Personalized Gifts For 2 Year Olds whattogetmy

Personalized Gifts For 2 Year Olds

It’s not easy to pick a personalized gift for a 2-years-old boy or girl. Toddlers are curious and active, but they don’t know enough about the world and themselves to consciously choose gifts. Yes, they might like some stuff more or less, but most of the time, they’ll enjoy whatever toy they find around the house. That makes the process of choosing a perfect personalized gift even more complicated. How are you supposed to guess which gift they’ll like? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with this challenging task. Once you read through our list of personalized gift ideas for 2 years old, you’ll be able to pick the perfect gift within a few moments.

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Personalized Gifts for 2-Year-Olds

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CozyBomB Shark Tails Animal Blanket for Cozy Naps

Kids are thrilled with the shark blanket. It has a funny design suitable for both boys and girls. Parents especially love the quality fabric that resists tears. Your little one can drag and pull the blanket wherever he or she wants without damaging it. Of course, the quality material is what makes this blanket one of the top rated gifts for 2 year olds. It’s incredibly soft and warm. It allows for cozy naps anytime. Thanks to the large size, even the adults can take a quick nap sometimes. Also, the blanket doesn’t take too much storage space, so you can bring it when camping, going on road trips, sleepovers, and more.



If you're looking for funny gifts for 2-year-olds, this might be the best option for you! The CozyBomB blanket features incredible design and quality material. It's soft, cozy, and large enough to accommodate children of different ages. Whether you buy it for Christmas, Halloween, birthday or any other occasion, your little will be stunned by it!

Get a Personal GUND Philbin Teddy Bear

If you’re looking for gifts for 2-year-old twins, you should consider getting a good old teddy bear. It’s a universal toy, and you can get one for each of your children. They’ll most certainly enjoy playing with teddy bears daily as well as bringing them on trips and journeys.

From all teddy bears available on the market, Gund has to offer the best one. It’s a classic stuffed animal but made better than most of the competition. The material is soft and meets all safety regulations. The teddy bear has big paws for warm bear hugs, and it’s incredibly cute making it a great big gift for a 2 year old. When it comes to user-friendly design for parents, you’ll be pleased with easy-to-clean materials and tear-resistant construction.



If you are looking for 2 year old gift ideas for both genders, then the Gund teddy bear is an ideal gift for every occasion. It's suitable for children of all ages, from babies to toddlers. Even the bigger children and adults love it so much!

Pro Tip: If you’re buying gifts for twins, you’ll probably use some extra ideas on how to make them a memorable party for the occasion. Here’s an article that can help you with that: Double Trouble Birthday Party Theme.

Nice Choice Toddler Backpack for Little Travelers

Have you run out of gift ideas for a 2-year-old daughter? We have a solution, and your little girl is going to love it. Nice Choice offers an adorable backpack for toddlers. It comes in over 20 different designs, so parents of little boys can get it as well.

The backpack features durable and soft material. It has a thick interior lining for more security. Each of the available designs has a friendly animal design, and all toddlers are crazy about it! Of course, parents will be thrilled with adjustable shoulder straps, spacious compartments, and pockets as well as quality zippers. You’ll also be pleased with the lightweight design that won’t burden your little toddler when carrying the backpack.



Nice Choice is an adorable backpack suitable for both boys and girls. It comes in so many colors and different designs that picking just one of them becomes a real challenge! It is one of the cutest non-toy gifts for a 2 year old in the market and has spacious compartments, and quality straps, your little one will carry it around with ease and joy!

Practical and Personal CamelBak Water Bottle

One of the alternative gifts for 2-year-olds is a quality water bottle. It’s not a toy or anything fun-related, but it’s one of the most needed practical gifts for a 2 year old. If you give your toddler a friendly-looking bottle, he or she will increase the water intake drastically!

CamelBak is our favorite water bottle on the entire market. It comes in over 40 different designs! Yes, you read it right, you get to choose the cutest one from so many available bottles. That’s not even the best part. The bottle is specially designed for smaller hands, so your toddler can use it all on his own. The materials are safe, BPA tested, and easy to clean. Additionally, there’s a bite valve and a sturdy straw for easy drinking.



Getting a quality water bottle for your little toddler is one of the smartest things you can do. When having a cute bottle, your kid will increase the water intake and stay hydrated all the time. Besides, he or she will love having such a friendly-looking item to play with.

Contigo Straw Tumbler for Kids Who Never Stop

Does your toddler have a tumbler? If not, you should definitely consider getting her or him the first one. A tumbler is a great option for growing children who are always active and need to be hydrated during the day. It’s also very convenient for parents.

Contigo is a well-known company that uses unique sealing technology for the construction of all its products. The same applies to this fabulous straw tumbler. Parents are thrilled with the leak-proof design that prevents spills and allows for easy use. The tumbler has a straw and a valve for easy drinking while the soft bottom ensures more stability. Also, the material is tested and BPA free, which makes the tumbler perfectly safe for human consumption.



If your child doesn't have a tumbler, now is the perfect time to get her or him a quality one. We highly recommend sticking with Contigo. It's available in six extraordinary designs, it encourages your child to drink more water, and prevents messes around the house. What parent could resist that combination?

Keep Snacks Within Hand’s Reach with Violet Mist Lunch Bag

Here we have another useful and cute idea for personalized gifts for 2-year-olds. Every two-year-old boy and girl should have a lunch box. It’s that time when they are finally big enough to travel with all their stuff, such as favorite toys, snacks, and more. They should have a bag to store all these things, even if you’re going to carry it around instead.

We recommend you to get a Violet Mist lunch bag that comes in over 40 different designs. The bag is quite spacious yet lightweight enough for easy transportation. It can accommodate daily lunch, drinks, and a lot of snacks. The interior is insulated to keep food at an adequate temperature, and it seals with high-quality zippers for more durability. You’ll also be pleased to hear that the bag is eco-friendly and safe for your child.



You can start teaching your toddler about the sense of responsibility with this adorable lunch bag. Parents are thrilled with the bag's design, and they find it very practical. You can't go wrong with getting one for your little boy or girl.

Oliver and Olivia Apparel 2nd Birthday Shirt for Stylish Toddlers

If you want to get a personalized gift for your toddler, we recommend a T-shirt with a cute print. Our favorite one is coming from Oliver and Olivia Apparel and it says Two Handsome. Parents all over the market are going crazy about this shirt. They say it’s stylish, perfect for themed events, and very well made.



The shirt is one of those items your little is going to use for quite some time and enjoy it. The material is soft, cozy, and the print is adorable. You can't go wrong with buying it as a gift, especially for events such as birthday parties.

When it comes to parties, if you need some more inspiration and tips, you can take a look at our recommendations about 6 Year Old Birthday Party Theme Ideas.

Learning With Hello, World! Solar System Board book

Toddlers are curious little beings. They want to know and touch everything around them. That’s why you need to surround them with educational toys and other stuff that improve their skills. Solar System Board book is just one of those things.

The book is colorful and fun to explore. Toddlers enjoy pointing to the stars and the moon, and they love it when someone reads them text sections. Parents love it because it encourages a fascination with the night sky, solar system, and science in general.



If you’re looking for the best educational gifts for 2-year-olds, the book about the solar system is a perfect option. It’s also an excellent idea if you’re preparing A Gift Basket For Your Sick Child. You can read it to your boy or girl and ease the painful days.

Monster in The Morning Hooded Animal Critter Blankets by LazyOne

If you want to get a personalized gift for a toddler, we recommend a monster blanket. You can’t get a better gift than an adorable blanket that also converts into a costume! Your kid will enjoy walking around while wearing it, transformed in his or her favorite creature. The Lazy One blanket is available in 15 different designs, so you can choose a perfect one from a lot of monster patterns.

The blanked has hand pockets, what is to say paws, for more comfort and warmth. The material is soft, cozy, and durable. It’s also machine-washable for easy maintenance.



Lazy One blanket is just a perfect gift for growing toddlers. It’s cute, comfortable, and it will make your child incredibly happy! You can give it as a Christmas or birthday gift for a 2 year old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pick a sentimental gift or a practical personalized gift for a 2-year-old toddler?

A toddler is too young to understand sentimental presents, so if you do get him/her one it will be more of a gift for the parents of the toddler like a picture album. Therefore, if you want a gift that the toddler will use at that age you should stick to a practical present.

Are these presents appropriate for other age groups?

As long as the child is still a toddler from age 1-4 years old these gifts are appropriate and will help develop their skill in many different ways.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we saved you quite some time and effort in choosing the perfect gift for your toddler. With our list of 9 personalized gifts for 2-year-olds, you should be able to find the thing that suits your child the most. We included only the best and most popular products on the market, so you can’t go wrong no matter which one you get. Your little boy or girl will be surprised and stunned with the gift!





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