How To Tell If A Boy Likes You In Middle School – 15 Ways To Know If He Likes You 

  • Guys are usually terrible at expressing their feelings, and this is even worse the younger they are.
  • Sure, you might notice some clear-cut signs that he likes you, but then other signs will downright confuse you.
  • If you think a boy in your middle school might like you, though, we have some signs you can look out for to be sure.

While some boys are blessed with charisma from a young age and will easily go up to a girl they like to proclaim their feelings, most boys aren’t built this way. Most boys will rather keep quiet and show you signs that will have you wondering how to tell if a boy likes you, especially in middle school. 

However, we really can’t blame such boys because they are at a confusing age where they are developing feelings that they don’t know what to do with. They know they like you, but they have zero clues about what to do about it. Should he approach you and tell you how he feels, or should he just look at you as often as possible and hope that you use your telepathic powers to figure out that he likes you.

Regardless of his confusion, he still likes you and wants you to like him back. He wants to spend time with you and wants to proudly proclaim that he is dating you. This means that even if he doesn’t come out to say that he likes you, he will still give off some signs – both intentionally and unintentionally – that make his feelings known.

 And we are going to be talking about some of those signs below. 

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  1. He’ll give you attention 

One of the most obvious signs a boy likes you in middle school is that he lavishes you with attention. When you’re having a conversation with him, he’ll be all ears, and when he’s around you and other people, he will be more interested in what you have to say.

Even in class, when you have a presentation to make, or the teacher calls on you to answer a question, he will be the most attentive person there. He’ll allow you to talk to him about anything and for whatever amount of time you want to with little interruption.

  1. He’ll look at you at every chance 

Another sign that a boy likes you in school is that he will constantly steal glances at you whenever he can. When a boy likes a person, it means he thinks they’re beautiful, and he will try to gaze upon this beauty as often as possible.

Whether it is in class, corridors, canteens, or even during sports, if he sees you, he’ll look at you for a bit longer than others would. And if you catch him looking, he’ll probably smile and look away, or simply look away really fast out of nervousness.

  1. He’ll be jealous when you talk to other guys 

When guys develop feelings for someone, they tend to become jealous when they give attention to other guys. Therefore, a good answer to how to tell if a boy likes you in middle school is to look at his reaction when you talk to other guys around him, especially those that aren’t his friends.

If you catch him constantly looking in your direction or walking back and forth to keep an eye on you, this could mean that he’s going a little green with jealousy. We can’t really blame him for that because most people would do the same in his shoes. 

  1. He’ll show off in front of you 

Another good way to know if a middle school boy likes you is how he behaves around you. It’s normal for guys to show off in front of a person they want as they believe it makes them more appealing.

For instance, in class, he might try to sound smarter by answering more questions, and during sports activities, he’ll try to outshine everyone else if he sees you looking. He might even stand up to bullies around you or even bully others (not a good thing). To him, the goal is simple – he needs to impress you.

  1. He engages with you on social media a lot 

According to the AACAP, if you’re in middle school, you most likely have some experience with social media. 

A boy who likes you will want to engage with you as much as he can, and this will extend to social media as well. For instance, he might often comment or like your Facebook statuses, retweet your tweets, and engage with you on TikTok. You might even notice that he likes every single one of your pictures on the gram. 

Checking for these things is a great way to know if a boy likes you in middle school because it shows how much interest he has in you.

  1.  He’ll try to flirt with you 

When a guy likes someone, he will try to flirt with them. It doesn’t matter if he’s good or bad at it; he will still try to do so.

Therefore, a good sign he likes you in middle school is that he constantly compliments you. He’ll tell you stuff like how beautiful and smart you are and how he likes your fashion sense and your social media pictures. He’ll compliment just about anything just so you can develop feelings for him too.

  1.  He’ll be extra nice to you 

So there’s this guy in your middle school, and you need to know if he likes you back. One way to find out is to check how nice he is to you. 

When a boy has feelings for someone, his biological need to be there for them will kick in. With you still being in school, he will try to help you with assignments, homework, and class chores. He might even offer to walk you home, so you aren’t alone. He’ll be super nice to you and try to help you out whenever he can.

  1. He’ll ask for your help often 

As well as offering to help you, boy that likes you will constantly ask for your help as well. It isn’t that he can’t do whatever he needs help with alone; he just wants to use it as an opportunity to spend more time with you.

One very popular method used by boys in middle school is to ask for help with their homework. Sure he might know the answers, but they’ll sound better coming from someone he likes. And, it’s a very convenient way to spend time with someone in school. 

  1. He’ll try to find out more about you 

How can you tell if a boy likes you in middle school? He tries to find out more about you. When you want someone, it is only natural to find out more about them.

A guy who likes you in middle school will ask you a lot of questions in conversations such as what you like, what kind of hobbies you’re interested in, and what you usually get up to. 

He won’t just limit himself to asking you; he’ll also reach out to your friends. Some guys will even get their friends to find out more about you, so look out for that as well.

  1. He tries to make you laugh or often laughs at your jokes

A guy who likes you will think you have an amazing smile, and he’ll want to see it often. He will try to be funny around you by making jokes and telling hilarious stories.

He will also laugh at your jokes even when they aren’t funny because he wants you to feel good about yourself. This means that if you want to know if a boy likes you in 6th grade, check to see if he tries to make you happy around him. 

  1.  He’ll tease you often 

Boys are notorious for teasing those they have feelings for, and if a boy likes you, you most probably won’t be an exception.

If you constantly find yourself as the butt of several jokes and lightheaded teasing from a boy, then you don’t need a “does he like me quiz” for middle schoolers. Why? Because experts say that most guys tease first, then flirt later with someone they like. 

  1. His friends act differently around you 

When guys develop feelings for others, their friends are usually the first to notice. A surefire way to tell if a 12 year old boy likes you, therefore, is to check his friends’ behavior when you’re around.

Some things they might do that will show you that he likes you include:

  • Teasing him when they see you. 
  • Calling his attention to you when you’re around. 
  • Trying to find out more about you from both you and your friends. 
  • Saying good things about him to you. 

Good friends help their friends get their crushes, so if you want to know if this boy likes you, look to his friends.

  1. He stands up for you 

Picture this – you like someone, and you are walking by when you see some people insulting or bullying them. Would you stand up for them or walk away? Chances are, you would stand up for them.

A guy who likes you will do much of the same. He won’t be able to look away when you’re being teased by others or when people gossip about you. He will tell them to stop and encourage you not to be affected by whatever was said.

  1. He cleans up nicely when around you 

Another great sign that a guy likes you in middle school is that he will put effort into his appearance. 

Most guys don’t really care much for personal hygiene in middle school, but this flies out the window when they catch feelings for someone. All of a sudden, they know what a comb is and the wonderful invention that is the iron. They’ll also wear deodorant and actually watch what they wear.

Knowing whether you are the inspiration for this change can be a bit difficult but not impossible. If the boy in question starts taking more interest in his appearance at the same time that the other signs in this article begin to show, then you most likely are the source of the butterflies in his stomach.

  1. He will try to engage in your hobbies and interests 

A boy who likes you will try to spend as much time with you as possible. He will try to find out your interests, such as what sports you play, clubs you are part of, and other extracurricular activities you engage in. 

He will then sign up for a couple of them to see you more often and interact with you more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are 5 signs a boy likes you?

  • He’ll give you a lot of attention. 
  • He’ll tease you often. 
  • He’ll look at you every chance he gets. 
  • He’ll try to find out everything he can about you. 
  • He’ll show off in front of you. 

How can you tell if a 13 year old boy likes you?

  • He’ll look at you often because he thinks you’re beautiful and can’t get enough of you. 
  • He’ll try to show off when you’re around. 
  • He’ll try to make you laugh by telling jokes and funny stories. 
  • He’ll ask a lot of questions to get to know you better. 
  • He’ll try to engage in activities he thinks you like. 
  • He’ll be extra nice to you. 

 How do you know if a boy has a crush on you?

When a boy likes you, some things you will notice include:

  • Whenever you look at him, you’ll catch him looking back.
  • He’ll try to help you out as much as he can. 
  • Your jokes will be very funny to him. 
  • He’ll try to be involved in your interests, hobbies, and extracurricular activities. 
  • His friends will tease him around you. 
  • He’ll be all over your social media. 

In conclusion 

Boys in middle school can be quite awkward when they fall for someone and might not know how to act about it. We can’t blame them because they don’t have much experience in this department. But even if he can’t admit his feelings directly, the signs discussed above will help you figure out if he likes you so that you aren’t confused by his actions.

How to tell if a boy likes you in middle school

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