13 Thoughtful Gifts for Aspiring Designers

  • Fashion designers are responsible for designing and illustrating fashion pieces; this could be clothing, shoes, or any other accessories.
  • Aspiring fashion designers have a lot more work on their plate because they lack the funds to outsource some of the work such as patternmaking and tailoring.
  • When you are getting an aspiring designer a gift, you have to consider the usability of the gift to them and how it will improve their craft.
  • As always, remember to get a gift that the designer in your life will like as opposed to something that you like.
  • We hope this list of designer gifts will guide you into picking the right gift for the aspiring designer in your life.


Fashion design is an art which involves clothes; making them, styling them, and accessorizing them. The biggest aspect of fashion designing is; clothes making and illustrating. For clothes to be made, there must first be an illustration, then a pattern, and finally materials are used to produce the clothing.


Fashion designers are the people that design clothes. This means that they are different from pattern makers and seamstresses; although a fashion designer can design, make patterns, and sew their designs. This is especially true for aspiring fashion designers because they may not always have the resources to hire different people for different stages of production, so they get to be the designer, seamstress, and pattern maker.


Knowing that they do the work of three separate individuals, the ideal gift for an aspiring designer would be items that cut their work in half and allows them to work faster and efficiently. We have come up with this amazing well-thought-out list for your perusal on things that a fashion designer needs:


Every fashion designer needs a fashion designer starter kit and fashion designer sets to help them easily work on bringing their designs to life:

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1. Sewing Machine:

The sewing machine is essential for every fashion designer especially when they are just starting out. Sure, they may eventually lose it altogether (I imagine Vera Wang doesn’t use her sewing machine any more) but as a novice, your loved one will need to learn the skill of sewing to bring their designs and illustrations to life.


  • It is lightweight and portable 
  • It has an automatic needle threader and is jam-resistant
  • It is automatic operated and easy to use
  • It is durable


  • The LED light is too dim
  • The machine has some stitch jamming problems which need to be fixed by getting it serviced

This particular sewing machine has 27 inbuilt stitches that allow for versatility and complexity which is what designers need. It is a great investment for any aspiring fashion designer.

2. Fabric Scissors:

A good fabric scissors makes the difference between a good finished product and a product that should have definitely been revisited. A good pattern cut out makes for a good finished product. This is definitely a gift a young designer would need.


  • It is durable and rust-resistant
  • It is sharp 
  • It has a soft-grip handle 
  • It is made from stainless steel


  • It does not cut heavy fabric such as denim
  • We suggest avoiding using it to cut plastic as this dulls it faster

This pair of scissors is coated with multicolor titanium which gives it a unique look of rainbow colors.

3. Sewing Kit:

What’s a designer without their sewing kit? This is a great gift for a fashion designer that’s just starting out because it gives them most of the materials they need to begin their journey and pursue their dream.


  • It contains high-quality products
  • It is beginner-friendly 
  • It has a soft yet sturdy thread


  • Customers complained about receiving broken needles and spools.

This sewing kit is great for gifting because it comes in a leather case that’s zipped and all the items are neatly arranged.

4. Mannequin Body Torso:

A mannequin torso is an essential item for a fashion designer because it helps designers make their patterns especially when they are self-taught and don’t know how to make professional patterns and this is why it is a perfect gift for the fashion designer in your life. Additionally, it comes in four different colors so you can choose according to the colors your giftee likes and will appreciate more.


  • It is durable and sturdy 
  • It has an adjustable height 
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble which makes it easy to move 
  • It is lightweight and portable 
  • It is a mannequin of good quality


  • The wooden legs at the bottom are not made of wood but foam which makes it wobble when wet. We suggest that you should always try to keep the area around your mannequin dry to prevent any wobbling.

This mannequin torso is made from foam fabric which makes it pinnable. This is helpful because it means that the designs and patterns can be pinned and cut on the mannequin, therefore, reducing the hassle of having to do these things separately.

5. Rotary Cutter for Fabric:

This is an excellent gift for an aspiring fashion designer because unlike scissors, this product allows for cutting without lifting the material/fabric and it can cut multiple layered fabrics at once.


  • It is durable, lightweight, and portable
  • It has a comfortable holder which makes cutting fabric safe
  • It has a sharp rolling blade which makes fabric cutting easy


  • The blade retracts while cutting. We suggest that you do not put too much pressure on the blade as you are cutting and rather roll it as you would a lint roller, the blade is sharp enough to cut through and does not need to be pressed as the pressure will result into the blade retracting back into itself.

This fabulous rotary cutter comes with five extra blades that are intended to replace each other in case one of them dulls out.

6. Designer Curve Rulers:

These will make amazing gifts for fashion designers because they are bendable and can be used to both measure and act as a stopper for cutting fabric.


  • It is durable and has good quality material
  • It is made from bendable plastic which makes the ruler flexible
  • It is long-lasting and portable


  • It uses metric measurements

Please note that these are small in size with the longest tool being 11.8 inches.

7. Wrist Pin Cushion:

A great accessory to have as a fashion designer. It keeps all their pins on hand (literally!) for easy adjustments and it is a great way of keeping needles and pins safe and organized.


  • It is made from high-quality soft material
  • It is lightweight which makes it easy to move around 
  • It is durable


  • It is only 2.5 inches in diameter, this might be considered too small for some

This wrist pincushion is wearable and acts as a very efficient bracelet. It is a suitable gift for teen designers and beginners in fashion designing.

8. Fabric:

Perhaps the most essential of all materials, the fabric is the backbone of all designs. This is what makes the final product and choosing the right fabric can make the difference between a great product and a failed design. We recommend getting fabric at your local store that’s sold by the yard but here are a few samples of 100% cotton fabric that you might find helpful in deciding and choosing your final fabric to give the designer in your life.

9. Pattern Making Book:

This pattern making book for designers will make the perfect gift for a fashion designer. It is a guide to patternmaking for both men and women with step by step instructions and choices for the perfect fabric for different designs.


  • It is aided with diagrams for easy understanding 
  • It is informative


  • The pictures of skinny models are not inclusive of other body types
  • Some of the instructions are complicated 
  • Some of the design methods are outdated

This book teaches the basics of patternmaking and has a lot of variety. It also has designs for both men and women, making it versatile in teaching and learning patternmaking.

10. Drafting Desk:

This is a great gift for designers to use when sketching their patterns and fashion illustrations. It can also double down and be used as a work desk for laying and cutting fabric when sewing.


  • It has an adjustable drawing board 
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It has a large multi-functional workspace 
  • It is easy to assemble


  • Some customers complained about receiving broken or scratched items. Even though they were replaced by the seller, this is a major inconvenience especially when you are buying this desk as a gift.

This desk comes with an adjustable stand which can be set at different angles depending on what you intend to work with.

11. iPad Pro:

In today’s world of technology, an iPad is an essential item for a fashion designer to have.


  • It supports mobile design studio apps which are great for fashion designing 
  • It is sturdy and built to last long 
  • It supports Apple pencil which is a tool that makes illustrations easy to draw
  • It produces high-resolution illustrations


  • It has a short battery life compared to previous models 
  • This version might be too advanced for some

This iPad Pro is perfect for designers because it allows them to design and print out custom patterns.


12. Fashion Themed Phone Case:

The perfect gift for a fashionista who likes to make statements with their outfits and overall demeanor.


  • It has great quality and is durable 
  • Its vibrant colors and beautiful artistic illustrations are one of a kind 
  • It has great designs


  • It is designed for a specific type of phone. Make sure the person you are gifting has a compatible phone to fit this case.

This phone case is beautifully designed and acts as a phone protector as well.

13. Fashion Week Show Ticket:

What better way to inspire a young impressionable fashion designer than take them to a Fashion show at one of the biggest fashion shows in the world? Depending on your budget and where you live you can take them to the New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, or Paris Fashion Week. Tickets to Fashion Week can range from $500 to $1500.


Why do you want to become a fashion designer?

If you are planning on making fashion design your career, you should get used to hearing this question a lot (or any variations of it). Of course, answers are very personal and subjective but the commonality in most of them is the passion they have towards creating artistic outfits. Fashion designing is an art and like many artists, fashion designers take pride in the process of creating their work and finally being able to showcase their work to the rest of the world.

My teen child has taken an interest in fashion designing, what should I expect and how can I help?

If your teenage child has taken up an interest in fashion designing, it is because they are trying to find (more) ways in which they can express themselves more positively. Your duty as a parent or legal guardian is to nurture this talent and help them realize their potential. Realize, however, that this might be a phase and they may soon grow out of it but for as long as they are interested in it, they will need your support. You can buy them new books, sign them up for short online beginner courses or buy them any of the gifts mentioned above to boost their confidence and improve their capabilities in fashion design.

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In conclusion, when choosing a gift for an aspiring fashion designer, make sure it is something that will inspire them and push them further into developing their newfound hobby. We have listed some of the gifts for aspiring fashion designers and we hope you have gotten ideas on what to get that fashion designer in your life.







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