Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas With Friends

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In the first couple of years of marriage, most couples enjoy celebrating their wedding anniversary alone. They are still in the “honeymoon phase” and enjoy spending their special day with each other while being romantic and intimate. 

As the years go by they find themselves wanting to celebrate their wedding anniversary in the company of close friends and family. By being surrounded by other people, especially people you are close seems to always make the celebration a lot more memorable.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating your wedding anniversary with other people but you should also set aside some private alone time for you and your spouse. This alone time, even if it is at the end of an eventful day, gives you both the opportunity to connect with each other through a little romance or some intimacy. This is very important for any marriage as it helps strengthen the bond you two have with each other so that you can continue to grow as a couple together.

But when it comes to finding wedding anniversary celebration ideas with friends can be extremely stressful. Because you not only want you and your spouse to have an incredible day but your friends too.

Before you decide on what to do to celebrate your wedding anniversary with friends, there are a couple of things that you need to consider and they are:

  • Your budget

 If you do not have a huge budget for something extraordinary then it is best to look at wedding anniversary ideas on a budget. These will be the type of things that you can do that are either free or costs very little. An example would be to have an anniversary picnic in the park.

  • The number of friends you intend to invite

The obvious is that the more friends you invite the more your wedding anniversary celebration will cost. The more it costs the fewer options you will have.

  • The length of your marriage and the type of celebration

Every wedding anniversary should be celebrated in one way or another. But reaching a certain milestone in a marriage, like 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and even 60 years is quite an accomplishment. These milestone wedding anniversaries are usually celebrated in a big and special way.

With the above in mind, we have categorized your choices into 4 different types of events that you could use to plan and celebrate your wedding anniversary.

These choices are:

  • Renewing your vows
  • A wedding anniversary party
  • A weekend away
  • A day filled with fun activities

Before you make your decisions it is best to discuss your anniversary celebration ideas and plans with your spouse. After all, the day belongs to you both and then start your planning at least a couple of weeks in advance.

Here are the 4 that you can choose from

Infographic Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas With Friends

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Renewing your vows

Renewing your vows is a favorite way of celebrating a significant anniversary among many married couples. After many years of marriage, it is a way to reconnect with your partner in a meaningful and special way and while in the presence of your closest friends and family.

When it comes to planning and arranging a renewal of vows, it is far more relaxed than a wedding. It can be as simple as a private celebration at home where the two of you recite your vows to each other or it can be done at a fancy venue of your choice.

A wedding anniversary party

Wedding Anniversary parties are very special events. They are a wonderful way to celebrate how far you have come as a married couple. It gives friends and family the opportunity to all come together to celebrate you and your partner’s commitment and love to each other. It is also an opportunity for the two of you to remember your wedding day and the promises that you made to each other.

The options for planning and organizing a wedding anniversary party are huge and lots of fun to do. First, you can decide if you would like a formal or casual event and if you would like a big party or a more intimate one and are perhaps looking for small anniversary party ideas.

You can decide on a theme which could be based around your anniversary symbol which could also be either the traditional or modern symbol. This is the most popular choice for a wedding anniversary party theme.

Then there are different colors and flowers that relate to those symbols that could be used in the decoration. You could even decide to go with the actual number itself of the number of years that you have been married. For instance, the symbol and color for a 25th wedding anniversary party is silver, so most of your décor and theme would include silver.

Here are the main traditional, modern and color wedding anniversary symbols according to the number of years that you have been married:

  • 1st Wedding Anniversary

Traditional symbol – Paper

Modern symbol – Clock

Color – Yellow

  • 2nd  Year 

Traditional symbol –- Cotton

Modern symbol –- China

Color – White (Linen) or Red

  • 3rd Year 

Traditional symbol – Leather

Modern symbol – Crystal

Color – Light Brown, White or Jade Green

  • 4th Year 

Traditional symbol – Fruit or Flowers

Modern symbol – Silk or Linen

Color – Green

  • 5th Year 

Traditional symbol – Wood

Modern symbol – Silverware

Color – Turquoise, Blue or Pink

  • 6th Year 

Traditional symbol – Candy or Iron

Modern symbol – Wood

Color – White, Purple or Turquoise

  • 7th Year 

Traditional symbol – Wool, Copper

Modern symbol – Desk set

Color – Off-white, Yellow or Onyx

  • 8th Year 

Traditional symbol – Bronze, Pottery

Modern symbol – Linen and Lace

Color – Bronze, Tanzanite or Tourmaline

  • 9th Year 

Traditional symbol – Pottery, Willow

Modern symbol – Leather

Color – Terracotta, Purple, Green or Lapis Lazuli

  • 10th Year 

Traditional symbol – Tin, Aluminum

Modern symbol – Diamond jewelry

Color – Silver or Blue

  • 11th Year  

Traditional symbol – Steel

Modern symbol – Fashion jewelry

Color – Turquoise or Yellow

  • 12th Year 

Traditional symbol – Silk, Linen

Modern symbol – Colored Gems or Pearls

Color – Oyster White, Jade or Opal

  • 13th Year 

Traditional symbol – Lace

Modern symbol – Faux Fur

Color – White or Citrine

  • 14th Year 

Traditional symbol – Ivory

Modern symbol – Gold jewelry

Color – Ivory or Opal

  • 15th Year 

Traditional symbol – Crystal

Modern symbol – Watches

Color – Ruby Red

  • 20th Year 

Traditional symbol – China

Modern symbol – Platinum

Color – Emerald Green or White

  • 25th Year 

Traditional symbol – Silver

Modern symbol – Silver

Color – Silver

  • 30th Year

Traditional symbol – Pearl

Modern symbol – Diamonds

Color – Green

  • 35th Year 

Traditional symbol – Coral

Modern symbol – Jade

Color – Coral

  • 40th Year

Traditional symbol – Ruby

Modern symbol – Ruby

Color – Ruby Red

  • 45th Year

Traditional symbol – Sapphire

Modern symbol – Sapphire

Color – Sapphire Red

  • 50th Year 

Traditional symbol – Gold

Modern symbol – Gold

Color – Gold

  • 55th Year

Traditional symbol – Emerald

Modern symbol – Emerald

Color – Emerald Green

  • 60th Year – Diamond

Traditional symbol – Diamond

Modern symbol – Gold

Color – Diamond White

For those of you that don’t want to celebrate your wedding anniversary by using the traditional or modern symbols, you can use the number itself or year you got married as your theme. For example, create a photo collage in the shape of the number or use number balloons as decorations. 

Another idea is to go with a theme that has a special meaning to both you and your partner by recreating it. For example, if you both love a certain music band or the first activity you did together as a married couple.

Then you also need to choose the entertainment for the anniversary party. This would be from the type of music to games and activities that you would like to include during the event.

Another good idea for celebrating an anniversary with a party is to make sure you have a guestbook. This will give your guests the opportunity to write in good wishes or fond past memories and be something that you can come back to in the future.

A weekend away

Visiting Resort with friends in anniversary time-min

If you have the budget for it and a small group of friends then a weekend away to celebrate your wedding anniversary is a great idea.

To ensure that it is a success, pick a location that is easy to get to as you do not want to spend too much time traveling. The location could be an off-the-beaten-path, a resort, a lake house or even a campsite. 

Decide what type of weekend you want to have. Whether it’s a weekend that is laid back with no commitments or itinerary to stick to or one that is filled with fun group activities. This could be games, a group hike or a dinner out at a nearby restaurant.

Decide whether you will prepare meals as a group or will it be a self-service type of weekend. Either which way make sure that there will be enough delicious food, snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy. 

A day filled with fun activities

Playing games with friends

This is for couples who love having fun with friends by playing games and doing many different fun activities. You can celebrate your wedding anniversary with a day filled with fun activities that you can all enjoy.

Take a look at the different types of activities that you, your partner and your group of friends enjoy doing. Choose enough activities to keep you busy the entire day and if you do not have enough take a look at what is available to you nearby. If that does not help to fill your day then take a look at some fun things to do in a small town with friends.

Below we have included some of the most popular types of activities that you can do with a group of friends. They are:

Create an Anniversary Scavenger Hunt 

Create an Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Plan and organize a scavenger hunt that is all about your relationship as a married couple. You can use maps and locations to where you met, your first date, where you got engaged and where you got married.

You could include certain things about what makes your relationship special, things that you love to do as a couple and even certain things that you love about each other. This will also be a great way to see how much your friends really know you and your partner.

Take part in an Adrenaline pumping Activity Together

Sky diving with friends

These types of activities are for a married couple and their friends if they are an active and energetic type. Nothing will be more memorable than spending a day doing something that will get your adrenaline pumping. You can choose an activity that you have done before or try something completely new. It can also be as laid back or as daring as you wish it to be.

Some examples are:

  • Bungee jumping
  • Sky diving
  • Scuba diving
  • Paragliding
  • Canoeing
  • Snorkeling
  • Rafting
  • A Hot air balloon ride

Explore your surroundings

Visiting museums with friends in annivversary

Exploring your surroundings is a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding anniversary with friends. This is especially true for a couple that has been married for a long time, lets’ say for 40 years or more but not limited to them only. You might enjoy any of the following:

  • Visiting museums 
  • Art galleries
  • Going to the theatre
  • Taking a Hike on a nature trail
  • Volunteering together
  • Enrolling as a group in a class to learn something new
  • Go to must-see attractions in or near your city or beautiful viewing spots
  • Book a photoshoot 

Create a time capsule

This is an amazing way for a wedding anniversary celebration. You can create a time capsule for any wedding anniversary that you wish to which could be your first or your 20th. All you need is a shoebox or a rust-proof tin that you can seal properly, place well wishes and memories inside. Then decide when you would like to open it in some time in the future for example on your 50th wedding anniversary.

Remember to leave some time and energy for you and your partner for when you are done celebrating your fun-filled day with your friends. To end your wedding anniversary celebration off perfectly would be to have a couple of romantic anniversary night ideas ready to use for some alone time together.

Finding and deciding on the best wedding anniversary celebration ideas with friends does not have to be stressful. Check your budget, decide how many friends you will invite and choose how you will celebrate it by discussing it all with your partner.





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