Signs of a Self-Centered Man: Top 7 Characteristics of Self Absorbed People

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The egocentric in a few words: I see only me, I hear only me, I’m perfect, everyone loves me and everyone owes me.

Signs of a self-centered man: which are the self centered traits

What are the signs of a self centered man? Speaking of egocentrism, there is a mistake many people make. This error consists in considering egocentrism and egoism as synonyms. What is the difference between selfish and self centered? Self centered people and egoists have many things in common, and the most important is that they think and live only for themselves. But there is one fundamental difference between the two behaviors: their relationship with the environment. The egoistic person considers himself as the center of the world, and it doesn’t matter what the world thinks about him. The egocentric personality also considers himself as the center of the world, but this world should praise him and “recognize” his superiority. By the way, women are also self-centered. However, studies show that men are more self- absorbed than women.

This is a general presentation because putting one’s interests before those of other people does not necessarily mean that one is egocentric. How can you determine that a person around you? What does it mean to be self centered?

1. Me, myself and I…

There is nothing more painful than talking to self obsessed people. You will sometimes have the feeling that they live alone on their island and see only themselves. A self centered man has his own little world.  Words like “We”, “You”, “They”, “Them”, “Together”, “Team”, “Common”, are totally unknown to him. Almost all the sentences of the egocentric begin with “Me”, “Myself”, “I”, “My”, etc.

You can work on a project together, but he will always refer to it as HIS. If he is in a relationship, even in the presence of his partner, he will talk about HIS house, HIS money, HIS children, HIS success as if his partner had absolutely nothing to do with it. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love him or denigrates him. But, he will present the latter as another facet of his success.

2. There is nothing more important than me and my life…

Do you want to have a balanced conversation with an egomaniac? You have chosen the wrong person. First, the egocentric never listens because he is not interested in the life of the surrounding people. No matter how serious your problem is, it will be useless to talk to him because he will not listen to you. Moreover, even if he does, it will only be to use your story to his advantage.

People who are full of themselves never pay attention to other people pain or suffer. You talk about your health problems, a serious or even fatal illness? He’ll remember the time he had almost a “heart attack” because a tooth hurt so much. It won’t even occur to him that the two situations aren’t worth comparing, since the degree of severity is different. His toothache or pimple on his forehead will be more serious than a brain tumor or a stroke.

3. I am the king of the world…

The egocentric is better at everything and a specialist in every field. In the hospital, he will be more competent than the professors in medicine. At the bank, he will be more professional than anyone who has spent years studying these specialties. At the pharmacy, he will know better than the pharmacist about the quality and effect of the drugs sold, and it will be useless to convince him otherwise. He is always right. Even if he recognizes that he doesn’t master a particular field, he will immediately despise it and rank it lower than the one he masters.

In his professional field, he will be the misfortune of his colleagues, whom he will constantly call losers. Studies even prove that self centered are more successful. Nobody will be better than him, more professional than him, more intelligent than him or more competent than him. If he is a doctor, for example, he will gladly remind everyone that no one can survive without people of his profession. In fact, all the other professions, except for his own, are totally useless or, on the contrary, too easy to learn. It goes without saying that in the hospital where he works, he is the only doctor to pay attention too. Never expect from people that only care about themselves to be ashamed of their behavior or to pay attention to the impact that their words have on their colleagues. They don’t care.

4. I’m  a genius! Come on, just say I’m great…

This facet of the egomaniac is the one that most frequently misleads. Those who don’t know him may initially think that he is very open and interested in the opinion of others.

  • I’ll do X, Y, Z. What do you think?
  • What do you think, does this shirt fit me?
  • I just wrote this article. Read it and tell me what your thoughts are.
  • Look at the painting I just finished and tell me your opinion.

Everything suggests that he really wants to hear the opinions of his family, friends, and acquaintances. He doesn’t. In reality, he only needs to listen to their praises and approval.

How to tell if someone is self centered? In this case, it’s easy. If your partner is behaving in this way, and you want to know whether he is self-centered, criticize him. Naturally, the criticism must be well-deserved and honest. For example, tell him what you really think of the shirt he insists on wearing when it doesn’t fit him at all. If this small remark causes an unwarranted scandal or if he immediately starts justifying the purchase or wearing of that shirt to convince you to admit that it is perfect, he is self-centered.

5. Are you kidding? He doesn’t deserve this award…

As mentioned above, self important people are “great”. They are ideal beings in every way. They are so perfect that it is impossible for others to do something better than him. The little self centered won’t hesitate for a second to question his teacher’s competence if the latter doesn’t give him a grade he “deserves”. If he fails to blame his teacher(s), he will blame his parents, siblings, friends, and even strangers for his failure.

Similarly, the self centered will always perceive the success of others, even in a field he or she doesn’t master, as a personal failure. If an egomaniac’s partner’s career takes off, it will probably mark the end of their union. A self centered egotistical man will do everything in his power to make his partner understand that he doesn’t deserve his success. And if his career slows down, nothing can save this couple. If so, eventually, the partner’s full sacrifice.

6. If it’s not about me, it’s not relevant…

If you live with an egocentric, don’t expect him to remember your birthday. Don’t expect him to pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners or remember anything important to you. If you are talking about an event you are invited to, he will pay attention only if he benefits from it. He can easily forget you are invited by the President of the Republic, if he is not a guest, but remember a neighbor inviting you to dinner if he can get something from him. A self absorbed personality, as well as a

self focused personality thinks foremost of himself.

If you have children, get ready to be a single parent. He or she will be too busy with themselves to take care of the kids. This type of parent always has the right excuse to avoid getting involved in the life and education of the children. However, they will be the first to criticize the actions of the parent who takes on all the responsibilities. If the child has problems, it will be the other parent’s fault. If the child succeeds, it will be their personal victory.

 7. Hello dear subjects, I’m your Lord…

The ego of self concentrated people is so huge that they avoid having people around them who resemble them. After all, there’s only one sun. These people rarely accept friends at random. They choose carefully  their circle of friends to ensure they are docile, shy, and easy to manipulate. They are always looking for praise, and therefore, the surrounding people must be devoid of self-esteem. The more docile they are, the more they will appreciate them. If eventually some of them change their behavior, they won’t hesitate to kick them out and find new ones. Employees hate self centered leader, they prefer honest and compassionate leader.

Leadership traits which matter the most

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to live without conflict with a person with self important behavior?

It is quite possible, as long as you give in to his every whim, ignore his constant boasting and applaud him whenever he wants. Keep in mind, however, that the more you give in, the more he’ll ask. If you are not afraid to destroy your life to satisfy his ego, everything will be fine.

2. How to change the behavior of an egomaniac?

Miracles are possible, but this one is unlikely. Adults rarely, if ever, change. There is no point in getting tired. Self-centered people, like narcissists and egoists, do not change as adults. They can at most slightly reduce their appetite towards a particular person, especially if they need the latter’s help or support. However, these lucky people must understand that once they are no longer needed, they will be treated the same as everyone else. With children, it is possible to change the tendency. If you observe a self absorbed behavior in your child, encourage him to change his ways.

3. Self absorbed vs Self centered : what’s the difference if they are any?

The expression self absorbed is often used to show an egoist, while self centered shows precisely the egocentric. Seen from this angle, we would say that there is only one difference. The first ones don’t give a damn about the other people’ opinion, while the second ones need it to be happy.

4. In a relationship with an egocentric, is there any hope for a lasting relationship?

Self absorbed people relationships are always difficult to handle. However, it is possible as long as at least one condition below is fulfilled.

  • You give in to his needs
  • You learn to ignore his whims while still giving him the attention he demands.
  • You are essential to his well-being (by far richer, more powerful).

The third condition may seem strange when we know that the egocentric likes to be the first one everywhere. It is true! However, his rage to succeed is so strong that sometimes he will bear some “inconveniences” to shine. A middle-income self-centered person who marries a billionaire will not try to dominate her (or him). His new social status will mean too much to him. With the “source of his (her) social success” he (she) will behave rather appropriately, for fear of being abandoned. However, with the rest, especially if they are less fortunate, one shouldn’t expect miracles.

5. What to do if you have a self-centered family member?

This may seem radical, but it’s a necessary move. Contacts should be reduced as much as possible. An egocentric person can destroy the lives of his children without the slightest qualms to shine and be noticed. If you are psychologically weak, cut off contact altogether or reduce it to a minimum.

6. How to deal with an egocentric boss?

Self centered attitude is always hard to bear, especially at work. Eventually, it’s worthwhile to change jobs, especially if this superior is also the owner of the company. The atmosphere in a place of service controlled by an egocentric is always negative because he will always assert himself at the expense of those he commands. He will shamelessly manipulate the weaker employees so that they poison the lives of the stronger and more competent ones. Why should he do this? Simply to avoid having the latter cast a shadow on him.

7. My child shows self absorbed behavior. What can I do?

 Rare are the children who show this kind of behavior from birth. If a child is egocentric, there is at least one person around him who encourages him (voluntarily or involuntarily) in this way. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is identify the one who encourages this attitude and ask him/her to stop it. This is very crucial because if you just try to fix it, you’ll never get it right. To avoid being reprimanded, the child will get closer to the person who encourages him/her and will run away from the person who criticizes him/her.

8. How to overcome self centeredness?

If you are asking yourself this question, you aren’t quite self-centered. It will never occur to a true egocentric to question his behavior. He is far too “perfect” to ask himself this question. Just try to be more attentive to the needs of those around you.

9. What is self centeredness and is it terrible to be self-centered?

What is being self centered? It means putting your interests before those of others, and that’s not so bad. Actually, being self centered is essential from time to time. You can’ t love the people around you if you don’t love yourself. Sometimes it’s even necessary to develop self centered personality traits, but in a reasonable way. If occasionally you catch yourself saying: “No sorry, I’d rather enjoy it, I won’t give you the victory this time”, there is no need to panic. You can’ t be successful without being even a bit self-centered. There is no reason to worry unless you realize you are constantly forcing those around you to lose to satisfy your ego.

How to manage relationships with an egomaniac?

It is not easy. In fact, it is an exceptionally difficult task, but not impossible if you are a good psychologist.

  • The mistake that should be avoided at all costs is to try to make this individual understand how to become less self centered. Not only is this useless, but it can have the opposite effect. Self absorption for him is a lifestyle.
  • The self-centered person is in constant need of attention and approval. This is exhausting in the end, but you can easily turn this flaw on his part into a benefit for yourself. Give them all the attention they want, but do it in exchange for favors of some kind.
  • Never directly oppose an egomaniac. This is the biggest mistake most people make. The battle is lost, especially if it’s your partner or boss. Since he is always right, even when he is wrong, he will do his best to subdue you. On the other hand, every self-absorbed person is also resentful. Which means that once the fire is lit, it will be impossible to put it out.  Pat them on the back. Ask for their opinion, even if you’re not interested. Then use their arguments to put forward your ideas.
  • When an egomaniac makes a comment to you, and this will be quite common, admit your mistake. We are talking here about the case where it is your superior, parent, or partner. The latter, unlike you, is always ready for a fight. If you really want him to listen to you, give him the reason immediately. Let some time pass, then talk about the episode again as if you were apologizing. Use arguments that he usually uses himself to make him believe that you were only trying to copy him. His ego will be flattered, and he will be unlikely to object to you later.
  • If your opinions are diametrically opposed, again, play to his ego. More than anything, egomaniacs hate to see others succeed. So, if your boss rejects your idea because it is lousy, play on the fact it is one of his competitors’ secret weapons. Make him believe that you have invested like hell to discover it and make him happy. Seen from this angle, your chances of success will be much greater.

The egocentric only thinks about himself, and this is the worst of all faults. However, he needs you more than you need him, and this is an advantage you can use forever. Be clever, and you will be the best friend of all egomaniacs.





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