13 Ways :how to Introduce Your Boyfriend to Your Strict Parents

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These are the 13 Ways to introduce your boyfriend to your strict parents:




During your teenage hood, your parent will never accept you to date anyone or introduce to them that you are having a boyfriend already. But sooner or later, as you are getting old they will understand that you are at the stage of getting into a relationship or it is time for you to introduce your boyfriend to them. If you are finding it difficult to talk about your relationship, then this article is for you. Research for YouGov shows the strict exhibited by parents.

Parental strictness

There is no perfect time to introduce your boyfriend to your strict parents but there is a perfect way on introducing boyfriend to parents.

1. Sit your parents down

It might seem hard to do or tell your parents about your new boyfriend, always look for the best time to tell them. Try to avoid a public place or whenever they are exhausted, remember that you are trying to pacify your strict parents and getting on their bad side won’t do you any good. After getting an audience with your parents, you can start with a proper gesture and appreciate all they have done for you. The moment you noticed that the atmosphere is friendly, you can start with this “mom and dad, I have a boyfriend and I want you to know” at first, their reaction might be off the roof but don’t be alarmed. The news is new to them and they need time to process it.

2. Write them a letter or note

Telling your strict parents about your new boyfriend head on can be alarming and you might want to look for a safe way to tell them about your new boyfriend through a letter or note. You might decide to make your letter short or long, it all depends on how you wish to express your feelings to your strict parents. Also, try to avoid any words that might complicate the issues or make them feel insecure. It will be great if your letter is in a formal letter approach.  All parents want the best for their children that is why most act in an insecure way and can go to any length to safeguard the lives of their children.

3. You can occasionally drop hints

It is time to put words in the horse’s mouth, you can make your strict parents ask about your boyfriend without you telling them. If you mention his name more often in the house, probably during a phone call or a conversation with your siblings about your boyfriend. You have already created a little curiosity in the heart and they will be desperate to find the answer. There are many ways in which your strict parents will ask you to introduce your boyfriend when their doubt has been cleared.

But you have to be careful whenever your parents ask you whether you have a boyfriend or not. Their intention might be pure and otherwise, it will be best for you to analyze the situation and wait for the right time. No parents want to see their wards go off the line, they will always be on the lookout and want the best for you.

4. Introduce him as a friend to the family

This is a sneaky way to introduce your boyfriend to strict parents without them knowing about it. The moment you are able to introduce him as a friend to the family, he is already known as someone they can trust. This means that they know you can only bring in someone you trust to the house. You can mention his name in major conversation and flaunt all his good characteristics. Be careful, not to go overboard whenever you are describing him or made mention of him in any conversation. Strict parents are always watchful and vigilant, the moment they suspect anything, they will ask you to stop seeing him and also ban him from entering your house. It is up to you to be wise whenever you are talking about your boyfriend to strict parents.

5. Share the news with your parent separately

You can tell your parents about your new boyfriend but separately, everyone is close with either their daddy or mummy. You can share the news with any of them but note that this might work or otherwise. Either of the two can love you so much that they might think that you are not ready for dating yet. Your strict parents might stop you from sharing the news with them, because they know your boyfriend might hurt you or the relationship might not last long.

6. Invite your boyfriend to dinner

This idea is risky because if your strict parents haven’t accepted your relationship or boyfriend then it will be hard to invite him over for dinner. You have to reach a certain age before you can invite your boyfriend over to dinner, this is because your parents might reject him and your relationship might be destroyed. Let your parents know that you are inviting your boyfriend over for dinner and if they accept it no problem but if they are against it, don’t invite him over because he will be embarrassed.  Your boyfriend should also know that he is coming over to dinner and also be prepped for any questions that your parents might ask him.

7. Texting can work perfectly

If your parents live far away and you want to break the news of having a boyfriend to them. It would be better to send a text message to them than to call, because they might not have a chance to handle a long phone call. It will be best if you can put all your feelings into a text message and send it over to them. Let your message be clear and concise, you are making a decision here to be in a relationship with someone. Your strict parents need to understand why you pick your boyfriend and why you want to be in a relationship with him. If your parents sense that there is nothing serious between you and your boyfriend they might not approve.

Allow your text message to do all the talking as if you are chatting with them face to face.

8. Invite your parents to your home

A child will always come to a stage whereby he or she will definitely live alone and far from their parents. You can invite your strict parents to come over to your home and use the opportunity to introduce your boyfriend to them. This is also a risky situation, in most cases strict parents don’t have any point to reject your relationship but they might be angry that you are already living with your boyfriend without informing them about the decision.

Your strict parents will always have no choice but to accept your decision the moment they understand that you have decided to be in a relationship with someone.

9. Use tag button on social media and mention your parents

Social media is a place where most people announce their relationship to strict parents or people who don’t want them to get engaged. You can use the power of social media to let your parents know that you are in love and also in a relationship. Using the tag button on social media with their name is one of the best ways to show that this is your new boyfriend. It might not be a jolly ride at first because your strict parents will be shocked that you kept a whole secret from them and you couldn’t inform them personally except for sharing it through a social media platform.

Either way, they might not understand that your decision to use this method is because of how strict your parents are or you fully understand what they can do if you tell them that you are in a relationship.

10. Set up a meeting for both parents to meet

At this stage you have nothing more to lose, you can invite your boyfriend’s parents to meet your strict parents. There is nothing bad if your boyfriend’s parents can meet your own strict parents, this will be a sign of acknowledgment between both parties that your relationship has been approved and you can go ahead with any decision related to dating. But note, both parents might conclude that you are too young or naïve to be in a relationship also other factors could come in.

11. Have an indirect discussion with them

You might want to tell your strict parents about your boyfriend but in an indirect way in order not to look bad or make them feel suspicious about your relationship. Everyone has a story to tell but you can cook up a fake story about a relationship and see how they will react. The story might be similar to yours but look for any insights that might help you on how to tell your parents that you are in a relationship or introduce your boyfriend to them.

12. Be  ready to negotiate

If your parents don’t want you to be on a date or have a boyfriend right now. Then don’t stress it, they know what is best for you and their decision must stand but if you insist on getting into a relationship, you might want to negotiate with your parents that you are ready to be in a relationship but you will keep it down when you are finally ready to introduce him to the house.

They might accept your offer and at the same time they could reject it. Your decision matters but so also is your parent’s decision over your relationship.

13. Give it time to breed

Lack of patience most times often make people lose their relationship and also make their parents reject whosoever is brought to them as their boyfriend. If you give it time to breed, your parents will always be the one to ask about your boyfriend and when you want to introduce him to the house. You can wait for the right moment to come and tell them about who your boyfriend is or invite him over for dinner and tell your family that this is the person you wish to date.

In conclusion, many parents will never allow their children to be in a relationship until they are sure that their ward is ready.


1. How to tell my strict parents that I have a boyfriend?

You can always wait for the right time to tell your parents about your boyfriend or make them ask for him before introduction.

2. How can I introduce my boyfriend to my parents?

You can introduce your boyfriend to your parents either through a family dinner. Also, you can read this article on how to introduce your boyfriend to your parents.

3. What is the best age to date?

Experts believe that the best time to date is always between the ages 16 to 18, any date below this will be seen as an illegal act and you might be charged with rape. If you are less old than the date listed above it will be best for you to reach the minimum age before entering a relationship.

4. Can I hide my relationship from my strict parents?

If you think the best thing to do is hiding your relationship from your parents, that might work but sometimes it might backfire. If your parents find out that you have a boyfriend but you are hiding him from them. They might restrict you from seeing your boyfriend or enter a new relationship.





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