How to Impress Your Boyfriend’s Mom: 11 Ways to Get His Mom to Like You

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  • You are here because you can’t quite figure out how to impress your boyfriend’s mom. Don’t worry, we have the answers for you.
  • In this article, we are going to share with you some of the tips and tricks to use in order to learn how to impress his parents.
  • We will share with you 11 things you can do to make a great first impression and not only to win his mom over but his entire family too.


1. Bring a gift

First impressions are everything, so when your boyfriend takes you to go meet his parents for the first time, do not show up empty-handed. Ask him what flowers, wine, chocolates, liquor his mother likes and get it for her to present as a gift upon arrival. Not only will this make her like you, but it will also show her that you are cultured and mature.

2. Dress modestly

Another thing you can do to make his parents love you is to dress modestly when you show up to meet them for the first time. Parents like to think that their child will end up with someone respectable and first impressions mean everything. As much as it sucks, people will judge you first based on how you look and how well you are dressed (or lack thereof) and since you do not know what kind of personal biases his parents may hold against certain types of dress codes, it is easier to simply put on something conservative because it is a safe bet.

3. Make polite conversation

Now, when it comes to conversation, you are going to want to leave your radical arguments behind for the duration of the meeting. It may be wise to avoid topics that get people heated such as; religion and politics. In as much as you may have a lot of opinions on these topics, it is just not worth it to get into confrontational arguments with your boyfriends’ parents because as these arguments usually go, you are not going to convince them or change their minds on anything and neither will they – all you will end up having will be two divided individuals at a very awkward and tense dinner party.

4. Press hold on the PDA

We know you are sweet on your man and you may want to express your love by some public display of affection, but we wouldn’t recommend doing it in front of his mom and dad. However, with this you can ask your partner what level of PDA would he and his parents be comfortable with? Something as simple as a hand caress may be innocent to some people but absolutely unacceptable to others, so knowing your boyfriend’s parents’ boundaries on PDA will help you navigate this easily.

5. Smile, it goes a long way

It is expected to be nervous when you are meeting your partner’s parents because, well, they are judging you based on everything that you do! It can be quite nerve-wracking but don’t let that get in the way of you smiling and showing facial expressions throughout the meeting. Smiling has been proven to put people at ease and generally, people find it easier to talk and open up to people who smile because they perceive them as more welcoming. Use this to your advantage and charm your boyfriend’s mother into liking you.

6. Offer to help cleaning after dinner

If you are meeting your boyfriend’s mom for the first time over dinner at her house, it would be a nice thing to offer to help clean up after the dinner is done. Leave it up to her to tell you whether or not she would appreciate the help and whatever her response is, the takeaway is that you offered to help. This helps you come across as responsible, caring, helpful, and mannered – all good qualities that are sure to put you in her good graces.

7. Speak good things about their son

Another good trick on how to make his parents like you is to compliment your boyfriend by complimenting them. Saying things like; “You did a great job raising such a well-mannered young man” and “I see where he gets his good looks from.” Not only does this show them that you really like their son and pay attention to his behavior, but they also feel accomplished for raising a fine man who treats you well.

8. Be respectful

Now, of course, you may not always get along with your boyfriend’s mother – she just may not like you, nor you her – however, that does not excuse rude behavior. Always make sure you are respectful when interacting with her, say please and thank you, and extend her the same courteous respect you would a friend or stranger you didn’t know. Never be hostile or mean towards her.

9. Be yourself

Perhaps the most important, albeit contradicting? Point is to be yourself. Even when you dress differently from what you’re used to, and can’t speak on certain topics to avoid conflict, make sure you do not change your personality, entirely. This is important because you want them to like you for you and not because you created a character that you have to put on every time you meet them – that will get exhausting real fast. When they like you for who you are, they will get over their biases on how you normally dress and what your different opinions are on certain things. Authenticity is how you win them over completely.

10. Remember the special occasions

Here is a neat trick on how to impress your boyfriend’s family, always remember their special occasions. Your boyfriend’s mom’s birthday? Send her a card, or a text! His parents’ anniversary? Send them flowers! This will not only show them that you care about them as people, but it will also strengthen the relationship you have and are building with them. You will be able to talk to them and they will be able to trust you and see you as a member of their family.

11. Encourage your boyfriend to have a stronger relationship with his mother

If your boyfriend and his mom have an okay relationship and his mother wants them to have a more close relationship – it may put you at an advantage if you encouraged him to make an effort to contact his mother – even just to check in and check up on her, see how her day is going. By doing this, you will make her think that you care about her feelings and you would like her and her son to have a more close and fulfilling relationship.


1. Is it okay to get flowers for my boyfriend’s mom?

Yes, it is totally okay to bring flowers to your boyfriend’s mom the first time you are meeting her. In fact, it is good manners to bring her a gift for when you first meet her – never show up empty-handed. Here are a few more gifts you can get your boyfriend’s mom to help widen your selection.

2. How long should you wait to meet your boyfriend’s mom?

Logically, you should wait until at least 3 months after you have officially started seeing someone to introduce them to your parents. This is because it is generally believed that if a couple is still together after 3 months, they are going to make it to a year – or longer. Of course, this is no guarantee. However, waiting until you are sure you know the direction of your relationship is heading before being introduced to anyone’s parents.

However, studies have shown that a lot of Millennials will introduce their significant other as early as 10 weeks into dating and this is because 15% of Millenials live at home with their parents and it would be harder to keep their partners away for long periods of time.

Millennials are the generation most likely to live at home.

The bottom line is there are no rules or timelines when it comes to being introduced to your partner’s parents. Just make sure that it is something that you are ready for and comfortable with.


In conclusion, meeting your boyfriend’s mom can be a nerve-wracking experience because you want her to like you. You can do things such as buy her flowers, send her messages to check up on her every once in a while

However, do not let your pursuit to make his mother like you get in the way of you and the relationship you have with him. In as much as you want her to like you, do not make it a priority at the cost of your relationship.

This is a balancing act and you should not lose sight of yourself or your relationship to attain it. Know that it is a gradual experience and be okay with the mom not liking you, sometimes.





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