7 Deadly Signs of an Immature Man

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Mama boy will never act mature except his mum gives him direction on how to live his life.

Knowing each other in a relationship is very important. But during the stage of dating, it is advisable to access the man you are dating whether he is mature or not. How a man treats his woman while dating, shows whether he is mature for a relationship or he is not mature. Your boyfriend might be showing characteristics of an immature man but that doesn’t guarantee that he is an immature man.

Some men will never grow up no matter the circumstances or relationship they are in, most couples marriage doesn’t last because the husband is an immature man who is not yet ready to rule the house.

Research shows the emotional maturity of internet users (Srivastava & Dangwal, 2015), source; Eric.ed.

Emotional Maturity of internet users

Below are the listed 7 deadly signs of an immature man. If your boyfriend or husband exhibit at least 5 out of these 7 then you can judge whether he is immature or not.

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Look out for these signs:

1. He always avoids responsibilities

If your man always avoids responsibilities or doesn’t want anyone to depend on him during difficult times. You are already dating or married to an immature guy. Your man should always be ready to handle his responsibilities at the due times and should never leave it for anyone to do it for him. Only a “boy – man” will leave his responsibilities and expect his girlfriend or wife to do all the heavy lifting.

If you notice that your man is always dodging responsibilities and he is not ready to contribute anything meaningful while you are dating. This is a sign that you are dating an immature guy. A mature guy will always step up to any given role or responsibility whether he is being told to do so or not.

2. He acts in an impulsive way

Dating an impulsive guy who always acts irrational or gets annoyed over little things, is one of the 7 deadly signs of an immature man. These types of men are often come and they act in a way no one can comprehend whenever they are angry. Immature men do things just to excite themselves without thinking about the consequences, they might be seeing someone else just for the sake of excitement and express masculinity without thinking about the outcome or who might get hurt in the process.

Making rash decisions is common in an immature man, they can make a purchase of things they don’t need just to impress people and along the way get broke. Everyone wants to act like a kid but there are stages in life where someone has to outgrown all his childish behaviour. If you man still act in an impulsive way towards or whenever he wants to make a decision, this is a sign that he is an immature man who needs to grow up.

3. He rarely engages in a serious conversation

One of the signs that immature men often exhibit is that they rarely engage in a serious conversation. All their thoughts and words are often based on fantasy and unrealistic discussion. They don’t understand what serious conversation means and most lack the ability to connect with other people when a serious discussion is been initiated.  If your man can’t communicate clearly about his past, work, future agenda and present goal. This is a sign that is an immature man and he won’t act like a grow up if you continue in that relationship.

Leaving a relationship because your man act immature in most cases is not the right way, you might subjugate him to a therapy session or helped him to understand how growing up relate and take care of things. A relationship is meant for people to support each other and help during a challenging period.

4. He is uncertain about his future

An immature man will always express his desire whether he is ready for his future or not. If you are in a relationship and your man doesn’t know what he has in store for the future or he is afraid of commitment. This is a sign of an immature man. Imagine asking a child what do you want to become in the future and he replied with; “I want to become superman” such a child still lives in a fantasy land. If your man still complains about his career or how life is treating him, he is not ready to grow up and he wants a partner that can stroke his ego without him working towards achieving a certain aim.

A mature man might not have full knowledge about how his future is going to be like, but he must have created a plan or has a specific goal and target to reach. A mature man would never wait for anyone to tell them what to do but instead, they understand what is necessary to be done at the particular time only an immature man will always wait for people to motivate him before taking any visible steps.

5. He is cruel

An immature man will always be cruel or spiteful. This is one of the deadly signs of an immature man that you have to look out for. He won’t accept his mistakes and at the end of any argument, his responses will be cruel or harsh irrespective of how tense the argument might be. He might not understand that his behaviour can hurts others or is harmful to the environment. All he could ever care about was satisfying his ego first then act in a childish way to end the conversation.

Only an immature would fight like a child and in the end, expect people to come and apologize to them at the end. A mature man knows the right time to apologize and the right thing to say to prevent a fight without hurting anyone during the process. If your man always acts in a cruel way. This is a deadly sign that is an immature man.

6. He is scared to meet your family

You will need a man that cares for you and at the same thing care about your family and friends. An immature man, won’t have regard for his family or friends which is wrong. A man in a relationship is entitled to care about his girlfriend family and friends, but if you man is always afraid or scared to meet your family. You are dating an immature man. This is a deadly sign that cannot be ignored. A good and lasting relationship always thrive well when the man is ready to perform his duties.

A mature man understands what it takes to respect and care for his girlfriend family and friends, he knows the right time to meet them and the appropriate way of approach only an immature man will always look for ways to evade a meeting and lies to get out of a situation.

7. He is a mama boy – can’t think on his own

An immature man will always look up to his mother for everything even when he has come of age to start doing things on his own. It is proper and right for a man to care for and cherish his mother, but there are limits to what a mother can control in his son life. Whenever you noticed that your man is always acting based on his mother wish. This is a deadly sign of an immature man who is never ready to grow up unless his mama told him to. The mama’s boy will hurt you in the future if care is not taken because all he would ever think of will be about his mother and nothing more.

He will always compare you to his mama, ask you to act like his mother or cook in the same way his mother does for him. For you to have the best relationship, it will be advisable to avoid mama’s boy because he won’t change unless his mother asked him to.

It will be hard for an immature man to make manly decisions in the house because he has no idea how to control his home except his mother interfere. You might find it hard to give him any advice or ask him to do something for you without asking his mother first.


Immaturity varies in everyone but most men often express that they are immature to either their wives, friends or family. Don’t be quick to judge that your boyfriend or man is an immature man because you think he is exhibiting some characteristics. If your man shows 3 out of the 7 deadly signs of an immature man. Then you can assume that he is immature, also beware of some men that act in an immature way whenever they are in love. Most men often act like a child the moment they fall in love but after few days, they tend to show their true colours.

You can also help out your boyfriend or husband who act in an immature way. If you think you are in a position to help or has anything that can curb the immature instincts in them. Then it is advisable to help them at once but be careful of the mama’s boy because they are the toughest to change.


1. How do I know if a man is immature?

An immature man will always exhibit these characteristics;

  • He  doesn’t  want to work
  • He always avoids responsibilities
  • He has no respect for anyone
  • He has no future agenda
  • He plays games a lot
  • He lives with his mother and rarely goes out
  • He doesn’t care about people only cared about himself

2. How do I know these are signs of emotional immaturity?

It is very easy to know signs that are attached to emotional immaturity, such signs include;

  • emotional escalations
  • blaming lies
  • Same-calling.

If you have ever been bullied during your childhood phase, this is also an emotional immaturity that a person passed on to others.

3. How do I deal with a childish man?

A childish man will always take time or might not bend to your will but you can try this to help a childish man.

  • Be patient with him
  • Don’t try to control him
  • Act like his friend and supporter
  • Don’t be forced to correct, do this when due
  • Don’t act harsh or irrational during correction
  • Always look out for their strength and utilize it.
  • Try and talk to his parents to understand him well

4. How do I know if the guy I wish to date is immature?

Most guys often hide their immaturity before dating while they express it all whenever they are in a relationship. But how do you know if the guy you wish to date is immature:

  • Afraid of commitment
  • He is a player
  • He lies everything
  • He loves to flirt a lot
  • He rarely proves that he loves you
  • He still hangs with lousy friends
  • He doesn’t care about his future





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