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13 Best Gifts For Blind Teenagers and The Visually Impaired

  • Finding the perfect toy for a blind teenager or the visually impaired may not be easy but our gift selection takes the hassle out of the search for you.

Finding a gift for a blind teenager is not easy, especially toys and other small things that teenagers normally like to have or play with. We have just the right selection of gifts for you in our list of 13 Best Gifts For Blind Teenagers And The Visually Impaired.

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Show your blind teenager or the visually impaired some love with any of these awesome gifts.

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Quick Overview: Gifts For Blind Teenagers

1. Eschenbach Digital Portable Handheld Magnifier.

This portable digital magnifier is perfect for a visually impaired person. With this digital magnifier that has different color settings, a visually impaired person can see any text of any size.


  • It is portable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The screen has an extra layer of protection.
  • The screen has an anti-glare film to protect the eyes.
  • It has 5 viewing settings with different colors.
  • It has an automatic shut-off feature for when it is not in use.
  • It can capture and store images.
  • It is rechargeable and comes with a rechargeable cord.


  • This product has only 5-star ratings and reviews at the time of writing.

All customers who bought this gift at the time of writing were happy with the functionality of this product and confirm that it is great for someone who is visually impaired.

2. Extra Large Talking Clock.

With this clock, a blind teenager will not lose track of time or the day when they get up from the bed. This large talking clock with its blue button can be positioned by their bedside so that as soon as they wake up, they push the button to know the day and time of day. One push tells them the time and a second push tells them the day and date. It also comes with an alarm clock that the blind teenager can set to wake up when he wants to. It uses 3 AAA batteries and is easy to set up.


  • The volume is adjustable.
  • It reads out the date and time.
  • It is also an alarm clock.
  • The push-button is big.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is easy to set up but it has to be set up by a sighted person.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It does not come with batteries.
  • It uses up batteries pretty quickly.
  • Some customers complained about the volume control. It has only 2 volume controls.
  • Some customers have also complained that it looks cheap and is overpriced.

The customers who complained about this product looking cheap and overpriced nonetheless agreed that the clock does what it is supposed to do and is great for a blind person. And that is why we recommend this talking clock for your blind teenager for ease of knowing and keeping track of day and time when they wake up.

3. Talking Clock Keychain.

This is another great gift for a blind teenager. Not only is it a keychain, but it also functions as a talking clock. One push of the button tells the time and a second push gives the day and date. It also has an alarm and is easy to set up and use. It uses a CR2032 battery which is included as part of the purchase.


  • The voice is loud and clear.
  • It fits well in a pocket.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is easy to set up but it has to be set up by a sighted person.
  • It comes with the batteries that it uses.


  • It has no volume control.
  • The push-button is small.
  • It does not come with instructions for setting it up.
  • The batteries do not last long if used every day.

Since a blind teenager will need a keychain to carry their keys around, why not get them one that tells them the day, date, and time at the push of a button. Customers who purchased it for their blind loved ones are very happy with it because it helps their loved ones greatly.

4. Talking Watch For The Blind and Vision Impaired.

This cool fashion accessory will be loved by a blind teenager. It looks stylish and very functional. Pressing the push button by the 2 pm side of the watch tells them the time. And it has the bonus feature of also telling the date. It is easy to set up but has to be set up by a sighted person.


  • The size is perfect for a teenager’s hand.
  • The voice is loud and clear.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The push-button is a perfect size.
  • It is skin-friendly to wear.
  • It also tells the date.
  • It is stylish and beautiful.


  • One customer said it was difficult for their vision impaired loved one to set up. And this is why it needs to be set up by a sighted person.
  • Customers with petite elderly blind ones said it was a little big for their hands. This should however not be an issue with a teenager.

Parents who have bought this watch for their blind children have only good things to say about this watch. It will be a beautiful gift to give them because it is also very stylish to wear.

5. Braille Writing Slate with Stylus.

This writing slate with the stylus pen makes writing easy and fun for a blind person and would make writing fun and easy for a blind teenager. It cells however have smooth finishes and may be a little challenging for a vision-impaired to use at first.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It uses thick A4 braille papers.
  • It comes with a stylus pen.


  • The cells are smooth.
  • The stylus pen rolls over easily because it doesn’t have a flat side.

This product makes writing fun and easy for any blind person and would be loved by your teenager. It also means you can write in braille easily to communicate with them.

6. Ladies Braille Watch.

This beautiful fashion piece will make your female blind teenager look very stylish and cool. And the best part is that she can tell the time when wearing it because it is a braille watch.


  • It is beautiful and stylish.
  • It is skin-friendly.
  • It has three tactile dots.
  • The band is made of chrome steel mesh.


  • The straps may be too big for someone with small wrists.
  • A customer complained that it stopped keeping accurate time after some time.

This watch will make a blind female teenager very happy.

7. Magic Cube Toy.

Finding toys for a blind teenager can be a little difficult. This Magic cube solves that problem. It is designed with blind children in mind and is fun and easy to use. Rotating it to find the perfect fit is fun and engaging and would be loved by a blind teenager.


  • It rotates well.
  • It is fun and engaging to use.
  • It is durable.


  • The bumps are not bubbled enough.
  • It is not large enough.

The parents who bought this game for their blind children said their children loved it very much. There are few toys made for blind teenagers and this is one of them.

8. Personalized Braille Christmas Ornament.

This personalized Christmas ornament is designed specifically for the blind and visually impaired. It will be a cute Christmas present to give a blind teenager for them to hang on the Christmas tree and feel a part of the Christmas fun and spirit.


  • It can be personalized in braille.
  • It comes in a gift box.
  • It also comes with a ribbon hanger.
  • You have the option of choosing an additional white satin bow.
  • The ornament has glitters inside it.


  • It only allows for a maximum of 5 braille characters.

This is the perfect Christmas gift for a blind and visually impaired teenager.

9. I Might Be Blind But Look Good T-Shirt.

This t-shirt with its funny and inspirational message will be loved by a blind teenager. The message brings humor with it and is a good conversation starter. The only downside is that it seems to be designed for adults because of the sizes it comes in but you can purchase the small size for a teenager.


  • It is machine washable.
  • It comes in 5 colors.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The message on it is funny and inspirational.


  • It only has adult sizes.

The size limitation of this t-shirt should not discourage its purchase. The small size should be fine for a blind teenager. It’s a funny and cool gift and clothing for them to have.

Other cool and funny blind person t-shirts that you can check out are these

10. Folding Cane with Marshmallow Hook Tip.

This easy to use foldable walking cane would be of great assistance to a blind teenager in providing support and the needed guide while they walk around. The handle is ergonomic with an elastic wrist cord. It is also great for someone who is visually impaired.


  • The tip can be easily swapped for another one.
  • It is sturdy and provides good support.
  • It is foldable.
  • It is durable.


  • Not everyone is a fan of the marshmallow tip. But this shouldn’t be a problem since it is easy to replace with a tip of one’s preference.

A parent who bought this cane for their blind child said it was one of the best investments they made for their child. This would be a good investment for a blind teenager (or any other blind person) and a visually impaired person.

11. UNO Braille.

This is another cool playing game for a blind teenager. UNO is a fun game for everyone and it’s pretty cool that they made a version for blind people. This will be a fun and engaging game to play with your blind teenager or any blind friend/loved one. The other great thing about this game is that everyone can be included both sighted and blind/visually impaired alike.


  • It is fun and engaging.
  • The cards are in braille.
  • The colors are also bright.


  • This game has only great reviews.

It’s great that the blind can join in the fun that is a game of UNO. A definite must-have for a blind teenager or any other blind person for that matter.

12. Braille Scrabble Game.

Now even the blind and the visually impaired can enjoy a good game of Scrabble. Scrabble is a great game because not only is it fun and engaging, it is very educational. This is a game that would make a blind teenager happy because they can play it alone if they wanted or with friends. The letter tiles have both braille and raised tactile letters to make it easy for a blind and visually impaired to have an enjoyable play.


  • It comes with 100 letter tiles.
  • It also comes with 4 wooden tile racks.
  • The board is made of wood and rotates easily.
  • The letter tiles are both braille and raised tactile letters.
  • The board and instructions are also in braille.
  • It can be played by both sighted and blind and visually impaired people.


  • The raised tactile letters tend to overshadow the braille.
  • It does not come with an extra bag to be used for the letter tiles when playing.
  • The braille format of the instructions may be difficult for a braille beginner to understand.

It’s wonderful that a blind person and as well as a visually impaired person can also enjoy a game of Scrabble. A blind teenager and visually impaired person will be very delighted to receive this as a gift.

13. Plastic Braille Playing Cards.

This is another cool game for a blind teenager. Everyone loves a deck of cards and it is wonderful that even the blind have not been excluded from enjoying a good game of cards. These large cards are in braille and can be played by everyone.


  • It has braille on two corners.
  • The cards are packed in a metal case.
  • It comes with 54 plastic playing cards.
  • The braille is easy to feel and visible.
  • They are easy to use.


  • The cards don’t lie flat very well.
  • They are a little hard to shuffle.

Parents who bought this deck of cards for their blind and visually impaired children are so happy with it. In the case of one of the parents, her visually impaired daughter has taken a liking to poker since getting the cards. You can be sure that the blind teenager or visually impaired person you give this as a gift will also love them.


1. What gifts for blind children can you recommend?

The Magic Cube game would be a good gift to give a blind child. You can also get them this Rubik Tactile Cube and this Braille A-Z Alphabets to keep them engaged while having fun and getting educated at the same time.

2. What are good sensory toys for blind children?

These Educational Sensory Pillow Toy Set and Excellerations Touch and Match Sensory Board are good sensory toys for blind children.

3. What is a good gift for a blind person?

All the gifts in this article are good gifts for a blind person.

4. What are some cool gadgets for the blind?

The talking keychain and talking watch are pretty cool gadgets for a blind person.

5. What is a good Christmas gift for a blind person?

All the gifts in this article would still be great Christmas gifts. For a Christmas themed gift, the Braille Ornament will make for a good Christmas themed gift for a blind person.

6. How about light up toys for visually impaired children?

This Light-Up Magic Ball Toy Wand for Kids and Light Up Galaxy Orbiter Wand would be nice light-up toys.

7. How about toys for blind and visually impaired toddlers?

This Baby Music Shake Dancing Ball Toy is a great toy that will get them to get up and dance and get excited.


Any of the gifts in this article will be loved by a blind teenager and the visually impaired.







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