13 Signs He Is Hiding Something

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If you find yourself wondering, “is my boyfriend hiding something from me?” Chances are you have noticed something in your boyfriend that has or is making you question whether or not he might be hiding something from you. If you have an inkling, you may have consciously or subconsciously noticed that alerted you that your boyfriend is hiding something and you want to find out what it is. Sure, not every secret is horrible, however, it is rarely good news when you catch people in a lie aimed towards you.

Below we have come up with ways to identify whether or not your boyfriend is hiding something from you, what those signs may look like, what they may potentially mean, and how you can tell they are caused by him being untruthful. Please read them carefully and remember that each one of these – on its own – is not a sure sign that your man is hiding something from you.


One way to answer the question “is he hiding something?” is to look at the number of details that he is giving you when you ask him about a specific topic. The truth is someone who is lying to you will give you too much information as a way of overcompensating. Basically, he will think that the more details that he gives, the more credible his story becomes. However, this isn’t usually the case as the details of the story are usually non-essential to the story and they will have you questioning why he would include that detail in the story at all. When you notice this, there is a high possibility that your boyfriend is hiding something from you and lying about it to you.


A sign that he’s hiding something is if he starts sweating profusely when you ask him of something that he is trying to hide from you. Sweating is one of the tell-tale signs of lying – this is because in order to keep track of every lie that they are telling you at the moment, their nervous systems start working overtime and this causes them to sweat. The sweating doesn’t always have to be significant and exaggerated, however, there are three places where a liar’s sweat might appear and these are; the upper lip, their forehead, and their armpits.

Here are some more ways how to tell if your husband is lying

What Does lying Look Like


Again if you are trying to answer the question “is my boyfriend hiding something from me?” and you want to find out from him, all you have to do is observe his body when you approach and confront him about the issue you suspect he might be hiding from you. Most nervous ticks are involuntary and it is the body’s way of rejecting the lies, therefore your boyfriend might not even know that he exhibits these small neurological telltales.


If you ever find yourself wondering “is he hiding something from me?” chances are you have noticed a change in behavior that has started to make you question him. One of such behaviors is if he starts to blame you for everything that is going wrong in the relationship, especially things that you have no control over. This is called projecting in psychology – a tactic used by a guilty party where they try to transfer their guilt by projecting it onto their partner. For example, a cheating partner might accuse you of cheating on them because it makes them feel better about their cheating, that is if you are also cheating then their cheating isn’t as bad as they believe it to be. Therefore, pay attention to whatever it is they are blaming you for – because that is most likely the thing that they are hiding from you.


So you have noticed that your boyfriend is staying out late more than usual and it has you wondering “what is he hiding?” How do you go about finding out why he is staying out so late? This is where the combination of signs comes in; first, you question him and see his reactions to your questions. Is he giving long unnecessarily detailed answers? Is he sweating? Does his body language tense up? All these will help you figure out whether or not he is hiding something – it’s all in the way he answers your questions!


One of the most obvious signs someone is hiding something is when you catch them in a lie. Someone who has nothing to hide has no reason to lie, therefore, the fact that they are lying to you is a clear sign that they are hiding something from you.

When you catch someone in a blatant lie, it is up to you to investigate more on why they could have chosen a particular topic or theme (in your or their life) to lie to you about and get to the bottom of it.


One of the signs he is hiding something is when his body language does not match his words. What does this look like? Usually, when humans speak, their words and actions match up – this is a subconscious thing and it happens with everyone. For example, when you say yes, your head nods, and when you say no your head shakes – your body correlates with what your mind is feeling and your mouth is saying. Therefore, if you notice that someone shakes their head when speaking positively, chances are they are lying – an obvious sign of someone who is hiding something from you. Body language can also come off as physically distancing themselves from you, folding their arms as a sign of defense, biting their lips as a way to keep themselves from revealing the truth – there are so many ways that the body can tell you when someone is lying to you and watching their words and body language is only the tip of the iceberg, but a good place to start, nonetheless.


Another sign that your boyfriend is hiding something is when he becomes too nice suddenly. This change in behavior is usually rapid and without any form of context – you just wake up one day and your partner is super nice and you feel that it might be too good to be true. The truth is, even though there is nothing wrong with your partner being nice to you and doting on you, it can be alarming when it is sudden. This is because when people are ridden with guilt, they will subconsciously try to elevate themselves of this guilt, and doing something nice for you will give them that effect. However, since they are acting out of guilt and not genuine intentions of care, they tend to overdo it and go overboard to try and overcompensate for their guilt-ridden feelings.


Another way how to know if someone is hiding something is when they suddenly become distant from you. Now, we all know the dichotomies of life – on one extreme we have the people that will become too nice to you after they do something they know will hurt you. On the other extreme, we have people whose guilt won’t even let them face you and so they distance themselves from you. This may come as them ghosting you, or them leaving you with the dumbest excuses. However they do it, the truth is they want to put as much distance between you and them as they possibly can so that they never have to face the consequences of their actions with you.

It is worth noting that becoming distant could also apply emotionally – where the person is there physically but they no longer are open to you emotionally and this can lead to them being closed off in more aspects of your relationship with them, such as intimacy. This might also be one of the signs that your husband is planning to leave you.


If you have had a partner withdraws from you intimately, the first thought that crossed your mind may have been why do I feel like my boyfriend is hiding something? Or something along those lines. This is because, as humans, we can feel when someone is pulling away from us. Most human communication is nonverbal and before you notice the change in intimacy, you will notice the emotional distance. This happens right before the hand-holding and public displays of affection stop. By the time you no longer have intimacy in your relationship, there will have been many nonverbal cues and signs leading up to it. Always pay attention to your gut feeling.

Another implication for the lack of intimacy in your relationship might be that your partner is getting all his intimate needs met somewhere else and therefore has no reason to be intimate with you any longer. This could also be one of the signs that your husband is not in love with you anymore.


If you have ever gotten the feeling that made you think “I feel like my boyfriend is hiding something” you know it usually comes after your partner does something that makes you question them. One of those things may be that you have noticed that your partner is straight up ignoring you. You have tried reaching out to them, calling them, texting them, or even trying to have intimate time and conversations with them but they just don’t seem to be interested. When this happens, one of these two things is true. Either he is feeling guilty of something that he did and therefore is ignoring you to soothe his own guilt, or he has found someone else whose attention he values more than yours. Either way, this is a sure sign that he is hiding something from you.


One of the best signs someone is hiding something on their phone is when they never leave their phone down. They take it everywhere with them, the bathroom, to work out, to the gym, to the kitchen – everywhere! Sure, in today’s world, everyone treats their cell phone as an extra limb and takes it almost everywhere with them. However, there are some instances where normal people will leave their phones, even for a minute, in order to do some activities. Someone who is hiding something, however, will never leave their phone because they are afraid that you may try to check what’s in it.


One thing about being in a long-term relationship that you can be sure about is at some point you are going to meet all the important people in your partner’s life – their parents, siblings, colleagues, and friends. And therefore, when they make plans, you are going to be aware of whom these plans are. Now one of the telltale signs that someone is hiding something is when he suddenly starts making plans with people that you do not know, have never heard of, and he does not make any plans for you to meet them. This could be because he is lying about these people and they do not, in fact, exist. Or it could be because they are a bad influence and he knows that you would not approve of the kind of person he becomes when in their company. Either way, when your partner starts mentioning hanging out with people you have never heard of before, you can be certain he is hiding something from you.


Why Do I Feel Like My Boyfriend Is Hiding Something?

This article has spoken in detail on how to know if someone is hiding something especially if the person is someone you share a romantic relationship with. We hope that you can find answers in some of the signs given above to help you navigate your situation. Remember to always trust your gut feeling and do further investigation where needed – because 9 out of 10 times, if you feel like your boyfriend is hiding something, he probably is.


In conclusion, this article has covered 13 signs he is hiding something and how to identify whether or not your boyfriend is hiding something from you. The article has also shone some light on what to do when you find out that your partner is hiding things from you. We hope that you have found this article highly educational and informative.





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