25 Fun Things to Do for Your 13th Birthday

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It is only fitting that you look for fun things to do for your 13th birthday because you need to enter this new stage of your life with a bang. This is the beginning of quite a number of changes in your life which makes this day a big deal; such a big deal that your friends need to remember it for some time.

There are several things you can do on this day, from going out to celebrate to throwing a themed party at home; whatever the case, it should be something that you see yourself enjoying and not what you think others will enjoy because this day is not for others, it is for you.

There are several things you can do on this day

With that in mind, this article will discuss several ideas for what you can do on this day, and you can then suggest them to your parents. Remember that budget considerations might affect what kind of day you have, so don’t be too hard on your parents if they can’t afford some of the things you suggest.

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11 Things to do for 13th Birthday Party

1. Pool Party

An excellent idea to celebrate turning 13 is to throw a pool party with your family and friends. Of course, this would most likely work if you have a pool. However, if you don’t, you could consider suggesting to your parents that you go to a waterpark with friends and family to celebrate this big day.

2. Party with Pizza

Here is another excellent thing to do for a 13th birthday party because, let’s face it, pizza is life. So why not make this life-giving food the subject of your party. You could get your parent/ guardian to order a bunch of pizza, invite some friends over, eat, and have a good time in the company of those you are comfortable with.

3. Costume/ Masquerade Party

When it comes to cool birthday party ideas, this one is right up there on the list. Make your birthday fun by telling your guests to dress up as characters under a specific theme, such as superheroes, and watch as you celebrate your 13th with the Avengers.

4. Paintball Party

With a paintball party, you already have a great idea for 13th birthday if you are into stuff like that. A paintball party could be a lot of fun as you run around with family and friends, get into teams, and paint your people with different colors. You can then have some snacks and drinks to close out the day when you are done.

5. Karaoke/ Music Party

Here is an awesome 13th birthday party idea – a night of music. You could choose to have a karaoke party where your guests try to sing along to their favorite songs, or you could simply have a music party with lots of light and music. You could even throw it in the garage, where you can darken the place up, hang up some neon lights, and let the party get started.

6. Glamor Party

This is more a 13 year old birthday party idea for girls rather than boys, but it can still apply to either. The basic idea is that you and your friends get a makeover for the day from professional designers and makeup artists and then have a photoshoot afterward to capture how great you look.

7. Video Game Party

A 13th birthday celebration that is literally a gathering to play video games sounds like a good deal. The wonderful thing is that this serves as a girls/boy 13th bday party as playing video games has gained immense publicity. Simply invite your friends over, set up some gaming systems – you can ask your friends to lend you theirs if you feel one won’t be enough – and have some fun playing games with them.

8. Glow in the Dark Party

A bit more of an extravagant 13th birthday party idea, this has the makings of a great party with no shortage of fun and all-round happiness. You could transform the garage or any other room in the house into something darker and then watch a gathering of friends turn into a color party, except with lights.

9. No Theme Party

If you don’t want anything too fancy yet want to have some fun, you could throw a party with no specific theme. You could just get some snacks and drinks, have some good music playing in the background, and invite some friends. Some might not see this as one of the best 13th birthday party ideas out there, but as long as you have fun with your friends, then it is a good 13th birthday party idea.

10. Movie Party

After-School Activities of Teenagers

According to the graph above by Berna, a lot of teenagers watch movies in their free time. Tap into that and give your friends the red carpet movie premiere treatment by inviting them to a movie party.

This birthday party idea for a 13 year old could be pretty fun with the right ideas. For instance, invitation cards that look like VIP invites; a red carpet at the entrance to your house with a backdrop if possible for some nice pictures, some snacks, drinks, and a great movie selection, would make this one of the most fun things to do for your 13th birthday.

11. Barbecue Party

There are several great sayings about birthday parties, and one of them is: when in doubt, throw yourself a barbecue party. This is because barbecue parties have a reputation for creating good vibes and fun times. Be sure to find out if any of your friends are vegetarians so you can make necessary preparations for them.

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7 Games for 13th Birthday Party

12. Red Rover

Here is a fun 13th birthday party activity that is sure to keep you entertained. In this game, you and your friends are to form two lines where you would face each other. These lines represent teams, and the first team will call a name on the second team. That person will then rush towards the first team, trying to escape through the line. If they succeed, they go back to their team but have to join the first team if they fail. The winner is the team that gets everyone to join them.

13. Obstacle Race

You could go for a good ol’ fashioned obstacle race as a birthday party activity for 13 year olds where you try to get to the end of an obstacle course. The ideas for obstacles that either you or your parents have should be tailored to the amount of space available and the budget.

14. Ballon Dare

A balloon dare can be an entertaining activity for a 13 year old birthday party, and it involves putting a dare into a balloon and blowing it up. Guests will then have to pick a random balloon and pop it, and they have to perform the dare you put in the balloon because you are the celebrant and your word is law.

15. Truth, Truth, Lie

In this game, the objective is to see who can spot a lie the best. When guests come, they will take a card and write down three facts relating to themselves. One of those facts must be a lie. When the game starts, each person will take turns reading out their facts, and the person who guesses the highest number of lies is the winner.

16. What Song Is It

Here is a game that tests how well your guests know different songs. You can compile a playlist, and from this playlist, play a few seconds of the song – you can simply play the beat or play a part of the song that would confuse players, such as the middle – and see who guesses it right the most.

17. Battle of the Oranges

This fun game involves two players. These players will face each other while holding an orange on a mixing spoon. The objective is to knock off the orange that the opponent holds from their spoon while ensuring that theirs remains on the spoon. You can spice it up by having different rounds with winners going onto the next round until a finale.

18. Marshmallow Toss

How well can you throw? That is the objective of this game that requires a team of two people. Have your guests pick a partner to play this game with. One of the partners will be a thrower, and the other will be a catcher. The thrower gets a specified amount of marshmallows which they have to throw into the catcher’s mouth from at least 5 feet away. The team that gets the most marshmallows into the catcher’s mouth wins.

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7 Ideas for 13th Birthday

19. Skating

If you want to know what to do on your 13th birthday, might we suggest you go skating? This is a great activity to perform with friends that many people have sincere fun engaging in, and we have little doubt that you will enjoy it as well, so hit up some friends and hit the skating rink. Adult supervision might be needed, so talk to your parents or guardians first.

20. Bowling

A fun 13th birthday idea would be to take the clique and head on down to the bowling alley to see who is the master of the bowl. Your friends would surely enjoy the casual yet entertaining nature of this activity, and because it is your birthday, the bowling gods are sure to smile upon you and make you “king of the bowl.”

21. Concert / Sports Event

Here’s a special 13th birthday idea – an outdoor event such as a concert or a sporting event. If you have an artist that you like that is performing somewhere, or there is a music festival that you would like to go to, you could suggest that as what to do for your 13th birthday to your parent/ guardian and see if they can take you. You never know, you could make a road trip out of it.

And if you instead are one of those teenagers who prefer sports, you could swap the concert for a live sporting event such as a baseball, football, or basketball match.

22. Laser tag

If someone were to ask me, “where should I go for my 13th birthday?” It is a great activity to engage with multiple people, which is made all the more fun by laser tag arenas having packages that allow them to be completely rented out for a birthday; that way, the event can be kept public or private for just you and your friends.

23. Go Karting

Go Karting is definitely part of the top five fun things to do for your 13th birthday. You get to drive around without a license and race with friends to see who has a future in motorsport. It has all the makings of a great day.

24. Theme Park

Theme parks will probably never go out of style and can be a great place to spend your 13th birthday. You can check out all the attractions with friends and fully immerse yourself in the whole experience for a genuinely wholesome birthday.

25. Indoor Rock Climbing

If you don’t mind a little physical activity, then our answer to how to celebrate a 13th birthday party for you would be indoor rock climbing. It isn’t too hard, yet it is just challenging enough to ensure that you have some fun while sweating a little. If it is your first time engaging in indoor rock climbing, be prepared for a bit of awkwardness at first that will quickly pass.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do for my 13th birthday in lockdown?

  • Games night with the family
  • Movie/ Netflix marathon while on facetime with friends
  • Treat yourself to an indoor spa day
  • Karaoke night
  • Indoor obstacle course

What can you do when you’re 13?

Sadly there isn’t much legal difference between a person turning 13 and those less than that age in the eyes of the law. Socially speaking, however, you will gain more responsibilities and probably more freedom from parents and others in society such as teachers, who will expect you to act more grown-up.

Is 13 considered a milestone birthday?

Many people consider 13 to be a milestone birthday because this is when one is officially labeled a teenager, which means that they are now one step closer to being an adult.

Final thoughts

You don’t have to stick to one activity or party type so feel free to mix them up if you want to for a truly remarkable experience. For the games, feel free to include a prize if you can as that would really make things more exciting.

You also need to know that there is nothing wrong with just choosing to hang out with friends on your special day instead of engaging in different events. The main thing is that you have fun because it is your day.





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