13 Signs of Negative Energy in a Person

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  • Defining negative and toxic energy;
  • Listing the 3 bad energy sources;
  • Showing you how to detect negative energy in a person by listing the 13 symptoms of negative energy and signs of negative energy in a person; and finally
  • The 5 steps you can take in warding off negative energy.

Does negative energy exist? Defining negative and toxic energy.

The world is becoming slightly more negative (2014).

You might find yourself asking “can energy be negative?”. While there isn’t as yet a scientific definition or explanation for negative energy, at least one survey that we saw from Gallup supports the understanding that there is a general acceptance that there is such a thing as negative energy. As that survey shows, it would appear that the world is becoming increasingly negative, which translates to having a more negative energy around us. And that is why this article is all the more important for us all. We need to understand negative energy so that we understand how to deal with it.

How then does one define negative energy? Negative energy in simple terms is that negative aura that leaves you drained or leaves you feeling down and heavy. It is energy that saps away the joy and any positive feeling from the surrounding where it is, and in its place brings with it heaviness and a general bad unsettling and uncomfortable feeling.

Negative energy is not tangible but when you are in an environment filled with it, you can feel it heavily that it almost feels tangible. When negative energy is around, there is so much tension and unease and everyone can feel it. In a way, you could say that negative energy is negative spiritual energy because while you can’t see it, you can certainly feel it when you are around it.

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3 Bad energy sources.

There are 3 main bad energy sources:

1. Toxic and negative people.

Toxic and negative people are people who display the 13 signs listed in the next section of this article. When you hang around people with negative energy, it is only a matter of time before their negativity infects and affects you. People with negative energy release bad energy because of the toxic energy they carry. If you are feeling negative energy from someone, chances are they have negative and toxic energy around them. And if you want to have negative spiritual energy, just find a negative person and hang around them and you will be surprised at how much of their toxic energy you absorb if care isn’t taken.

2. Toxic and negative environment.

There can be negative energy in your home and environment that can also be a source of negative energy in a person. When you live in a home or work or other environment filled with animosity and other negative vices, it is inevitable that it will also affect a person and fill them with negative energy.

While this is not proven, some have said that being in a dirty, unkempt environment can also breed negative energy and affect a person’s overall energy negatively. While we cannot speak to the veracity of this, one thing we can speak to is the relaxing effect a clean space and environment has on overall wellness. You will notice that you get a good high when you clean out your space or just walk into a clean and freshly fragranced space; a sort of positive energy.

3. Self-toxicity.

You can also be a bad energy source to yourself by adopting any or all of the 13 traits listed in the next section which are the signs of negative energy in a person. When you allow yourself to imbibe those habits and traits, you are self-toxifying yourself with negative energy. Also, by choosing to put yourself in the same place as people with negative energy, you deliberately choose to invite negative energy into your life.

How to detect negative energy in a person – 13 Symptoms of negative energy and signs of negative energy in a person.

If you are looking for signs of negative energy in a person, all you have to do is look out for these 13 symptoms of negative energy in a person.

1. Excessive complaining.

People with negative energy are always complaining about one thing or another. There is no end to their complaint. Even when there is no need to complain, they will somehow still find something to complain about.

People with negative energy are always complaining about one thing or another. There is no end to their complaint. Even when there is no need to complain, they will somehow still find something to complain about.

2. An overly critical person who sees nothing right or good in anyone else.

Consistent with their incessant complaints, a person with negative energy will never see anything right or good in anyone else. Given the negative and toxic energy they carry about them, they see everything through the lens of the negative energy they carry within. It doesn’t matter how much you try to impress someone with negative energy, they will never be impressed because the negative energy they carry will never allow them see anything positive or good in any other person.

3. Always speaking negatively.

A person with negative energy is a doomsday prophet. They are always speaking only tales of woe and doom almost all the time. If you decided to keep tabs, it would surprise you just how very little good or positive things they have to say. Almost everything they have to talk about has to do with something horrible or negative.

4. Someone who is quick to put other people down.

This should not come as a surprise because they never see anything good in anyone else. It is a whole lot easier for someone with negative energy to put people down than it is for them to give compliments.

5. Forever worrying and seeing only evil and negative occurrences happening to them.

This is another sign of negative energy in a person. They are always trying to imagine the worst things happening to them even when there is no reason to. The negative energy in them makes them see only evil occurrences around them.

6. Extreme paranoia is another symptom of an inbuilt negative energy in a person.

In very extreme cases, a person with so much inbuilt negative energy may even believe that they have bad spirits following them or that there are demons in their home. They may start to see imaginary enemies everywhere they go and start to imagine that the whole world is somehow against them and that people everywhere are ganging up against them.

7. They appear to enjoy hearing bad news.

It almost feels like they get a dark high and satisfaction from bad news. Given that a negative person never sees anything good or positive, they almost always expect bad news so that it confirms the toxic energy they carry with them.

8. Inability to sleep well or due to having restless sleep is a symptom of inbuilt negative energy.

Restlessness while sleeping is usually attributable to a buildup of negative energy. If the origin of what causes the person to be restless is traced, you will find that it is a result of negative and not so pleasant thoughts, which in turn leads to negative energy.

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9. Unexplained headaches and body ache also happen because of inbuilt negative energy.

This is another telling symptom of negative and toxic energy. Negative energy has a draining and debilitating effect and this can, in turn, wear out the body and mind. And usually, this wear out then manifests in unexplained headaches and body aches.

10. Someone who is quick to give advice and yet does not follow their own advice is another symptom of inbuilt negative energy.

And you notice that their own life isn’t that great because they are clearly not following the advice they are so quick to give others. It is a whole lot easier for them to dish out advice than it is to put in the work required to make their life work. This is all the more so because they are so engrossed with seeing only the negative that they cannot rise past this to make something of their lives. Since everything is stacked up against them in their minds, they don’t even see the point in bothering, and yet they can confidently give the advice they should be taking to someone else.

11. Their negativity taints even the way they take comments and criticism.

They are very cynical and have very thin skin that cannot handle criticism. You can hardly make a joke without their taking offence or seeing the worst in even the most innocent of jokes or innocuous of comments.

12. They take offence on other people’s behalf even when those people will not take that offence.

It’s like they are always on the lookout for offences to take because they thrive on negative energies and tense environments.

13. They will always find a gloomy lining even to the most positive event.

Consistent with their negative outlook on life and always looking for doomsday, they will find something negative and gloomy about even the most joyful and pleasant occasions.

Warding off negative energy – how to control your energy and how to get rid of bad energy in your home.

How often do you tend to ignore your emotions in favor of being happy, even if you are not? (Study of 233 respondents). Source: Science of People

How often do you tend to ignore your emotions in favor of being happy, even if you are not_ (Study of 233 respondents).

You can get rid of negative energy by taking these 5 helpful steps.

1. Maintain a clean environment/clean space at home.

Clean spaces have a rejuvenating and uplifting effect and will quickly dispel any gloomy or negative air around them. Maintaining a clean environment will go a long way to keep the negative energy away.

2. Eat well, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle and habits.

Healthy lifestyle habits like exercise and eating well also have a positive effect because of the feel-good hormones they release into the brain. These hormones in turn fuel the positivity you feel and in turn keep negative energies at bay.

Check out our articles on What foods should we eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle and How can we protect our health and lengthen our lives for more helpful insights on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. Be intentional about the kind of company you keep and the people you hang out with.

As someone who doesn’t want to allow negative energy to infiltrate your space, the last thing you should be doing is intentionally hanging out with persons you know who have the signs and symptoms of negative energy listed in this article.

While we are not saying you should avoid them, be intentional about how much time you choose to spend with them. Spending long periods of time in their company will affect you in no time. You can keep their company but aim to make it as brief as possible. And even when you spend time with them, choose to speak the exact opposite of the negativity they spew out.

4. Be intentional about the kind/type of people you allow into your house and personal space.

You don’t have to allow everyone into your personal space. Once you can tell that someone has negative energy, you will be well within good reason to tell them that they cannot stay at your house or even not invite them over to your house. And the reason for this is simple. If you are making your personal space conducive for you and only filled with positive energy, the minute you allow negative energy in, it is challenging trying to restore the balance to the way things were before.

5. Be intentional about the type of things you talk about and who you talk with.

Make positive talk and self-talk an integral part of your life until it becomes second nature and who you are. Even when things aren’t going too well, the way you speak about them will affect your energy and the way you will tackle the challenges you face. It is also important to choose carefully who you spend a great deal of your time in conversation with as this is also another way to infuse yourself with energies, whether negative energy or positive energy.

Also, check out How to remain positive in difficult times and How to make yourself feel better when sad for other helpful tips that can also help with warding off negative energy.

Frequently asked questions.

1. What are the signs of a bad spirit following you?

There is no such thing as bad spirits following a person. Thinking that way is part of the negative energy we spoke about in this article. And believing such will only make you see bad spirits following you everywhere.

2. Is there such a thing as negative spiritual energy?

Yes, there is such a thing as negative spiritual energy. It is the other name given to having negative energy. It is spiritual because it is not something you can see tangibly but can feel very strongly when you are around a person with negative energy.

3. Is there a way of controlling energy with your mind?

Yes, there is. What you allow into your mind will determine the energy around you. If you fill your mind with negative thoughts and things, then you will have negative energy around you but if you fill it with positive thoughts, then you control the energy around you to be positive.

4. When you get weird vibes from people, is that a sign of negative energy in those people?

Yes, indeed it is. Weird vibes are usually an indication of toxic energy in the person you get the weird vibes from.

5. Does negative energy in the home attract demons in your home?

We cannot say that this is the case. However, what negative energy does is make the atmosphere around your home unpleasant and very unsettling and uneasy to be in.

6. How to create negative energy?

The easiest way to create negative energy is by spending quality time with people that carry negative energy. They will easily create an atmosphere of negative energy to immerse everyone around them.

7. How to control your energy?

Control your mind and you control your energy. Control the thoughts that flow through your mind and you control your energy. Also, control the company you keep and you control how much energy you allow within your proximity.


Negative energy is that energy that leaves you drained and heavy. It can be created by allowing negative thoughts and emotions to take hold of a person. When a person has negative energy, they will display the 13 signs and symptoms listed in this article. And if you want to ward off negative energy, take the 5 steps listed in this article.





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