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Gifts for Brides from Maid of Honor

Has the bride chosen you to be her right-hand on one of the biggest days of her life? Congratulations! Your gal pal has shown you just how much she cares about you. Now it’s time to think of ways to return that honor. Luckily, as a maid of honor, you’ll have all the opportunities in the world to do something special for your bestie. We are not talking only about your daily duties for the bachelorette party and the wedding. Sure, it’s your personal duty to ensure everything goes right and ease the stress for your best friend. However, you might want to do something a little more special. Something that will tell the bride how much you appreciate the gesture of making you her maid of honor. In a word, you want to surprise her with a gift!

Gifts for brides from maid of honor have to be well thought out, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you’re going to get a present, make sure it’s something special that will knock her off her feet. We’re talking about your bestie who is getting married! You want to make everything about her on the big day and make the wedding even more enjoyable. Yes, that’s actually possible if you make her feel special with a well-thought-out gift. Now, that’s not as easy as it seems. We know how hard it is to fulfill all the duties as a maid of honor. You have to have everything under control and fix small to big crises as they occur, so the bride can be relaxed. Thinking about gifts, on top of all other duties, seems like an impossible task. Luckily, you have us to help you out! We made a list of the best gifts for brides from maid of honor one can find at the market. You’ll surely find at least two of them that will make your bestie happy. We hope that will save you some time and effort, and let you get back to your regular maid-of-honor duties. Enjoy!

Before you get to our suggestions, we would like to mention a few things:

  • Don’t stress too much about choosing a gift. Your job is to ease the stress for the bride, not add more, so be calm and try not to overthink things.
  • Your bestie will surely appreciate every present, because it’s the thought that matters.
  • Listen carefully to your friend. Maybe she already hinted to you what she needs, and all you have to do is remember.

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SWAROVSKI Women’s Bella Pierced Earrings

Let’s be honest here. Every woman has at least two to three pairs of earrings. It’s just a classic jewelry piece that can’t be overlooked. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them as a gift. Earrings are always welcomed in every jewelry box because we just can’t get enough of them. That is especially true for those pairs that are classy and come from a reliable brand. Who could turn down these Swarovski crystals? Nobody, we say, and we are sure your friend will adore them! She can match this classic piece of jewelry with every outfit and wear them wherever she goes. She can even try them out at the bachelorette party you’re throwing for her! It just doesn’t go better than this!

Casual and glamorous at the same time, these earrings are rhodium plated. The crystals are clear, beautiful, and of the highest quality. They shine with the brilliance of the Swarovski trademark. That’s exactly why you will easily wow the bride-to-be with this pair of earrings. You can even write her a card that would say something like “These earrings are almost just as extraordinary as you are”. There’s no mistake with this combination!



Swarovski earrings are a marvelous accessory that every bride-to-be would be lucky to have. They are simple yet elegant, so they’ll surely draw attention and put a spotlight on the bride!

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds Luggage

Is your friend ready for her honeymoon? If she started with the preparations, then she could definitely use this suitcase! Kenneth Cole Reaction luggage is durable and lightweight. It is made in just the right size. It’s small enough to fit the carry-on category but big enough to accommodate everything you need for trips and weekend getaways! It looks very stylish, while still being functional and useful! Multi-directional wheels make movements in any direction so you can easily go over almost any terrain. The retractable handle allows absolute control and more maneuverability! There is even a handle on the side for easy grabbing.

While this might not be the typical bridal gift from maid of honor, it is very useful and we’re sure your friend will appreciate it. There are a lot of gifts for someone who likes to travel out there on the market, but the suitcase is always number one on the list! Your friend will be relieved to have the most important thing covered for her trip, especially if she’s overwhelmed with the planning. Your job is to make things easier for her, and giving her this suitcase is a step in the best direction!



Traveling will be easier with a quality suitcase and Kenneth Cole's luggage is just that, a durable and solid companion on any occasion! She can carry many things with her on the honeymoon thanks to this beautiful suitcase. That’s why she’s surely have the time of her life!

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Bifold Zip Coin Wallet

Speaking of travel, one more quality item on the honeymoon list is definitely a wallet. You can’t let your friend go on her spousal travel with an old, worn-out wallet, right? That’s why you’ll want to get her this one coming from Michael Kors!

This wallet is large enough to fit everything your friend might need, but still small enough  to go inside the purse and not be in the way! It has one zip coin pocket and one compartment for bulkier stuff. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention how stylish it looks. Your friend is going to love it. It just has everything you’re hoping to find when it comes to wallets, right?



Wallets are essential in everyday life, but also on travels. You need a secure place to keep your cash and cards, and this leather wallet is exactly that!

Bride Gift For Wedding Day From Maid Of Honor Bridesmaids, Coffee Mug White Fine Bone China

If you would rather get something cute, go with sentimental gifts for bride from maid of honor rather than practical ones! Although sometimes, you can go both, just like with the coffee mug. This particular one is stylish and unique. It will bond you with your friend because it has this cute picture of two girls, bride and maid of honor, hugging. With this mug she’ll have something that reminds her of you and the special role you played in her wedding.

This coffee mug is made of high-quality ceramics. Bone china is the strongest of the porcelain or china ceramics! The coffee mug has an easy-grip handle and print on both sides. The printing is done with care and quality machines, so the picture won’t fade that easily. On top of that, It’s lighter and thinner than an ordinary ceramic mug!



Most people start their day with coffee. As different brews of coffee come and go, depending on the mood, it’s the coffee mug that stays a constant and enriches our day. This coffee mug is simple and authentic, and because of it every sip of coffee will matter! That’s why this is a perfect and a thoughtful gift for a best friend!

NINE WEST Women’s Pruce Suede Heeled Sandal

If you’re looking for unique gifts for bride from maid of honor, these wonderful sandals are for you! Sure, everyone loves stylish shoes, but these are not just ordinary ones you can find anywhere! The Nine West sandals are very comfortable and they fit perfectly. They won’t cause any soreness common to high heels, so your friend can wear them anytime. She can even wear them on her wedding day because they go perfectly with any clothing combination! There is a large pallet of color to choose from, but we recommend black or beige. It’s best to stick with the classics for her important day!



Ankle strap sandals are a necessity in every girl’s life. Simple and elegant, these classic sandals are perfect for every occasion, so you won’t be wrong to give a gift like that!

Boston Cocktail Shaker Set 18/8 Stainless Steel Bartender Kit

Tasteful and fun, this bartender kit will be perfect for your friend! She can learn new recipes and try out drinks. The set is made of stainless steel which guarantees that your friend is going to use this kit for a long time! The material is sturdy and resistant to rust. It also proves to be very easy to clean. All these features add to the overall high durability of the set. Boston cocktail set contains: an 18 and 28 oz. shaker, double jigger, spring cocktail strainer, mixing spoon, cocktail muddler, ice tong, recipes, greeting card, and an 18 months warranty! Your friend definitely won’t be needing something extra for making drinks, because this set has everything!

Boston Cocktail kit is made for enjoyment with friends! For example, the bachelorette party can be upgraded with making your own drinks! Don’t stress about staying indoors anymore. Even if you and your friend are from a small place, there are so many fun things to do in a small town with friends. Make the nights memorable, and this bartender kit is just a start!



You need quality gear to make those margaritas at a bachelorette party, right? The Boston cocktail shaker set is fun and chic, and perfect for home parties. The hostess and bride-to-be will surely wow her guests with this set!

Calvin Klein Sandra Goat Leather Boxy Satchel

You know your friend will love this satchel but it’s not the most typical gift for a bride! Nevertheless you can be sure that this satchel will be useful for your friend on the honeymoon and beyond. Calvin Klein is a designer known for making elegant, minimalistic, and modern pieces of clothing and accessories. The leather satchel like this is timeless so you can be sure your friend will use it for a long time.

Calvin Klein purse is made of top quality leather and has a polyester lining. It’s spacious and has a snap instead of a zipper, which makes the bag even more elegant. The texture is luxurious and the available colors are black, beige, and bright yellow. The choice is all yours; you can opt for classics or be a bit bolder and try out that tempting bright yellow!



If you’re looking for a gift that comes from a reliable brand, so you can surprise your bestie with a luxurious item, look no further! Calvin Klein guarantees style and luxury as well as top quality.


By now, we’re sure you have plenty of ideas about what should the maid of honor get the bride! With our suggestions, you can find both unique and practical gifts. We understand that you want everything to be perfect for the bride, so you can relieve all the possible stress for her and make her feel special. That’s why we picked the products that are not only a rare find but also very useful from daily situations to once-in-lifetime honeymoon events.

It’s not easy to plan a wedding! There are so many things to do, from sending invitations to ordering food and drinks, that something can go wrong in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it’s completely understandable why the stress on the bride’s and groom’s backs is of the playground size. They want (read need) for this day to be perfect! Although you might not be able to fix everything that might go wrong, you can do one thing – be there for the bride! It’s what maid of honors do, right? You’re a bride’s right-hand and you should help however you can. Is there any better way to start than picking some of these gifts for brides from maid of honor?







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