11 Signs You Should Stay Away from Someone

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A relationship is sweet, but dealing with a toxic person while in a relationship could like living in hell.

A relationship is sweet, but dealing with a toxic person while in a relationship could like living in hell.

Warning Signs of a toxic person

There are various visible signs that you are dealing with a toxic person. You have to realize this early to save your mental health and have the courage to carry on with your life without losing hope.

Do you know that a lot of people’s mental health has been tampered with because of toxic relationships or friendships? Mental help show stats on how to detect abusive friendship and relationship.

Detecting abusive relationship

Listed below are 11 signs you should stay away from someone before it is too late.

1. They always make you feel bad

Whenever you feel that someone is making you feel bad about yourself without any particular reason that is a warning sign that you should stay away from that person. Negative people will always have a reason to make others look bad. It could be in the form of sudden angry issues, acting manipulative, or using intimidation tactics to make you feel bad, or they are always on your nerve every time.

Toxic people always have their way of controlling others, and they will scheme this to look like they are doing the right thing. You might be feeling that you are being manipulated and something is not right. That is a sign that you should stay away from him or her.

2. They play the victim card

Getting down or feeling sad is part of the way of life, but some toxic people will always condemn your lifestyle or your way of life. This is a sign that you need to stay away from someone.

Negative people that always see themselves as victims or play victim cards will always draw you to their level. This type of emotional trauma can last for a long time; you have to be careful of toxic people that want to play on your mental health.

You can always act as a support for someone because of friendship or relationship’s sake. But ask yourself these questions: what is your benefit from this relationship? Does the other party care about you, or are you just being used?

If you can answer these questions truthfully, then you might be the only one providing better in that relationship, and the other party might not contribute at all. This is a sign that you should stay away from someone.

3. They are always in need of help

Providing support to people can be one of the most extraordinary things to do in a friendship/relationship. Because everyone loves to be feel needed, either by making an impact in people’s lives or by providing support, attention, or care to help until they get back on their feet.

But be careful of parasitic relationships, if someone is acting needy always without any prior or they act as if you are the solution to all their problem without thinking about your opinion while doing so. This is a sign you stay away from someone because you are only needed whenever they are down or care for attention; they are not bothered about you or your way of life.

If you face a needy toxic person either as a friend or otherwise, they will not always be there for you, and they will always manipulate you daily to fulfill their need only, which can affect your mental health.

4. They are often involved in a lot of trouble or drama

Toxic people always create trouble and drama around them. Whenever you are friends with negative people and all you can notice is that they often attract trouble or drama, that is a sign that you should stay away from someone.

Once they are involved in trouble with outsiders, their problem will reach your doorstep one day. Because you are friends with them and dramatic life will always follow you whether you like it or not. In most cases, they might start a conflict and pretend they don’t know how it started.

If you want to avoid constant drama in your life, try and avoid toxic people around you. There will be signs and red flags that you are dealing with a toxic person, and you should not always overlook these signs because it will help your mental health and prevent you from living a problematic life.

5. They rarely have a specific friend group

If you are close to someone who doesn’t have a fixed friend group, this shows that they can keep a long-term friendship/relationship. This is a sign that you should stay away from someone.

Many negative people will act nice and charming at first. Still, during your friendship/relationship journey, they will always proceed with caution not to be committed or contribute to the friendship/relationship. This is because they are always looking for a greener pasture and have derived all the benefits of the friendship/relationship without adding any value.

They tend to move away and join another group, only for their benefit and nothing more.

6. They are manipulator

Toxic people have mastered how to make you feel wrong even when you are not. They understand how to use psychological tactics to make someone feel bad while they feel good in return. They have various tactics, which are:

  • They are forcing love and emotional connection on you without having any feelings.
  • They are always lying and manipulating the truth.
  • Using someone’s insecurities to manipulate them.
  • Always trying to be aggressive over little matter.
  • They always use their affection and attention to manipulate you to get them what they want.
  • They don’t care about how you feel, and they won’t let you decide on your own. Instead, they will lie about making them feel uncomfortable by using that excuse to leave you alone. This is a sign that you are dealing with a toxic person, and you should stay away from them.

7. They are not committed or trustworthy

Whenever you noticed that your friend is constantly lying about not being available or never ready to be committed to anything that is a sign that you should stay away from someone before it is too late. Are you always alone whenever you fix a date or hang out? While in a relationship/friendship, they always disappear then reappear whenever they needed your attention.

This is a sign and red flag that you are dealing with toxic people. They will always do the wrong and, in the end, make you feel guilty about it. They are not always truthful, and their words never match with their action.

It would be best to stay away from people who always make you feel guilty for things you did not commit. It is not healthy for you and can affect your mental health.

8. They rarely care about boundaries

This is a red flag and a sign that you should stay away from people who don’t care about your boundaries. Anyone who doesn’t care or respect your boundaries is a toxic person who wants to invade your privacy without permission.

Have you ever shared your secret with a friend, and it was exposed to the world in the end? Do you expect them to respect your boundaries and they do not? Or you notice that they often impose themselves on people without any boundaries. This is a clear sign that you should stay away from someone.

Your comfort and peace of mind are important and it won’t be great to sacrifice them for toxic people.

9. People around have warned you to stay away from someone

Your close friends and family might spot a toxic friendship/ relationship and warned you about them ahead to prevent you from falling into their trap. No one can love you better than your family, and they won’t push you into something terrible if your family has ever advised you that you are friends or dating someone toxic. It is better if you can avoid such a person for a while before it is too late.


If you are facing problems from toxic people, these are the stay away from signs you can use to warn them or cut over relationships with them;

10. Know when to say NO

Saying “No” can help you cut or deal with toxic people and set your mental right without having a conflict with them. Avoid saying “YES” to negative people’s requests, this might be hard to do, but it will help you stand on alone without necessarily having to deal with their manipulative ways.

11. Try to confront them

Try and sum up all the toxic traits that you noticed in a friendship/ relationship. How does it affect you? When did it all start? How can you stop it? Does it affect your mental health?

Let all your feelings out and let it all out to them. If they change for the better, then you can continue with the friendship/relationship, but if otherwise, then it is a sign you should stay away from someone.

Let it go

Don’t try and force any friendship/relationship. Whatever friendship/relationship you are in, always know that your mental health is always at stake, and it would be advisable to know the right person to stay with and who to let go of. A toxic person won’t change, but instead, they will always look for who to use or manipulate.

You can always look out for red flags or signs that someone is not suitable for you. They might act friendly at first and hide their true intentions, but you have to figure out who you are dealing with right before deep in a friendship/relationship. Your peace and mental health should always come first, don’t let negative people take that away from you.


1. How do I know if someone is toxic?

A toxic person will always show manipulation signs, and they will always act without feeling, only that they will act based on their needs without caring about you or your life. They might make you feel bad all in the name of them achieving their goals and nothing else.

2. How do I deal with a toxic person?

The only way to dealing with a toxic person is to learn how to say “No,” don’t let them control you, and always the moment where they play guilty card and make you feel bad. If you want to know the signs that you need to leave someone, read this 11 signs you should stay away from someone.

3. How do I know if someone is manipulating me?

Someone who is always demanding to control while hurting you is manipulating you to do their desire and biddings. Anyone that often hurts your feelings and gets happy while doing it is a manipulator.

4. How can I tell if this is love or manipulation?

Love is always healthy and often comes with happiness, but manipulation is engrossed with pain, hurting feelings while someone is happy doing it and another person is sad on the other end. If someone loves you, they won’t manipulate you.





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