Gifts For Economists and Finance Geeks

13 Good Gifts For Economists and Finance Geeks

  • Don’t know what to get your Economist or finance geek friend and/or loved one? Don’t worry about it. Our list of 13 good gifts for economists and finance geeks has you covered. Our list has one-of-a-kind gifts that would be loved by any economist and/or finance professional.

Economist gifts and finance gifts can be a little challenging because it is hard to know what they like or would consider good gifts. They are arguably not the easiest professionals to buy gifts for. And this is because they are always calculating money even when it comes to their personal lives. And so the conflict is knowing what kind of gift you would give them that won’t make them cringe at the cost and still value and love the gift.

Our selection of 13 gifts will tick all the right boxes with an Economist and finance professional. They may look at some of them as being expensive but they would be so impressed by it that they would quickly forget any thoughts about their cost.

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13 Best Gifts For Economists and Finance Geeks.

The best economist gifts are those that may not necessarily scream economics but have a bearing on the work they do. That way, it makes it relatable and fun to have. Most of these gifts would most likely be gifts that they may like but won’t bring themselves to buy. And that is what would make it even more special for them.

We have searched high and low for the perfect gifts that fit these descriptions, and we found just the right 13 for you. Whatever your budget and preference, you are sure to find a gift that you can give your favorite economist and financial professional/finance geek.

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5 Good gifts for economists.

These 5 economist gifts will make your Economist loved one/friend very happy.

1. Blue Lucky Deer Money Tree Figurine.

An Economist (and even a finance professional) will love this gift very much because of what it represents. According to Chinese legend, the money tree brings wealth and good luck. Couple this with the Bonsai tree which is also said to be a tree that wishes one well and brings good fortune, this beautiful table statue tells an Economist (and finance professional) that you wish them more of what they love working with – money. The color of the deer and just the complete aesthetics of this figurine will bring a special life and vava voom to any place the Economist chooses to place it.


  • It is said to have healing and therapeutic effects and brings good fortune.
  • It is a beautiful decorative piece.
  • It is durable.
  • It is made of high-quality bronze resin material.


  • It is a little pricey but definitely money well spent.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is a one-of-a-kind unique gift that even your Economist friend/loved one will be thoroughly impressed by.

2. Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty.

This is a popular classic book loved by Economists. Chances are that your Economist probably doesn’t have it in hardback. And that is why they would love and appreciate this hardback edition as a valuable addition to their library.


  • It talks about economic principles loved by Economists.
  • It has a Kindle version.
  • Most of the readers have commended it for its sound principles and being a very engaging read.


  • One reader found it too repetitive of some principles.
  • Another reader found it to be somewhat biased.

Product summary and our recommendation.

Despite the subjective views of the readers mentioned above, this book remains top of the list on any Economists’ reading, and that is why you can’t go wrong with it as a gift to an Economist.

3. 1 Year Subscription of The Economist.

If you want to be the best of best friends with an Economist, then this 1-year subscription is top of the list of the best economist gifts to give him/her. The Economist is the leading magazine on discussing global economic issues in a very in-depth and critical way. And this is why it is loved by both Economists, finance professionals, and any person who just loves studying the economies of the world. The beauty of this gift is that they don’t even have to know about it until the deliveries to their doorstep start.


  • The subscription plan is for 12-months.
  • You can cancel it at any time.
  • It has a Kindle subscription option. One customer however advised that the paper version is better because Kindle has some limits.
  • It gets delivered to the recipient’s doorstep.


  • It’s a little pricey but it is a worthy investment.
  • A customer found the contents too biased.
  • Another customer said it was easier and better to subscribe directly to The Economist’s website rather than through Amazon because of some challenges with delivering on time.

Product summary and our recommendation.

If you had to choose only one gift from our gift list, this should be the gift to settle for. Every Economist loves reading The Economist.

4. 1 Year Subscription of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

This is another economist magazine loved by Economists. It is especially great for anyone with interests in investing and money markets. It is also a cheaper alternative to The Economist for the budget-constrained, although it doesn’t ship outside the U.S.


  • It has a Kindle subscription option.
  • It is a 12-month subscription.
  • Most customers found the content very useful


  • One customer said the investment options that are suggested are not investor friendly but are rather expensive options.

Product summary and our recommendation.

While we cannot offer any expert views on the contents of the magazine since it is not our area of expertise, judging by the many positive views on the content of this magazine, it would be a good gift for an economist.

5. The Economist Desk Diary.

This solid diary is another favorite item loved by Economists. It helps them stay on top of things and stay organized. You can be sure it will be a gift that will be loved.


  • It is a year’s organizer and would help stay organized in the year.
  • It comes in a durable strong hardback.
  • It is made of quality paper.
  • It has a removable address book.
  • It has a removable advance 3-years calendar.


  • It is pricey but worth the money spent on it.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is a good gift because it helps an Economist with staying organized. The binding and general appearance is certainly very fitting for an Economist. They will love it.

5 Unique Gifts for finance professionals and finance geeks.

Blow away a finance professional and finance geek with these 5 unique finance gifts.

6. Wall Street Charging Bull Fearless Girl Wall Art.

Finance professionals will love this painting that is a famous depiction of Wall Street. This work of art is also loved for the motivational message it passes across – that with determination, hard work, and grit, no obstacle however tough is too hard to surmount. The size is just perfect for any living space where it is hung.


  • It is stretched and ready to be hung.
  • It is a beautiful work of art with a motivational message.
  • It is also a beautiful decorative piece.
  • The colors are perfect for any decor color scheme.
  • Customers commend the quality of the canvas.


  • This is one of those rare artworks that have only 5-star ratings and reviews because everyone who buys it loves it very much.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is a very beautiful work of art that anyone would love, and especially a finance geek.

7. Wall Street Stock Market Bull and Bear Head Bronze Bookends.

These bookends make other bookends look like jokes. And every finance professional who has received this is so proud of it and loves it very much. It is heavy and well-built and not to mention just how beautiful it looks. The design of it gives it an edge because it can be used as both a bookend and/or decorative piece depending on the preference of the gift receiver.


  • It is sturdy and can support heavy books.
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • It can also serve as a beautiful decorative piece.


  • It is pricey but once you receive it you will understand why it is so pricey. It is worth every cent spent on it.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is another gift that you can’t go wrong with. There is no finance professional who is not left in awe after receiving this gift and your finance geek friend/loved one won’t be different.

If you wanted a cheaper alternative that still looked pretty cool, although not on the same level as this one, check out this Wall Street Bull and Bear Bookend instead.

8. Wall Street Stock Market Charging Bull Goring Bear Statue.

This is another beautiful decorative tabletop figurine that would resonate with a finance professional. Coincidentally, the customers who reviewed the gift at the time of writing were all finance professionals, and they couldn’t be happier. The quality and general aesthetics of this gift item make it such a high-value gift to give any finance professional.


  • It is made of high-quality bronze resin material.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is a beautiful decorative piece.


  • This gift item has only 5-star ratings and reviews at the time of writing.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This is another gift item that would be loved by a finance professional.

9. Day Trading Bull Decanter.

For the finance geek that loves his/her whiskey, you will make their day with this Wall Street themed whiskey decanter. The bull-shape makes it an apt, fitting, and one-of-a-kind decanter gift to give any finance professional.


  • The capacity of the decanter is 1000 milliliters.
  • It has an airtight seal.
  • It is a beautiful and unique decanter.
  • It can also double up as a beautiful display piece.


  • It is very fragile as is to be expected of any glass piece.

Product summary and our recommendation.

You also won’t go wrong with this gift. It’s the only whiskey decanter that a finance professional should use.

10. The Stock Exchange Game.

Economists and finance professionals love their game night where they get to banter and show off their knowledge skills. And with this gift item, you will make their game nights even more exciting and competitive.


  • It is a fun and engaging game.
  • It can be played by 2 to 6 players.
  • It can also be used to teach a novice about the stock market.


  • Only one customer at the time of writing thought it was too complicated.

Product summary and our recommendation.

A finance professional, especially one savvy with the stock market will love this gift very much.

2 Cool Christmas gifts for Economists.

If you’re looking to wow an economist with a Christmas gift, these 2 economist Christmas gifts will do the trick.

11. Fossil Brown Wallet and Watch Gift Set.

The Fossil brand is famous for its simple yet elegant and classy look, and this gift set does not disappoint.


  • The wallet has a lot of compartments and is roomy.
  • The brown color is perfect for all types of outfits.
  • The watch is beautiful and perfect for any type of look.
  • Both the watch and the wallet are high-quality.


  • The wallet is not an RFID protective wallet.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This gift set is a good value for money for what it comes with. The watch dazzles, as does the wallet. An Economist and finance professional will love opening these as Christmas presents.

12. Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition.

Economists and finance geeks love playing Monopoly and they will love this particular edition even more. What better way to have fun over Christmas than over a fun game of monopoly with the whole family or with friends.


  • It can be played by 6 players.
  • It is a fun and engaging edition.
  • It is easy to play.


  • One customer said it was a little confusing but fun nonetheless.

Product summary and our recommendation.

This new twist to the classic game is still a hit with the customers who bought it. It will also be a hit as a Christmas gift for an Economist.

A Funny gift for economists.

You will have an Economist in stitches with this funny gift.

13. Funny Economist Mug.

The funny quote on this mug is what makes it a winner. Every Economist will feel flattered by it while laughing their lungs out.


  • It comes with a funny Economist message.
  • The message is printed on both sides of the mug.
  • It is microwave and dishwasher safe.


  • This gift item has no negative rating or review at the time of writing.

Product summary and our recommendation.

What better way to have an Economist always laughing when they have their coffee or tea than with this gift item. The message on it also makes it a great conversation starter.

Frequently asked questions.

  • What are some good gifts for economics majors that you can suggest?

You can buy any of the books suggested in this article for an Economics major student since they are most likely part of their reading list.

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Gifts for first year college students.

  • What will make for good birthday gifts for economists?

Any of the Economist gifts in this article will be great birthday gifts for an Economist.

  • What are good gifts for men who read The Economist?

A 1-year subscription to The Economist will be the perfect gift for a man who loves reading The Economist. We provide the link for this gift item in this article.

  • How about good gifts for people who like The Economist?

A 1-year subscription to The Economist will also be the perfect gift for any other person who likes The Economist.

  • Why do economists hate gifts?

Economists can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to applying economic theories about money and spending even in their personal lives. And for this reason, they constantly analyze the cost implications of gifts.

This does not however mean they hate gifts. They may not go out of their way to buy themselves gifts for the earlier reason we stated. But, they won’t say no to a beautiful and thoughtful gift. And they certainly won’t turn down any gift you buy from our gift list.

In closing.

Buying an economist and finance professional should now be a breeze for you with our helpful list of 13 good gifts for economists and finance geeks. So, why not go ahead and spoil them with some or all of these gifts.







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