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Gifts for Someone Who doesn’t Know What They Want

We know it’s hard to find gifts for someone who doesn’t know what they want. If they don’t know what they want, how can you? Sometimes all you need is a little input from a person who is standing far away, watching the situation more objectively than you. That’s why we are here, to guide you, and give you some ideas. People often say they want nothing and yet you want to surprise them. You want to make them feel special and express your feelings through gifts. But which ones? Although there’s no such thing as a ’bad gift’, there’s that moment of slight disappointment when you give someone something they don’t like. If you are to avoid that, why not do a little research?

What research, you may ask? Well exactly this what you’re doing right now. Look for different opinions and ideas and see what is out there. It can happen that your friend literally has everything and say he/she doesn’t want anything. What to get a man who wants nothing then? You need to think outside of the box, observe, notice what they might need. Maybe they don’t need anything in particular, but surely you can think of something that would make them happy. So, continue to our suggestions and you’ll most certainly find something special for your friend, partner, or any other significant person in your life.

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Quick Overview: Gifts For Someone Who Doesn’t Want Anything

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 12W Stereo Sound

If your indecisive friend is a music lover, think no more. Everyone needs to blow off some steam, so why not do it with singing out loud and dancing. You will, however, need quality speakers to do that! Anker Soundcore Speaker is just the right thing. You’ll be buying a gift that you can enjoy together with a friend you’re going to surprise, or with a few other friends.

This kind of speaker is a good investment in the long run. It’s protected from outdoor threats like rain, dust, and snow, so it’s perfect for a party outside or a small picnic. If your friend is an outdoor person, he/she wouldn’t have to worry about damaging it. The sound, which is the most important thing, is clear: 12W of pure audio power with enhanced bass. Exclusive bass technology makes those beats hit even harder. The connection is flawless with a wireless stereo pairing.



Bluetooth speakers are the next must have thing. Everyone loves them. They are easily carried and make your daily activities a lot better, so why don’t you also make your friend’s day a little better?

DREAMFLYLIFE Luxury Fleece Blanket

In these lonely cold winter nights, even a man/woman who wants nothing would be thrilled to receive such a gift. Can you picture your friend snugged in a warm blanket while sipping a cup of tea? If he/she is the kind of person who enjoys relaxing this way, think no more. DREAMFLYLIFE blanket can be used in the bed, on the couch or sofa, and even while traveling in the car or airplane. It’s made of high-quality microfiber polyester, so it can’t be easily ripped. Your friend can take it anywhere he/she wants and be reminded of how loved he/she is because a warm blanket feels like a hug from a loved one



Blankets are gifts for every occasion because everyone needs something to keep them warm and cozy. How can you enjoy your Netflix binge watch if you are not snuggled inside your favorite blanket?

Bambusi Bamboo Tea Storage Box

Warm blanket and hot tea are the stress relief combo. Do you know what can make this even better? Having all your favorite tea flavors in a nice, good looking box! It’s not all about having a classy item in your kitchen to show off among your friends (although we agree that can bring a lot of joy). No, it’s about the special feeling raising in you chest when you open the box, let the flavors overwhelm your senses, and pick just the perfect one for the occasion. This tea chest will keep tea bags fresh for months because it’s made of natural bamboo with antibacterial properties. The lid is see-through so one can always check when it is time for a refill. It is also magnetic, so it holds tea bags securely in their place. This stylish tea box would be a perfect gift for tea an enthusiast as well as for someone who has no interests at all. Be sure to fill the box with your friend’s favorite tastes and he/she will love it.



This product is not just a storage box. It’s the chance to take a moment and enjoy the beautiful smell and taste of homemade tea. How can you not want to enable that for your friend?

4 Panel Wall Art Black

Dark, mysterious, yet poetic – this kind of art is for shy introvert people. That might be just the thing your friend needs! There are also many other sentimental gifts for guys, you could check them out. You can’t go wrong with this painting though and you shouldn’t worry about the quality. First Wall Art’s main goal is to provide the highest quality canvas for its customers, and they make sure the package is well protected so it can’t be damaged during delivery. Each panel has a hook mounted on the wooden bar, so they are ready to be hanged on the wall straight from the box. Even if you don’t fall in love with this particular picture there are many different ones to choose from, so you’ll likely to find the one that suits your taste.



Interior design is the thing everyone forgets to think about. Now you have a chance to change that for your friend. Make his/hers home a bit more enjoyable with this beautiful wall art.

Travelrest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow/Neck Pillow

Have you ever heard your friend complain about neck pain after traveling? He/she might not know what gift they want, but you now know what they need. Foam pillow is perfect for long flights, car trips or traveling in general, but it can also be used for resting on the couch while watching TV. If your friend really loves traveling you should check out our article on unique gifts for someone who likes to travel. But this foam pillow is not just for travel lovers. It’s great for persons with a sedentary lifestyle, those who are recovering from injuries, or people in wheelchairs. Memory foam fits perfectly to your neck, and it’s ideal for those who are suffering from chronic pain.



When you try this pillow you will never again travel without it. It just makes everything more comfortable. So why not make your friend’s life a bit easier with this kind of gift?

Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphone

Even if your friend said “I don’t like gifts” that doesn’t mean he/she wouldn’t enjoy them if you get just the right thing. Think about it: would your tech-obsessed friend really say no to these wonderful headphones? An active lifestyle demands you have the right accessories. Working out is always better with music and you need to be hands-free so you can move swiftly. These headphones are perfect for that. They fit the ear perfectly, and they won’t fall out even while running or jumping. The battery in this device, the most important thing when it comes to tech stuff, is stunning. The headphones offer up to 12 hours of battery life. There’s also an option to take a quick 5-minute charges for emergency situations. In this case, you get 1 hour of playtime. The set also includes ear tips (you get to pick between 4 different sizes), a carrying case, and a universal charging cable.



Headphones are a must have accessory. Music makes everything better whether it’s working out, making lunch or just hanging around. So you can't go wrong with this kind of gift.

Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle Water Heater

Think about the stuff your friend needs but doesn’t have yet. We bet an electric kettle is one of those things. It’s a very useful kitchen appliance that is often disregarded. Some people might even forget it when moving to a new home and only later find out they really need it. Mueller Premium Water Heater is marketed as the fastest and longest-lasting device on the market. It’s always better to invest in long term quality products, so be sure to check this one out. If your friend is not the swiftest in the kitchen you don’t have to worry about her/his safety. This kettle is built with a heat-resistant anti-slip grip handle so there’s not a chance of getting burned while holding it. It is also easy on the eye and it compliments every kitchen style.

Built with a Heat-Resistant Anti-Slip Grip Handle, no worries of it slipping out of your hands or getting burned while holding it.



This electric kettle is an excellent addition to every kitchen! It’s super useful and looks amazing. Who could ask for more? We bet that special person in your life to whom you don’t know what to get will appreciate it and find it irreplaceable!


We bet now you think it’s not that hard to buy gifts for someone who doesn’t know what they want! Of course, your choice will depend on the person you’re shopping for. You have to think about his/her preferences and area of interest. However, if you follow our tips and product recommendations, you’ll doubtlessly find just the right gift!

Our ultimate advice is not to stress too much about it. We know, it’s almost impossible! However, you can channel that energy into more productive thoughts. Think about your friends’ personality and hobbies. Do they have an active lifestyle, always trying to reconcile work and social life? Are they true workaholics who never have the time for themselves? Maybe it’s just the opposite. Maybe your friends tend to spend all their free time at home, relaxing, and playing games. We are not saying you should divide people into introverts and extroverts, but to acknowledge the things they enjoy the most. Once you answer these questions, you’ll be able to pick the perfect gifts – and we have suggestions for all of them!

Keep in mind that you can’t really go wrong. Even if you pick something they won’t use daily, they’ll appreciate the effort you put into it. As long as you don’t pick the tea box for a coffee lover, you’ll be just fine!







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