What Does It Mean When a Guy Says He Thinks About You - 15 Reasons He Could Be Thinking About You and How to Reply Him

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What does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you? First answer – it means he believes you’re telepathic who can hear his thoughts and understand his behavior. Seeing as you aren’t, however, you are now left with the task of figuring out what this male specimen meant by what he said in a normal way.

There are several reasons why a guy could be thinking about you, and it is all but impossible to figure out the exact reason. You can, however, make an educated guess based on your relationship with him while looking at those reasons to see which would be the most appropriate.

After making this educated guess, you have to figure out how to reply to him – yes, we know, human relations are exhausting.

Consider this article a guide to help you navigate this puzzle so you can come out on top.

11 Reasons he says he is thinking about you

1. You really are on his mind

When a guy says he thinks about you, that really could be all there is to it. It means that he is thinking about what you’re getting up to, who you’re with, how your day is going, your appearance for the day, and so on.

This is pretty sweet when coming from your romantic partner, a love interest, or a good friend. Not so much when it is from someone you have no intentions of being with and feel uncomfortable around. Keep on reading to find out how to respond to such people.

2. He likes you

If you have a crush on someone, you will think about them – this is a fact. So, when a guy says he thinks about you all the time, it could be his way of telling you how he feels about you.

You see, men can sometimes be pretty shy in admitting their feelings directly and so will look for other methods with this being one of them. If you know for a fact that this guy who sent this to you has displayed other signs that he wants something romantic with you, then this is a safe bet as to why he would say that he thinks about you.

3. He is testing to see if you like him

So he texted that he woke up thinking about you, and you aren’t sure what it means; there is a possibility that he is simply testing the waters to see how you feel about him. He might not have the courage to approach you directly and wants to use your response as a guide to his next move.

If you respond positively by maybe saying, “I’ve been thinking about you too,” he might then gain more confidence and ask you out or come out with his feelings.

4. He wants out of friendzone/non-romantic zone

Letting someone know that you are thinking about them from a guy’s perspective is not something that is said lightly, which is why guys often turn to this tactic to let a lady know that they like them.

Therefore, a guy trying to get out of a non-romantic zone might employ this tactic to get you to look at him differently. So if you find that your friend, workmate, churchmate, or even neighbor said he has been thinking about you, that could mean him saying, “Hey, look at me, I want to be with you.”

5. He misses you

When a guy is thinking about you, it could be because he misses you. There are several reasons a guy could miss you, and these are primarily dependent on the relationship you have with him.

For instance, if it is a love interest, he could be missing you because he likes you and wants to be with you all the time. An old friend, on the other hand, might miss you because he thought of something that reminded him of you, while an ex-boyfriend and a casual fling might miss the good times you had with them and are reaching out with the hope of bringing those times back.

6. He wants sex

Let’s be honest, when a guy says he is thinking about a lady, more often than not, that makes the lady feel very special. Predatory guys who are only after sex know this, so that thinking of you text meaning could be that they are trying to get into your pants. This is also true for guys you have had sex with before but have since stopped.

Because there is a chance that this is not the case, you shouldn’t jump to this conclusion right off the bat. A guy who only wants sex will often betray himself by giving off signs he can’t stop thinking about you in that manner, such as:

  • Making sexual jokes and innuendos often.
  • Calling you at odd times of the day.
  • Only complimenting your looks and bodily assets, and
  • Meeting up on their terms and never yours

7. He is going through a tough time

It is normal for a person going through a tough time to distract themselves by seeking happiness from others. He might see you as a comforter and so escapes to memories with you to make him feel better.

Pay attention to him, therefore, and if you find out that something terrible has happened to him, then a plausible answer to “what does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you?” is that you are a source of comfort to him in tough times.

8. He wants to reinitiate a long-dead conversation

An old contact sent you a message saying that he has been thinking about you, and you find yourself asking, “why am I on his mind”?

It could be because he had been thinking of a way to restart the conversation but had drawn a huge blank. He then decided it would be best to let you know that he would like to continue from where you left off by saying that you have been on his mind.

Guys most likely to use this are old friends, dead casual flings, and ex-boyfriends.

9. He is an ex trying to reconcile

You’re most likely sure of what your ex means when he says he thinks about you all the time, but if you want to hear a second opinion, then yes, it most probably means he wants to get back with you.

Statistics on people hung up on their ex

According to a poll by Your Tango, it is normal for people to remain hung up on their ex, and if your ex-boyfriend is one of those people, this could be his way of communicating that he wants you back in his life. To be sure, you can look out for other signs that he wants to reconcile to be better informed on his intentions.

Check out Things to Say to An Ex Boyfriend You Still Love.

10. He is worried about you

Guys who say “I’ll be thinking of you” might mean that they are worried about you, especially if you are going through a tough time. Maybe there are problems in your family or career, or you experienced the loss of someone special to you.

Saying he’ll be thinking of you means he wants to let you know that he worries about these issues and is available if you need any help.

11. He wants to manipulate you

We’ve already established that a guy telling a lady that he thinks of her can elicit strong feelings and that some guys use this in perverse ways. One such way is to manipulate you for several reasons. For instance, he could be emotionally abusive and is trying to get you to think he cares about you so that you can forgive him.

Then there are also the psychopaths who get off on getting ladies to fall for them by using this tactic, even though they have no intention of pursuing anything meaningful. They want to feel good knowing that they can get a lady to develop feelings. Thankfully, such men are massively in the minority.

What to say when a guy says he is thinking about you

12. I’ve been thinking about you too

It would be best if you went with a flirty response to a thinking of you text from a guy you like so that he gets the message. A simple yet effective example would be to reciprocate his words by telling him that you are thinking of him too.

This can also apply to an old friend but if you suspect that he likes you and you don’t feel the same way, be sure to specify that it is the activities you engaged in as friends that you miss. For instance, by saying, “I’ve been thinking about you too and all the crazy things we used to get up to.”

13. In what way have you been thinking about me?

A great response to a thinking of you text from a guy whose intentions you’re not sure of is to ask him how he has been thinking about you. Based on his response, you can then find out a little bit of his intentions towards you.

To avoid being rude or off-putting, you can include a laughing or smiling emoji via text or a non-flirtatious smile in person.

14. Thank you for that

If unsure of what to say when a guy says he is thinking of you and you don’t reciprocate such feelings, express gratitude. Telling him “thank you” is a good way to send the message that while you are not interested, you don’t want to be rude about it. Feel free to throw in a polite smile to drive home your point.

15. Thank you, but I wasn’t thinking of you in that manner

Some guys just can’t get the message that you are not interested in them and will keep pestering and bugging you. In such cases, you’re allowed to be a little rude in your responses by being direct with them.

It would help if you told them that you don’t think of them in that way and that their behavior makes you quite uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to say when a guy says he is thinking about you?

  • Tell him you’re thinking about him too if you like him.
  • Ask him what way he thinks about you if you are unsure of his intentions.
  • Tell him “thank you” if you aren’t interested in him to let him down easily.
  • Tell him that saying that makes you uncomfortable if he refuses to quit.
  • Tell him that you appreciate his thoughts if he is someone close who is worried about you.

2. How do you know if a guy thinks about you a lot?

Signs he thinks about you a lot include:

  • He shows happiness when you are around him.
  • He follows you on social media and likes/ comments on most of your posts.
  • He listens when you speak and remembers the little things.
  • He makes sure to set aside time for you.
  • He thinks you’re funny and laughs at your jokes.
  • He keeps sending you messages and calling you.

         Here are other signs that a guy is thinking about you a lot.

3. What does it mean when someone thinks about you?

  • They miss you.
  • They like you.
  • They might be worried about you.
  • They are testing to see how you feel about them.
  • They are trying to reconcile with you after a while.

4. What does it mean when a guy calls you perfect?

  • He likes you and is attracted to you.
  • He thinks you’re a great friend.
  • He thinks you are his soulmate.
  • He wants you to know that he finds you absolutely beautiful.
  • He is trying to manipulate you into thinking you owe him something for such a compliment.
  • He wants to cheer you up.

In conclusion

Clearly, the question, “what does it mean when a guy says he thinks about you?” has several answers. If you can’t infer which answer it could be based on your relationship with the guy and the reasons in this article, you are free to ask. You aren’t telepathic, so why should you have to act like one?





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