13 Things to Argue About With Friends

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There are many things to argue about with friends that do not lead to friendship termination or bad blood between people. Some arguments can be had just for fun and others could be used as an opportunity to educate your friend on social issues that are affecting other people.

There are many things to argue about with friends

Most of these arguments are in good spirit and not harmful. A recent study found that people rarely argue with their friends with 57% of people saying that they rarely argue with their friends at all.

How often would you say you argue with your friends_

Source: News.gallup.com


One of the funny topics to argue about with your friends is to debate what animal makes a better pet; cats or dogs. You can get into the pros and cons of having either a cat or a dog, and even go as far as using video content online to prove your point. What pet has the best or funny or most witful video content?? This is one of the few ridiculous argument topics you can have with your friends when you are just relaxing and having fun. There are no serious implications to this argument, and at the end of the day,, you know that you are free to choose whatever pet you would personally like to have – and most importantly one you are not allergic to!

Besides, there are more animals that you can make your pet aside from cats and dogs (although they are the most popular household choices!)


Another one of the funny argument topics you can have with your friends is to play would you rather. This is a game where you give your friends a set of morally corrupt choices and ask them to choose one of them in an attempt to choose the lesser evil. There are no right or wrong answers in Would You Rather, only moral dilemmas in this fun and exciting game and the best part is you can just decide “hey, let’s debate this topic!” and you can choose any topic to debate in for as long as you want to.

Here are more question games to play with friends for inspiration.


One of the best silly argument topics to argue about with your friends is the debate of which season of the year is better; winter, summer, autumn, spring, or fall? You could back your argument up depending on weather patterns, major holidays, or even fashion trends! This is a fun silly debate questions and argument game you can have with your friends that is lightheaded and it will help you discover things you like about certain seasons of the year.


This is one of the more serious topics to debate about with friends when you are contemplating the future of society and how its citizens should be conducting themselves. There are a lot of arguments surrounding people who should be able to vote, all with massive pros and cons. For example, is it wise to let an 18-year-old18-year-old vote? What are the implications of it? Do they know enough to make informed decisions? It is important to make sure that you and your friends create a safe space where you can express your views with respect for each other and value for the other person’s beliefs. Keep an open mind on what the other person is trying to say.

Having fun topics to debate with your friends every day is easy, however, t is important that sometimes you challenge each other intellectually and discuss topics that actually have an impact on your day-to-day lives.


One of the most highly debated questions and topics amongst people of all time is politics. And it is no surprise because politics control much of our everyday lives, from the laws we abide by to the cost of living and how that affects us every day. It is no wonder, therefore, that humans will want to have such kinds of debates with friends especially when they spend much of their time with these friends. Always remember to be respectful of other people’s views when you differ in your political affiliations or views.


Another one of the most important topics to discuss with your friends is feminism and gender roles in society. This is a great discussion to have with a group of people you are just getting to know just so you can see where their head is at when it comes to advocating for women’s rights.

If this is one of the topics you debate with friends later in the friendship, make sure that you give your friends who have different views from yours (in the negative) constructive and helpful information that can help them learn more about why it is important to support the rights of women and girls and the harms that arise from ignoring these rights and exploiting women and girls.

Make sure that you align yourself with people who share your sentiments on this topic because having a friend that believes half the population on earth does not deserve basic human rights is just the same as having no friend at all.


Family is a sensitive topic for most people. There is a (false) rhetoric in society that we are supposed to love our family no matter what, even if they abused us, even when they scarred us and left us with emotional (and sometimes physical) scars. It is a touchy subject because it has two extremes and it feels like there is no middle ground; on one hand you have the absolutely family positive people who revel in everything about their family, and on the other hand we have family negative people who never (or rarely) speak well about their family.

There are a set of questions you can ask to start an argument about family dynamics with your friends. This is to get their insight on the two extreme views on family within our society and why this rhetoric is still prevalent when most of us are in the middle of the positive and negative family people. This might seem like a weird debate topic, but if done right, it will help you and your friends know each other better and bring you closer together as a unit.


This is also one of the other important topics to discuss with a group of people before you become friends with them. Actually, let us just put it out there that before you decide to make anyone your friend, it is extremely wise to vet them on where they stand vis-a-vis human rights especially the rights of the minority.


Another one of the stupid things to argue about with your friends is the old dating debate; would you date someone who was smart but ugly, or good-looking but dumb? This is one of those pointless debate topics that are fun and light-hearted and do not need much thought to be put into it when it comes to giving the answers because they have no real-life effect on anyone.

Check out these more interesting topics to talk about with friends for more content.


One of the most fun and controversial questions comes about with video games. There is a lot of misconceptions in society about people who play video games, are they lazy? More prone to violence? Unproductive? Do they suffer an addiction? The list goes on. This is a great debate topic to have with your friends as you debate the most clever and the most dumb debate questions. To make this more interesting, you can have teams- just like a real debate would. One team would argue for video games and the other team would argue against video games. And to up the ante, you can place bids on it – the team with the most convincing point wins a given sum of money contributed by everyone playing. This is a fun way to keep things interesting and highly competitive.

Here are a few signs to look out for if you think someone you know is addicted to video games and what you can do about it.


One of the other few things to debate about for fun is the universe. We exist in a world that we know too entirely little about and there are so many theories floating around about what could be happening around us at all times. Make this one of the light-hearted debate topics you have with your friends. You can discuss the multiverse theory, the existence of aliens and other life forms, time travel, the essence of space and time, the existence of different deities, and so on. These are conversations that are fun to have with friends and they could take hours to get through each topic so it is a guarantee that you and your friends will not run out of things to talk about.

You can also add to these, conspiracy theories, such as the Mandela Effect and Quantum Mortality – among others.


One of the most fun debate questions that you could enjoy debating with your friends is the old age question; who is better? DC or Marvel? You can pit the superheroes against each other in terms of powers, abilities, gadgets, and backstories – both in the comics and subsequent movies and television shows.

With television shows, you can look at production, plot, costumes, and overall storyline and character development.


And lastly, but not least, one of the other things to argue about with friends is debating the efficiency of the school system as it is. Does it serve the children and other pupils? Is it inclusive? What can be done to improve the services and make sure that the new system is inclusive of every child?


1. What are stupid debate questions?

There is no such thing as a stupid debate, what others consider smart may be considered dumb and stupid by the standard and opinions of others. The most important thing is to debate on topics that you are passionate about or ones you are willing to learn from. As long as you are having fun and learning, you can debate on every topic and don’t mind the opinions and criticisms of others.

2. Are there any fun random things to argue about with friends?

There are so many fun and random things to argue about with your friends and this article has covered some of them. For example, Marvel vs. DC, the universe and conspiracy theories, and video games are some of the best and most fun debate topics to have with your friends.


In conclusion, this article has covered some friendly debates and funny arguments that you can have with your friends in a light-hearted manner. These interesting debate topics range from playful and witty, to serious and intense – and they are all equally important to have with your friends. Some of them let you know where your friends’ heads are at when it comes to current events and human rights, while others give you insight into what comic book your friend might want for Christmas or their birthday.

Some of the arguments you can debate for hours on end while others only take a short amount of your time





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