15 Cool Places to Take Your Mom for Her Birthday

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  • Our moms are very special to us, and this article will provide you with ideas on how to make her birthday special. This article lists 15 cool places to take your mom for her birthday, 4 ways how to make your mom happy on her birthday, 7 nice things to do for your mom on her birthday, and 9 sweet things to do with your mom on her birthday.

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Most valued or essential relationships among U.S. high school students, as of 2012. Source: Statista

Most valued or essential relationships among U.S. high school students, as of 2012

Moms are amazing people. From being stay-at-home moms, and in most cases single moms, and other times just working so hard to keep the family together, moms are superheroes without the cape. And this is why they hold a very special place in all of our hearts, sometimes even more than our fathers, (at least according to the above 2012 survey). And so we understand that on special occasions like mother’s day and her birthday, you want to give her an especially special treatment to show her just how much she means to you, and how much you appreciate her. And we help you with just that in this article.

In this article, we will show you how to make your mom happy on her birthday, 19 places to take your mom for her birthday, and things to do with your mom, as well as for your mom, on her birthday.

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15 Cool Places To Take Your Mom For Her Birthday.

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If you are looking for ideas of cool places to take your mom for her birthday to show her how special she is, and celebrate her special day with her, any of these 15 places will do the trick.

1. Wine Tasting.

Taking your mom wine tasting will be fun and enjoyable for both of you. Find a wine garden near her and book the both of you for a day of indulgence in tasty and delicious gourmet food and wine.  

2. Spa And Manicure Treatment.

Every woman loves a full-body spa massage and a good manicure and pedicure treatment. According to a recent survey, it costs at least $33 to get a deluxe manicure treatment and $23 for a basic manicure treatment.

Average price for a deluxe manicure in nail salons in the United States from 2010 to 2019(in U.S. dollars). Source: Statista

Average price for a deluxe manicure in nail salons in the United States from 2010 to 2019(in U.S. dollars)

So you are sure that this is one gift and place to take her that will not break your bank account. And to make it more fun, make it a mother-daughter outing. If you’re a guy, you can buy it as a gift card and wrap it beautifully and surprise her with it, although in principle nothing stops you from having a spa and manicure treatment day out with your mom on her birthday.

3. Fine Dining At A Full-service Restaurant.

Good full- service restaurants provide remarkable fine dining experience and your mom will be very delighted to be spoilt to a fine dining experience. And if you don’t know which one to take her to, this chart (which is from a 2020 survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index) provides a good list of the top full-service restaurants to choose from.

American customer satisfaction index scores for leading full-service restaurants in the United States in 2020. Soure: American Customer Satisfaction Index

American customer satisfaction index scores for leading full-service restaurants in the United States in 2020

4. Shopping.

Take her on a shopping spree for that nice pair of shoes or jacket she’s been wanting to have but has been too busy to buy. 

5. To The Cinema To Watch A Chick-flick Or A Rom-Com.

Moms love chick-flicks or romantic comedies, and the cinema offers a special and different viewing experience from just sitting in front of the couch at home. Take her to the cinema to watch the latest chick-flick or romantic comedy and then spoil her to a birthday ice cream or a slice of birthday cake afterward.

6. Horseback Riding.

This is another guaranteed fun way to celebrate her birthday if she’s good at horse riding. She will enjoy the thrill and exhilaration that comes from galloping away on horseback.

7. A Night At A Fancy Hotel.

A night at a fancy hotel on her birthday is a great way to relax after all the birthday festivities of the day. Book her into a Presidential Suite where she can soak in a very nice hot shower alone or with her partner if she is so inclined. It is a good way to wind down and end the day.

8. Jazz Night Or A Concert.

In a 2014 survey, 39% of moms said they would love to attend a Taylor Swift concert with their daughter.

Preferred Concerts To Attend With A Daughter In The U.S, 2014. Source: Statista

Preferred Concerts To Attend With A Daughter In The U.S, 2014

Your mom may just be in that 39% and would love to attend that Taylor Swift or Beyonce concert with you. Or if jazz is her thing, she may be looking forward to attending a jazz festival. If any of these is coming to your area at the time of her birthday, why not surprise her with a ticket or two (if she has a partner). Or if there is one out of town, surprise her with a ticket to the concert and a plane ticket and hotel reservations. She would be so blown away by it.

9. The Farmer’s Market.

Farmers’ markets are nice laid back places that we love to go to now and again. You can show up at the house on her birthday and ask her to get dressed for a day of shopping for her favorite fruits and vegetables and any other things she may like at the farmer’s market. 

10. Cooking Class.

She would be delighted with the gift of a lesson at a cooking class especially if she enjoys cooking as a hobby.

11. A National Park.

If your mom is a lover of nature, she would love a day out at the national park on her birthday.

12. Museum.

A day out at the museum on her birthday will be a therapeutic and refreshing way to spend my birthday, in addition to other fun activities you have lined up for her.

13. Craft Market.

Take her to a craft market if you have one around you. It’s a chance for her to buy something different that she may not have. It would also provide the opportunity to explore that side of the town or city.

14. Picnic.

You can pack a picnic for two or three (if she has a partner) and enjoy a nice outdoor picnic in nature. It is another relaxing way for her to spend her birthday with you.

15. Amusement Park.

And if she is a fan of exciting and adrenaline-filled rides, the amusement park is an exciting place for everyone. We are never too old or too young for the amusement park. A trip to the amusement park will be thrilling, fun-filled, and relaxing.

9 Sweet Things To Do With Your Mom On Her Birthday.

The sweetest thing you can do with your mom on her birthday is to spend quality time with her. It would make her happy that you gave her your undivided attention and spent the day (or even weekend) with her. In addition to accompanying her to some of the places listed in the earlier section, you can spend quality time with her doing any or all of the following:

1. Binge watch her favorite T.V. show or movies with her.

She would enjoy having someone to watch with and talk about all the aspects of the movie that intrigued or fascinated her. It would also be a good bonding time and catching up time. Plus movies and t.v. shows always make for good talking points.

2. Play board and card games.

Whether she loves playing a normal deck of cards or a board game like Scrabble or Chess, bring out the games and have a fun time with mommy dearest on her birthday. You can also read our article on Fun games to play with two people for more games that you can play with her.

3. Cook up a storm.

Cooking is always more fun when it’s done together with the ones that mean a lot to us. Why not bring out the cookbook and cook up a storm with mommy dearest. The end product is not so much the point of this activity as it is the experience you give her by being there with her.

4. Go through the family photo album.

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and gush about how everyone has grown up and changed in such a short time. This trip down memory lane is also a way of celebrating her life and that of your family.

5. Talk.

Sometimes with the busyness of life, you tend to not have enough talk time with mom. She would love the chance to just sit with you and chat. Talk with her and catch up on what’s been happening in her life and also tell her about your life and what you’ve been up to.

6. Take a casual walk.

You can take a walk around your hood or in a park. Walks have a calming and relaxing effect and are also a good form of exercise. Taking a walk is also a good time to have a casual lighthearted conversation.

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7. Do one or more of her favorite pastime hobbies with her.

This could be knitting or reading a book or anything else she fancies. It would make her day for you to do this with her. And even if you may not know how to, you can ask her to show you. And you don’t have to get it like a pro, but just the fact that you took interest in what she likes, would make her very happy.

8. Go on a boat or yacht ride with her.

This is another pretty cool and enjoyable way to spend her birthday with her. Take her out on the water and don’t forget to get some cool shots for memories.

9. Go for a yoga class with her.

Yoga is a good way to relax. Join her in her yoga class for the day. Or if she’s not already doing yoga, find a class and take her along.

7 Nice Things To Do For Your Mom’s Birthday.

These are some nice things to do for your mom on her birthday to warm her heart and make her feel like the queen of your heart that she is:

1. Bring her breakfast in bed.

On the day of her birthday, let this be the first surprise she wakes up to. You can also have your gift cards beautifully wrapped and delivered with her breakfast in bed.

2. Throw her a surprise party.

It doesn’t have to be too elaborate. You can just organize something small with close friends and family and surprise her.

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3. Put together a sweet birthday video with all her friends and members of the family.

Work on this in advance without her knowledge. Ask all her friends to send you short video clips with a birthday message and then compile them all into one nice beautiful video and play it for her either at her surprise party or at a family birthday lunch or dinner. She will love it very much.

4. Buy her a sweet and thoughtful birthday present.

Presents are another way to show our love on special occasions. It can be a bouquet with her favorite perfume or body spray fragrance or her favorite jewelry. Buy her something beautiful, personalized, and thoughtful. In our article on 27 Things to send someone on their birthday, we have a good list of personalized thoughtful birthday gifts for a loved one that you can choose from.

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5. Take her to any of the 15 places listed in this article.

Almost all the places listed would be more meaningful to her if you go with her. So why not spend time with her by taking her to any of those 15 cool places on her birthday.

6. Rent out her dream car for the day and give her to go for a spin.

She would love this very much. Find out some months in advance what her dream car is. Just bring it up casually in a conversation. She may not think anything of it and then boom on her birthday “surprise, surprise, here’s your dream ride for the day.” It’s an experience she will cherish.

7. Book her for a weekend away at a nature resort.

Find a beautifully scenic nature resort and book her away for the weekend of relaxation and birthday celebration.

How To Make Your Mom Happy On Her Birthday.

You will make your mom happy on her birthday by doing the following 4 things.

1. Spend quality time with her.

Time is such an invaluable gift that means the world to anyone. Spending quality time with her doing any of the things listed in this article will make her very happy on her birthday.

2. Tell her you love her.

We can often take it for granted that the ones we love need to hear it all the time. Even if your mom knows that you love her, verbalizing it and telling her that you do will warm her heart and make her day. So, on her birthday be sure to remind her that she means so much to you and that you love her very much.

3. Give her a helping hand.

Find out what she needs help with in the house and give her a helping hand. Whether it’s cleaning out the dishes or taking out the refuse or mowing the lawn, help her with it. She would be grateful for the helping hand offered.

4. Doing everything else listed in this article.

And finally, by doing everything listed in this article, you will make your mom very happy on her birthday, and put a very big smile on her face.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some nice things to do for my mom?

Everything listed in this article are nice things to do for your mom. Give her a helping hand and surprise her with a thoughtful gift now and again, and don’t forget to spend quality time with her.

2. What should I do for mother’s day for my mom?

You can take her to any of the 15 places listed in this article or do any of the 9 sweet things to do with her listed in this article. 

3. How can I make my mom feel special on her birthday?

By doing any of the 31 things listed in this article, you will surely make her feel special on her birthday.

4. What is the best birthday gift for a mother?

The best gift you can give anyone on their birthday is memorable experiences. Spending quality time with her bonding and making more fun memories is the best gift you can give her. And in this article, we give you a list of 9 sweet ways you can spend such quality time with her.

5. What can I do for my mom’s birthday with no money?

Items 1 to 7 in the section on 9 Sweet Things To Do With Your Mom on her birthday don’t need you to spend any money and will still guarantee you have a wonderful time with her on her birthday.


Your mom is special to you, and her birthday is yet another chance to show her just how special and important she is to you. Spend quality time with her, give her a helping hand and have fun with her with all the activities suggested in this article, and you can be sure that she will continue talking about this birthday in many years to come. And don’t forget to take pictures of it all for the memory collection box or photo album.





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