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Gifts for Children Who Love Animals

Children are crazy about animals. They are either completely obsessed or obsessed and also want to get a pet. Most parents avoid getting a pet by buying a lot of other animal-theme gifts and stuff. That’s smart, but not enough. If a child loves animals (and all of them do) there’s not much you can do. Whether you have a pet or not, your child will probably end up dressed in animal-themed clothes from tip to toe. You can try with some other gifts, of course, but success is never guaranteed. You’ll probably end up with a pet or two regardless of the effort.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you shouldn’t think about alternative animal gifts you can give to your child. T-shirts and hoodies are great, but there are a lot of other fun and creative things you can get. To help you out with the searching process, we composed this guide with 7 cute gifts for children who love animals.

Connection Between Children and Animals

There’s an undeniable connection between children and animals. It’s a different kind of attachment than the one that adults have with animals. The experts say it’s because children connect with animals way easier. They help them communicate in times when adults can’t understand their developing language. Therefore, animals mostly help children connect to the world in the way parents can’t.

How Animals Help With Child’s Personal Development

If you have ever seen a child playing with an animal, you know how special their connection is. It’s not all about having fun but learning too. Some experts say that spending time with animals helps children gain self-esteem and improve social skills. It also helps them develop empathy towards others.

How Children Help Animals

The connection between children and animals is not one-sided by no means. Children make animals happy and relaxed with their presence. Many studies show that anxious and mistreated animals felt much calmer and safer around children. It is, indeed, a special kind of relationship that works in both ways.

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Quick Overview: Gifts for Children Who Love Animals

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Home Fashion Designs Flannel Sheets for Animal Lovers

We have a lot of awesome gifts for animal lovers to introduce, but we would like to start with a universal one. An animal-themed bedsheet is perfect for both adults and children. Home Fashion Designs features a quality cotton bedsheet. It’s available in a wide range of creative and fun patterns, including owls, mooses, polar bears, penguins, and many other patterns. Thanks to the quality of breathable material, the sheet is soft, lightweight, and very cozy. It’s also machine-washable and quite durable.



The sheet is not only super cute but also well made. It allows for snug naps, which makes it perfect for children as well as for adults. We also think it's one of the best practical Christmas Gifts for a 2-Year-Old Baby Girl you can find.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Pajamas for Stylish Youngsters

If you’re looking for animal gifts for 2-year-olds, you should consider getting animal pajamas. They are ideal for all toddlers out there. The quality material makes them soft and cozy, so your little one can comfortably sleep and wander around the house. The pajamas are also free of chemicals, flame-resistant, and machine-washable. You won’t have any issues with maintaining and cleaning them, so they’ll last for quite some time. Lastly, you get to choose a perfect pack of 3 pajamas from 7 available animal designs.



These pajamas are just adorable and make great gifts for animal loving kids. They are comfortable, safe, and easy to maintain. Although the description says they are for boys, these pajamas are also perfectly suitable for girls. They are well-made, stylish, and comfy, which makes them a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2-Year-Old Daughter.

Cozy Naps with Jellycat Blanket

We have another awesome gift for girls and boys who love animals. Jellycat offers an adorable blanket for babies and toddlers. It’s available in 18 different colors, and each one of them features a different stuffed animal. There are ducks, giraffes, chickens, bunnies, elephants, owls, and much more. Your little one will love it! Also, you’ll be pleased to know that all the blankets are made from safe and quality materials. They are incredibly soft and comfortable, so your little one will feel comfortable all the time.



If you want to get your little one something special, this blanket is just the perfect thing. It's incredibly cute and also very soft, allowing for cozy naps all the time. Additionally, this is a security blanket for babies who need a reliable item through the first months.

Children’s Chair by Animal Adventure

If you’re looking for the best toys for kids who love animals, we recommend a unique combination. Animal Adventure offers a child’s chair with animal design. You can pick an elephant, a shark, a bear, a dog, and many other animals. They are all incredibly cute, and your child will most certainly fall in love with the chair!

The best thing about it is a soft material that allows for superior comfort. Also, the cover is removable and washable for parents’ convenience. The entire chair is designed to be soft and safe for children to use, and it’s even lightweight and easy to move around.



This soft and comfortable chair is ideal for children who love animals. Parents love how portable, easy to maintain, and cute it turns out to be. Not to mention that a child gets to move it around the house like a regular stuffed animal.

Cuteness Overload with Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

Whether you’re buying a gift for a boy or a girl who loves animals, this backpack is perfect. It includes an insulated front pocket for food, snacks, and drinks, and a big compartment for other essentials. There’s also a convenient side mesh pocket for bottles and cups. Additionally, the canvas material is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills.



Skip Hop Toddler Backpack is an ideal gift for kids who love animals. It has an insulated pocket for food and drinks, a big compartment for all kinds of other stuff, and a side mesh pocket. We recommend it for any occasion, especially if you’re having difficulties with finding Sports Gifts For 2 Year Old Boy.

Wild Republic Cuddlekin Sloth for All Ages

Are you looking for a gift for a 10-year-old animal lover? Search no more! We have a stuffed toy to recommend, and your child is going to adore it. The sloth toy is actually ideal for children of all ages, and even adults buy it for themselves. The toy is quite large, and made of the most delicate fabrics. It’s ideal for cuddling, as it is incredibly soft. We don’t even have to say how cute this toy is, you’ll fall in love with it at first sight!



The stuffed sloth is a perfect toy for animal lovers of all ages. It's soft, cute, and very well-made. Both adults and junior animal lovers adore it. We can most certainly recommend it as a gift for any occasion.

Animals Figure by ValeforToy for Learning Toddlers

If you’re looking for gifts for wild animal lovers, we have a perfect set of toys for you. Valefor Toy offers 54 little toys made of durable plastic and coated in non-toxic paint. The set includes farm and jungle animals, without repeated pieces!



This set of toys is perfect for all ages. You can even get it for adult collections. The toys are sturdy and durable, don't leave any odd plastic smell, and they are super fun for playing. We find it useful for toddlers who need educational toys for learning more about the world. It also makes a perfect Grandparent-Grandchild Activity Set.

Teaching Children to Love Animals

We already mentioned how and why it’s so important for children to spend time with animals. Now we should maybe consider what things are essential when teaching children how to act around animals.

Encourage the Love

Every parent should encourage a child to nurture a love of animals. Emotions that connect children and animals are special and beneficial for both of them. Animals get to feel safer, cared about, and overall more relaxed. They gain a sense of belonging to a family and most certainly feel loved. Children learn how to be responsible, thoughtful, and also become happier. Therefore, you should not only consider getting pets and introduce animals to your child but also encourage the love for them.

Learning the Basics with Supervision

Regardless of the type of animal, a child should never be left alone with it, or at least not in the early years. Children may have a strong connection with animals, but they need directions on how to act around them. You should teach your child to be patient, gentle, and understanding around animals. He or she should learn when to let animals be, and when it’s ok to pet them. You should always focus on teaching a child to respect all animals without exception, and not to fear them.

Commitment and Care

The most common mistake parents make with youngsters and pets is forcing children to take care of animals. They should learn to do it, but they should also enjoy taking care of animals. You can achieve this only by showing your children how animals are part of the family. Once you include your little ones in your daily activities with pets, they’ll start having fun and developing love they have towards other family members. This way, your child will also learn about responsibility and how he or she should act when somebody relies on his or her help.

Support Your Child

In the end, whether you can get a pet or not, you should support your child in his or her love of animals. Whenever he or she wants to head out toward animal shelters and sanctuaries in order to help and provide support, come along or at least encourage your child to do it. This way, you’re not only teaching your child to be a better person but making the world a better place. We hope we made a little contribution to the cause with 7 ideas on gifts for children who love animals.







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