11 Ideas: What to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend After a Breakup

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We both deserve to be happy. I am just sorry that we could not manage to find that happiness with each other.

We both deserve to be happy. I am just sorry that we could not manage to find that happiness with each other.

There are many love songs or letters about break up, whether it is depressing, disheartened, or you feel like texting your ex-boyfriend after break up is wrong/ right. Don’t be yourself up about; emotions are setting in, and memories created by you and him are coming over again. YouGov shows that men have a high tendency of ending a relationship than women.

Who ended the relationship_

Do you think that it was wrong for you to cut things off or end the relationship in a short time? Life doesn’t stay or end in a lane, and you have to move on with whatever happens to you.

He broke up with me. Should I text him? If you feel like texting him or sending a message to him on how both of you can come back, it is fine. But if he was the one that called off the relationship, you might want to ease down on sending out the message. Do you receive a breakup SMS? You are not obliged to send a message back instantly to avoid saying the wrong words or even escalate the issue more. You can check out the article on how to fix a broken relationship with your boyfriend.

Maybe you wish to tell your ex-boyfriend after a breakup that you feel fine with how he broke up with you. Although, you might have unresolved feelings or still feel like saying things that matter to you about the last relationship.

You might want to check on your ex-boyfriend to make sure that he is okay. Or you would love to have a hangout to discuss how you guys left things and how to reconcile. In other words, you may wish to send a message to your e boyfriend and warn them to stay off after the breakup.

In this article, you will find the right things to say to your ex-boyfriend after a breakup. Whether you have experienced this break up first hand or you know someone who just broke up with his boyfriend but didn’t know what to say to a guy after break up.

1. I am glad that you gave me this second chance: you mean the world to me

This simply implies that you still acknowledge him as the best boyfriend in the world. Also, if you are given a chance to prove yourself or correct the past, you will choose him repeatedly. You can send this as a message to your ex-boyfriend, whom you still have a feeling for and would love to be in a relationship with any time soon.

Be cautious not to send a message to someone who doesn’t care much about you again. The message might look like you are trying to apologize or fix things with him, while your ex-boyfriend might think you are still forcing things or hanging over him when he has moved on already.

2. I still miss you: my heart still lingers for you

You saying this accompanied by a cute emoji tells your ex-boyfriend that you miss him, and your heart lingers. This is a way to express your feelings without calling or having a face to face conversation. You can get back to your ex-boyfriend after a breakup with this. But at the same time, you can create more drift from each other.

If your ex-boyfriend has moved on already and you are still sending a message after the breakup to him while he is in a new relationship. You can ruin his new relationship, which could cause a break up between him and his new girlfriend. It will be advisable to do this cautiously; always make sure that your ex-boyfriend is not yet in a new relationship before sending this message to him.

3. No one has ever made me happy like you

This is a friendly reminder to showcase that you and your ex-boyfriend were friends before breaking up. There is nothing bad in expressing your feelings on how much he made you happy and all. After break up messages, you can send them to your ex-boyfriend and tell him how your feel.

 Always keep your message content moderate, but in some cases, you might wish to write a long after breakup message; there is nothing bad in this. Just make sure the messages don’t look like you threatening your ex-boyfriend, or you plan on doing something harmful to him.

4. We should have fought harder: giving up easily wasn’t the answer

We should have been there for each other. You have made it clear what you guys could have done to prevent the breakup. You might be wondering whether it was right for both of you to give up on each other after the breakup has occurred. This feeling happens because while in the relationship, your ex-boyfriend might think the best thing to do is leave the relationship for you to be happy or there was poor communication while you were dating each other.

5. I believe it destiny that brought us together: I hope we meet again

Even when things are over, you still remind your ex that destiny makes your path aligned, and you are hoping for any new encounter. Texting your ex-boyfriend this message will spark how you met him and what happened that day.

Meeting again might occur sooner or later; it depends on how your destiny wishes to have it played out but always be on the lookout if your ex-boyfriend wants to come back after a breakup or not.

6. You still mean a lot of things to me

You are letting your ex-boyfriend know that he is still one of the most important people in the world that you still care about. “mean a lot of things” could have a lot of meaning to the receiver,  your ex-boyfriend could interpret it as the sad memories he created when the relationship was holding, or he could empathize with you on how much you still care and love him.

7. We created the best memories together

This message will make him remember you instantly because the memories made will start to flood in, and your ex-boyfriend won’t be able to contain all the excitement. You might mean the whole world to your ex-boyfriend, or he has been waiting for you to send after breakup message to him before now.

The bond created by both of you might be stronger than you thought while dating, this message might be the right thing to set you guys back on the right track.

8. Sometimes I still feel your presence around

Everyone is connected to someone they love, and it will be very hard to let go of memories. You can send this message to your ex-boyfriend after a break up to remember how you still feel, his presence around. It might sound weird, but this shows that you still cared about him and remember everything you shared.

9. Things have changed now, and the relationship would have continued if you were here

A perfect opportunity to tell your ex-boyfriend what you think after a breakup. Most people find it hard to express their feelings after a breakup, but don’t worry about after breakup message to send to your ex-boyfriend. You have made it known that things have changed, unlike before, and you wish your ex-boyfriend is here with you.

This message might be a long after breakup text, don’t fret because you only express your feelings and wish your ex-boyfriend could understand how you feel or whatever you are going through right now.

10. I want to apologize for causing the breakup

This is of the sweet things to say to your ex-boyfriend to get him back. It is not easy to acknowledge your part in a breakup and also apologize to your ex-boyfriend for how you were at fault. You might be the reason why the relationship did not last long but only realized it after your ex-boyfriend had called it over. A mere message of apologizing without stating your fault and how it affects the relationship can cause more problems.

Do you want your ex-boyfriend back?   Send the right message to him and express your feelings on how you want things to be; also, made it know how you guys can fix the mistake and get back together.

11. He broke up with me. Should I text him back?

In a scenario like this, it might be hard to decide whether to call him back or not. But before deciding on the issue. First of all, try and access the whole situation and ask yourself these questions;

  • Was the relationship toxic or not?
  • Are you the only one putting more effort than your ex-boyfriend?
  • Is the relationship heading into something bigger or not?
  • Do your boyfriend love you or not?
  • Did he break up with you because of jealousy or insecurity?

All these questions are needed to be put in the check before you can decide on whether you need to call your ex-boyfriend or not. You might have the feeling of loving him all over again, probably a few days after the breakup, and feel like sending out a message on how you feel or want to be by his side.

Tips on how to talk to your ex-boyfriend after a breakup

The best way to communicate with your ex-boyfriend is when you are in a good mood and ready to talk. It will be a complete waste of time to send your ex-boyfriend a message when your mood is not that okay. It might trigger some memories which you don’t like or even escalate things. Also, try to keep things simple, don’t complicate anything or bring past events that might hurt your ex-boyfriend.

Respect his privacy and wishes if he doesn’t want to be bothered or talked about why you guys broke up. For the moment, let it be. Give him the space he wants if your break-up after a break up is just recent. You need to be optimistic about your future, whether with your ex-boyfriend in the picture or not. You might need to move on in some cases not only for benefits but for your mental health.


1. How to impress your ex after a breakup?

There are many ways to impress your ex-boyfriend or remind him that he is missing out on a lot of fun. This include:

  • Don’t jump into another relationship
  • Have fun while been single
  • Don’t allow people to tag your ex-boyfriend as a bad person
  • Take pictures and enjoy hanging out with friends
  • Don’t hurt yourself in the process of healing from heartbreak
  • Allow being alone all the time

2. Is it ok to stay as a friend after break up?

You can stay like a friend with your ex-boyfriend if you can keep your feelings in check. Note that this guy you once had feelings for and loved over the years if you are not careful while being friends. You might fall in love over and over again. You should stay neutral with your ex-boyfriend to avoid another epic heartbreak over time.

3. How often should I text my ex-boyfriend?

You might need to step on a break about this. There is no right time to text your ex-boyfriend, but you can do this within 5 months range if your relationship was recent and the reason for the break up is beyond repair. Trust me, and you don’t want to look desperate or ridicule yourself in front of your ex-boyfriend. Because if he noticed any sign of weakness while you are texting all over again, he will exploit it and might come back to hurt you again.

4. What should I send to my ex after the breakup?

If you are curious about sending it to your ex-boyfriend after a breakup, try and read this article from the beginning until the end. It is created mainly for you and builds a way for you to pick the right after break up message to send.





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