and let him be seen with it in public.


22. Put an alarm for 3 am on his phone. Phone pranks are funny and can be quite frustrating when you don’t know what you are dealing with. With this prank, you will set an alarm on a random day on his phone for 3 am. He will be confused and frustrated when he wakes up at the break of dawn and can’t figure out why there’s an alarm going off.

23. Switch out his moms and your contact in his phone and watch as he sends messages he was supposed to send to his mom to you and vice versa. This works perfectly if you collaborate with his mom on the prank so you can keep it going for days!

24. Another prank to play on your boyfriend over text is to text him “I know what you have been doing” and switch off your phone. He will try reaching out to you but you will be unavailable. After a few hours, text him again “We need to talk, she messaged me – again!” and stay offline for a while. Continue doing this for as long as you want and feel is appropriate. He will be stressed the entire time and frustrated because he cannot get a response from you or a straight answer and he will have no idea what is going on.

25. And lastly, but not least, find an exact replica of his phone – or an old phone of his – and smash the screen. Hide his phone and go to him apologetically with “his smashed” phone and watch him have a mini heart attack.

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  • What are some funny couple pranks?

Here are some more examples of hilarious pranks that couples can pull on each other: You can fill your partners’ hair dryer with flour – they will be hit with a wind full of flour when they turn it on to dry their hair, you can change the faces in your pictures together and replace them with the face of a celebrity your significant other finds annoying or charming – dealers choice. There are really many pranks that you can pull on each other as a couple that is just filled with fun and don’t make the other person filled with dread and paranoia not knowing when or what the next prank will be.


In conclusion, pranking can be fun for both you and your boyfriend if that is what you are into and have mutually agreed to prank each other from time to time. A good prank leads to a good laugh. Always try and keep your pranks light and fun – avoid causing bodily harm to yourself and to your partner. And lastly, always respect your boyfriend’s boundaries when it comes to pranking. Good luck to you and yours, and have fun!





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