Gifts for Woodcarvers

19 Amazing Gifts for Woodcarvers

  • The first thing to consider before getting any gifts is your budget. Make sure you have the funds and means to afford the item before purchasing.
  • Remember gifts aren’t always meant to be bought, sometimes the simplest DIY can make the best gift; it’s the thought that counts.
  • Make sure the gift you are getting is suitable for the person you are getting it for and that they will get maximum usage out of it.
  • This article has selected the best gifts that money can buy for a woodworker in your life. These gifts look at longevity and usefulness to make life and work easy for the woodworker in your life.

What to Consider When Getting Gifts for People Who Work With Wood.

BUDGET: It is important to note that most of the gifts for woodworkers are expensive. Make sure that your budget can accommodate the item before purchasing it. The good news, however, is that most of these pricey items do allow you to pay in installments so you can still afford them and not break the bank at all.

PROJECTS: It is also important for you to find out what project the person you are planning on buying these gifts for. Some of the equipment might be suitable and useful only for specific projects and therefore would remain unused for the most part.

LONGEVITY: Consider how long the person you are planning on buying the gift has been wood carving/working/carpentering? Their experience will determine the kind of item you purchase for them.

USEFULNESS: Additionally, consider how useful will the present you are planning on getting them will be and how it will improve their work-life and make it easier and quicker without risking the quality of the finished product.

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Quick Overview


A woodcarver is someone who has mastered the art of woodcarving. This entails carving designs into wood to produce elegant and unique objects that are used for decoration purposes and also practical purposes.

Personalised/Customized Wood Carving Gifts

1. Carving Chisels:

This is a great gift for a woodworker as it helps them shape, carve, and cut wood. This set of chisels is perfect for a gift because it contains four different sized carving tools. You can have the Chisels personalized by getting them engraved.


  • It is sturdy and has thick blades 
  • It is lightweight
  • It has good quality
  • The tools sizes are labeled
  • It is secure and has a comfortable grip


  • It has slightly crooked handles that are not sharp enough

These carving chisels are made from beech wood handles and stainless steel metal. They are great for both beginners and professional woodcarvers.

2. Whittling Knife:

Whittling knives are a perfect gift for woodworkers because of their sturdy handles which makes them an easy tool to use for sculpting artistic work. you can have this knife engraved with the woodcarver’s name, initials, or an inspirational quote.


  • It has a comfortable handle and is beginner-friendly 
  • It has a razor-sharp blade which is durable and sturdy
  • It has good quality and is beautifully designed
  • It has a leather sheath which makes it easy to handle


  • It does not have a blade cover
  • The blade is prone to rusting

This whittling knife is specifically designed for woodcarving and it has a thin pointed tip which is great for making hollow cuts. The knife is made of a wooden handle and comes with a leather pouch.


3. Beech Mallet:

Mallets are used by woodworkers to shape wood carefully to avoid damaging the design of the product and even the wood itself.


  • It has a smooth and polished wooden handle
  • It is lightweight and comfortable 
  • It is of good quality and sturdy


  • Some customers complained that the mallet weighed too light.
  • The mallet was considered cheaply made for some customers

This beech mallet is very efficient and sturdy. It has lightweight aluminum and a non-marring white rubber cap. It is also perfect for leather carving.

4. Dividers:

This is a cool gift for a woodworker because it allows them to measure and record the length of their projects for precision.


  • They are very precise and sturdy 
  • They are durable
  • They have evenly matched points
  • The adjustment knob works smoothly


  • Some customers complained that their orders arrived smelling like gasoline and dripping in oil.
  • They do an okay job, not excellent

These dividers are 6 inches long and are perfect for making line segments and drawing circles and arcs.

5. Gimlets:

These are typically used for drilling small holes that are meant for nails. However, they are not limited to screw hole drilling alone.


  • They are lightweight and portable
  • They are high quality and durable
  • They are easy to use


  • They may split the wood in two instead of drilling a hole

These gimlets come as a kit of four with different sizing.


6. Wood Carving Tool Kit:

This toolkit is a great gift for woodcarvers because of its versatility and usefulness. It contains different tools that have a wide variety of usage.


  • It comes well organized
  • It is sturdy and lightweight 
  • It comes with protective gloves
  • It has Comfortable handles and it caters to left-handed people.
  • It comes with blade covers for safety


  • It does not come with an instruction manual
  • The knives dull faster and need constant re-sharpening

This toolkit contains 12 pieces of tools that are essential to wood carving. These tools come in a box that safely packs and stores them away.

7. Carving Manuals:

This is a good gift for people who are just starting to take up wood carving as a hobby or people who want to perfect their wood carving skills.


  • The manuals are easy to follow
  • They have great instructions and visual aids
  • They are written in simple English


  • They do not have patterns and so not suitable for beginners
  • Some customers noted that the book might not be beginner-friendly because of the author’s writing style

This carving manual by Chris Pye shows clear step by step instructions on wood carving from cutting precise pieces of wood, to the different techniques used in wood carving.


A woodworker is someone who primarily works with wood to produce useful everyday products such as furniture. Because woodworkers work with bigger logs of wood, the gifts you get them should cater to this effect.


8. Combination square:

Woodwork requires a lot of precision and this Combination square will make an amazing gift for your friend or family who is into woodworking. Combination squares are a great way to produce precise and exquisite work.


  • They are sturdy and work as intended 
  • They are an excellent tool and also have great quality


  • There were problems with shipping the item safely and this proved to be an inconvenience to customers.

This combination square is made with hardened steel and measures up to 12 inches in length. It is great for measuring 90-degree angles perfectly.

9. Portaband Table:

The perfect gift for woodworkers because it aide’s hand saw or chainsaw when cutting thick wood. Note that the table does not include a Saw, if you wish to include one you would have to purchase it separately.


  • It makes precise cuts and is highly functional 
  • It is a durable and well-made machine
  • The table is easy to assemble
  • It has a sleek table design which is sturdy


  • Table corners have very sharp edges that may be accident-prone
  • The assembly instructions are not as clear as they should be

This SWAG Portaband table is made of steel and is sturdy enough to support a chainsaw’s pressure when cutting wood.

10. Glue Applicator Set:

This is a great gift for woodworkers because they use a lot of glue for their projects. This set will help them be tidy and keep their workshops clean and glue-free.


  • It is easy to clean, assemble, and disassemble 
  • It works as intended and spreads glue faster and safer
  • It is a great value for money and of good quality


  • Some customers complained that the size of the bottle was much smaller than what they expected it to be.

This glue applicator set comes with a roller, a brush, and a mortise applicator(s). It also comes with a cleaning brush to help clean out hard to reach places.


11. Tape Measure:

A great gift for woodworkers that will give their final product the precise finish. Tape measures are an essential tool for a woodworker.


  • It carters to both left and right-handed individuals
  • It is easy to read
  • It takes precise and accurate measurements


  • It is made from poor quality tape material

This tape measure comes with a notepad and an inbuilt pencil sharpener. The notepad is erasable as long as you use a pencil and not a pen or markers.

12. Saw Rasp:

An important tool to a woodworker, the Saw Rasp is a must-have for every woodworker. Its purpose is to shave off any excess wood from a project to make it more defined and leave it without any rough edges.


  • It is sturdy and has strong and sharp “teeth”
  • It has good quality and great design
  • It is easy to use


  • It might not work for certain projects.

Not only is this Saw Rasp easy to use, but it also works fast by removing more material within a short period.


13. Isometric Notebook:

A great gift for a woodworker who has everything is Isometric paper because you can never have too much isometric paper. This is the paper that helps woodworkers design and draft their products/crafts.


  • It is easy to use and works as intended 
  • It has a hardcover and does not tear when erasing
  • It is sturdy and beautifully designed


  • The back of the notepad does not have a hardcover and this can make it hard to sketch in.

This notebook is of good quality paper and is perfect for 3D designing and ordinary sculpting.


A carpenter is someone who shapes, cuts, and installs building materials. As explained above, a carpenter can be a woodworker but a woodworker often is not a carpenter. Below, we have selected a few gifts that are suitable for carpenters.


14. Power Saw:

This circular power saw is a fantastic gift for woodworkers.


  • It is lightweight and portable 
  • It is easy to use because it has a laser guide
  • It produces clean cuts
  • It has great quality and is sturdy


  • The blade may jam while cutting wood

This Skil power saw is a powerful piece of equipment with the motor delivering up to 5300 RPM making the cuts faster and more precise.

15. Engraved Hammer:

This engraved personalized hammer is a perfect gift for father’s day or Christmas or even your old man’s birthday. You can write any message on the hammer and it will be very special because.


  • It is sturdy
  • It has beautiful engravings
  • It is easy to use


  • There are some complaints about the packaging and shipping of this product. We suggest handling it with care when it has been delivered to you to avoid any injury.

This engraved hammer is an amazing gift for all the dads in your life. If you are looking for more gift ideas for fathers, here is an article that has more options for you to choose from.

16. Tool Bag:

A great gift for the carpenter in your life to keep their tools organized and safely packed away.


  • It has multiple pockets which makes it easy access to tools
  • It is durable and comfortable
  • It has compartmental pockets for easy storage of tools
  • It has good quality and is spacious


  • It has some weak seams on the shoulder strap
  • The zipper is very stiff which makes it hard to open and close

This 16 inch DeWalt tool bag is spacious and will keep all your tools organized and in one place where you can easily access them. With 33 pockets and base protection, this bag is heavy-duty, and the best there is!


17. Bluetooth Speaker:

A great gift for woodworkers to have in their workshop. They can listen to music or podcasts as they work to relax them and also multitask and catch up on their favorite shows.


  • It is portable and durable 
  • It is rechargeable and has wireless connection
  • It is waterproof and has a long battery life 
  • It produces great sound quality and has a sleek design


  • You might want to consider soundproofing the workspace of the woodworker in your life especially if you live together because this speaker is very loud for its size.

This JBL Flip5 speaker has the party boost option which allows it to connect two devices at once and switch from one device to the other when playing music/ audios.

18. Sandpaper:

Every woodworker needs sandpaper in their workshop to give their projects a smooth finish and make sure there aren’t any splinters left on the final project.


  • It is waterproof which makes it durable 
  • It is easy to grip and sturdy 
  • It has good quality and yet lightweight


  • Some orders were missing from customers orders especially the sanding block

This sandpaper comes in a pack of 42 pieces with a sanding block. It is highly efficient and covers a sufficient amount of surface.

19. Leather Apron:

A must-have for every carpenter and woodworker. The leather apron is standard and will make a perfect Christmas gift for the woodworker in your life.


  • It is comfortable and lightweight 
  • it has a great design and also practical
  • It is long-lasting and made from good quality material which is easy to clean
  • It is unique and  unisex making it wearable for both men and women


  • The aprons might not be a good fit for plus-sized people

This is a great work apron. It comes with pockets to fit all the tools needed when working.


How much do carpenters make annually?

The average amount that a carpenter makes per year in the United States of America is $46,590 as of 2018 according to the Money US News website.


Carpenter Salary


To sum it all up, woodcarvers, woodworkers, and carpenters all work with wood to produce different products. Although there are discernible differences between all three, there are more similarities. Remember to do your research if you are not sure what category the person you want to get a gift for falls under, this will help you pick the best gift for the woodcarver in your life!







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