9 Things to Make for Your Best Friend

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“Not cake, not chocolate, not a mug, and definitely not a photo album, but what else can I give my best friend?”

If you feel like you are running out of ideas for gifts to make your best friend, then you are in luck. We’ve saved you some stress by listing nine creative things to make for your best friend this year. And just in case our list isn’t enough for you, we’ve gone a step further and provided you with tips on how to decide what to make for your best friend.

“If it takes your time, attention, and effort, it is special.”

If it takes your time, attention, and effort, it is special.

Best friends are hard to find. Many people do not have friends, let alone best friends. We love that you are willing to take time and make something special for yours. Statista

Share of people stating that they had no friends in Italy, by age, 2019

Creative things to make for your best friend

Every best friend should have some sort of trophy gift from their best friends. Below are our top 9 creative things to make for your best friend.

1. Mosaic or collage gift

If you are tired of making photo albums, perhaps it’s time to change how you express yourself through pictures. Collage or mosaic art are better alternatives. We grouped these arts together because they are somewhat similar. They require you to use images or objects to paint a picture. Although making a collage is comparatively easier than mosaic, require time and attention. You might want to do this as a long-term project. The best thing about making a collage or mosaic gift is that your BFF doesn’t have to be an art fanatic to understand, appreciate, and desire its beauty. Neither do you need much experience to make something beautiful for your best friend. The only advice we can spare if you decide to make a collage or mosaic gift is to choose your design/ story/ image before looking for materials. There are tons of tutorials online to guide you through whatever pattern/ design you wish to make.

2. Friendship video compilation

Although friendship videos are popular among young people today, they are still vauable gifts. Every friendship story is uniqueness. Not many people have videos of their best friend fleeing from a bird, insect, or reptile; or their best friend trying to sit on a chair but landed on the floor? Making friendship videos will always remain relevant because it gives meaning to time spent in the past. Compiling moments you shared with your best friend over a while is one of the best things to make for your best friend as a gift. If you have no records of special moments you’ve shared with your best friend, what are you still waiting for? It’s not too late to start. A gift like this will make your best friend happy.

3. Traditional Food Buffet

Your best friend probably knows so much about your family norms and tradition, place of origin, tribe, and culture practices and values, but have they experienced that part of your life? Apart from the souvenirs, a buffet of your traditional or family dishes is one of the best things to make for your best friend during festive periods like Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter. Don’t hold back on the food! Getting your best friend to try your cultural food is part of your responsibility as a best friend, plus, it will most certainly make your best friend happy. Acculturation starts with feeding your best friend your food. So yes, we highly recommend that you make your best friend a rich buffet of your family or traditional food.

4. Personalized items

Personalizing an item goes beyond writing names, initials, or quotes on the item. Everything you know about your best friend can help you arrange a unique gift for them. For example, you can customized your friends happiest dream into a gorgeous rug, knitted blanket, duvet cover, t-shirt, journal cover, or any other valuable item. The only challenging part about making personalized gifts is finding the right seller or artist that will help you design the product. The cost might also be a factor. Customized items are one of the cutest things to make best friends, and we highly recommend them.

5. Embroidered decor

Looking for the perfect spring or wedding gift for your best friend? Embroidered items are what you should go for. They are stunning and add character to any place or person’s appearance. You can use embroidery to tell a story on materials. However, this type of art takes time to make if done by hand. The next best alternative is to use an embroidery machine. Embroidered decors are long-lasting. Your best friends can pass down this gift to their children and grandchildren if they wish. You can make embroidery designs on napkins, jeans, shirts, dresses, dining clothes, etcetera. Embroidered items top our chart of what to make your best friend this coming spring.

6. Knitted or Crocheted gift

If you can knit or crochet, wouldn’t it be a great idea to make something pretty for your best friend? Who wouldn’t want a cute hand-made bag, sweater, purse, dress, or beanies made by their best friend? Even if your best friend can afford three wardrobes with knitted items, giving her something you made yourself will mean a lot to her. Most people know the effort it takes to complete an item and therefore cannot take such a gift for granted. Knitted or crocheted items are things to make for your best friend as a long-term project. Gifts like these also last longer.

7. Jewellery

You can hardly go wrong with jewelry gifts. People love them, and we are almost certain that if you make your best friend a unique bracelet, necklace, earrings, or clothing decor, they will be happy. Make a colorful friendship bracelet or anklet instead of buying one. There are tons of tutorials to guide you through making it. A round beaded crown is also a good gift to make your best friend for her summer dress.

8. DIY Sculptures

We bet you are wondering, “how in the world will I make this…!” but believe us when we say you can make a stunning statue for your best friend right at the comfort of your home. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make many professional decors that cost $50+. Thankfully, there are lots of videos online to guide you through the process, and who knows, you could take up sculpting as a hobby. Look for videos that use white cement to sculpt fish or flowers. Or videos that use foils and metals to sculpt. These are the easiest levels of sculpting. Sculpting materials are easy to find, and you can improvise with some household utensils. Funny enough, making sculptures does not take as much time as knitting, embroidery, or making a collage. You’d be surprised that your best friend will not be able to tell that you were the one that sculpted the gift.

9. DIY Spa gifts

Spa products are some of the best things to make for your best friend and yourself. Since spa products come in various forms, you can choose to make either bath bombs, bath salts, scented candles, face masks, scented soaps, or body butter for your best friend. The good thing about making spa products by yourself is that you are at liberty to use scents that you and your best friend prefer. You can also decide the texture and shape of each product. The ingredients for making spa products are not hard to find.

How to pick what to make your best friend

Whether you want to buy a gift or make one for your best friend, the most challenging part of gift-giving is deciding what gift to give. Edibles are usually the first gift choice for many people, and we understand why. It is their attempt to give gifts that they think the recipient will less likely be disappointed with. That’s why chocolates, wine, and snacks are at the top of many gift charts. However, sometimes, we experience the urge to give more than just edibles or random gifts. This urge pushes us to look out for unique, irresistible, and beneficial items to give the recipient. Sadly, figuring out what the item will be can feel like scratching a nasty rash inside one’s brain. That gift can be easy to find if you;

1. Use what you know about the recipient to identify a gift. The information you have about the recipient is very crucial in gift-giving. If you wish to give a valuable gift to a person, recognize their likes, dislikes, fantasies, dreams, hobbies, status, and needs. Merge this information with their personality and values and notice that a gift begins to take shape in your mind.

For example;

  • Your best friend told you about an item given to her by a family member but can no longer find the item. If she described this item in detail, a replica of that item could be the perfect thing to make for your best friend.
  • If you and your BFF have been besties for less than a year, a gift that will make your best friend happy is something that tells her that she is part of your family. A traditional attire or a buffet of your traditional food or family recipe are a few of the nicest things to make your best friend.
  • Your friend is starting his life alone. He has decent furniture but not much. You know it will take him a while to properly set up his place because he has discussed his financial situation with you a few times. A unique piece of art or furniture is a thing to make for your best friend.

2. Consider the prevailing situation if you want your gift to be relevant. Some people give good presents at the wrong time. Wrong timing is also a thing in gift-giving.

  • Your best friend is going through a rough time because people are making fun of his weight. It has made him self-conscious and affected his confidence when he eats in public. Presenting him with a ticket to a food festival might not be a great idea.

3. Your skillset. If you want to make something for your best friend, you need to ask yourself if you will be able to make it yourself or if you will need someone else’s expertise. If you have the expertise, then sure! Friends love it when their friends use their skills to do something nice for them. If you are a good seamstress, furniture maker, artist, writer, or whatever your expertise might be, you will make your best friend happy when you try out your new piece of work on them or bless them with your skill. For example, if you have a skincare brand, you might decide to make a unique scent skincare product just for your friend alone.

4. Your contact or connection can play a vital role in deciding what to make for your best friend. They are valuable for their ideas, skills, and access to other people with valuable skills. It is always a good idea to have friends and acquaintances with a range of skills. You can decide to pick a friend with a particular skill set and ask them to make something unique for your best friend while you pay them for their services. The good thing about using your friends is that you get special privileges that other customers will.


1. What can I make my best friend for birthday?

  • Make her some spa products like scented candles and soap and add some goodies to the package.
  • Make her embroidered gifts for summer
  • Friendship bracelets are still cute
  • A buffet of your family recipes or your traditional meals
  • Beautiful sculptures of goldfish or flowers for home decorations
  • Personalized gifts like laptop covers, diaries, and hoodies


The above recommendations are for people that wish to make something different from putting together a box of chocolate or snacks, painting mugs, and looking for what to write on cards. We’re confident your best friend will love anything you decide to make our list.





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