How to Give Hints About a Gift

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You may have the same issue as many other gift receivers. This issue is to receive gifts that do not interest you or you do not like. You want to know how to give hints about a gift so that you can finally receive something that you actually want.

When it comes to thinking about the many different ways to drop gift hints. It tends to make you think about children. When children are young, they have no fear in asking directly for what they want. They create lists at Christmas time to send to Santa, asking for exactly what they want. 

The cost of these items that they want never seem to cross their minds. They want what they want. They will also usually react in some way when they receive a gift that they do not like. Then as they grow older they are taught to show appreciation for any type of gift that they receive. 

So we all know that receiving any kind of gift from anyone, we should be grateful. But after receiving many unwanted gifts over many years. Sometimes it can be a difficult task to be appreciative of a gift that you really do not like. 

Receiving a gift that you do not like then causes you to fake a smile, or to fake being excited about the gift. Many people see right through it especially if they know you very well. This then makes giving gifts much harder for them. They panic and try to play it safe. By playing it safe, they will then land up buying something that is plain and ordinary, like a pair of socks. They will then turn to find Creative ways to give birthday presents or for any other occasion.

Yes, it is fun receiving a gift in a creative and fun way. But if the gift you receive is not something you like, it can be a huge disappointment. Many relationship experts say that leaving hints for loved ones to find can put a huge strain on a relationship. 

You take the risk of them not picking up on it and still buy you a gift that you did not want. This will then leave both the receiver and the giver feeling frustrated with each other, and could even damage your relationship.

Many women want to receive that special gift of something that they actually want from their loved ones. They sometimes feel that their partner should be mind readers and know what they want and when they don’t receive it they are really disappointed and upset. This leaves them feeling that their partner doesn’t really know them at all. So they try to come up with ideas and ways to hint at what they want but many times it never registers with them.

Why do you think that sometimes the hint that you left has been missed completely?

One of the main reasons is that your timing of the hint was all wrong. If you tried to hint while having a conversation with your partner and during this conversation, they missed it or ignored it completely. This could be because your partner was not actually listening at the time. You did not phrase the hint correctly to get them interested in the conversation. To do this, you need to phrase it in such a way that it leaves room for your partner wanting to know more and asking you questions about the item.

When it comes to men, they are generally easy to buy the gifts that they want. They do not have to run around leaving hints all over the place. If they want something they just come out and say it. But when it comes to men buying gifts for the lady in their life, they do tend to feel a little lost at times. Many love to surprise them with that special gift and often would appreciate a little help with knowing the exact gift that will make her happy.

But in most people’s mind, the whole purpose of giving gifts is to aim at trying to make the receiver of the gift happy. The best way to keep both of you happy is to graciously hint about a gift that you would really like. But then you start to wonder about how to give a hint about something to someone that will not leave them feeling offended or that is not too obvious.

Before you decide on how to drop gift hints about that gift that you would like.  There are a few things that you need to consider. Such as:

  • First of all, you need to think about the person that will be giving you a gift. 
  • Try to remember that everyone is different and have different things going on in their lives. 
  • You need to consider things such as the type of gift that you want, the cost of the gift 
  • Ask yourself if they can actually afford the gift that you want.

If you are looking for ways on how to ask for a gift from boyfriend, husband, a friend or any other family member. And if you are looking for how to give hints about a gift that you really want. Here are a few ideas to help:

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Have a friend or family member do it on your behalf


If you are worried about how someone will react when asking for a gift directly. Ask a close friend or family member to give them ideas on your behalf. An idea would be for them to ask the question if they have already purchased you a gift yet. If not they can tell the giver the that you had mentioned an item that you really liked and that it was the opinion of the friend or family member that it would be a good idea to buy that exact item. 

Take Advantage of Advertisements

Take Advantage of Advertisements

This is a way to finally take the many ways of advertisements and use it to your advantage. Although, it may be an obvious and direct hint for something that you may want. It can also be a more natural way to give your partner a hint.

When an advertisement for an item that you like is shown on television. You can casually mention that you like the item and would like to have one as a gift. The same will go for the other forms of advertising like online ads and store pamphlets. You can take the advertisement and show it to them directly. Then mention that the item is going for a really good price and it is something that you would like to have.

While Shopping Together

While Shopping Together

While out shopping together, it is the perfect time to hint for things that you actually want. You can make sure you stop by your favorite shop that sells the item that you are looking for. While browsing, make sure to point out the item and ask your partner what their thoughts are on the item. Then mention that you would like to buy it for yourself but not at the moment. Maybe at a later stage then emphasize that you really wish that you can get it soon.

Another idea would be, for instance, if you are out with your mother-in-law shopping for gifts for other people. You could casually mention something that you would like to receive as a gift.

Intentionally placing hints

This how to give hints about a gift can be done in many different ways. Some examples are:

  • Make a list of things that you’d like as a gift, make sure you have a really obvious title like, “Gift Wish List”. Boldly circle or highlight the one that you want the most. Then leave it in an obvious place that the giver will see. One, for instance, you could place it in between two books or magazines that you are reading. With only the title sticking out and leave it on the coffee table, your desk or beside your bed.
  • If the giver has a home office that they use with a printer. You could print the item off the internet and leave it “accidentally” in the printer.
  • You could browse through a magazine. Find a picture of an item that you want and intentionally leave it open on that page. Highlight the name and write something next to it in bold letters like, “I Would Like”
  • Make a gift list for friends and family and place it on the fridge door. Make sure to include one extra item with your name written in big bold letters next to it.
  • Leave your phone or laptop open. Go into your “Wish List”, go into the item you want. Place your laptop or phone down next to or in front of your partner and walk away to do something urgently. They will definitely be curious.

Be direct and just say it

Be direct and just say it

This will depend on two things. One is on how confident you feel that you will not offend the person and the other, the type of relationship you have. Then come right out and just say it to them. Don’t be rude by saying “I Want a diamond necklace” for instance. Many people do not take too kindly to a demand.

Instead, be a little playful in the way you say it. Something like, “I would love to get a diamond necklace this year for my birthday” or “I hope that Santa will bring me a diamond necklace for Christmas”

When having a conversation with the person that you want to drop gift hints with, remember to make sure that they are actually listening to what you are saying. Make sure that you phrase you hint in such a way that they ask you questions that allows them to find out more about the item.

The subtle and casual hint

The subtle and casual hint

While having a casual conversation. This could be with a group of friends, family or even while alone with your partner. There are a couple of ways that you can hint about the gift that you want in the conversation. 

  • Casually mention someone that you know that has already received the item as a gift
  • Casually and politely ask the group questions. You can ask if they are all set for gifts for everyone on their lists.

Use Social networks to your advantage

Social Networks Hints

Social networks can help you in many ways to drop hints. They can help you to let your loved ones know the types of items that you would like as a gift. By using facebook, twitter, and Instagram, you can share, tweet and #hashtag a photo of the item that you want.

If you are someone that is always online. Then there are a few other ways to drop a hint of the gift that you truly want. You can let your family and friends know through online platforms. This could be through a blog post, an online journal or even an online wishlist, for example, An Amazon Wish List.

Use love message cards

Use love message cards Hints

This is a fun way to give a hint about a gift that you would like. It will also depend on the relationship that you have with the person. If the person is your partner and you love playing games with each other, then this idea will work great. Make some cards with some love messages on and in the message, you can mention the item that you want. Then either highlight it or circle the item to stand out. Yes, it is a direct way of asking but it is also fun because you will hide these love messages all over in their personal belongings for them to find.

There you go I hope that we answered your question about how to give hints about a gift. Try a couple of the ideas that suit the type of relationship that you have and you will not have to fake a smile or the excitement when receiving a gift that you actually want.





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