What Do Husbands Want For Their Birthday

What Do Husbands Want For Their Birthday?

Most married men don’t see their birthdays as anything worth celebrating. They are more focused on celebrating their wife’s or children’s birthday, often giving gifts or vacation trips to them. For the married women out there, what do your husband really want for his birthday?

Based on statistics, the number one type of gift given to men is clothing. This is usually the go-to gift for someone who’s going to have his/her birthday, but it doesn’t really feel that special. This is because most people will be giving them the same type of gift. Another reason is that, most of the time, the clothes given to them aren’t their liking.

Giving an amazing gift can make or break your husband’s special day. For you to be able to decide which present to give him, here are several tips:

  • Know what his likes are.

This is an easy one for you, since before you two got married, you pretty much know everything that he likes. Choose from these and you will surely make him say “That’s why I love you!

  • Learn about the popular trends for men.

Your husband wouldn’t really say it out loud to you, but he’s interested on some popular trends for men today. You can give him something like a merchandise from his favorite TV show or a gear from his favorite sports team.

  • Ask his friends.

An authentic way to know what your man wants for his birthday is through his friends. Even though you are his wife, there are things that he only shares with his buddies. You’ll never expect what they know. You might even be the one to be surprised rather than him!

  • Check his current hobbies.

If he is currently interested in golf, then a golf equipment will surely put a smile on his face. Check out his hobbies, study a little bit about it, and then buy something with those in mind. He’ll love you more for showing support to his interests.

  • Ask him directly.

The best way to know what to give him is asking him directly! This kind of removes the element of surprise, but it can surely level up the anticipation.

If you are still unsure about what to give him, or you just want to surprise him, then we got you covered.

We have provided you a guide on which birthday gift a man in a specific age will like.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

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For Husbands 20 – 30 years of age

Getting married at this age takes a lot of guts to do, since people here are just starting to build a successful career. This trait can be connected to the present you will be giving to your husband.

Since men at this age range are hungry for growth, gifts that help them accomplish their goals faster and easier are typically your best bet. But you can never go wrong with on-the-trend gifts as well.

You can choose from the following list below:

  • Laptop

If he doesn’t have one yet, then this is the best gift you can give him. Not only will this be helpful for his daily tasks, but this can also provide him with entertainment while you’re away.

It’s a great gift to give, if you have the money to buy one.

  • Anti-theft Bag

With our technology today, your husband will probably be having a lot of gadgets with him. And the greatest company for this is an anti-theft bag. He wouldn’t have to worry about his gadgets getting stolen without him noticing.

  • Shave Set

To be on his top shape, your husband needs to be well rested, and well groomed. Giving him a shave set will surely make his confidence rise up.

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Infographic What Do Husbands Want For Their Birthday

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While the first one isn’t as impressive compared to its other competitors, the Surface Laptop 2 managed to deliver everything it lacked: more ports, upgradable hardware, and a full Window 10 experience.

This will be a perfect gift for your husband who is aiming for the top.

Here are some features of Microsoft Surface Laptop 2:

At the time of writing, Surface Laptop 2 is the latest release in the Microsoft Surface Laptop series. Since electronic gadgets such as this gets an upgrade frequently, we highly recommend you to check for the latest version available.

For Husbands 30 – 40 years of age

By this age, your husband is already one of the middle management guys in his company or a rising entrepreneur. Since he’s already halfway of his success goal, or even higher, he would be having more time to spend with you and your children.

Gifts that can be used for your family activities are pretty much your best choice. He will appreciate gifts that can give him more convenience as well, so you aren’t limited with what you can give to him.

Some of these are the following:

  • Grilling Equipment

This is the perfect dad equipment for your husband. Not only will he be able to prepare juicy, fresh-grilled food for his family, but he will surely be enjoying the process.

  • Swiss Pocket Knife

Since most men are lazy by nature, the most convenient tool for them is a swiss pocket knife. It comes with a lot of tools that he needs for his household fixing. Need pliers? A screwdriver? How about a can opener? The swiss pocket knife got it.

Your husband will be smiling from ear to ear when he gets his hand on one.

  • Watch

A well-ironed long-sleeves shirt, well-knotted necktie, sleek black slacks, and a pair of shiny leather shoes can make your husband look like a boss. And this can be amplified more by giving him a watch that matches this combination.

Our Recommendation: Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife

If you ask most swiss knife enthusiast about a versatile, well-equipped swiss knife, they’ll probably be suggesting you one product – Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife.

Here are some of the features of Victorinox Swiss Champ Pocket Knife:

Swiss Champ is one of Victorinox’ largest and most-packed pocket knives. You may mistake it for a traditional pocket knife because of its thickness. But even with that, you can enjoy a lot of tools featured in this knife. From screwdriver to can opener, your husband will get a lot of work done with just one tool.

For Husbands 40 – 50 years of age

Life begins at 40. This is a popular saying that applies to every person, your husband included.

In this age bracket, your husband will be making his way to save up for your kids’ education, and both of your future retirement. But not only that, he will also be saving up for your out of town trips together.

Gifts that can complement your travels, such as bags and organizers, can be a great choice to give him for his birthday. You can also give him something that he can use to start a drink without ever needing to go out.

Some of the things you can give to your husband are the following:

  • Travel Bag

A travel is not complete without an accompanying travel bag. Giving your husband a bag that can fit each and every thing that you need for your much awaited travel will surely take off a load in his mind.

  • Liquor Decanter Set

40 years old men don’t really like to drink much outside anymore. For him to have a peaceful drink or two, giving him a decanter set is a great pick.

He’ll surely be enjoying that drink, while looking as classy as someone like Sean Connery.

  • Flask

The perfect combination of a travel equipment and drinking companion is a flask. You can never go wrong with this one for your husband’s travel gear.

Once you’ve given him this one, he won’t be going anywhere without it!

Our Recommendation: Shot Flask – BarMe Brand

The Shot Flask is a normal drinking flask, but with a twist included. Aside from its sleek, ergonomic stainless steel body and tightly bonded leather, it includes a hidden 2-ounce shot glass, attached to its body. Constructed in a way that it can be collapsed easily, you can bring it anywhere at any time!

Here are some features of the Shot Flask – BarMe Brand:

This is truly a perfect gift to spoil your husband with something he can show off to his friends.

For Husbands 50 – 60 years of age

When a person reaches 50 years of age, it is time for him/her to think about retirement.

With muscle limitation, most men are already on their final leg of retirement. They usually enjoy spending more time with family and friends, rather than work and traveling outside.

Most gifts that your husband will want in this age are things that can make him enjoy the little things in life or look classy as ever.

Some gifts for him are the following:

  • Pocket Watch

As the name implies, this is a watch that is mostly stored in the pocket. It may be not as convenient as a wrist watch, but it will make your husband feel classier having one.

  • Cigar

For your husband who likes to smoke, the best gift to give is a cigar. He’ll be enjoying smoking his stick on your porch, looking like Winston Churchill any time of the day.

  • Cane

May your husband be having a hard time walking or not, a cane is a good gift. Not only will it assist him whenever he finds himself unbalanced, but he can also walk more confidently knowing that he has something to lean on, while looking classy.

Our recommendation: LYMFHCH Black Pocket Watch

LYMFHCH has been a popular company that designs and creates stainless steel, quartz, alloy, mechanical, commemorative, fashion, and pocket watches. The company is equipped with advanced production technology and professional team, providing excellent-quality product in a large-scale production.

Here are some features of the LYMFHCH Black Pocket Watch:

The LYMFHCH black pocket watch comes with a laser engraved phrase, perfect for your husband’s golden birthday celebration.

For 60 and above years of age

This is the age where people prefer to just stay at home, with their grandchildren close-by.

If your husband is of this age, you will most likely see him enjoying his time sitting around and reminiscing the past.

Perfect gifts for this age group are things that make them remind their loved ones, or accessories that will help them to still be able to work with some minor household fixing.

Some examples of these gifts are:

  • Photo Album

A photo album containing all of your memories together is definitely the most prized gift you can give to your husband in this age. He will be appreciating this more than anything you will give him.

  • Personalized Mug

A personalized mug with your picture together is a one of a kind gift. Giving this to your husband will make him forget about other existing mugs in your home.

  • Magnetic Wrist Strap

For your still energetic husband, nothing can provide a great assistance when it comes to fixing stuff other than a magnetic wrist strap. This wrist trap comes with a magnet that will hold out nails, nuts and bolts, or even screwdrivers to help your man finish his job without consuming too much time.

Our recommendation: Pioneer’s Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album

For your photo storage and compilation, the best choice to pick is Pioneer’s fabric frame cover photo album.

Here are some of the features of the Pioneer’s Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album:

This fabric cover photo album is designed with a deluxe rounded book-bound spine and features a frame in front for you to insert your favorite photo. Not only that, it is also designed with patented bi-directional pockets, able to hold your photos in a portrait or landscape orientation.

There are a lot of available gifts to give for your husband. Whether it may be something cheap or expensive, always remember that the most important thing about giving gifts is putting your heart into it.

For his upcoming special day, what do your husband want for his birthday?

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