21 Ways How to Make Your Parents Love You Again.

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  • How to tell if your parents love you;
  • How to get your parents to love you again; and
  • How to be nice to your parents.


Child abuse reports involved 7.9 million children and children who experience child abuse and_or neglect, are are approximately 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity.

We all crave parental love and care regardless of our age in life. Parental love and care play a decisive role in how each child ultimately turns out in society, both as a child and ultimately as an adult. According to a study seen on Americaspcc, children who suffer neglect and lack of love are 9 times more likely than other children to end up in prison.

This is why parents have an important role to play in the lives of their children, especially in their formative years. And even after their formative years, parental love remains important because it also affects the quality of interpersonal relationships their children will have even as adults. Each child should therefore get the right dose of love from their parents both as children and as adults. And if you are reading this and feeling unloved by your parents and looking for sure ways on how to make your parents care about you and like you, this article provides some very helpful tips.

9 Ways How to tell if your parents love you.

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Sometimes it is difficult to tell if our parents love us especially if they are the very strict type. However, certain telltale signs will leave you in no doubt about whether or not your parents love you. As they say, actions speak a whole lot louder than words. And if you ever have niggling doubts, here are some important signs of how to tell if your parents love you.

1. They are concerned about your wellbeing.

Loving parents are always concerned about the well-being and welfare of their children.

Loving parents are always concerned about the well-being and welfare of their children

You see this in how they freak out when anything harmful tries to affect you. If your parents are indifferent to the mishaps and not so pleasant occurrence(s) in your life, it is a devastating indication that they may not be as loving and caring about you as they should be.

2. They ask you how you’re doing.

Parents that love you would want to know how you’re doing. Whether it’s to call you up occasionally to see how you’re doing or to always check in with you when you get back from school. A loving parent or parents always asks after the wellbeing of their children.

3. Even when they yell at you, they try to do something to show you that they may be remorseful without necessarily coming out expressly to say they’re sorry.

Yes, our parents can be pretty proud sometimes to admit to us when they were wrong. Some parents have reached the level of enlightenment where they do this but a lot of parents still have a long way to go in coming out clearly to say they were wrong. And so, what they instead do is to try and make it up to you by being nice and all. While you may not be too impressed with it, know that it is one indication that they loved and cared about you. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t even bother or care that they may have hurt your feelings by their action(s).

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4. They are not dismissive when you try to talk to them about an issue that is close to your heart.

It can be heartbreaking trying to have a conversation with someone who appears very uninterested and makes you feel like you are wasting their time. It hurts even more when a loved one does this. But loving parents on the other hand, no matter how busy they may be, would listen. And if the time you chose is simply not a good time, rather than feign interest, they would be honest enough to tell you that it is not a good time and it is best to have the conversation on another day.

5. They make out time to sit down with you and have heart-to-heart conversations.

Loving parents know that family time is important to the continued mental health and wellbeing of everyone at home. And so they make time to hang out with their children. Whether it’s having heartfelt discussions at the dinner table, or having a game night where everyone plays and has fun, loving parents make conversations and constant communication with their children an important component of family life.

6. They know the things that matter to you and your likes and dislikes.

Your parents, especially your mom, would know whether you like nuts for instance, or are allergic to them. Not to say that your dad doesn’t love you because he may not pay particular attention to these details. Of course, he does. It’s just that it’s usually in the nature of things that moms, in particular, know this because women generally pay more attention to details than their male counterparts. And you can count on mom to let dad know what your likes and dislikes are.

7. They are dependable and there when you need them.

You know you can count on your parents any day and at any time. Whenever you need their help, they are not making excuses. If they can’t do it themselves, they will at least make arrangements for it to be done somehow.

8. They brag about you to all their friends for everything you do even if they may seem insignificant to you.

This isn’t to be confused with the narcissistic parent who only brags about their child when the child does something they want. And if the child doesn’t do what they want, they ignore the child. Not that parent. The loving parent is proud of you regardless of what you’ve achieved. Just knowing that you are awesome and great at whatever you choose to do makes them proud and happy, and they can’t wait to let all their friends know about it.

9. They tell you they love you.

And this is the crowning point of it all. Most parents are not afraid to tell their children that they love them. They affirm their love for their children every chance they get.

In more conservative cultures though, it may not be the norm. And if your parents fall in the category of parents who find it difficult to voice their love for you, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Look out for any of the other 8 signs and you will be in no doubt that they love you.

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How to get your parents to love you again.

Maybe there was love before but something happened and you are starting to feel that your parents do not love you, here are some ways to get your parents to love you again.

10. Talk to them about how you feel.

Maybe your parents are not even aware that you feel they don’t love you anymore. It could be that they are going through a lot at the relevant time. The only way you or your parents would know is by having a candid discussion around the issue.

In having the conversation, try to make it more about yourself than an accusation of your parents. Remember that when you accuse anyone they are bound to become defensive and resort to defending themselves. Rather make it about how you feel so that your parents can see how much their (in)actions are affecting you.

11. Do something nice for them.

Sometimes, the best way to get love is by giving love. Showing your parents love by doing nice things for them too shows them you also care about them. This will in turn make them show you more love. In the next section, we will show you some nice things you can do for them.

12. Show them respect even if you think they are undeserving of it.

When it comes to your parents, even if you don’t think they are deserving of your respect, give it to them. Don’t talk back at them or yell at them or walk away from them when they are talking to you. Being disrespectful to your parents would only create more tension between you and your parents. Remember that you will be a parent tomorrow. Give your parents today the respect you will want as a parent tomorrow.

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13. Do not however accept any abuse of any form.

If your parents are harming you in any way, it is important for your safety that you report the abuse and get help. This is especially important for those families where the parents are physically and verbally violent and abusive towards the children.

14. Ultimately, find love within yourself.

While it is unfortunate that your parents are not showing you love, this should not mean that you stop loving yourself. Remember that at the end of the day no one can love you more than you love yourself. If you don’t first love yourself, you will not be able to thrive in life as a person because you will constantly be seeking affirmation and love even in the wrong places. 

Tell yourself that you are a lovable person even if your parents may not love you. Be kind to yourself and show yourself, love. Affirm your awesomeness to yourself and take pride in the things you are great at.

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15. Do not let their lack of love towards you define who you become.

If your parents still do not show you the love and care you should be getting, don’t let this slow you down or define you. This is important because studies like the one in the first chart above have shown that children who do not get love at home most often end up being sociopaths themselves. Do not let your parents determine the course of your life in this way. Actively work on bringing out the best in yourself and making yourself the best version of yourself.

How to be nice to your parents.

Being nice to your parents might be the final key to unlocking their love and care for you. Maybe they feel that you are unappreciative of what they do for you and as a result, they decide to be distant and somewhat cold.

Show them that they mean the world to you by being nice to them and showing them these acts of kindness.

16. Help out at home.

Share of Millennials who live at home with their parents in the United States in 2020, by age and gender. Source: Statista

Share of Millennials who live at home with their parents in the United States in 2020, by age and gender. Source Statista

If you are part of the percentage of young people seen in the chart below that live with their parents at home, helping out the parents at home is the very least you can do for your parents to show them that you also care about them. And even if you do not stay at home anymore, occasionally send a cleaning company to help give their house a wholesome spring cleaning. You would be amazed at the magic it would work in making your parents return the love unreservedly.

17. Buy them something thoughtful and nice either for the house or for their individual personal use.

Maybe you know that necklace on Amazon your mom has been eyeing for some time now or that suit that would look really nice on your dad. Why not click away and spoil them. Nothing is more fulfilling than spoiling one’s parents and getting all the blessings and well-wishes they would heap on you as a result of their gratitude.

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18. Surprise them with a reservation at a fancy restaurant or a vacation away for the two of them.

You have no idea how happy this will make them. Subtly ask them about a place on their bucket list they would love to see. Book a dream vacation getaway for them to this destination and make them very happy. They will be so overwhelmed with joy at your thoughtfulness and love for them.

19. Take them out occasionally for lunch or dinner just because.

You don’t need an excuse to take your parents out and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner with them where you catch up.

20. Tell them how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

Life is short and we need to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us every chance we get. And so, never hold back on telling your parents how much they mean you love them and how much they mean to you.

21. Hang out with them and spend time talking about the things they love/like.

This will make them very happy. Parents also yearn to talk about their dreams and aspirations with their children. And nothing will give them joy like having an afternoon or day with you where you just talk about them and get to know what their deepest desires are.

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Frequently asked questions.

1. How can you make your parents feel sorry for you?

But why would you want your parents to feel sorry for you? Pity is not something anyone should take pride in. Rather than working on making your parents feel sorry for you, rather work on getting them to love you even more. And you can keep the tap of love flowing by doing all or most of the 21 things listed in this article.

2. How to make your parents love each other?

Only your parents can reach the point of loving each other. Despite your spirited efforts, if one or both of them have no desire in reciprocating love, they won’t love each other. You can help them be in the right setting by maybe arranging for surprise dinner or lunch dates for them or surprise anniversary celebrations for them.

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3. How can I get my mom to love me again?

The tips listed in this article can also apply to know how to make your mom love you. Apply them too to your mom and you will have her love.

4. I want my mom to love me. What should I do?

You can do most or all of the things listed in this article. It will still work in making your mom love you even more.

5. What if your parents don’t love you?

If your parents don’t love you, it is not the end of the world. It is unfortunate, but it is not the end of the world. Remember that as we said in this article, it is ultimately up to you to love yourself. You don’t need anyone else to love you first before you can love yourself. Love yourself and keep company with others who love and care for you.

6. How do you know if your mom doesn’t love you?

She will be the opposite of the actions we listed in the section on how to know if your parents love you.


Parents must show their children love and care to contribute to their positive development in society. If in doubt about whether your parents love you, look out for the 9 signs we listed in the first section of this article. You can get your parents to love you again by taking all the other 12 steps listed in this article.

And remember that at the end of the day, your parents’ love or lack thereof should not define who you ultimately become. Define who you are with or without the love of your parents.





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