How to Make Your Wife’s Birthday Special

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You look at your calendar and realize that it is almost time for your wife’s birthday and you find yourself wondering how to make your wife’s birthday special. For this birthday you want to get really creative and come up with different ideas to make her special day extremely memorable for her.

You want to forget doing the usual traditions that you always do year after year of taking her shopping to buy items that she picks out for herself or going to dinner and a movie as these ideas have become quite boring for the both of you. 

So you are thinking of surprising her with maybe something that is fun and exciting or maybe something that is romantic. Then you wonder if there are any unusual or adventurous places that you can take her to that would help celebrate her birthday that she would really enjoy.

All this that you are thinking about, are actually things that you can do on her birthday to make her feel special but you also need to think about the birthday gift for your wife. This is tough, you have no idea how you are actually going to pull it off, although you are not very creative, to begin with, you really want to come up with creative, unique and fun ways to make your wife feel really special on her birthday.

You know that if you could surprise her and really do something different than what she would usually expect from you. She will be surprised and she will really appreciate the thought and the time and effort that you have put into planning the perfect day for her. It will make her very happy, feel loved and very special and if she is happy then so are you.

Before we look at some of the ideas, let us first look at what it actually means to make someone, in this case, your wife feel special. To make someone feel special doesn’t take a lot of time or effort on your part. It is basically showing someone a little interest in who they are as a person and in the things that they like to do, it is showing someone kindness even with something as simple as a smile or telling them how beautiful they look on any given day and time. It could even mean telling them about all the things that you love about them.

This is where you will need to do some thinking, you will need to think about the things that your wife has mentioned that she would like to do or something that she would like to get. This will show her how well you have been listening to her and taking interest in the things that make her happy, it will also show her how well that you actually know her.

There are so many things that you can think about and it all depends on what she would really like and course your budget, how much do you have to make her special day one to be remembered.

Think about and choose one of the ways that you will use in how to make your wife’s birthday special which is as follows:

  • Something at home
  • Something fun
  • Something adventurous
  • Something romantic
  • Maybe take her to a new place and including a little of everything
  • Or if she is working on her special, then maybe doing something while she is at work

Then decide on a couple of things that you would like to include in the day like:

  • Giving some flowers and chocolates
  • Making her a special card or writing a love letter
  • Buying her a special gift
  • Throwing may be a surprise party
  • Making her a romantic dinner or lunch yourself
  • Bake her a special birthday cake
  • Including lots of balloons
  • Don’t forget to sing happy birthday to her

Special birthday ideas for your wife

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Special breakfast in bed

Special breakfast in bed

Although breakfast in bed is an idea that has been around for many, many years as a way to make someone feel special. Many wives and especially moms still love to be spoiled and wake up to a delicious breakfast in bed that has been prepared with love by the people that mean the most to her.

A special happy birthday song

A special happy birthday song

While waking up to a really special breakfast in bed, your wife will love and feel very special if you and if you have any children come in the room all together while singing happy birthday to her with bright and happy faces. It will put her in a really good mood for the entire day.

A special birthday card

A special birthday card

Don’t forget to include a special birthday card with her delicious breakfast in bed. To make the birthday card a lot more meaningful, will be to create the card yourself or choose from the many amazing cards available online, print it out but be sure to write in your own special message to her.

Bake a birthday cake for your wife yourself

Bake a birthday cake for your wife yourself

If you take the time to bake her a birthday cake yourself even if you are not all that good at it, she will love the effort that you tried and possibly have a good laugh if it’s a little bit of a flop. When baking your wife a cake make sure you bake one in her favorite flavor and remember to add the candles before you present your work of art to her.

Organize a Surprise Party

Organize a Surprise Party

Another way to make your wife feel special is to organize a surprise birthday party, especially if it is something that you have never done before. First make sure that you have enough time to arrange everything from inviting all her friends and family, the decorations, to the food and drinks that you will serve.

Some Fun birthday ideas for your wife

Hide birthday and special message notes

Hide birthday and special message notes

A fun way to make your wife feel special the entire day is to write a series of different notes that have special birthday wishes and special messages on them and hide them all over the house. If she is going to work, you can put a couple in her handbag, lunch bag, a jacket or even hide some in her car for her to find.

What is great about these messages is that you can be very creative with them and they don’t only have to be about birthday wishes, they can also be about anything from something romantic, something special about the life you have shared together so far or specific things that you love about her or even about some sort of adventure that you both want to experience together sometime in the future.

Birthday gifts treasure hunt

Birthday gifts treasure hunt

Another fun idea that will keep things very interesting is for you to buy your wife a few different small but special gifts and then maybe one larger gift. You can get as creative with this one as much as you please as you can turn the way you give the gifts to her into a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt for her to find each and every gift. Remember to leave the best and biggest surprise gift as the final gift for her to receive. 

When it comes to choosing the type of small gifts to get her, pieces of jewelry that your wife loves, are always great ideas. Here you can choose items from a beautiful necklace, a pair of earrings, rings or bracelets. Decide on a design that she might love or may have some meaning to her birthday like her birthstone or a special message that has been engraved on to it.

Small but meaningful Gifts for Her

Small but meaningful Gifts for Her

If your wife is not into the treasure hunt or scavenger hunt type thing, you can still have some fun by buying a couple of small but meaningful gifts. You can either find other ways about how to surprise someone with a gift or you can then give or send them to her maybe every hour or so throughout the day. She will love opening up so many little amazing gifts from you and they will really make her feel special because of the time and thought you put into each and every little gift.

Some romantic birthday ideas for your wife

A romantic dinner for two

To make your wife feel special on her birthday, you could plan a romantic dinner for the two of you but one that you prepared yourself. You can choose a special theme for her birthday that she would love and decorate a room in your house according to the theme. Move your usual dinner table into the room that you have chosen with the candles, flowers and romantic music. If the room you have chosen is the room that you usually have all your meals together, then change it up to have a more romantic look and feel to it.

Self-given pamper spa

Something that is romantic and will always make your wife feel special is to arrange everything for you to give her a self-given pamper spa. Women love to pampered and even more so if it is performed by her husband even if it is just for a couple of hours. Create an atmosphere that is calm with some scented candles, scented oils, facial, body creams and different types of scrubs for you to use to give her a nice and relaxing massage. Have a bath ready or get it ready after she has had her massage that is filled with some scented bubble bath for her to relax in as well.

Plan a Romantic weekend away  

If you are lucky enough and this year your wife’s birthday happens to fall on or close to a weekend. Then a great way to make your wife’s birthday special is to plan a weekend away for the two of you. When planning this weekend away, try to plan and organize as much of her favorite things to do while you are there. Things like seeing a movie or shows, site seeing or adventures and activities that she enjoys and then to finish the day of her birthday off with dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant.

Have a picnic under the stars

Having a picnic under the stars in the privacy of your own garden is another romantic and intimate way to make your wife’s birthday special. You might not have the time or funds to organize a weekend away or a dinner party for two or she just has to work the entire day.

Pick a nice open area in your yard where you can view the stars, then set up a picnic blanket, a great bottle wine with lots of her favorite things to snack on. You can even have a fire going for some warmth nearby, some soft music playing from the nearest window of your house or a portable music player. When she arrives home to spend the evening together, talking, relaxing and laughing.

For some more ideas, you can take a look at some romantic evening ideas for married couples that your wife is sure to love.

Something adventurous for your wife’s birthday

Plan a surprise adventurous trip

If you are looking for something to do for an entire day with your wife, take her on a surprise trip. Take her to a place where the two of you can enjoy some sightseeing while hiking or do something exciting and adventurous like skydiving, bungee jumping, kayaking or any of the other exciting things that she either loves to do or wants to do. If she is not expecting it at all she will definitely feel special and be surprised and it will be a birthday that she will never forget.

Wife’s birthday at work

If you are wondering how to make your wife’s birthday special while she is at work

Decorate her office or desk

Even if your wife has to work on her birthday you can still make her birthday special by getting her work colleagues to help you. They can help decorate your wife’s office or desk at work for you with balloons, streamers and birthday cards. You can send a birthday cake to her work and ask her colleagues to sing happy birthday to her.

Birthday Lunch

Arrange with her boss or colleagues and surprise her by showing up at her work with some beautiful flowers and take her to a birthday lunch that is close by.

A special gift basket

If a birthday lunch is not possible then send your wife a gift basket to work that is filled with all of her favorite things. This gift basket does not have to contain expensive items, it can be filled with some of the simple things that she enjoys using regularly like her favorite hand cream, a small bottle of her favorite perfume, some cosmetics, her favorite book or magazine and even some of her favorite treats. It is a small gesture to let her know that you are thinking about her and it will help make her feel special on her birthday.

When it comes to figuring out how to make your wife’s birthday special even if she has to spend her day stuck at work, all it will take is a little thinking and some creativity. Then decide whether you are looking for something that is adventurous, fun and exciting or something more romantic. Your wife will feel special on her birthday no matter what you decide to do for her as long as you put a lot of love into the planning and organizing.







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