17 Signs of a Simple Minded Person

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The signs of a simple minded person are not too hard to see because the stress that comes with having to survive on a daily basis has made being simple minded the exception and not the norm.

The signs of a simple minded person are not too hard to see because the stress that comes with having to survive on a daily basis has made being simple minded the exception and not the norm.

Generally speaking, a simple minded person is much like a child in a lot of ways. They are considered to be less intelligent and lacking in the capacity to grasp more complicated concepts quickly.

This might be the case for some, but it is definitely not the case for all. Some simple minded people are smart or of average intelligence but decide to see things in a simple way so as to live free of stress and complications.

Regardless of whether their simplicity is by choice or not, people with a simple personality are generally more inclined to do good because their mind generally functions by grouping things as either good or bad with the good being the more preferred option.

If you are looking to be more simple minded than you are now, or you are simply trying to identify if a person has a simple mind, the signs listed in this article should point you in the right direction.

You should note that there are also negatives to being more simple minded and some of those will be discussed as well.

12 Positive characteristics of a simple person

1. Generosity

One of the signs of a simple minded person is that they will usually be quite generous because in living a simple life, there will be no need to spend a lot on themselves.

They will therefore have excess cash more often than not which they will be able to give away to people who they feel might need it more.

Even if they do not have cash, simple people can be quite generous with other things as well such as their time and effort so long as they believe that it is needed by someone else and because they are usually quite easy to convince, it is normal to find that they are usually being generous.

Other characteristics of generous people.

2. Optimistic

Being a simple man means that one does not have to think about complicated probabilities of the chance that something may or may not happen in the future because such a person usually lives in the present.

This leads to them being quite optimistic about life because they refuse to or rather cannot fathom the things that might go wrong in the future. Being around such a person can therefore be annoying to those who cannot stop thinking about the future but it can also calm them down knowing that someone does not worry as much as they do.

3. Honesty

One of the things that makes a simple person a genuinely good person is that they are honest. This is because lying can be complicated and will lead to even more complicated scenarios if it is probed further.

To avoid such, you will find that a simple person would much rather just tell the truth and be done with it. This is a nice personality trait to have even though it might cost them a few friends who would have preferred that they lied for one reason or the other.

4. Clear communication

Simple people are able to shoot straight to the point when communicating with other people because they know no other way.

Speaking in undertones or even lies can serve to complicate the conversation which is something simple minded people do not want.

This makes a simple person a good person to talk to because they will tell you the truth instead of lying for whatever reason.

5. Empathetic

This is one of the good human qualities that come as a result of being simple minded because simple minded people generally separate life into either right or wrong and when they feel like something is right, they will accept it.

If they, therefore, see that another human is suffering, their mind would tell them that feeling for them would be the right thing to do and so they would do so. It is because of this that they are generally so generous as well.

6. Generally kind

Another one of the qualities of a good person which simple people have is kindness. This stems from their ability to feel empathy for others.

A simple minded person, for instance, will not stress themselves thinking about the background of the pain that someone they see may be going through because all they see is the pain. Their mind would tell them to just be a good person and help the person out without wondering about the background which is a good human trait to have.

One can therefore learn how to be a decent human being from simple people.

7. Less financial stress

One of the most envious characteristics of a simple minded person is the little amount of stress and worry that they have over their finances.

Because a simple person does not need much, they will not have to keep racking their heads trying to figure out their finances like most of us.

This translates to less stress for them because as research by the American Psychological Association (APA) shows, worrying about money was one of the leading causes of stress.

Most Common Sources of Stress

8. Worry little

If you ever wanted to know if you were simple, take the simple minded test of finding out how often you worry about things.

If you find that you generally can’t help but be worried about this and that, you are most definitely not simple minded because they try not to complicate their lives, and with worry being one of the main stressors in life, they just don’t do it.

So if you want to find out how to be simple, start by worrying less.

9. Forgive easily

A simple mind has one of the positive characteristics of a person of being able to forgive easily because they do not hold onto things and this includes when people wrong them.

This quality allows a simple person to be an easy person to be friends with because conflict is bound to arise in friendship but knowing that the other person is willing to forgive, opens the way for dialogue and eventual reconciliation.

10. Able to move on from mistakes

Another one of the good things about people who are simple is that they are able to move on from their mistakes relatively quickly.

This is simply because they don’t like to or are unable to hold onto things that bring them down. Mistakes are one of those things so in refusing to hold onto them, they get to move on faster from them.

11. People of action

If one were to ask, “what does it mean to be a simple man?”, a simple answer would be that they engage in action more than they think about it. This is not to say that they don’t think about what they do before they do it, it just means that they don’t spend too much time analyzing things like an overthinker would.

They would much rather just start whatever it is they are to do and let others do the thinking.

Some argue that this should be considered amongst the positive things about a person because it reduces procrastination and gets the job done.

12. Mind is at peace

One of the best qualities of a person with a simple mind is that their minds are usually at peace. This is down to the fact that they don’t have to worry much about anything seeing as they live a minimalist lifestyle or simply choose to or are unable to grasp the complications of life.

With such a peaceful mind, they can sleep better and enjoy a less stressful life which could very well prolong their lives because stress is known to affect the body’s systems and lead to them deteriorating faster.

One could therefore make the argument that being simple minded is a positive trait in a person because it can prolong life.

5 Negative characteristics of a simple person

13. Can be deceived easily

Some simple minded people can be deceived easily due to their compassionate nature and for others, their inability to grasp complicated concepts.

They can therefore be taken advantage of in several ways including financially which isn’t right because the good attributes of a person should never be abused in such a manner.

No one wants to see a stained simple man which is what would happen if the simple person being taken advantage of found out about it and began to feel resentment. We should therefore not take advantage of such a person so that they never stop being a good person.

To guard against being deceived, look at how to tell if someone is playing mind games.

14. Do instead of think

As mentioned earlier, a simple person is a person of action in that they prefer to do more than they prefer to think. This simple man definition can however be a disadvantage because it means that such people can be quite impulsive.

Even if action is required sometimes, it is also necessary to think about what it is you are to do before you do it and if this is not done, it could negatively affect both the project at hand and the simple person doing it.

15. Cannot be trusted with responsibility

Because some roles require that people critically think about what the requirements of the role is and engage in complex actions to fulfill the role’s requirements, it is best that these roles do not go to simple minded people as they are either incapable of such thought or would rather not want to be bothered with such.

Simple minded people are therefore not generally trusted with responsibilities out of fear that it would overwhelm them and lead to the failure to fulfill those responsibilities.

Aside from being simple-minded, here are other reasons not to trust someone.

16. Don’t reflect on past actions – no learning

Simple people prefer not to hold onto the past especially when the past contains events that bring them down when they think about it.

While this can reduce stress levels, it also means that they would be unable to assess those events in order to find out how they happened so that they can take action to ensure that those events do not happen again.

The person could therefore repeat the same actions multiple times when it could have been solved by the process of self-assessment.

17. Rely too much on others

Simple minded people either prefer to or can only make simple decisions. As a result, another one of the signs of a simple person is that they generally have to rely on others for the more complicated aspects of their life such as in the management of their financial affairs.

They may also find it hard to keep a stable source of income which means that they may have to rely on people for their financial upkeep as well.

These can make such people come across as a burden to those that have to take care of them and possibly build up feelings of resentment at this.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you tell if someone is simple-minded?

  • They are easy to please
  • They don’t understand complicated issues
  • They can be rather optimistic
  • They don’t worry about things a lot because they don’t think too much
  • They are easily manipulated
  • They act more than they think

2. What does it mean when a person is described as simple?

There are multiple reasons a person could be described as simple including:

  • They are not very intelligent and so don’t think about more complicated issues.
  • They prefer to live a minimalist life where they don’t bother accumulating much but rather focus on fulfilling their basic needs
  • There is nothing particularly special about them and they are just average people going about their average lives.

3. How do you deal with a simple-minded person?

Simple-minded people are not very hard to deal with because they do not want an overly complicated existence. It is best to simply relate with them in a sincere and humane way so as not to take advantage of them.


A simple minded person has quite a number of the ideal attributes of a good person because life is not complicated in their eyes and if they see something that they believe is good and should be done, they will not waste time thinking about whatever complications the issue might be facing – they will just do it.

Unfortunately, however, this world has a way of screwing with good people so there is a high risk of simple minded people being taken advantage of. It is therefore important to help them – if you are in a position to – find the balance between being good and being gullible.





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