Giving gift sets for new moms is a great way of showing your love and support to her during this beautiful journey. These gift sets can include many different items, which could be only for the new mom or for her and her baby.

There is a lot to deal with when a new mom comes home from the hospital with her baby. She will need to learn to cope with the habit of taking care of her new baby as well as herself which can be overwhelming sometimes.

It is not uncommon for a new mom to forget to use those small, little moments that she may get when her baby is sleeping to take care of herself. The first couple of weeks on her own at home with her new baby is always the hardest. Even though her priority is to attend to her baby’s needs, she could also be dealing with things like some pain from childbirth, emotions, hormone changes, and lack of sleep.

All these factors will contribute to her neglecting herself because she may seem to have not enough time or just does not have enough energy.  She may forget to take a bath or shower and sometimes even forget to eat a meal, which is not a good thing, especially if she is breastfeeding.

So when deciding on a gift set for a new mom, it is a good idea to think of items that she could use to make her days a little easier. You can do this with one of two choices, you can either make up a gift set yourself, or you can buy a pre-made set by getting her gifts for new mom from Amazon.

Choosing gifts for new moms can be difficult, especially if she already has a baby shower and has received everything you can think of. However, the majority of the gifts given at baby showers are items for the baby, usually all the typical gifts like onesies, bibs, bottles, and nappies not presents that she can use for herself.

If you want to get her useful gifts, then a great idea is to think of gifts that will encourage and help her to take a little time for herself to rest, relax and rejuvenate. She will love a gift set that will enable her to bond with her new baby during bath times, where she can pamper the baby as well as herself at the same time.

It is a known fact that new moms find it really difficult to take their eyes off their babies for just one moment, so a gift that will allow her to spend some precious time with her baby while bathing and relaxing would make a perfect gift.

Another idea that probably hasn’t crossed your mind is to buy the new mom a practical gift set that would have everything the mom will need for if the baby gets sick. You can also get a gift set that will brighten up her baby’s nursery.

If you are a new dad looking for a gift for a new mom from her husband, you could get her something that is a little more personal but will also make her life a lot easier. Think of things like an amazing, good quality breast pump, which will help her to express her milk quicker. This type of gift will allow you to help by giving her a little extra time to relax while you can help feed your new baby.

Below we have ideas on new mom gifts set for different categories for you to choose from and remember, you can also always make your own DIY gift set for a new mom if you have several different items in mind that you want to bring together.

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Gift ideas for the new mom and baby

If you feel that the gift set that you choose should have a little something for both the new mom and baby, you can select a set that has creams and lip balms that both mom and baby can use, some herbal tea that will help relax mom or you can choose a set that is great for bath time for the both of them.

Natural Baby Gift for New Mom and Baby | Best Gift Set for New Mom

This New set for a new mom and baby makes a perfect gift as it focuses on not only the baby but mom too. This set includes items that can be used for both the baby and for mom which consists of diaper cream, nipple cream, lip balms and tea that smells and tastes pleasant and very soothing.



Customers who have purchased this Natural Baby Gift for New Mom and Baby, have had mostly positive things to say. They find that this set contains items for both mom and baby, which work wonders on dry and sensitive skin and will help keep a new mom calmer and more comfortable making it an appropriate postpartum git set as well.

Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care Baby & Mommy Gift Set

This Aveeno baby essential daily care for mom and baby makes the ideal gift set for new moms as only the best natural ingredients have been used in the making of the products. This baby bath gift set has everything mom needs for a baby’s bath from shampoo to lotion, plus a special gift for her to help her relieve some stress. It is a very considerate and compact  mama selfcare set and newborn gift set idea.



Customers who have purchased this Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care Baby & Mommy Gift Set have had mostly positive things to say. They find it to be a great gift set for mom and baby to enjoy at the same time.

A gift set idea for it the baby gets sick

Baby Grooming and Healthcare Kit

What every new mom needs within hand’s reach is a safety grooming kit. The one we commend has everything a parent might need: a thermometer, a medicine dispenser, a nasal aspirator, an infant comb, a natural hairbrush, and much more. All the included pieces come in a handy box, making it easy for the mom to carry it anywhere. The box is compact, lightweight, and highly portable. You can use it anywhere and anytime!



The grooming and safety kit will make things easier for parents. It will allow you to keep your baby safe and healthy at all times. You can even take it with you when traveling!

A gift set idea for dad to give to the new mom

Some new dads would love to contribute in some small way to help make things a little easier for their new mom, and what better way for him to help than by getting her an incredible breast pump that she can use anywhere and any time to feed their little bundle of joy.

Double Electric Breast Pump, Nursing Breastfeeding Supplement

This Medela pumps is a great gift from a new dad as it is very convenient for the new mom. She will be able to pump quickly and comfortably anywhere several times a day if she needs to. Included with this unit is also a tote bag to help keep everything together, a removable cooler bag with an ice pack and 4 breast milk bottles to help a new mom keep the milk bottles cool for her new baby.



Customers that have purchased the Medela Pump in Style Advanced with On the Go Tote have had mostly positive things to say as they find it to be a great breast pump with everything they need to pump several times a day no matter where they are.

A gift set idea for baby only

If you still want to get a unique gift set for the baby baby but is a little different, then a gift box with 5 pairs of animal socks or a friendly forest woodland crib bedding set would be a great idea.

Fly-love® 5pairs cute Animal Anti slip Non-Skid Infant Socks

These 5 pairs of animal socks are such a great and an adorable gift set for new moms as they will help mom to keep her new baby’s feet comfortable and warm. When her little one gets to the standing up stage, she will not need to worry about them slipping and falling, especially if she has tiles in her home as the socks have a non-slip on the bottom of each sock.



Customers that have purchased these Fly-love® 5pairs Animal Non-Skid Slip Toddler Socks Cotton Unisex Baby have had mostly positive things to say as they love the designs and the fact that they are non-slip. The socks also seem to stay put on the little one’s feet.

3 piece friendly forest collection

Add this 3 piece bedding set with friendly forest woodland animals to your list of gift sets for new moms. This is perfect for a nursery with an animal theme, and if your new mom has not decided on a theme yet, this will definitely help make up her mind. The animals on this bedding set are so friendly, adorable, and full of color.



Customers that have purchased this Bedtime Originals Friendly Forest Woodland bedding set have had mostly positive things to say as they think it is adorable, and it is the perfect size for their baby’s crib.

Giving gift sets for new moms that are both for mom and baby are always a great idea as they remind new moms to take time for themselves too by moisturizing their skin, drinking great tea to help them relax, and be prepared for when the baby gets sick. It will make them feel good about themselves and give them the strength and patience to handle anything that comes their way throughout the early motherhood journey.

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