11 Things; What to Do When You're Bored in Class

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Bored in school, learning can be fun but most times teaching makes it boring but what can you do in school when you are bored. There will always be that class or lecture which never ends, and you might not be able to stay awake or follow the class. Sometimes you feel like leaving the class or going crazy. Well, here is a list of what to do when you bored in school.

Have you ever feel like leaving a class because of boredom? Well, it happens to everybody because most lecturer might decide to keep it tight and move away from fun. Before you leaving the next class because of boredom, you might want to read this article till the end.

We have already make our research and we understand that a lot of school doesn’t like to stay long in boring class, while some prefer to walk way without coming back to that class.

Research from the74million shows how often students do get bored in classroom.

In boring class I always improving my drawing skills

In boring class I always improving my drawing skills

Boredom are fairly common among high school students

1. You can read novels and magazine secretly

Whenever you see that the lecture is getting bored already, you can read novels or magazine secret while pretending to be taking notes. All this is fun to do until you are caught by a lecturer, also be careful with the type of novels or magazine to read while in class. There are magazines or novels which cannot be seen in school premises. It is advisable to read novels and magazine that is accepted in school if you don’t want to be sanctioned further. From boredom to detention or suspension is a bad way to go, it is will be better to know the type of novels and magazine to read in class.

2. You can send text messages to friends

One of fun things to do when bored at school is sending text messages to friends. You can start a conservation with them and share how to survive a boring class, you will notice from the messages that you are not the only one who is bored and others are looking for a way also to get out of the boredom too. Always be on guard that your phone is always secured whenever you are sending out these messages. This is one of fun stuff to do while in class but if you are caught, it will be another story entirely. It is up to you make sure that your phone is well hidden and you are not disturbing the class.

3. You can play in class

There are a lot of quiet things to do when your bored in class, this include; playing game with friends in class. You can create a specific type of game with friends and play whenever you feel bored. Multiplayer games most things are often interesting where everyone can play without staying together or in other case you can guess the next word a lecturer is going to say or who is going to wear the same outfit to school the next day. There are countless fun things to do when bored at school. Always make sure you are not caught playing games in class.

4. You can draw or doodle

Drawing professors or lecturer while lecture is going on, one of the most hilarious event that can happen in class. Just think of this “I’m bored at school” what can I do for fun? With all the paper and pen around you. It is very easy to eliminate bored by drawing funny picture of your lecturer, but always know it will be better to get rid of any materials that might incriminate you when the deed is done because no one love to see their doodle image.

The moment you are done with a class and you know that your lecturer might retaliate upon seeing your doodle picture, it will be best if you can dispose the image as soon as possible because getting caught might land you in a problem.

5. You can write a story

One of the games to play when your bored at school is to write a story. Everyone around you is a character in your story, choose the ones you want in your story. You can create a villainous story and make your professor villain where you and your friends are the heroes of the story.  This is meant to be fun stuff to do in class, but if you are caught be ready to face detention or any punishment that follows it. Enjoy your day in boring class by doing fun things with friends.

Every story always take times to craft and input all characters, before you can put all your story together, there will be no more time for the boring class. You have devise a way to put all your imagination and fantasy into a story without feeling bad when doing it. A lot of people often find their writing muse during a boring class.

Things to do in classroom when you are bored

6. You can chew gum or candy in class

Whether your teacher allows it or not, you can decide to eat gum or candy in class to prevent you from dozing off. There is no cooler way to stay awake in class than eating candies. You might be punished if you are caught eating in the class since foods and other beverages are not allowed when class is in session. But you have choose a way to keep yourself sane in a boring class.

Research shows that students who chew gum in class have high percentage of staying awake than other students because of the chemical it contains. If you are looking for the best way to stay active in class, chewing gum will definitely save you from sleeping while class is going on.

7. You can make a schedule or to do list

If it seems like you are far behind in class or you find the class boring, you can make use of this period to prepare your schedule. Take your time to list out all the activities you plan on doing throughout the week. There is no shame in planning your schedule during boring hours in school.

You might have a lot of things to do after school hours and it will be awesome for you to start preparing about what to do after school hours, during boring period in school.

8. Make a list of things you want to do before you die

As serious as it might sound, it is one of the fun stuff to do in class. It is very funny when you are in a boring class and all you could do is make a bucket list of things you when to do, how to do it and when to do it. Imagine checking out your friends bucket list of things they want to do before they die, you will definitely burst into laughter when you see what they listed. Everyone always put down their fantasy on a bucket list, just be ready to laugh at your friends list.

9. Create your own secret code with friends

There is no better time to create your own secret code with friends except in a boring class. You can use this time to devise a means of communication which could be used in any boring class. There is no much way to have fun in a boring class except using a secret code to communicate with friends. The best way to tell your friends on how you are feeling is through secret communication with your friends, it might seems difficult but this is the only way to survive being get caught in class while a teacher is teaching.

10. Take note in other languages

You can write your class note in other languages as a means to kill boredom. Nothing kills boredom than trying something new, along the way it will seems funny to you because it will make no sense. This is one of the thing to pass time in school.

You just learn a new language but you don’t have the opportunity to try it out. Now is the best time to try your new language while you are bored in class, no one will stop you from writing except you are caught by your Spanish teach who is teaching Spanish but you are writing in Japanese.

11. Ask funny questions in class

You can change the mood of the class if you noticed that the whole class is bored. Asking funny questions is a fun stuff to do in class. One question can change the whole atmosphere of the class room, you can be the savior of other students in class by starting a funny conversation.

In conclusion, there are a lot of fun things to do when bored at school. It is up to you to pick the right activities to be done when I’m bored in class. Every student hate boring classes and the only way to move away from boring classes is to look for how to survive a boring class. To avoid getting punished or expelled, try not to do illegal things in class because you are going against the school rule while trying to have fun.

A lot of students often use boring period and engage in illegal things all in the name of being bored. It will be best to do minimal things that might attract fewer punishment compared to doing things that might get your expelled or attract a suspension. Be careful on the things you do in the name of having fun. You can have the best time in a boring class, if you can follow all the list what to do when you are bored in class from this article.


1. How to survive bored in class?

Most students often feel bored in class, but there are series of way to survive boredom in this. In this article we have prepared a guide way and things you can do in class if you are bored. It is high time you can the best time in class and all this can be achieved only when you do fun things in class.

2. How can I be entertained in a bored class?

You can be entertained in a bored class, by doing the following;

  • Take note in other languages
  • You can make a schedule or to do list
  • You can chew gum or candy in class
  • You can write a story

3. How not to get bored in a class

You can play games with friend while the class is going on or better still, you can start a conversation to change the topic being taught at the moment until everyone is feeling great.

4. I’m bored at school what to do?

Don’t panic if you ever find yourself in a situation when boredom kicks in. You can look around for what you can do alone or with friends to lift the boredom. The end results most times might not be peasant because professors won’t tolerate eating or talking while class is going on. It is up to you on how discreet you can be with your friends while having fun.





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