15 Cute Things to Do With Your Boyfriend at School

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Being in school does not have to weaken the bond you share with your boyfriend, instead, it can be made stronger by showing him affections in creative ways. With the following tips, you should be able to keep your relationship alive and bubbly while chasing good grades. Oh, these tips get intense as you scroll down, have fun.

This article has been subdivided into three;

  • Cute things couples do at school
  • How to flirt with your boyfriend at school and,
  • Fun things to do with your boyfriend at school



What is love without support? Couples turn up for each other at school. They always try to cheer each other up (physical support) because they want to stay winning and if things go sour, they are there to console and encourage one another (emotional support). This is how they build trust for each other. So, if your boyfriend is ill, in trouble, or participating in an activity like soccer, basketball, dance, and the like, try to be there for him and also expect him to do the same for you.


Lunch break is usually the time couples reunite. They learn to share meals and most importantly, learn about their partners’ preferences. For example, if you find out your boyfriend loves Lasagna, you could decide to surprise him with home-made Lasagna a few times and he could do the same for you. It is not a rule that you must always share lunch breaks and meals together, it should not be rare either.


It is not a given that couples would read together but it’s always cute when they do especially for lessons they share. Couples that read together are usually goal-oriented. They know their strengths and weaknesses and try as much a possible to help each other perform optimally. They revise together and have expectations for each class. They keep each other in check and this is one positive thing about healthy relationships. Being a couple is not all about sharing kisses but also about achieving goals/ winning academically. Other benefits of reading together are;

  • You learn more about each other’s life philosophies, principles, and values.
  • You’ll have broadened conversations
  • You learn how to respect each other’s views


Couples interact with each other’s friends as often as they both can. One reason why couples do this is to have a reference point or back-up person/ people that will help them look out for each other. For example, when couples fight, they sometimes ask a trusted friend to help them resolve it. Friends also help to inform couples about their partners’ whereabouts. For instance, your boyfriend’s cellphone dies on him and you are worried about him. The next best option is to ask his friend. While interacting with each other’s friends is a good idea, respect for your partner should be maintained, also, it is important to share only trust-worthy friends with him. You don’t want friends that stir conflict in your relationship.


Couples communicate. They keep each other updated about their life, emotional state, their day, schedules, and many more. This helps them give a good account of each other, especially in rare extreme situations where people are worried about them. You don’t want to be asked about your boyfriend and you are unable to assist. However, it is important to know the difference between communicating, disturbing, and stalking. While it is good to know your partners’ whereabouts and activities, they should not be under pressure to keep you informed about every little detail of their life or activities, neither should you engage in activities that could be seen as a violation of their privacy.

A study showed some harmful behaviors teens admitted to have done to their current or previous partners. Source: Pew Research Center

% of teens daters who have done the following to a current or former romantic partner

A lot of young people admitted to sending their partners a large number of texts within a short period of time which may be subject to context but however, behaviors such as accessing your partner’s phone without their permission, sharing personal information about them with other people, installing trackers and impersonating them can be considered as intrusive and invasive behaviors. It is important to find a balance.


Another cute thing about school couples is that they have a chill spot where they can spend time alone. A lot of people might not think much about why school couples seclude themselves sometimes at a particular spot/s but they unconsciously respect their space. A chill spot is like a comfortable space or safe space where couples can be free from other distractions just to spend time with each other. They learn to push out distractions and unconsciously teach people to respect their boundaries. This is quite common with younger couples and as the relationship grows, their spot becomes more flexible as well as their meet-up time. But they always try to create time for themselves


You do not want to get into trouble while expressing your affections for him in school, so here are some of the subtle ways of flirting with your boyfriend at school.


You may already know that ‘touch’ is an important part of bonding. Touching your partner increases intimacy, the feeling of warmth, safety, and respect. You might not be able to hug him in school but you can definitely keep it tight with him by gently patting him in passing. Let your fingers do the talking for you. For example,

  • Gently touch his ear or hair while walking to your seat and back it up with a smile.
  • Walk your fingers through his neck, especially the back of his neck, and then whisper a joke or a compliment
  • Share a little finger lock (pinky swear) in passing, coupled with a wink, and a smile.
  • Play with the tip of his fingers or hand by rubbing yours on it.


Your eyes can say so much without you uttering a word. It is a powerful organ for flirting and bonding with a person. If you pay ‘close’ attention to older couples, you will notice that they communicate a lot with their eyes especially when it is not convenient to speak. They correct, give approval, give hints, and flirt with each other effortlessly and most times, to the oblivion of others. This makes their bond stronger. Perhaps its time to pick a few lessons from them. You can definitely switch up your intimacy by sending the right signal with your eyes.

  • Learn to wink at your partner and smile
  • Give him the “I see you” signal when you notice his eye searching for you around the hall or school.
  • When you’re chatting with him in person, it is very important to make eye contact. It is a sign of respect. Make eye contact and body contact, it is a perfect flirt combination.
  • Sometimes stare at him for a while without saying anything and if he asks you why you are staring, just smile and compliment him.


It is quite easy for people to ignore love letter writing since technology has made communication easy. While texting, calling, and sending emails are great forms of communication, love letter writing is a bit more personal, unique, attractive, and endearing. The simple reasons are that love letters are increasingly becoming uncommon, secondly, it takes a little more effort to compose something beautiful and lastly, it is a sentimental gift that could last a lifetime if it is kept well.

Since you are writing to flirt, use enough figures of speech to describe him and your emotions towards him. Don’t overdo it. You can learn a lot and get a lot of ideas from poets like Shakespeare, for example, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”.  When you are done writing the letter, glamorize it and place it in his locker. He will love the surprise.


This is another creative way of sending him love notes. Write down something short and beautiful and pass it on to him in the form of origami. You could slide it into his notebook or jacket or drop it in his locker with heart-like cookies and sweets, etc. What’s important is that you are creative about it.


It is a bit easier to flirt with your partner when you have a coded language. A lot of couples do this already but many fail woefully at it because it is easy for people to decode what they are saying. It is very important to be creative about it. For example

  • A double-tap on the left side of your chest could men “I love you”
  • Picking your hand up and loosely flinging it as though reacting from touching something hot could me “you’re really hot/cute today”
  • Rubbing your chin twice with a folded index finger could mean “you are lying or a person is lying”

Now imaging doing number one coupled with a smile, imagine doing number 2 with a wink and a smile, and lastly, imagine a friend playfully teasing your boyfriend about his clothes or haircut, you call your partner and do 3, 2, and 1 coupled with a wink and a blown kiss.

You could also use this strategy to flirt. Be creative!


A lot of fun activities come from exposing each other to new experiences. Being able to try something you’ve never done before or adapting old activities to make it more appealing. Here are some ideas you might consider useful.


The big question is “what do your boyfriend love to do?”. If you can identify his favorite sport, games or activities, etc, you can definitely have a lot of fun with him. You do not have to love his favorite sport or activities neither should you feel any sort of pressure to adopt it if you don’t want to, but try it out sometimes. Challenge him to his game even though he’s most likely going to beat you at it just like you will beat him at what you are good at. Imagine challenging a sprinter, a chess player, dancer, or footballer to his game with any experience in these activities, the result will be hilarious.


You might be familiar with the movie “National treasure” where Nicolas cage (Benjamin Franklin Gates in the movie), a historian, sought after lost national treasures using coded maps or directions. This game is a little bit similar. Send him messages using codes he can find in books. Use the message to direct to a special or unique gift (treasure) that you’ve prepared for him. Although preparing this game might be a bit tasking, he will most likely love the search and you will enjoy giving him clues. Finding the reward is equally fulfilling. There are many other creative ways to surprise your boyfriend.


There are other amazing games you could play with your boyfriend at school. You can get ideas in our article fun games to play with two people. For example, tic tac toe and mancala games can be played without the actual boards. A sheet of paper or stones and the floor is enough. There are more game ideas on our website, search games.


There are lots of extracurricular activities in school or short programs both of you can participate in. Both of you can look for these activities and participate in them together.

In case you wish to get your boyfriend something special, check out our articles


How can I flirt with my boyfriend at school?

One of the common ways to flirt with your boyfriend is by using coded language. Teach yourself coded languages and use them in school, in class without anyone knowing what you are saying. You could also give him origami letters and love items, drop letters in his locker, and make flirty gestures.

What are some of the cute things couples do at school?

They support each other by trying to be there when they are needed, they study together, eat together, share friends, and communicate a lot.


Being in a relationship with someone who really cares about you is great. Sometimes school stress would try to rub off on your relationship but that should not regularly be the case. There are lots of really cool things you could do with your boyfriend to spice up your relationship even at school and we have listed 15. We hope that our ideas help you to bond better with your boyfriend.





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