8 Ideas on What to Do When Your Husband Is Talking to Another Woman

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You need to know what to do when your husband is talking to another woman when you see the signs that he is talking to another woman or having a crush on another woman. These signs can be glaring to those who know them. Some persons may be in the dark as they may not understand these signs, leading to a breakup. Here are the reasons why you may need this;

Do these reasons resonate with why you are here? State any other reason you may have in the comment section. Before you begin to use the tips in this article on what to do when your husband is talking to another woman, you will need to be sure he is talking to another woman.


  • He spends time on the phone so long talking to the same person or number
  • He has emotionally distanced himself from you
  • He locks his social media accounts so you cannot access them
  • This particular number texts intimate messages to him
  • He is always excited and happy when he is ta; talking to her
  • He is taking more selfies and putting more effort into his appearance
  • They hardly have time for you now but are always on the phone
  • He is sending cash to the said woman
  • He is telling more lies about who he is talking to and where he has been
  • He is becoming less concerned about what you do or where you have been
  • He limits or prevents you from touching his belongings
  • Sex doesn’t feel like it anymore; he is drifting apart gradually
  • Your gut is suspicious of his activities


If you have any of the above signs, then it is time to practice this idea. You will learn here about what to do when your husband is talking to another man;


Find out who this other woman is; “when my husband keeps talking about another woman, I try to find out who she is. Knowing her will help me detect why my husband is talking to her. There are many reasons why a husband is talking to another woman;

  • For business purposes, yes, she may be a business associate, and for this reason, they may need to communicate more often. This is a good reason why my husband talks to another woman every day.
  • He may have a credit card problem or a tax or billing problem and needs help to get a solution. This could be the reason why my husband is chatting with another woman. This is not bad as it’s useful and good for the family.
  • He is cheating; this is another reason my husband may be talking to another woman every day on the phone. This is not a good reason, but knowing who she is in each scenario will help you decide on your next action.”

I may need to do a little detective work to get the right information about this person and why my husband is talking to her.


Now that I have checked her out, I will need to ask him who she is. Knowing the kind of husband I have, I should be able to understand what to expect;

  • Is he a liar? If my husband talks to another woman on the phone, do you think he will tell me the truth about her? A liar will find a way to close the case by telling you what you want to hear. He definitely cannot be trusted; why do women marry men they can’t trust?
  • Is he a cunny and smart person? Well, he may try to avoid the question by asking you a question or changing the subject every time you raise the topic. This could make it hard for one to learn anything about the said woman.
  • Or he may be an honest man with a good intention; here, he will tell you the truth about the woman. Are you ready for this truth?

Before asking your husband about the woman he is always talking to, you may need to be in the right frame of mind; do not ask in anger or draw your conclusion yet, even though you may have a clue. Remember he is yet to say anything; have an open mind, be ready to see it from his perspective; anything outside this would mean you have already drawn judgment without hearing him out.


Now that you have raised the issue to him and he has given you an explanation, he knows now that you know that he is talking to another woman. Then it’s time to tell him how you feel and see his reaction. If my husband loves another woman, it’s only right that I tell him how that makes me think.


You will indeed be patient now that you know what he is up to and have given him the chance to explain, plus you have told him how you feel. Be patient and wait; your words may have touched him deeply that he may want to change for good. Or maybe your comments have made him realize what is important. Patiently wait and watch his behavior from henceforth; he may gradually stop picking her calls or stop abruptly.


You can do this by treating him better and showing him more love. The memories of your love are still there, make it fresh by;

  • going on a vacation with him
  • spending more fun time with him
  • Being creative in the bedroom
  • Reliving the things you both did in the past
  • Paying him surprise visits at work
  • Sending him love messages more often
  • Calling him on the phone and discussing romantic stuff with him.

The more you keep him busy and excited, the more he will forget her; this is part of what to do when your husband is talking to another woman.


You already know about the other woman. Hope you found out about what she is doing that has made him fall for her? You could learn a thing or two from her. If she is a career woman and you are a stay-at-home mum, what does that tell you? Maybe he met you as a career woman, and now kids have happened, and you had to sacrifice work for home. As wrong as he may be, can you wake the career woman part of you that you had to let go of for the sake of the kids? so this may be the right time to go back to being a career woman. There may be other things you can learn from what you know about the other woman? It helps you understand what your husband wants. If my husband always looks at other women, I will need to know what they look like that is different or similar to what I look like; this way, I can detect what he is craving.


If my husband was talking to another woman on the phone for so long and always, after talking to him about it and I realize my husband has feelings for another woman; I would need to find out his decision about it all since I am not willing to have him continue to cheat on me. This is one of the reasons for many divorces; cheating on your partner and being okay with it. His decision can only go thus;

  • “I am sorry, I love this other woman, and I am not going to leave her for you.”
  • I am sorry I cheated you; I will cut off from talking to this woman because I want to be faithful to you; please forgive me.
  • “ I have nothing to do with this woman, she is just my friend, and I will not break up with her even if you want me to.”

Whatever decision he makes will help me decide what my next step will be; if he accepts his mistake and asks for forgiveness while promising to remain faithful onwards, I might need to select to forgive him and continue with the marriage or relationship or not. If he chooses to be with the other woman, it may be time to quit.


Now that h has decided to either;

  • Change and continue to fight for your love
  • Choose the other woman and let you go
  • Or continue his infidelity with no possibility of changing.

You will also need to make your decisions based on what he decided; this decision of yours could be;

  • Forgive him and continue to love him or act as if nothing happened.
  • Let him go to his mistress since he decided to be with her.
  • Refuse to let go no matter his decision.

Whatever you decide, do consider your mental and social health as well as those involved directly or indirectly; your spouse, the children, your parents, etc.

The future of a marriage after an affair is entirely reliant on how both partners deal with the situation. These life-changing occurrences have a way of prompting the most honest and in-depth conversations between two people in a relationship. Of course, this is contingent on both parties’ willingness to put in the effort required to restore the situation.

Below is the result of a study on what percentage of couples stay together after infidelity, check out the result below;

What Percent of Couples Stay Together After Infidelity_

You may also like how to reconcile with your ex-wife after divorce.


1. Is it OK for a married man to text another woman?

Married or single, it’s okay for one to text another as long as the text is not life-threatening or a form of cheating.

2. How do you know if your husband is thinking of another woman?

He will spend more time on the phone with her. Or chat with her more often; he may also talk about her very frequently and spend time with her.

3. How do you come to terms with a cheating husband?

Not everyone will come to terms with a cheating husband. Some would prefer to quit the marriage or separate, while some may be okay with being married to a cheat.

4. What do you do when your husband flirts with another woman?

Your husband is an adult who should know the right behavior; you may need to talk to him about flirting with other women. Tell him how you feel about his flirtatious behavior; he may stop it if you do not agree to it.

5. How do I get my husband to stop talking to another woman?

Talk to him, tell him how you feel about it. You can also ask him to stop. Find out who the other woman is, hear what he wants to say about her, have an open mind about it, and decide what your next action will be after that.

6. Should I confront the woman my husband is texting?

Please don’t! The woman owes you nothing, but your husband owes you loyalty, love, and faithfulness. You should rather confront your husband about his cheating habit.

7. Is talking to another man cheating?

Talking to another man cannot be cheating except you are married, and you spend more time talking to the other man about things you shouldn’t be talking about; romantic and sexting or even a sexual video between you and the other man. This is cheating.

8. Is texting another woman considered cheating?

This can only be considered cheating if what you talk about is against the vows you took in marriage.


What to do when your husband is talking to another woman are a series of steps you need to take to help you resolve issues that have to do with; your husband having feelings for another woman, your husband spending time on the phone with another woman, and other cheating related issues. This article is a must-read for all married women.





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