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There will come a time when your family member or close friend is going to be expecting a child. Regardless of whether it’s her first child or not, pregnancy is always going to be a very precious period for any mother-to-be. As a friend or family member, you will surely want to make this period as comfortable and memorable for her. 

When people think about gifts to get for an expectant mom, they tend to immediately think about gifts for the baby, because baby gifts are gifts an expectant mom would need. However, those baby gifts should be saved for the baby shower, or gender reveal party. This article is about gifts you can buy for the mom to make sure she is pampered and well prepared for her delivery day, and even for her postpartum needs.

During the three stages or trimesters of pregnancy, expectant moms need some taking care of from her close families considering the physical and emotional toll the pregnancy will have on her. Gift baskets are the perfect idea to give to an expectant mom. Instead of purchasing a ready-made gift basket that might contain items that deem useless or impractical, you can handpick all the different necessary goodies yourself and place everything in an adorable basket ready to gift the expectant mom. Not only does a DIY gift basket scream thoughtful, but it can be less expensive too!

Now, your next question is, how exactly do you make your gift basket?

Here are the items you will need:

You will need to consider a few things before making a gift basket for the expectant mom:

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Below is a list of ideal items to include in your gift basket categorized based on which trimester is the mother to be on.

First Trimester 

The first trimester starts out with joy and excitement about the pregnancy. The new mom-to-be will probably be out spreading the wonderful news to her friends and family. However, after a few short weeks into her pregnancy, some dreaded symptoms are most likely going to pop up.

Some of these symptoms are:

  • Morning Sickness or Nausea
  • Heightened Sense of Smell
  • Mood Swings
  • The need to urinate more frequently
  • Some slight aches and pains due to a growing belly
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Headaches

Depending on the severity of these symptoms, the once excited mom-to-be might start struggling to get wholesome food in her body. Remember, not all pregnancies are the same, symptoms can vary a lot depending on lifestyle choices, genetics, etc. For example, some may feel queasy occasionally, while others may feel queasy all the time, some may vomit, and others may not at all.

Here are some ideas for a gift basket for the first trimester

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First-trimester gift basket items 

  • Mama bees relaxation collection. This amazing collection consists of, mama bees oil, a tummy butter, and softening foot cream. This collection can help the mother pamper herself before the baby bump starts to show, therefore preventing stretch marks from appearing. It’s the ultimate set to include in an expectant mom gift basket.
  • Preggie Pop Drops is an ideal solution for morning sickness and nausea. It is gluten-free and comes in four different flavors for the expectant mom to choose from.
  • Saltine crackers, ginger biscuits, and candy as they are known to help with nausea, bloating, and digestive issues.
  • Pregnancy tea and peppermint tea, for morning sickness relief, bloating, and digestive issues. The pregnancy tea is 100% organic, caffeine-free, and contains 96 sachets in each box.
  • Prenatal vitamins help in supporting the baby. These gel pills are gluten and GMO-free and primarily assist in the development of the baby’s brain, nervous system, bones and, eyes. Each container contains 110 pills.

Second Trimester

A lot of pregnant women enjoy the second trimester more than the first because they are likely to feel less nausea, and food will finally start to smell and taste good for them again. Their energy level will pick up and stabilize too. 

Towards the end of her second trimester, the expectant mom’s belly will really start to grow, and she will experience the joy of feeling her baby’s kicks. Although she may look radiant, she might start experiencing other new symptoms that may cause some discomfort for her.

Some of these symptoms are:

  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Weight gain
  • Swollen and sore feet
  • Leg Cramps
  • Back pains
  • Skin breakouts
  • Sensitive gums
  • Congestion
  • She may have feelings of irritability, frustration, and forgetfulness

This is why in the second trimester, it is a good idea to fill the expectant mom’s gift basket with a few items that will allow her to pamper herself,  and allow her to relax, which will make a huge difference to her and will lift her spirits too.

Second-trimester gift basket items

  • Relaxing massage oils for her sore back and aching, tired feet. This organic oil is absorbed easily and provides an easy glide making it very suitable for massages.
  • Palmer Cocoa Butter Belly butter, to help reduce or prevent stretch marks. This palmer body butter package comes with 3 (4.4 ounces) containers, which is an ideal amount to last throughout the expectant mom’s pregnancy. 
  • Aroma Naturals Essential Oil Orange and Lemongrass Scented Pillar Candle. The candle is made of pure essential oil and is allergy-friendly with no synthetic fragrances and all-cotton metal-free wicks.
  • Epsom Salt for a soothing bath to help soothe aches and sprains that the expectant mom might be experiencing in different parts of her body due to the growth of her baby bump.
  • Water Bottles. Staying hydrated is very important when pregnant. This water bottle will keep the expectant mom’s water cold or hot for 12 hours. It does not leak, and its minimal design will make it match with any fit the mother-to-be wants to put on.

A pregnancy body pillow is a  great gift item you should consider to buy for an expectant mom on her second trimester. Although it will not fit in a gift basket, it will do wonders for an expectant mom battling to get a good night’s sleep.

Third Trimester

The third trimester is an exciting one because the soon mom-to-be is getting closer to d-day, the long-awaited arrival of her beautiful baby with the constant reminder of some serious kicks and pokes in her belly.

The third trimester is also the worst trimester for most expectant moms because everything seems to hurt more by each passing day. She might feel extreme discomfort too, due to her belly growing bigger.

Some of her symptoms at this stage may be:

  • Lack of Sleep
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Lower abdomen pain
  • Severe swelling of feet and ankles
  • Having difficulties walking around
  • Heartburn
  • Varicose veins
  • Stretch marks
  • Lack of bladder control
  • Leaky breasts

Third-trimester gift basket items

  • Mambino Organics Extra rich body oil to help keep her growing belly well moisturized. It can also help any stretch marks that she may have developed to heal faster.
  • Tums chewable antacid tablets to ease heartburns
  • NEOtech Care Maternity Belt to relieve some of the pressure on her spine, hips, and back muscles. This belt comes in 5 different sizes, making it a perfect gift for any mother regardless of her size. It is fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser with lavender essential oils to help her sleep better. The diffuser is extremely quiet so the expectant mom can use it even after her baby is born without worrying about waking him/her up. 
  • Comfy Nursing Bra. This bra is made to simplify breastfeeding for the mother to be thanks to its easy pull aside design. It is extremely comfortable for sleeping, and its stretchy fabric can adjust to fluctuating breast size.
  • Sonogram Frame for the mother to frame and treasure the memory of her child’s pregnancy. The frame comes with a little card for you to write a lovely letter to the mom to be and make the gift even more personal.
  • Around the World in 80 Purees cookbook helps the mom introduce her child to different flavors once the child is ready to digest food. The recipes on this book are full of flavor from all the continents, making meal prep for your baby interesting and exciting for the mother and the baby’s taste buds.
  • Tucks Md Cool Hemorrhoid Pad to provide immediate relief from burning, itching, and discomfort caused by hemorrhoids. The pads can be folded and used as a moist compress on inflamed tissue.
  • Hydro Flask Coffee Mug. This gift will be super helpful for after the baby is born. It will help keep the new mom’s drinks hot as she juggles around doing mommy duties. The mug comes in 3 different colors. It is dishwasher friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty!

Obviously, you do not need to purchase all the items mentioned in each trimester, only the ones that you think and feel that she will need. You can even mix and match items from different trimesters because sooner or later, the expectant mom will need all the items mentioned above.

Ready-made gift basket options

If you’re too busy to assemble the gift basket by your self, or you are not a DIY person then here is a highly recommended gift basket gifts for an expectant mom 

Pregnancy Gift Basket by Our Green House 

This gift basket includes All Natural Belly Butter, Natural Foot Cream, Nourishing Body Oil,  Organic Lamb Rattle, Eco-Friendly Journal with a pretty cover, and Organic Pregnancy Tea Cute Storage Bin. For every pregnancy gift basket that is purchased Our Green House donates 5% of the proceeds to a charity dedicated to making childbirth and pregnancy safe for every mother, globally.  

Buying a ready-made gift basket will save you from the hassle of making one by yourself and will definitely be of great help to the mom-to-be. 

In addition to your precious gift basket, if the expectant mom is a first-time mom-to-be, she may need your help getting organized and ready for her baby’s arrival. These gestures below will be very helpful:

  • Taking a tour of the hospital where she will be giving birth together.
  • Making sure that a good pediatrician has been arranged for the delivery day.
  • It is good for her to be educated about going into labor so that she has some idea of what she might experience in the delivery room. If you are a mother yourself you can pass on very helpful tips to her.
  • Making sure that she is ready for breastfeeding.
  • Making sure that she has everything that she will need for her and her baby at home.
  • Making sure that her baby’s nursery is organized and the house is baby proof
  • Help her in packing the hospital bag for her and her baby 
  • Making sure that her medical insurance has everything that they need regarding the birth
  • It is a good idea to make sure that she has some prepared meals for when she gets home from the hospital.

Now that you have a wide range of items to pick from, and you know what trimester the expectant mom is in or about to enter, you can now prepare your gift basket. Start with the fun part of assembling your gift basket with the gifts that you have chosen, then cover the entire gift basket with a color matching cellophane and tie a beautiful ribbon around it, and Voila you have the perfect expectant mom gift basket.

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