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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Preschoolers

Valentine gifts for toddler classmates have to be chosen carefully. Why is that, you may ask? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to teach toddlers about sharing love and showing affection. That’s why it’s essential to encourage the joy of gift-giving. After all, nothing compares to seeing the flicker in children’s eyes when they exchange gifts. It makes you want to celebrate the holiday just for the sake of enjoying their happiness in the moment!

Kids are like sponges: they absorb, absorb, and then absorb some more. The things you teach them during early/toddler years will probably stick with them always. So, try to teach them to share their toys and give gifts to make others happy. With our suggestions, you’ll surely make some toddler smile! You can organize activities in the classroom with these Valentine’s Day gifts for preschool classmates or award them for a group effort.  Let’s say your little class has spent the entire day making cute cards for their loved ones. Why not let them get a bit loose with music or with pit balls? They might make a small mess, but it will be worth it! You can always use the opportunity to teach them responsibility about collective space and cleaning after themselves.

When choosing the perfect present remember that:

  • Kids will be excited about anything as long as it’s shiny and wrapped in pretty colors. That’s why you need to think of something to keep them interested longer. The magic doesn’t end with unwrapping presents, right?
  • Toddlers valentine gifts you choose will be important to every single kid, especially if it’s the first one they received for this holiday.
  • If in doubt, always check with parents whether it is okay for their kids to play with certain toys. Some parents limit their child access to technology or a kid might have allergies to certain materials like plastic or metal.
  • Organize activities around gifts. Make a day out of it, if not a week.
  • Add some chocolate and candy into the gift mix but don’t overdo it. Balance is everything!

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Quick Overview: Valentine Gifts for Toddler Classmates

Yesbears Giant Teddy Bear 5 Foot Brown Microfiber Bowtie & Face

Whether you’re buying toddler gifts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday, a teddy bear is a safe choice! Kids just go crazy about stuffed toys. Who wouldn’t? Truth to be told, with this particular teddy bear, you’ll be tempted to get one for yourself! Or your partner. Who says stuffed animals are only for children?

Yesbears is a reliable brand that produces all kinds of stuffed animals and you can tell. This teddy is made of ultra-soft polyester fiber, and the paws and face area are extra padded with microfiber so it feels nice on the skin.



Is there any better way to show love than with a giant hug on Valentine’s Day? This teddy bear says that there isn’t! Get this teddy for the class and see for yourself! It can even become the class’ protector!

Toddler Musical Instruments Toys

Start jamming and teach your kids to enjoy music too! Toddler Musical Instruments are great for learning and also for having fun. They come with a little bag to pack it all up after the party’s over,  so there will be no mess in the classroom! You should only check is it okay to make some (more) noise in the kindergarten. Although, there is always noise, if the kids are around!

This musical set contains xylophone, tambourine, flute, cymbals, a triangle with a striker, wrist bells, maracas, and shaker eggs. You can be sure that every kid in class will find something which will be interesting for him/her. That’s why this might be perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for preschool classmates.



Toddler Musical Instruments are both educational and fun. They help the kids develop sensitivity to sounds, and it’s great for improving hand-eye coordination. With so many instruments in the set, your kindergarteners can even form a small band!

LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train

Is there a kid who doesn’t like Lego? Exactly, they are all crazy about them! This cargo train is perfect for toddlers who are creative, who are creative, crafty, and always active. The product will definitely set them in motion! The Cargo Train includes more than a hundred pieces plus accessories! You need to supervise the playtime that’s for sure, but other than that, legos are the perfect toy. It’s STEM learning while playing! Kids of three years can easily figure out how to put the set together, and the younger ones might need your assistance. Overall, it’s great for the classroom because you can put kids in groups, so they can try to build the cargo train together.



Lego cargo train is the perfect gift for little builders. Fun, colorful and easy to build, this might be a great Valentine gift idea for classmates. You can never go wrong with legos!

KROCO Luxury Edition Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover

We bet you have all those stuffed animals tucked inside ugly boxes in the corner of the room. Well,there might be a better way to organize kid’s toys. With this bean bag chair cover, you can collect all the toys and make a fluffy spot for kids to rest on! Tell us, which kid wouldn’t like to get a home for their stuffed animals? Kroco plush cover is made of non-toxic premium quality plush that won’t tear and the zipper is located at the bottom. So, durability is guaranteed!



Save your class space and your kindergarteners' toys by putting them somewhere safe. Kroco cover transforms piles of mess into a comfy chair, that can be used for relaxing, reading, playing etc. The best thing about it is the softness which kids will love, that’s for sure!

Click N’ Play Value Pack of 400 Phthalate Free BPA Free Crush Proof Plastic Ball, Pit Balls

Is there anything better than giving toddlers a pool of balls to play in? We don’t think so, which is  exactly why we are recommending this pack for Valentine’s. Each ball in this set can withstand over 90 pounds of weight, so a group of kids playing can’t crush them! The balls are ideal for small childrens hands and they can be blue, red, pink, green, orange and yellow, so enough choice for everyone! A pack of 400 balls would be enough for one class, but if you think you need more, don’t hesitate! Kids might “go wild” when playing with them, but that’s perfectly normal. They are just so fun!



Pit balls are a multi-choice toy. You can swim in them, pass them around, learn with them (colors, shapes, and numbers), you name it! Just don’t think it will be easy to clean the mess after playtime!

HABA Walk Along Tool Cart

If you have toddlers in class who are not yet walking perfectly, this might be the perfect gift for them. The walk along tool cart helps kids with walking while also entertaining them. It is entirely made of wood, and it’s perfectly safe for youngsters. The break on the wheel can be adjusted (by an adult). That’s useful for controlling the speed of the cart. Little carpenters will use the saw, the hammer and the wrench to play with while practicing motor skills, role play, and creativity!



Haba tool cart is the thing you’re looking for to help toddlers with their first steps. It’s fun, safe, and it might even inspire children to use these kinds of tools when they grow up! They can learn to fix things for themselves and not count on handyman’s help.

Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe Ride-On

This giraffe ride-on is the perfect Valentine’s gift for toddlers who are already walking and trying something new. This riding toy can be used both indoors and outdoors. Kids could even play with it during recess outside, how great is that? It has an adjustable seat, so a lot of different kids can use it, which is great when teaching them sharing!



This giraffe ride-on is all you’ll looking for in a toy for a toddler. It’s easy to use: kids can just scoot and ride with their feet. Giraffe is adorable and it looks friendly so kids will surely love it! This definitely is the perfect toy for active play and motor skill development!

Master Workbench by Hape

Although not very much in Valentine’s spirit, this workbench would be a great gift for toddlers. Building and crafting is always interesting for kids, so you don’t have to worry whether they’ll like it. The master workbench contains more than thirty pieces including a hammer, a saw, a screwdriver, a wrench, bolts, links, and more! This set is recommended for 3-year-old kids and older. It has an adjustable counter, and kids can continue to play even when they get bigger! Master Workbench helps the kids improve problem-solving skills and practice motor movement.



A kid's toolbox is what you’re looking for if you deal with restless toddlers who are always up to something. Keep them busy and channel their creative energy! With this set, kids can build, fix, and rebuild for hours and they won’t get tired, we’re sure!


Gather up all the ideas that came up while reading this article and make sure to get Valentine gifts for toddler classmates before February 14th! Remember, kids are not the same, so choose gifts according to their personality type. You’ll choose different gifts for children who love animals and for those that like sports, etc. You get the point, right? Listen to their needs and with a few of our suggestions, we’re sure you’ll wow them!

Children will like almost every gift, but they are still very hard to shop for.  There are so many options on the market, so you think you can always find something better, right? While that might be true, you don’t have to spend entire days contemplating the perfect gift. They are just kids! As we said, they will like everything! That’s why it is essential not to overthink this. Keep in mind that you can’t really go wrong and be confident. If you want a bit more personal gifts you can see the article Personalized gifts for 2 year olds about that. The most important thing is to find something that you can enjoy together. Bonding in class is very important, so make sure gifts can help with that. After all, sharing love is the key to making Valentine’s Day perfectly memorable!







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