Gifts for People Who Meditate

11 Gifts for People Who Meditate

  • Getting gifts for people who meditate should be a well-thought-out process. Get them presents that are meaningful and sentimental, no matter how small.
  • Knowing what kind of meditation they practice is key to getting them a gift that they will love, appreciate, and find useful in their everyday meditation life. Read this article to find out more

Getting gifts for people who meditate can be a tasking affair especially if you are not into meditation yourself. Aside from the yoga mat, you may be wondering what else you can get them that will benefit their lifestyle and what they will find useful as well.

When buying gifts for people who meditate, it is important to remember that people who meditate are very keen on mindfulness. Make sure this reflects in your gift selection to them. Get them gifts that they will find sentimental and meaningful as opposed to gifts that are generic and hold no significance.

There are different types of meditation and you have to know which ones the person you are getting the present for practices. Some of the types of meditation are:

  • Mindfulness Meditation

This is the kind of meditation that places emphasis on paying attention to the thoughts that cross your mind through breathing techniques. During this kind of meditation, you do not criticize or judge your thoughts but rather you observe them in an attempt to become aware of what you think about in order for you to mind what you think in the future because your thoughts become your words and your words become your reality.

  • Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation is similar to saying a prayer. When practicing spiritual meditation, the person seeks a connection with a higher power and that could either be a deity or a higher being existing on a higher plane and frequency.

  • Focused Meditation

Focused meditation uses the five senses to tap into a deeper level of the self. This is usually done so with the help of gongs, beads, and candles.

  • Visualization Meditation

Visualization meditation aims at creating relaxing scenes in the mind’s eye by using one’s imagination to create peaceful and calming scenarios. This is done to promote positive thinking and also manifestation.

There are many more types of meditation but the ones mentioned above are the ones we will focus on in this article.

Now that you have learned about the different types of meditation and what they require, you can now proceed to buy a gift for the person in your life who meditates. Here are some of the gifts you can/should consider:

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1. Yoga Mat

Starting off with the most basic gift for yoga people is the yoga mat. This all-purpose yoga mat is designed for maximum balance and comfortability for the user when meditating or practicing yoga poses.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It is soft and has thick padding
  • It is large enough for an adult


  • It may be slippery on different flooring
  • It tears easily when stretched

Product Summary: This yoga mat comes in 7 different colors to choose from, has a strap to keep the mat in place when rolled, and it is double-sided which means it can be used on either side.

2. Crystals

These assorted crystals make the best meditating gifts for people who are into healing meditation. The crystals have energy that removes blockages to the body which causes illness and therefore the crystals healing properties come from their ability to shift and absorb this negative energy.


  • They are high-quality
  • They are big and beautifully designed
  • They are energizing
  • They have a calming effect


  • They are not “real” crystals
  • They have a smell when you just open them, they may need rinsing

Product Summary: The crystals are made to balance out the body, mind, and spirit which allows for an alignment and that leads to good fortune and health.

3. Herbal Tea

This herbal tea set is an excellent mediation gift for relaxation meditation. Its flavors are produced from fruity herbs and they have aromas that help with relaxation of both body and mind.


  • It has a variety of flavors
  • It is soothing and calming
  • It is caffeine-free
  • It is flavorful


  • It is not as strong as black tea
  • Not ideal for people who like caffeine in their tea

Product Summary: The tea bags are packed individually in foil to ensure that they stay fresh and maintain quality even after the bag is opened. This is a great gift for tea lovers, in general, because it can allow them to drink and try out different types of teas simultaneously.

4. Essential Oils

Essential oils make the best meditation gift baskets for spiritual and relaxation meditation. They provide aromatherapy which is great for relaxing the body and mind and are often used in meditation to heighten any spiritual presence that may be around.


  • They smell amazing
  • They have a calming effect when used
  • They are beautifully packaged and ready for gifting


  • The subtle smell may not be as strong as some people may like it to be

Product Summary: The Lagoonamoon essential oils are made from natural ingredients and they come in a gift box set which makes them perfect and ready for gifting.

5. Horoscope Pendant

The Aoiy pennant is the best meditation gift for him because of its masculine look and the energy it gives off. A man can wear this pendant every day to represent his astrology sign which often determines his character – according to astrology.


  • It is unisex
  • It has a unique design
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It is durable and stylish


  • The pendant chain is short
  • Some customers complained about getting the wrong order shipped to them

Product Summary: These horoscope pendants come in either silver or gold in each representation of the twelve horoscope signs.

6. Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are excellent meditation items for people who practice spiritual meditation. They are used to talk to beings who exist in either higher or different panes altogether who wish to communicate with people in this world. They are a safe tool to predict the future through manifestation and confirmation.


  • It is beginner-friendly
  • It is a beautiful and high-quality deck
  • The cards are easy to shuffle, read, and interpret


  • The cards are not durable and will not last long
  • They are not waterproof

Product Summary: This set of tarot cards is very authentic and has a classic design to it. It has the best graphics and the cards are easy to read and interpret, thanks to the instruction manual that comes along with it.

7. Meditation Beads

These knotted beads are great gifts for meditators who are into chakra readings and psychic energy healings. The different colors on the bead represent the different chakra aura colors. They are also a great gift for people who practice focused meditation.


  • They are beautifully shaped
  • They have a powerful energy
  • They have warm colors which tend to be relaxing
  • They are sturdy


  • The seller doesn’t have a return policy

Product Summary: These mala beads are made from authentic gemstones and are made up of a total of 108 beads. It is the perfect gift for a yogi on their birthday or anniversary and it comes pre-packed for easy gifting.

8. Relaxation Coloring Books

This paperback garden-themed coloring book is a fun and creative to practice patience and relaxation. The drawings are high resolution and you get the option to choose the difficulty or intensity you want. The more intense the book, the more concentration it requires.


  • It is relaxing
  • It has beautiful designs and coloring shapes
  • It is sturdy and of good quality


  • There are some blank pages in the book
  • It is only printed on one side

Product Summary: This is an amazing relaxation gift for meditation lovers. Coloring the different styles of garden designs helps with concentration which is key to meditation.

9. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

This authentic Tibetan singing bowl comes with a double-ended striker and a cushion. It is great for mindfulness meditation and soul healing.


  • It produces beautiful, relaxing sounds
  • The bowl is beautiful with a profound inscription
  • The weight of the ball is perfectly centered
  • It is a high-quality set altogether


  • The bowl may be considered too small for some people
  • The bowl may look different in person than it does in pictures

Product Summary: If you are looking for a safe meditation gift for men, then this Tibetan singing bowl is the best option for you. It is dark-colored and looks elegant. It is also easy to use and produces quite relaxing music which is great for meditation depending on the kind of frequency used.

10. Incense

This set of incense comes in a box of the 12 most popular scents from Nag Champa. The sticks smell amazing, are long-lasting, and they are great for cleansing auras around the meditation area.


  • It has strong scents that last long
  • It burns slowly
  • The multi-pack has a variety of scents
  • It is high-quality incense


  • The scent may be too strong for others

Product Summary: This is a great gift for meditation because it helps with calming the nerves and relaxing people. This gift set comes with a variety of scents which makes it the perfect gift for people who meditate with incense because they get to choose which ones of the scents they prefer.

11. Meditation Cushion

This cushion is 6 inches in diameter and 5 inches in height. It is made from high-quality velvet material and designed for comfortability and ease during yoga or any meditation sessions.


  • It is comfortable
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It supports the weight of plus-sized people
  • It is high quality


  • Customers complained about tiny bugs inside the cushion
  • The size may be considered too small for others

Product Summary: This meditation gift is a great idea for people who like to meditate and have chronic joint pain. The softness of the cushion helps to perform most sitting yoga poses comfortably and with ease. Check out other gifts for someone with osteoarthritis that will help people with chronic joint pain.


  • What do you get someone who is spiritual?

If you want to get a gift for someone who is Spiritual, you must first know or understand their spiritual journey because this will help you pick out the best item or gift for them. Most times, for people, it is not about the present itself that they appreciate but the meaning behind it.

You should also consider why you are getting this person a present. Is it their birthday, an anniversary, or a random thank you gift? The more important the event, the more significant the gift has to be. For example, you can get someone an Amazon gift card for their birthday and get them a set of sage as a thank you for something wonderful they did for you to show appreciation.

Whatever gift you end up buying, make sure it matches the event and sentimentality.


To sum it up, always remember to make sure your gift for someone who meditates has a sentimental value attached to it – this can be an emotional value or a usefulness value. This means the gift should either be something they can use during their meditation or something special and unique that will remind them of you during the different times in their day.







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