Gifts for Caregivers of the Elderly

6 Amazing Gifts for Caregivers of the Elderly

Caregivers have one of the most selfless yet stressful jobs. They love and care for the elderly and look after every move they do and make sure they stay clean, well-fed and as comfortable as possible.

As you can see this is a lot of work for one to handle and that’s why caregivers deserve recognition and appreciation for all the effort they put and what better way than coming up with caregiver appreciation gifts to say thank you to your caregiver every now and then.

Caregivers can be looking after anyone who needs help with their everyday life activities such as eating, washing up, grooming themselves and so on. Caregivers are needed for dependent individuals whether they are dependent because of their old age or any illness that cripples them to a certain level ( cancer patients, Alzheimer’s patients, etc. In this article, we will be focusing on gifts for caregivers of the elderly. This caregiver can either be a professional caregiver or a family member who volunteered to take care of an elderly relative and look after all of their needs and wants.

Gifts are a great way to express how thankful and grateful you are to your caregiver and how much you appreciate all that they do for your elderly family member.

You can wait for a certain occasion like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year to give an appreciation gift to your caregiver. If you want you can just give it to them any time during the year to encourage them and let them know that you acknowledge all their help and are grateful to have them looking after your elderly relative.

In this article, we have split our gift suggestion into three categories:

1. The first one is the self-care category. In this category, we have focused on gifts that will help your caregiver take care of themselves better, whether it is during their work hours or in their free time. We have listed out a gourmet gift basket, a pedicure set, and very comfortable pyjamas to choose from.

2. The second option is you can go for practical gifts that will help make them a bit more organised in their job or simplify their tasks for them. Simplifying a caregiver’s difficult job even if it is a little bit can be beneficial for them in the long run. Gifts in this category include a multifunctional notebook or a pack of coffee pods from the best coffee roasters.

3. Services: Instead of coming up with a physical preset to surprise your caregiver with you can choose to give them a service as a present. It could either be a week/month-long lunch/dinner catering service, so they don’t have to worry about preparing their own meals on top of looking after your elderly relative. You can choose other services too to suit you depending on the caregiver and your budget.

Below are carefully picked list of gifts for caregivers to choose from along with their pros and cons, and a short review/summary:

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Self-care gifts for Caregivers

1. Full Pedicure Tool Kit

Long working hours and energy-demanding jobs like caregiving to the elderly many times means that the caregiver doesn’t have enough time or energy to take good care of themselves. The feet can be harmed the most by such self-neglect they are exposed to the most dirt and bacteria and can have dirt built up there faster than most of the other body parts. This easily portable and complete pedicure set can be a life-changing gift to any caregiver who can’t go to the nail spa. She/he can use the tools anywhere to make sure their feet are always clean and well pampered.


  • The set includes every tool needed
  • All the tools are made of stainless steel
  • Can be used for indoor and outdoor use
  • Equipped with a waterproof storage bag
  • Safe for use on wet or dry skin


  • The toolset doesn’t have enough details explaining what some of the tools do

Customers who have purchased this pedicure kit have fallen in love with how portable this pedicure set is. You can use it anywhere, and it includes every tool that is used in the professional salons so you will have pampered feet anywhere, anytime.

2. Caregiver Gourmet Gift Basket

This gourmet gift basket is packed with Chocolate delicacies and other tasty gourmet foods that are of very high quality. Also, there is a journal included in the gift basket for the caregiver to organise their schedule in it or to write down notes along the line. The gift basket is so well packaged that it can be presented as a gift during the holidays or any other special occasion.


  • It is filled with a wide variety of good quality treats
  •  Has a pen set included
  • It has a free gift message for you to write your heartfelt left


  • Not a good gift idea for caregivers with nut allergies

This gourmet gift basket is so well decorated and packaged, making it one of the most beautiful Christmas gifts for caregivers or for any occasion that makes you think you may need an aesthetically pleasing gift.

3. Woman Collar Pyjama Set

This extremely comfy set of pyjamas can be the perfect gift for a caregiver as it can keep her comfy and warm anytime whether it is during work or when they are off duty. These pyjamas are made of quality material and come at an affordable price and are one of the most thoughtful thank you gifts for caregivers. The pyjamas can be easily washed in the washing machine and do not need any special detergents or so. These pyjamas come in different sizes to choose from too.


  • It is washing machine friendly
  • It has pockets in the trousers
  • Nice simple pattern


  • Some buyers found the pants to be a bit too long
  • The pyjamas are only for women

Consumers who purchased this pyjama are delighted with the quality for the price and are happy with how comfortable the pyjamas are and the fact that you can wear it any time of the day at home.

Practical gifts for Caregivers

4. A Caregiver’s Logbook

This journal is the ultimate gift to give to a caregiver to make their every task to document all the different tasks the caregiver has to do while looking after the elderly for three months. It could be a little time consuming to fill out all the segments in the notebook at first, but after that, it will make monitoring everyday tasks very much easier for the caregiver. It also comes with a calendar for the caregiver to schedule all the important events like doctor appointments.


  • You can log in as many information as you like
  • The journal is extremely organised
  • It comes in a  compact size
  • It also has space for extra notes and customisable charts


  • It might be a bit complicated to navigate at first

Customers of this journal said that it had been a lifesaver for keeping tabs on all their tasks and helped them make sure they don’t miss on anything important throughout the day to do for your elderly relative.

5. Victor Allen’s Variety Brewers Package (42 servings)

The work nature of caregivers can be tiring at times and will need them to be at their highest attentiveness from the start of the day till the end of it. Therefore, gifting your caregiver a pack of four different collections of coffee is a useful and thoughtful gift idea for any occasion. You can select from  two different packages ( 42 servings and 96 servings) to give to your caregiver. The best thing about this gift is it is that your caregiver will be able to choose between several coffee flavors, so it will not get boring for them. The four flavors in the pack are Donut shop blend, 100% Colombian, French roast, and the morning blend.


  • Can pick between two different packages
  • 100% gluten free and Non-GMO
  • Packed in single serve coffee pods


  • Not a suitable gift for people who don’t consume caffeine

Most customers love this variety brewers package and think it is a creative gift for anyone who consumes coffee on a regular basis. The best part is that the coffee is already put in pods, and each pod is the amount needed for one cup of coffee. This will save the caregiver time and hassle of making coffee anytime during the day.

6. Pill Organiser with an Alarm Clock

If your caregiver has a lot of medications to give to your elderly relative, then this pill organiser is one of the best gifts for caretakers. The caregiver will be able to put all the medications needed in the organiser, and the timer is going to ring to remind them to give the medication. This will definitely reduce the stress on the caregiver because they wouldn’t have to worry about missing the elderly relative’s medication. The organiser can hold up pills for a week, and it is 4 inches big, so it is compact but still not small enough to easily get lost.


  • Made out of non-toxic materials
  • Made from durable materials that can endure high temperature and pressure
  • The alarm is easy to set up
  • Easy to carry in handbags


  • Some reviewers said that the instructions provided are not very clear

This pill organiser can be used by any caregiver that has a lot of pills to give to your elderly relative. It is spacious enough to put enough drugs in each compartment. Customers who have bought have said that it is a very innovative and functional gift for anyone who has pills to take and needs to be reminded of them throughout the day.

Services for caregivers

Food Delivery:

Food delivery service is a much needed nonphysical gift to give to a caregiver, especially through stressful times like when the responsibilities of your caregiver increases or when you think they are going through rough times.

Covering the meals for your caregiver is going to give them extra time to do other things like practice their hobbies, spend more time looking after themselves or maybe try to exercise. You can choose to give them food delivery for a week or a few days or even for a month. Try to ask about their taste in food and their favourite cuisine before picking the restaurant or kitchen that will be preparing the dishes. Also makes sure you are aware of the allergies of the caregiver’s might.

Spa Appointment

A little extra self-care every now and then is essential for anyone to make them feel refreshed and reset and helps clear out their minds. If you think what is a nice present to get a caregiver that is not physical, then go for a spa gift package. It is a gift suitable for male and female caregivers. The gift package can be given on any occasion but make sure you provide the package to the caregiver at a time when the caregiver might not have a workload so that they will be able to enjoy their package without disrupting their work routine.

Caregivers play a massive role in the lives of the people that they are around and deserve to be thanked every now and then for all the work they do for the ones we love the most. These caregiver gifts will make your caregiver feel appreciated and do their job more productively whether it is the encouragement boost that the gifts give them or the actual functionality of the gift making their job easier for them.







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