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Sentimental Gifts for Teenage Guys

Let’s be honest here, choosing gifts for teens is hard. Whether you’re buying a gift for your son, grandson, or any other family member, you’ll find yourself in big problems. Even other teens have difficulties buying gifts for boys of the same age. Dealing with teenagers is exhausting in general, not only when choosing gifts. They are in the most delicate period in their lives when they’re struggling to grasp the world and society. They feel misunderstood all the time, mostly thinking their parents are limiting their freedom. It seems they can only think about their crushes, music or art in general, sports, and other future careers (preferable famous). However cute that might be, it’s sometimes too much to deal with. 

Boys are especially troublesome. Those who are more sensitive in teen years tend to hide their thoughts and emotions under the veil of harsh words and tough appearance. They act like insensitive grown-ups, avoiding parents’ attention, and expressing emotions overall. That’s why they require special attention – that carefully crafted shell is not easy to break into. But knowing the reasons doesn’t make things any less difficult, by no means.

If you want to reach up to the real teenage emotions, even for a little bit, you’ll use some help when picking gifts. You can’t just get any ordinary sentimental gifts because teenagers will act embarrassed and won’t take them even if they do like them. You have to get something cool, items that will make them look special. This way, they can give in sentimental feelings without worrying about exposing themselves to the world. To help you find just the perfect things, we made our top picks for sentimental gifts for teenage guys.

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Quick Overview: Sentimental Gifts for Teenage Guys

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Leather Journal Notebook by Maleden for Book Lovers and Teen Writers

If you lack gift ideas for teenage guys turning 17, we have an excellent idea. Actually, this one goes well for all teens, adults, and seniors out there. Maleden offers a leather notebook that’s perfect for men and women of all ages. It’s classy and sleek, so it definitely won’t embarrass a teenager. He might even end up showing off to his friends and family! The notebook can be a diary, a sketch pad, a planner, and much more. It’s thick, quality made, and feels soft in hands. Additionally, it might encourage teen writers to pursue their dreams!



The notebook is a perfect gift for every occasion. Ok, it's maybe not the most sentimental gift you can get, but think about it. You'll encourage a teenager to write down his thoughts and memories. Maybe you’ll even encourage him to become a writer! These days, it's hard to pull it off with all the tech stuff around. Whether you're giving it to your son, grandson, or boyfriend, he'll appreciate it.

Mydethun Moon Lamp for Dreamers

Here comes another excellent gift idea for those who are shopping for older teenagers. We recommend a beautiful Mydethun lamp! It’s made by 3D printed, and the company used only eco-friendly materials. Why do we like it so much? Because it’s so soothing and relaxing. It allows you to switch between white and yellow light and adjust brightness according to the situation. The battery runs up to 10 hours and recharges in a breeze.



If you want to give a moon to the teenager in your life, we highly recommend this beautiful lamp. Whether you’re giving it to a young teenager or one that will soon become an adult, it’s perfect. It will transform his room into a more enjoyable place, and he'll most certainly love it!

Soothing and Peaceful Comfort Candles by Pavilion Gift Company

Candles, candles, candles. We can’t get enough of them! They are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or any other occasion. Especially when they have sentimental quotes. This particular candle says “The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we’ve made along the way”. It’s beautiful, soothing, and complements the interior. It will be a great addition to every teenager’s room and he’ll love it.



Whether you are searching for Gifts For Teenage a Nephew or any other family member, this is an excellent option. We all love candles. They are soothing and beautiful, and this one even has a lovely sentimental quote.

Guardian Pocket Angel by Earth Therapy

This is a great little gift for younger teenagers. Whether you are religious or not, we recommend it. It’s a pretty little angel figurine in pocket size. One gets to carry it around like some kind of talisman. Angels are symbols of protection and good, powerful characteristics. No matter to whom you give it, he’ll know how much you love him and want him to be safe. Besides, it’s a beautiful little thing!



An angel figurine is a thoughtful little gift. We recommend it to all those who are searching for sentimental gifts for teenage guys. Although we think it's more suitable for younger teens, you can give it to all loved ones in your life. You might even make them shed a tear!

Murtoo Leather Bracelet for Teens Who Want to Be Super Cool

Are you looking for cool presents for teenage guys? What about a bracelet? This one is made of quality leather and mixed with braided rope. It has an internal magnetic clasp, so it’s easy to put on and take off. It’s also quite durable, of course, besides being super stylish. Teenage boys love these things, that’s for sure!



Getting this bracelet for a gift is a double win. A teenager will think it's cool and wear it all the time, while also being sentimentally attached to it because of the person who got the gift in the first place. Cute, right?

Pro Tip: In case your teenager is more into sports accessories rather than jewelry, take a look at this article Sports Gifts for Teenage Guys. It might give you more ideas on what to buy as a gift.

EKKONG Explosion Gift Box for Incurable Romantics

If you’re looking for teenage anniversary gift ideas, search no more. We have just a perfect thing, and it’s an explosion box. It has 6 faces, 4 layers, and 6 pockets. Awesome, right? When it opens, it shows all those slots where you can put pictures, quotes, and much more. You can decorate it however you want, and even put the main gift in the little gift box in the center. Along with the main box, the package also includes 12 office cards, a ribbon, an adhesive, 2 flowers, and different stickers. We find it all incredibly romantic!



The explosion box is a very cute and romantic gift. You can't go wrong with giving it to a teenager. Just make sure to include the best pictures and quotes!

Infmetry Capsule Letters for the Sensitive Souls

Here’s one of the best sentimental gifts for teenage guys. We are talking about a simple yet incredibly cute bottle with notes. It’s designed like a jar full of pills one gets to open and reveal the message.  There are 90 pills, so you’ll get a chance to write everything you want. We think it’s a great way to show a teenager how much you love him!



If you intend giving this a teenager to make his every day more enjoyable and raise his self-confidence, we think it's an excellent idea. In case you need some ideas on what to write on the notes, you can take a look at the following article Teenage Interests and Hobbies: Why You Should Help Adolescents Find their Passion. It will help you understand teens better, and then you'll be able to write just the right things.

Justinstones Gemstone for Stylish Teens

Are you looking for gifts for teenage guys? We have a perfect one, and you’ll love it. Justinstones offers over 40 different gemstone pendant necklaces! They are all beautiful and each stone is unique, each buyer gets a different stone. You get to choose whatever you want, but we recommend matching the stone to the zodiac sign. It’s an old believing that each sign has its stone for protection. That will make the gift even more meaning!



If you want to get something sentimental and memorable, we recommend the gemstone pendant necklace. A teenager will always wear it around, feeling you're close in some way no matter where you are at the given moment. We think that's one of the most romantic things!

Experiences Instead of Gifts

Have you considered giving experiences instead of gifts? There are a lot of experience gifts for teenage guys you can get online, but we also recommend real things. Giving gifts is crucial, especially ones that a person can keep for a long time and that will always make him remember you. However, it’s equally important to give a person’s memories. That’s possible only if you opt for experiences as well.

Think about the things that your teenager enjoys the most. Is it swimming, playing the guitar, dancing, drawing? Go to the seaside and swim all day, get off for a concert in the other country, spend the entire night dancing in the city, or take a drawing curse together. It might not seem so, but sometimes these things are more romantic than any material gift.

You can look up into some of the ideas we listed in the article about Things To Do with Teenage Grandchildren. It might encourage and inspire you on what experiences to give as a gift.

Final Thoughts

In the end, let us say just one more thing. Don’t worry too much about choosing the wrong type of gift. You can’t really go wrong with sentimental gifts. As long as you know something about the person you’re giving a gift to, you’ll be just fine. Just think about the things he enjoys and what might make him happy. Also, consider what would remember him of you, those little things that would be related to your relationship. We hope our list of sentimental gifts for teenage guys helped you with that!







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