How to Make a Virgo Man Happy

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Making a Virgo man happy may seem like a big ask. After all they are perhaps the most complicated of zodiac signs. But since it takes two happy people to be in any healthy relationship (assuming the high rate of divorce today is anything to go by) you need to go beyond playing happy families and prioritize your Virgo man’s happiness to have any semblance of balance and make meaningful progress in your relationship.

Below, we’ve shared some of the things you could do to get your Virgo man to his happy place.

1. Make Your Virgo Man Happy With a Surprise Gift

We all love getting gifts. But when it’s from the people we love the most, they can be so much special. Virgo men aren’t that much different from the rest of us. Like most of us, they do get a kick out of receiving thoughtful gifts from their significant others.

And because they are appreciative by nature, you can expect them to welcome this gesture of goodwill with nothing but amazement and excitement. In profuse gratitude, they’ll give you a mouthful of deserved compliments for doing something nice for them.

So if you are thinking about making your Virgo man happy, a true Virgo gift for him will certainly bring him that wonderful feeling. You may genuinely care about how to love him.

He may be everything to you. You may be madly in love with him. You may be thinking of him always. But he won’t know until you start showering him with gifts he will love. Now might be the time to show your love for him with gifts he’ll love.There are so many meaningful gifts out there just for him.

2. Don’t Birdcage Your Virgo Lovebird

For many of us, nothing compares to the emotional headrush of being soul-deep in love. It’s just too strong and intoxicating to reign in. When we are in love, we can’t think of anything else besides being always with the one we love.

We want to not only spend the rest of our lives with our lover, but every fleeting minute and nano-second of our day. And if we can’t be with them, we might wish we were Siamese twins so we wouldn’t have to be apart from each other.

It might seem obvious that spending all of our time with someone we love is a surefire way of fostering closeness and togetherness. But that’s not often the case when you are in love with a Virgo man.

Granted, they might enjoy being with you, but the last thing they want is being with you all the time. That’s trying to “birdcage” them, and you can be sure it’ll backfire. Instead of drawing them closer and closer to you, you’ll find them pulling farther and farther away.

Why? Because they are Virgo men. Men who want to get locked onto your love space station, but then disengage to spend time alone in their own quiet world. If your wish is to see them happy, you need to give them space to be themselves – and to do what they enjoy doing best: which is thinking and personal reflection really. So go right ahead and make that Virgo lovebird happy by letting him out of that love birdcage, and he’ll always keep coming back to you.

3. A Virgo Needs Your Compliments As Much As He Needs His Beer.

He picks you up from work each day. He calls you from work to check on you. He takes you out for dinner at a swank restaurant. When you are ill, he cancels everything on his schedule to come be with you.

When you are grieving, he’s there to lend you a shoulder to cry on. He’s your rock, your sunshine, the one who keeps you grounded. You know your life would be a mess without him.

But when was the last time you told him how much he means to you? How often do you compliment him for his selfless acts of kindness, for always going out of his way to see that you’re happy?

Virgo men may be hardwired for self-sacrifice, but never take their niceness for granted. This analytical earth sign won’t take it, especially coming from someone they dote on.

Your seeming ingratitude will be taken as a sign that you don’t value them, or worse, you might be seen as a user who thinks of them as being nothing more than a doormat. If a Virgo man’s happiness is your happiness, then you would care to lavish praise on him for all that he does for you. If you are wondering how to make your husband feel appreciated, then giving him the right compliments is perhaps one of the most effective ways to make your Virgo husband feel that way. Compliments are music to their ears, as they are to all of us, which is why you should never run out of what to say to your boyfriend to make him happy.

4. A Virgo Man is Already His Own Worst Critic: He Doesn’t Need You to Be the Other.

Virgo men are sticklers for perfection. For them, perfection is not an ideal, but an attainable goal. In anything they do, they must either aim for flawlessness or bust. This is what makes Virgo men happy. If something they do doesn’t meet their high standards, it’s considered worthless.

At school, they are often the kind of kids you might find sobbing in the locker room because they didn’t get an A+ in their favorite subject.

At work, they are the employees who will have a meltdown just because the boss pointed out a few flaws in their work. They would even bust a gut to meet a work deadline.

At home, Virgo men, as husbands, are much more likely to nag at their wives about their poor hygiene or slovenly appearance until they eventually capitulate.

As Virgos live in a world where anything less than perfection is considered a disaster, they can raise hell when their efforts don’t quite hit the bull’s eye of their lofty expectations.

They can be petulant, impatient and most critical of themselves at these moments. If you’re dating a Virgo man, don’t get too critical of them when they get things wrong.  Taking a swipe at your Virgo man for any of his failings will just take the wind out of his sails and make him all the more unhappy.

He’ll have his faults no doubt, but he doesn’t need reminding, because he’s already his own worst critic. Instead, what makes a Virgo happy is your patience and understanding.  And maybe a little prodding to not be so mad with himself when he gets things right 99% of the time and misses the 1%.

5. A Virgo Man Will Prioritize You, But Will You Do The Same?

As the lyric to Alicia Keys’ hit song – “A Woman’s Worth” – goes, “And a real woman knows a real man always comes first.”

A Virgo man knows how to win the heart of a Virgo woman. He knows she’ll fall for him if he puts his woman first, but he also expects this from her. They are the true-blues of the Zodiac who will always come up trumps for their partners, no matter the situation. A Virgo could never abandon a sinking ship, even if it were the Titanic.

 They would rather drown in it than swim to safety. They are that loyal. But their loyalty is a two-way street. When they swear loyalty to you in a relationship, they’ll come to demand the same from you.

If you trivialize their affection or allow their love for you to go unrequited, that can be bad for your relationship. If you are not just as committed to him as he is to you, he’ll not take you seriously. What’s more, with time his love for you will just flame out.

That’s a risk you don’t want to take. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start showing him that he matters as much to you as you are to him. To make your loyal Virgo man happy, begin by being deeply devoted to him every single day. No off days, understand? Do this, and you’ll keep your Virgo man interested in you.

6. Looks Can Be Deceiving, But Not for a Virgo Man

When it comes to maintaining high personal hygiene standards or cultivating a polished physical appearance, Virgo men do everything by the book. They are so fussy about their appearance.

They might sport their immaculately manicured fingers. Despite their busy lives, they never fail to go for their weekend pedicure.  They give their hair first-rate hair care and visit the barber shop every so often for a nice haircut. They brush their teeth at least twice a day, and have their bath every morning and just before bedtime.  Their homes aren’t just clean but snow-white clean. They’ll clean every corner of the house until it sparkles.

Since they care so much about their appearance, Virgo men believe a person’s appearance, not just their personality, speaks volumes about them. They’re not afraid to go against the grain and actually judge someone on their looks or appearance.

No disrespect, but what happens if you’re a slob and you wound up dating one of these guys? Any child can answer that.

There’ll be no chemistry between you two anymore than there’s chemistry between daylight and nightfall.

It’d make him uncomfortable being around you. He would be unwilling to do with you what other normal people in a relationship do – No holding of hands, hugging, kissing or strolling together. He would be embarrassed at just the thought of this.

And that’s looking on the bright side. He could decide to walk away.

To keep a Virgo man happy in a relationship, he needs you to always look good and attractive for him. He would also like you to take your personal hygiene and physical appearance seriously. That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

7. Get in Touch With His Intellectual Side.

Although his first priority is to find a woman who will love him like no other, a Virgo man also wants a woman who will engage him on an intellectual level, a woman with whom he could have intelligent conversations. A woman with all the worldly-wisdom to compliment his.

Someone to read with or share his hobbies with. (If he’s in his twenties, he’ll likely have taken up any one of the smart hobbies for couples in their twenties.) Or someone with the brainpower to team up with him in brainstorming for solutions to his most challenging problems.

This gaping void exists in every Virgo man’s life for any woman to fill up and make the Virgo man happy. Your Virgo man is sure to be happy if you’ll show him your intellectual side more often. More than that, finding ways to stimulate your Virgo man intellectually is a good way to get him to be obsessed with you. Once in a while, you might also want to get him an intellectual gift for your man to please him.


1. How to make a Virgo Man laugh?

Happy Virgo men have a good sense of humor, so it’s not unusual for them to want a partner who’s a good sport about everything. Because they’re so used to taking life rather too seriously, they need a funny partner to be a foil for their rather solemn outlook on life and to help them see the humor in every situation.

To make a Virgo laugh, you need to get used to making him laugh, by telling him jokes that will crack him up, even if there might be the occasional bad joke that he won’t get.

A Virgo man can take a good joke. So don’t be afraid to share with him anything you think might make him laugh while maybe rolling on the floor. (OK, that’s a bit of overmuch.)

2. How to make a Virgo man chase you?

Virgo men may be known for their analytical prowess, but they are also famous for their sensuality. Given this, it’s not hard to imagine them chasing a lady, the way – pardon the expression – the police might chase a burglar through the streets.

Although they may not tell you, a charming woman with a magnetic personality is every Virgo man’s dream and weakness. To get a Virgo man to chase after you, you need to turn on your girlish charm and make your appearance irresistible.

Even if you are feeling the wear and tear of ageing, you can enhance your looks by taking advantage of our tips to look 20 years younger in 30 days. Once you make looking good and dressing nice a vital part of your life, your Virgo husband won’t have any other choice but to succumb to your charms. Even if he’s going out with other women, looking your best is just what you need to  make him forget the other women.

3. How to make a Virgo man feel loved?

Figuring out how to make a Virgo man feel loved is not rocket science, if anything it’s an exact science. You’ll just have to learn to match “talking the talk with walking the walk.” Besides this, it doesn’t take much else to make a Virgo man feel loved.

But you’ll need to first know his needs and make the effort to meet them as best you can. Use every opportunity to show him you care for him through your little acts of devotion and loyalty.

If he’s always trying to impress you with his hilarious anecdotes, show your approval with a well-timed laugh (even if it’s a weak attempt at a joke). If he’s the storyteller, then be the listener. If he tells you what he wants from you in bed, never fail to humor him. Whatever you do, make pleasing your Virgo man a priority.

4. How do you cheer up a Virgo man?

At one point or the other, a Virgo man will need some cheering. When your Virgo man is feeling down, he needs you to be up – up to the task of helping him feel better.

There’s nothing he would like more than for you to put your arm around his shoulder (assuming he’s the type who likes a tender touch) and whisper anything in his ears: No, that doesn’t mean you can rehash the cause of his blues. Yes, it means you can come up with things to say to a Virgo man that will lift his spirits.

Anything that makes him want to jump up and scream “hooray!” Sweet nothings. Inspiring quotes. Words of affirmation. And anything else along these lines will usually work the magic.

5. What does a Virgo man like in a woman?

He likes many things obviously, but few, as we’ve already pointed out, are as important to him as loyalty and good personal hygiene (Maybe romance as well). If you can develop these two qualities, he’ll have eyes for no other girl but you.

Summing It Up

Like machines, relationships need a bit of regular greasing to reduce friction and for smooth functioning, particularly when it’s with the ever demanding Virgo men. This greasing could come in many forms, but at its most basic level, all that is required is that either side in the relationship makes the other’s happiness a priority.

Where this exists, a smooth and frictionless relationship is inevitable. In the same way, when in love with a Virgo man, prioritizing a Virgo man’s happiness is the key to having a long meaningful relationship.

So far, we’ve not held back in sharing with you all of the exciting things that might make your Virgo man happy. We hope that you’ll take the next big step in putting some of these tips into action.





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